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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 55

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Casual Time in Bed with Paula and Anderson

Note from the Professor: Once again in reading over this narrative of a single night that I had long forgotten, I am thankful I took the time to write these things down. One thing that jumps out at me is that since each of these little stories was written as it happened, rather than all at once, different stories have a very different tones. This one was originally written literally right after it happened, so there is a lot more inner monologue than those written a few days or weeks after the event.

At 1:18 AM on November 11th, 2013, I was preparing to leave a very nice hotel room. In the big bed was my wife and one of her lovers naked, spooning, with the white sheet pulled only to their waists. It was a beautiful sight as they lay there with his arm holding her just under her bare breasts. Not only was she beautiful, but there was something in her eye as she looked at me that made the moment special. I knew that look said that she loved me with all of her heart, while at the same time she was fully infatuated with Anderson, her current lover. There was something about that look and her gratitude that spoke to my heart. I do so wish I had taken a photo of them laying there.

Like all her regular lovers, Anderson was a very nice man and we got along very well. They had been seeing each other since late summer, meeting in a hotel every two weeks or so. I had been included in their relationship from their second date, and I had shared the bed with them once before.

Some six hours before I left the room that particular night, she had gone to the hotel on her own to meet Anderson. I’d been invited to join from the start but I had two graduate school classes to teach before I could head out to the hotel. While I was teaching the first class, she texted me saying she was having a great time. I read and answered her text when I’d set my class to work in small groups. However, I did not get her response before the fifteen minutes was up for the groups to report back to the class. This was because, unbeknownst to me, the whole time she was trying to write me a return text, Anderson had been eating her out. Later she told me that, due to what he was doing to her, it took her well over ten minutes to write me that simple text.

When the first class let out, I called her. I was sure they were still going at it, but I had a feeling it would be just fine for me to butt in with a phone call that night. Sure enough, they were still actively having sex. While we talked, she kept giggling. It seems that when I’d called, he had moved down between her legs to lick her pussy while she tried to talk to me. She had no complaints about the call or what Anderson was doing while we were on the phone.

Once my second class was over, I headed to the hotel. Rather than going directly to the room, I met them at a Red Robin restaurant for drinks and a light meal. Most of the time, we just talked about work and life and such. However, in the midst of the mundane talk, they did take time to mention they had already had a couple of rounds of vigorous sex during the nearly three hours since she’d arrived at the hotel. Together they told me not only about why it had taken so long to reply to my text message, but also how funny it had been when his office had called him some time later. He is a plant manager and as such when there is a problem, he gets a call no matter what else he is doing. However, this time he was not about to be interrupted in what was a very intense moment of fucking Paula. So while he solved the problem on the phone, she remained splayed on her stomach with a pillow under her hips. For over ten minutes, while talking to his employees and solving their problem, he continued to stroke in and out of her. After he hung up, they both fell apart with laughter and thus the call interrupted their sexual fun all the same.

After we’d eaten, Paula joined me in my car and I followed him back to the hotel. Soon we were undressed laying in one of the room’s queen-sized beds. Paula had directed me to the unused bed nearer the door noting that the other bed was soaked. I knew that meant that she’d had multiple orgasms from vaginal penetration. She did not have those gushes of vaginal fluids when she climaxed from direct clitoral stimulation (such as oral sex, hand jobs or masturbation). A really soaked bed usually meant three or more orgasms induced by dick or finger fucking. Having seen her with Anderson once before, I was quite sure she’d been fucked silly.

Though for the next two and a half hours, we were all naked together and had three separate rounds of active sex; we did far more talking than fucking. At least half the time, we just lay together as she casually played with one or both of our dicks as we talked. Alternately, both her lover and I explored and caressed her nudity as she lay between us. It was really quite nice. It was simply relaxing with a friend but with the added tactile/sexual stimulation.

That is not to suggest that the active sex was insignificant, but that hanging out, not fucking or orgasm, was the real goal. Not long after we started, I went down on her as is our habit after she’s had sex with other men. Her vulva and labium were still quite red from their earlier abuse. Clearly, my assessment she’d been fucked silly had been correct. Right off, I got a very good taste of the semen Anderson had deposited into my wife just before they had left to meet me for dinner. As I have experienced more than once before, when she put on her pants and panties immediately after her lover had ejaculated into her; her panties caught his cum as it drained out, then as she walked, his semen spread across all the parts of her vulva. As I made love to her with my lips and tongue, I found her inner & outer labium and her entire mons covered in a sheen of semen. Though I tried to be gentle, her sexual parts were still far too sensitive for me to stimulate beyond what it took to remove the sticky residue on the outside and search as deep as I could on the inside.

Once I’d cleaned all her parts, we went back to talking.

Some forty-five minutes later, Paula was on her back with her hips on a pillow as I stood on my knees and slowly stroked my erection in and out even as we talked and laughed. Prior to my turn at penetrating her, I’d watched Anderson fill her with is cock for an active fifteen or twenty minutes. Even after their nearly three-hour session before dinner, cumming at least once; he showed real stamina for a man in his mid-50’s. It was as if I could see the energy he was concentrating into his engorged penis and passing it into my wife as he, over and over again, slammed his rod in as deep as it would go. Though she seemed to have come close to climaxing when he nearly bent her double to drive his cock as deep into her as he could possibly make it, I knew she hadn’t.

While he had been intent on maximizing both their pleasure, he did not center his actions on producing his own orgasm. Instead, when he tired, he simply turned the “duty” of pleasuring Paula over to me. Following Anderson’s example, I decided that I would not cum this early into our little time together. Deliberately keeping my arousal at a manageable level, I slowly and methodically worked my erection in her for quite some time while the three of us continued our conversation. The talking only stopped when she filled her mouth with his Paula flavored erection while I continued to stroke casually.

I found it a wonderful experience to watch my amazing wife enjoy the experience of having Anderson’s cock in her mouth even while I could see my own erection calmly sliding in and out of her. It took some time, but eventually watching her as she hungrily devoured him, I began having difficulty keeping my arousal under control. I did not want to climax given the enjoyable evening the three of us were having, so I suggested we switch places. Soon I was watching Anderson stroke his cock in and out of my wife with the same relaxed pace I had kept up for so long, as her lips were wrapped around my shaft. All the while he and I carried on a conversation about what Paula likes and does not like sexually. I told him that she’d already told me he was one of those guys that had a penis that was just right for sucking and that is why he’d gotten so much head since they’d become lovers.

Eventually we again went back to simply laying on either side of Paula talking, casually messing with her and her with us. After quite a while, she slid around to lay her torso on him so she could take her time enjoying his penis in her mouth once again. Before she put her lips to the head of his penis, she verbally confirmed to him how much she liked giving him oral sex. It was rare to see her enjoy sucking a man who was covered in her fluids, but tonight tasting herself on our dicks seemed to be just what she wanted. This new position brought her hips near my head, and this time, she was not too sensitive for me to lick and suck her lips and clit. Even still, neither she nor I upped the pace beyond casual enjoyment of the experience.

Eventually, Anderson guided her to turn back so her head was at the head of the bed. She was face down with her hips back on the little pile of pillows we’d taken from the other bed. For a second time since I arrived, I watched him guide his shaft between her legs and begin to stroke. She indicated for me to slide around so she could put my dick in her mouth while he fucked her. Thus, we were in sort of a “Z” pattern on the bed. Watching Paula’s lips wrapped around my erection even as Anderson pistoned in and out of her was terrific, yet mostly in an aesthetic sense. Anderson’s pace in thrusting his hips was unhurried, still not straining for a climax. There was more banter. Paula participated by the expedient of simply taking her mouth from my shaft when she wanted to comment. Since her pace too was unhurried, it didn’t break some moment for her to do so.

When his thrusts strengthened after some time, she had a hard time focusing on my erection in her mouth. Since neither of us wanted my dick bitten off, when he began to pound her hard, she laid her head on my thigh, closed her eyes and enjoyed. For a second time since I’d joined them, his fucking brought her right to the edge of climax, but this time he brought her over the top. Only after she had fully moved through her orgasm, Anderson announced he had finally run out of steam.

After that, we took another break. As the three of us once again were laying side by side on the bed, he turned to look over her naked body and asked me if I enjoyed watching Paula kiss him, suck him or fuck him the most. I said I honestly couldn’t say which. All three brought many of the same kinds of enjoyments, yet they were all different in others.

In the ensuing conversation I answered as best as I could, though in my answers, I expanded the question to include not just seeing him with Paula, but of all the times I’d seen her with men (and women). I told him that watching her kiss a lover with depth and passion made me feel proud to be her husband. I explained to him that watching her kiss a good-looking guy, especially in a public place when other people were watching her and her guy all over each other, didn’t make me feel belittled since I knew that she had chosen me, not him, to marry. While Paula’s date that night might be hot and I could see how much kissing him turned her on, but it made me feel like the better man. This was especially true when the people nearby knew I was her husband. I explained to Anderson that because I knew Paula would stop what she was doing with her date if I even hinted that I wanted her to; it gave me a sense of empowerment which is quite the opposite effect that some might expect.

We then sidetracked into her “kiss test” for all the guys she goes out with. She and I together explained that at the end of first dates where she thought she would want a second, the last thing she did was to kiss the man out in the parking lot. Only if that kiss was what she wanted, would she set up a second date. She assured Anderson that he had done quite well on his own kiss test. After all, she’d been sleeping with him for months now. I pointed out that many times when I’d been with her when she met guys for dinner, I have stood by our car watching her over by his car, kissing the other man at length, and sometimes feeling her up. I couldn’t resist adding that in more than one or two cases, the kiss had been so good she ended up suggesting they go to a nearby hotel for first-date sex. She tried to say she’d never done that, but when I pressed it she admitted she’d done just that several times.

With the three of us laying naked in the bed, the discussion progressed to how it made me feel to watch her suck other men’s dicks. I told him that from the very first time she came home and told me that she’d sucked another man’s penis, I’ve loved kissing her knowing another man’s cock had just been in her mouth. Together we let Anderson know that he should feel special because more than half the men she’d ever fucked, she wouldn’t suck their dicks at all. With her relaxing between us, I explained to him that there have only been a handful of guys that she has told me that she really loved putting their dicks into her mouth; and of course, he was one of those few guys. Then I let him know how it had been truly a wonderful experience to watch her with him tonight since it was so obvious to me that she simply couldn’t get enough of sucking him.

Finally, as she slowly played with his dick, bringing it back to a partial erection; I told him how the experience of witnessing another man’s erection disappear as it went in between her inner lips never got old. In the discussion that followed, I also explained how, for me, the sounds of her having sex with men was a very important part of my enjoyment of being with her when she had sex. Those sounds made me feel good because they told me how much enjoyment she was getting from having sex with that guy. Not just the moans and groans she made as she approached climax, but the actual sounds of the man’s penis going in and out of her gave me particular pleasure. I told him that one of my favorite things when I am with her and another man is when I can hear the wet sloshing sounds as the man keeps fucking her after her orgasm has made her juices gush. Apparently, some men simply don’t even realize when she climaxes, though I can tell from across the room from the sloshing sound alone. I pointed out that a few times I have actually seen fluid spraying out from between their bodies when the guy makes a particularly hard thrust into an especially wet orgasm.

At that, Paula began to laugh and told about how she’d made such a mess of the other bed. She thought it was very funny that even after they had moved from one side of the bed to the other, she simply soaked the dry side as well. She clearly thought it was hilarious as she laughed all the way through. Her words again confirmed what I’d surmised: before I met them for dinner, they had fucked A LOT and she’d cum over and over and over.

Anderson smugly counterpointed that he’d specifically requested a room with two queen-sized beds so that they would have a dry bed to sleep in. It seems he had learned a lot from the prior six or seven other hotel dates they’d had.

Then I finished up with his question about how it made me feel to see her have sex with other men. I let him know, well we both let him know that the only reason she had all those amazing sexual experiences was because I do not object to her fucking other guys. “Thus,” I said, “I feel like all those hundreds and hundreds of orgasms she’s had with other men ultimately are a gift from me. Those other men are just the means by which I show my wife how much I love her. The times where I actually watch it happen, watch her cum as another man fucks her, just adds one more layer to the experience for both of us.” She followed up by saying that after she’s had great sex with a man, she was always thankful for having a husband like me and more in love with me than she was before. I’m pretty sure he’d never thought of that perspective.

Nearly the entire time we had been talking about what I thought when watching her screw other men, Paula had been slowly jacking his cock. So, I decided to add, “And watching her play with you like that as we all lay here together is really beautiful too.”

In the last half an hour before I left them in the bed and went home, Anderson demonstrated all three of the actions he’d asked me about. Did he do them deliberately to illustrate our discussion, or was it just happenstance. I don’t know. What I do know is what I saw.

Throughout our long break, he’d been on Paula’s right and I’d been on her left. Even while we talked, he and I had turns at running our hands over her body. Sometimes she’d just relax and enjoy, other times she guided one of our hands on her breasts or down between her legs. However, it had been casual and never gotten intense. Though Anderson had occasionally kissed her lightly as we’d been talking, once it was clear I’d said all I was about his question, he rolled over and began to kiss my wife deeply.

Though sometimes it is easy to forget how special these times are and treat them as routine, having just talked about what it was like watching my wife kiss other men, I did so with more attention. He was partially on top of her as their tongues mated and she pulled him tight. I was glad he’d gotten me to recall how much I enjoyed watching Paula make out with men. Despite the fact she’d already been with him for over five hours that evening, she still responded with passionate kisses that spoke of both desire and love.

After their kiss had warmed things up again, Anderson stood on his knees facing Paula’s head. While she’d kept his penis somewhat erect for a good while by playing with it, it was not at full staff when she adjusted herself to take it into her mouth. Just as our conversation renewed my interest in watching them kiss, I also sat up to see my wife sucking on another man’s cock. I tried to see it with fresh eyes. I considered how much it said about both her and the strength of our relationship that she felt so liberated to fully enjoy the experience of having Anderson’s erection in her mouth while I was right beside her. It was a marvel that she didn’t feel any need to tone down how much unalloyed pleasure she was getting from sucking his cock. And I considered how lucky I was to be married to such a woman.

As she had all night, she went to work on him with an intensity born of desire to feel and taste his erection in her mouth. And, very rapidly it was a full erection once more. Though over the years I’ve rarely seen her take more than the head of a man’s penis in her mouth, tonight she seemed to want as much of it in her mouth as she could… and appeared to want more.

From the timing and the progression, I was sure the blow job was in preparation for one last round of fucking. And as I expected, she only worked on his fully hard dick for four or five minutes beyond the point it was fully ready. Anderson helped her get two pillows under her hips once again. He positioned himself between her thighs and lifted both legs all the way up until her feet rested on his shoulders. Only then did I have one more opportunity that night to watch Anderson’s erection enter the sex of my wonderful wife’s body. When he hit bottom, Paula tilted her head back and let out a breathy moan.

This time rather than taking long languid strokes as he’d done an hour before, he barely pulled out before pressing down again. At first it was not actual banging, but pressing. As he worked up a rhythm, Paula’s small vocalizations of pleasure became more frequent. In time, however, her positive response to his actions prompted more vigorous work by Anderson.

It took over ten minutes, but eventually he was indeed banging her hard and forcing his cock in as deep as he could. Once again, I tried to be mindful of how special it was to witness my wife visibly enjoying the sexual servicing of another man. I made a point to look down and watch his dick going between her labial lips and into her body. Additionally, my attention was drawn to watching how her responses changed as Anderson adjusted the way he drove his erection into her. This is something I could only do by being a spectator. I could never do it as a participant. And I watched his responses, especially as he became intense. As an observer, I could see the symbiotic process of giving and receiving pleasure between my wife and her lover. Though I’ve seen it many times before, I appreciated how so very fortunate I was to get a chance to watch my wife and a lover in action.

The late night was catching up to Anderson. He simply couldn’t go on forever. He asked if I could take over for him since Paula was clearly enjoying but he’d reached his limit. And so, like a tag team, when he pulled out, I took his place. He went back to kissing her and sucking on her nipples while I watched and fucked. And while it was a wonderful moment, I too was at the end of my endurance, or at least the limit of my dick’s endurance. After not much more than five minutes, my erection also began to fade.

Once more the three of us lay naked in the bed together. It was past 1:00 AM on a week night. Anderson had to be at his plant early in the morning, so we all agreed we should call it a night. I got dressed to go while they lay in the bed. As I dressed, Paula laughed and said “You are probably going to write all of this in your blog when you get home.”

She knows me all too well. Despite the late hour, I did just that when I got home.

Like I said in the opening paragraph of this narrative, standing near the hotel room’s door, looking at my beloved wife with her lover’s arm around her as he held her naked body tightly to his was truly a beautiful sight. The look she gave me just before I left them reminded me how much I love her and how very fortunate I am to have such a woman as my mate.

While I was there, neither he nor I climaxed, nor did we really try to. Paula had only cum once after dinner, but as far as I could tell, nobody felt short-changed. For us to have a great sexual experience, there does not have to be some goal of orgasm or of anything else. That night, we just enjoyed being together as friends…. in bed… having sex. The evening had been mostly very low-keyed with a few intense highlights. In every one of those moments of sexual intensity when Anderson had been fucking her hard, she and I were in physical contact as he did so, making it our shared experience… part of our relationship. This is the kind of thing that those who do not live like us have a hard time grasping.

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08 mai 2023

Although this is a meant as rhapsodic ode to compersion, what I took away from this is how much you must know about how we are sexually. Having had varied partners of both sexes and had the opportunity to observe people who were heatedly or casually playing with sexual pleasure, you know things that you couldn't learn any other way. From a certain sexual worldview, that would be beside the point. But from another, mine, we should all have that opportunity.

En réponse à

as the song goes "It's later than you think"


07 mai 2023

I don’t know many men who find so much pleasure as you from watching their wives having sex with other men. Paula is truly a fortunate woman to have enjoyed many lovers with the consent of her husband. This is confirmation that one person cannot provide all the emotional, sexual, and psychological needs of another. Monogamy has become a very lonely place for many unhappy people.

“The media often displays codependent behavior as supposedly reflective of love. Similarly, jealous behavior is associated with love, even though it arises from fear. Just because something is seen as normal doesn’t mean it’s true. We are living on a planet that was once commonly viewed as flat. It is hard to go back…

08 mai 2023
En réponse à

Thank you for your response. I don’t think for a moment that your marriage is based on just sex, but without compersion your sex lives wouldn’t have been what it was. Someone once said that fiction (and your blogs) reflect life with all the boring parts cut out. We all have life happening to us, and we don’t need to know the “boring parts” of other people. We have enough of our own. Compersion (agape) goes deeper than just sex. It is taking care of each other in difficult and in good times.

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