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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 59

Professors Note 8/5/2023: As you will see in the introduction, it was like pulling teeth to get Paula to write about her experiences. I only got her to do it a few times, but I wanted to share them.

You will notice some discrepancies as to what happened on which date. That is because I am right and she is wrong. Scratch that. What I meant to say was my dear wife’s memory is correct and mine is faulty. You will see we are on the same page as to what happened, but not when. That is to be expected when two people write of the same events.

March 2014: A Few Words From Paula

In March 2014, after much nagging, I got Paula to write up a few posts. The Tumblr blog had been intended to be for both of us, but she really wasn't into spending time writing as I do.

Post from March 21, 2014

My week was busy busy, but it was good.

I work at a Victoria's Secret store, and have for 15 years. I could write a book about all the crazy stuff that happens in my store. Well, today after I had finished my shift I stayed in the store to do some shopping. From a distance, I noticed a gentleman had come in to the store that I thought I recognized. I was correct. It was one of my newest “boyfriends”. We’ve only gone out once and have been talking on the phone for a couple of weeks, so we haven’t gotten to the point of having sex yet. So I guess perhaps I should just call him a friend that I am building a relationship with. He is really nice and has been divorced for like a decade but has not been with a woman in over five years. I strongly suspect that I’ll be bringing his long period of celibacy to an end in the next few weeks.

But back to the story.

So, this guy had come to the store to see me. Very smart of him. So when he came in I was actually off work and was in the process of shopping for panties before I went home. After I gave him a hug, I asked his opinion about which panties I should buy. He smiled. He was very cute. I picked one pair out that had flowers on them. When I wear them next week, I will call him and tell him I’m wearing the panties he helped pick out….I thought it was all kinda funny.

Oh, yes my coworkers all know I am married to the Professor, but they also know I date other men. On occasion one will come in to see me, so this wasn’t like a big deal that he came to my store.

Right now I have 3 boyfriends. They are all older than me and are all very nice. The Professor has met them all and we all get along just fine. Because we all have jobs and families if I can physically see one of them once a week I’m happy, but even with all three guys, I don’t get to be with any of them in person more than once or twice a month. It has been months since I have had more than one hotel date in any week, and some weeks I’ve had none. Having an open marriage and dating, does not mean I am having sex all the time. I am very particular and to me sex is part of my relationships, but my dating is not mostly about sex.

Post from March 24, 2014

My husband suggested I write up for you how I met a couple of my boyfriends and what my relationship with each one is like. So, that is what I’m going to do.

One I call “Mr. New York.” He is very sexy and can use his tongue in amazing ways. He is married and retired early from Wall Street and he is very smart. I met him through OKCupid and we had talked on the phone for about two weeks before our first date. We met at my favorite sports bar for meeting new guys. I know the people who work there and so if the guy turns out to be a creep I feel safe. We talked and laughed and just had a great time getting to know each other. While on that first date I called my husband and had him talk to Mr. New York for a little while.

On our next date my husband came with me and we met him at IHOP. It was nice to see Mr. New York and the Professor get along so well. They talked and talked. It was like they were the old friends and I was the tag along. That made me feel good.

We had breakfast and invited him to come to our house to watch the photo-shoot we had planned for me and Vivian. The basement was set up with his studio lights and a Roman Villa backdrop. Mr. New York helped by keeping our two little dogs (a cock-a-poo and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel) out of the photos. The shoot went fine and Mr. New York left about half way through. So he got to see me naked before we had done more than kiss.

When Mr. New York left, we had a hard time keeping Ringo out of the frame

When the next day The Professor showed me the photos I hated them. I don’t like many of my own pictures, but I thought the ones he took that day make me look like a walrus. I agreed to let him post one of them where you can tell who I am. I don’t mind the older pictures of me, but I’m concerned someone would recognize me in a new photo and it would get to my mother. She is 87 and would be most unhappy if she found I put naked pictures on the internet.

For our next date, I met Mr. New York at a nearby Waffle House (yes I am a true Southern girl). After we ate we went to a local hotel. He was quite upset when his penis didn’t want to cooperate. He has some health issues and I knew he felt bad. I told him that that was OK and explained how my husband is diabetic and sometimes has the same issue. Then he got between my legs and started to lick me down there. OH MY!!!! I’ve never had a man do the things to me that he did. I think he ate me for 2 hours. He said later that we’d had a munch fest. It was GREAT!

Afterward, we both played with ourselves and talked.

A few weeks later, the Professor and I met him at Waffle House again, but this time Mr. New York and I went to a hotel and my husband went over to help our daughter with something. The first time I got him a little sloppy, but the second time in bed I completely soaked him and the bed too. See, a few years ago, for some reason, my orgasms began to be more….messy. Now they have gotten very –very wet. Mr. New York said he’s never seen any woman make the mess I do and he’s not the first man to say that.

Next Thursday I’m scheduled to meet him at the same hotel. I’m so looking forward to it!

Post from March 26, 2014

A second of my boyfriends is Anderson. Yesterday I was off work so we were texting back and forth all day. We said how much we miss each other and how much we wanted to touch each other again all over and how much we miss sleeping together. See, it’s been a month since we have gotten together for sex.

Our text conversation went on for two hours before he asked if I could be available tonight. I said sure! It was funny because the Professor was on the phone in a long conversation with a student and I didn’t even have a chance to tell him of the invite. He knew that I’d canceled with Anderson a few nights ago and when I went into his study and he saw me packed-up with my overnight bag in my hand he knew where I was going. I just motioned I’d give him a call later and gave him a kiss. It took about an hour for Anderson to get to the hotel so I was able to call hubby before boyfriend arrived.

When I opened the hotel room door for Anderson, I threw my arms around him and we began to kiss. OH! He tasted soooo good. His lips….his tongue…..his skin. We went on over to the bed and started undressing. As we did so we talked about our day and our families. He asked how The Professor was doing in looking for a full time teaching job. I asked about his wife and their son. The reason The Professor and I are poly and not swingers is that I get so much more out of really knowing, and in this case loving, my boyfriends than I do when it is just about seducing and sex. With Anderson it really is about love and emotional closeness. That makes the sex all so much better.

For the next hour and a half we touched, kissed, flirted, shared secret thoughts and yes, had sex.

He is 7 inches long but not too thick. He is just the perfect size to give blowjobs. With him I really get into giving them …..and other things. When he is inside me he fills me all the way up……If felt great when doing doggie I could feel him pressing on my cervix…..and he makes me cum like crazy.

When I got home about 8:00 this morning, I told my husband all about it and showed him the hickey thing on my right breast. I thanked him so much for letting me spend the night and have sex with Anderson. We have the best relationship.

Well I just wanted to share a little bit about my night last night hope you enjoyed hearing about it.

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Aug 07, 2023

Paula, You may have been reluctant to write, but you have a pleasant and direct voice. I definitely enjoyed reading about you, Mr. New York, and Anderson.

Replying to

Yes it is


Aug 06, 2023

You made a great save with your introductory remarks. I read somewhere that men know that when a woman said something incorrect, she is still right and the man is always wrong. Paula’s first person perspective on the events with Mr. New York and Anderson shows how she experienced her date with them. A sensitive woman will not always “kiss and tell.” Any time with a lover is always a special experience and should be treasured, like Paula showed. Thank you for sharing.

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