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Our Open Marriage: Part 10

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Paula Gives Me a Special Homecoming

In January of 1998, I took a group of high school juniors and seniors from the Christian School where I was the principal on a mission trip to Costa Rica. It was a great trip. Central America is beautiful. The only down side was I had to go without Paula.

I had been gone for ten days and she was going crazy waiting for me.

She told me she had planned to pick me up wearing only her snow boots and long coat, but at the last minute decided that it would be very bad if one of the teenagers saw her flashing me, so she came fully dressed. However as soon as I got the teenagers situated and back into the care of their parents, she attacked me; stuffing her tongue as far in my mouth as it would go. I thought we wouldn’t get out of the parking garage, but I pried myself loose so I could start the car and begin our hour long drive home.

Paula was not to be ignored. By the time we had cleared the airport grounds and started up the interstate she had pulled off her top and removed her bra, even though the car was still rather cold inside (the outside temp was about 25°F). She pawed at me, undoing my zipper and finding my penis inside. With one hand she stroked my dick while with the other she played with her own nipples. After a few miles she unsnapped her pants and thrust her hand into her panties to begin masturbating with one hand and jacking me off with the other. Evidently this was not going to work for her. Too much like gymnastics and not very comfortable. Not ten minutes after we'd pulled onto the interstate highway she removed the rest of her clothes, propped her feet on the dash and began masturbating in earnest with both hands.

Well this was quite a sight for me after being gone over a week. We were still in the middle of Indianapolis so the highway was well lit, which meant the inside of the car had plenty of light as well. I had to adjust my now swollen penis, as it had become very uncomfortable. One of us suggested she give me a blowjob (I don’t remember which one). She had a great deal of problem getting me out of my pants as I was in a sitting position, so she asked me to help. I unbuckled my seat belt, reclined my seat some and pulled open my pants.

So down the interstate we went, she completely naked, sucking me for all she’s worth. I was of course having trouble paying attention to the road as I savored the pleasure of her sucking my cock.

Honk! Honk!

A car had come up on me fast, I looked at the speedometer and I had slowed down to only 45 mph. I looked over to see who was honking. To my great surprise, driving next to me was one of the teenagers and his mother. They were both looking at me and waving. Paula, startled by the horn, jerked her whole body upright and looked out my window. There was a look of surprise on both people in the other car and it rapidly sped up.

There was no way that both the mother and sixteen year old boy could have missed Paula’s bare breasts and surely they concluded rapidly what was going on. I don't know if they sped off of disgust or out of understanding. Fortunately, I never heard anything about this. Since the mother knew both Paula and I fairly well from previous activities, my suspicion is that she told her son not to tell anyone about what they'd seen. But of course we will never know for sure. One would think such a close call would have gotten us to quit what we were doing, well it didn’t. It only made us hornier. As we headed out of the city and into the suburbs, I was going as crazy as Paula with lust.

I knew up ahead there was an outlet mall that had a large parking lot. It was 11:30 PM so I assumed it would be empty. I took the exit and swung around into the parking lot, which was only separated from the interstate by about thirty feet of grass. It was well lit; however there, were some spots in bright light and others in dimmer light, but it was all more than bright enough for people on the interstate to see anything going on. As I pulled in I saw one car parked in the far end. I was afraid it might be a security guard. I drove over and when my lights shone in I did not see a head, so I drove to the other end and parked in one of the less brightly lit areas.

We started to kiss, but I suggested we would be more comfortable outside. Looking back I don’t know why I said that because the parking lot was covered in snow and it was really cold. Well Paula was boiling from the inside so the only precaution she took for the cold was she brought her coat and laid it on the hood before she lay down. Although we were in one of the less brightly lit areas, anyone on the interstate who was looking our way would surely have enough light to see us. We didn't even consider the fact that we had gotten out of the airport faster than most of the families. so most of the families from the school would be headed down that same highway.

She lay on her back with her feet on the bumper and her legs spread. I was still dressed and couldn’t believe she wasn’t freezing. She didn't give even a hint of being uncomfortable laying naked in the 25° cold. I certainly couldn’t resist the open invitation and planted my mouth on her pubic mound. In those days, Paula kept her lower vulva shaved clean, but left a triangle of hair above her clit. Since I went right to the pink, it was only soft and smooth flesh that met my lips as I began to give her head. I limited my oral love to about five minutes. I knew she couldn’t stand the cold for too long no matter how turned on she was. Also in the back of my mind was that we were visible to the passing traffic and I was afraid one of the passing cars would be a state trooper. Of course this was before the time of the ubiquitous cell phone, so there was little risk of someone alerting the police.

Therefore, much before either of us wanted, I stood up and dropped my pants. I lifted her legs and easily glided my rigid penis inside her. As I pumped, she manually stimulated her clit. It was amazing. The cold only heightened all the other sensations. The snow covered expanse of the parking lot lit up at night really was very beautiful. It was both love and lust, romantic and erotic. I really have no idea how long she lay on the hood while I stroked in and out, marveling at the beauty of her nudity in this winter wonderland.

I don't know if it took five minutes or perhaps ten, but slowly, from my standing position, it penetrated my hormone addled brain how truly visible we were to the cars passing by at 65 MPH. Despite the high level of arousal and enjoyment, I began to get nervous. What would we do if a State Trooper drove by and saw us? I decided we must hurry. Fortunately it was quite a sight looking down at my wife. Watching her laying on the hood of our car, masturbating, while her breasts shook with each thrust of my penis and how her little lips gripped at my shaft as I pulled it back. Focusing on that sight made it easy to bring on an orgasm, which I did in just a few more minutes.

I quickly pulled up my pants, but she was not finished and would not be denied, So I stood there nervously while my wife lay nude on the hood of our car continuing to masturbate. And she did not stop with just one orgasm. She rarely did in those days. However I was less concerned by then. I walked around a little and could see that just laying on the hood of my car, on top of her long coat, she was far less conspicuous than we'd been while I was screwing her. At highway speed, someone would have to know what they were looking for to recognize what was really happening in the parking lot. Still it was the only time I recall thinking I wished Paula would quit playing with herself. Even after she came again she was not in any great hurry to cover up. She told me that she really liked laying out on the hood like that and wanted to enjoy the moment. How she wasn't freezing I had no idea. It took another five minutes to get her back inside the car.

From the clock we could tell we had been out of the car for half an hour. One of the most intense half hours of our lives. We did use that parking lot one other time about six months later on the way back from the swing club. Some years later, Paula told me that how that experience as one of her most memorable sexual escapades.

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