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Our Open Marriage Part 11

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


By the winter/spring of 1998, my progressively more liberal views about Christianity got me into trouble with the Board of Directors of the Christian School at which I worked. Though they had no idea of our sexual explorations, the same basic change that allowed for incorporating an open marriage into our religious life had other implications that was reflected in how I worked with the teens in the high school of which I was principal. In particular I was far less concerned about how they dressed and cut their hair than the real and serious challenges they had in their lives.

The last public presentation I made in that city was not for a church but rather I presented at “The Solon”; a civic forum of academics and artists. I presented a lecture and discussion of the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. At the Solon, I presented a broad historical background of the topic and in doing so, presented my evolving vision of a brand of spirituality that was not incompatible with a broad range of sexual activities.

Paula by this time was on the Board of Directors of a program to house pregnant teens who were not welcome in their home. Sadly the organization's approach was to tell the girls that they must repent of their sexual sin and “get right with God” and that would give them a “second virginity”. What Paula saw right off was the girls who used their services were almost universally from very poor and often abusive homes and that the organization’s approach was totally ineffective. They didn’t like it when she brought up the point that over half the girls they had served had become pregnant again within a year of giving birth. Like me, she was out of step with the conservative religious approach to helping people. The Executive Director then found out she had given out boxes of condoms to girls and for one teen mom, she had bought a vibrator.

Perhaps the riskiest thing we did was that Paula and Dianne took out another organizational employee who was a single mom about their age. Over a few drinks the woman confided that she really missed having sex but she knew she could lose her job if she screwed around and someone found out. Paula and Dianne then spilled the beans and told her they knew a place in Indianapolis where she could get laid with no strings attached and no one would know. Next thing I knew, the woman joined them on their girls nights to Topside. And, sure enough, she got laid. Though the woman kept the secret at the time, a year or so later word got out how my wife had, with my consent, led this woman into sin. In time my name became mud in the Christian community in that city. Oh well, I couldn't make everyone happy.

In the spring of 1998, I was dismissed from my position. While I had been moving left since before I’d taken the job, the non-denominational evangelical ministry’s board had become dominated by fundamentalists. Thus I was annoyed but not overly surprised when I was informed that the Board wanted “to go in a different direction” (i.e. to the right) so my services would no longer be needed. Just a few weeks later Paula was asked to resign from her seat on the maternity home's board for being out of step with that ministry as well.

So, we were both pushed out of our Christian service positions at about the same time. That did not keep us from using the ministry's buildings one last time to do an erotic photo shoot on a Saturday afternoon. We shot three rolls of film of me and Paula having sex in my office and one of Paula and Dianne having sex in a couple of other rooms. Sadly we had some serious technical issues and the camera “ate” one roll so that when I opened the camera back, the film was exposed. Dianne, didn’t know not to shoot toward windows and a second roll was underexposed. But we did get a few good photos.

We moved back to South Carolina where Paula had gone to high school and her elderly parents still lived. I concluded that my career in the ministry was at an end and shifted to educational social work since that was very close in mission to what I’d been doing all along.

Paula and Dianne carried on a long distance relationship, talking every day and getting together every couple of months to release there pent up sexual desires. Since Paula only worked part time, she went north to see Dianne, more than Dianne came to stay with us. However, Dianne came to South Carolina a couple times a year for the next five years.

I recall that on one of Dianne's visits to our home, the two women were in the kitchen talking wile I lay in the bed reading. For whatever reason Dianne came into the bedroom, and without giving me any explanation pulled down my pants and began to suck on my penis. Of course I stopped my reading and enjoyed. When Dianne sucks, she does it right. My dick quickly became rigid as she mouth fucked me with abandon. Her head bobbed up and down and then she would do a side-to-side motion. Paula came in and watched for about five minutes before she joined in. They took turns, Paula would suck while Dianne licked, and then they would switch. Then one would rest and watch while the other worked. During one of these rest periods, Paula got undressed. Dianne guided her onto my very wet shaft, and they kissed while Paula rode me. Dianne played with my wife’s tits, then sucked them as she alternately bounced on my pelvis and then ground me into the bed. Paula pulled off Dianne’s shirt so she could suck her nipples. Soon both women were nude and I looked up, watching them grope one another I suggested that it would be more convenient to them if Dianne sat directly in front of Paula, which of course would put her on my face.

Once again my sexual inexperience came to me. The truth was that I had never eaten any woman but Paula until that moment. When I first put my fingers inside Dianne over a year before I was surprised how large she was - now I was even more amazed. Her labia was so big it literally covered my face. Her vagina was this gaping chasm that I could not make love to in any stylish fashion, so I contented myself with kissing and licking selective parts of this mammoth cunt above me. I could feel and hear them making love as I worked at pleasuring both of their clits from below. How I wished I had known this was coming so I could set up the video camera, It would have looked like a porno movie. They both could see I was close to cumming, so they threatened me with evil things if I came in Paula before Dianne got to munch on her. So I went through mental exercises to ensure I did not reach orgasm as they played on top of me.

Eventually, I could not keep up my erection and prevent ejaculation at the same time, so my penis became soft. The two of them rolled off of me and began going at each other in earnest. I rested and watched for some time as Dianne took after Paula’s pussy with the same enthusiasm she had for my cock earlier. Paula writhed with pleasure as her girlfriend’s smooth face pushed on her labia as evidently a tongue worked on her clit. I rolled nearer and suckled her breasts one at a time, she pulled my head up and we French kissed deeply as she moaned in ecstasy. I suggested that Dianne would like to be fucked as she ate. Though Dianne agreed it would feel great, she declined my offer.

Then, it was Paula’s turn to feast on the garden of womanly delight. Though when she and Dianne first became lovers she just nibbled at this pungent dish, she had developed a consuming desire to wallow in Dianne’s womanhood. And so she did. Paula pushed her face as far into Dianne’s fleshy vulva as she could and began eating away. I continued to rest and watched and listened to the slurping sounds. After a while I had to join. I first reached over and began massaging Dianne’s breasts. They were quite a bit larger than Paula’s were at the time, but not nearly so firm, with tiny nipples that I could hardly hold on to. My erection began to return and I scooted over to Dianne and took her left breast in my hand and began to kiss the sides. Once again its softness and the tiny nipples made for a less satisfactory experience than with Paula, but it was still fun.

Soon I was completely hard and ready to finally cum.

Paula was at the bottom of the bed with her chest on the bed and feet on the ground; the perfect position to fuck her. So I slid off the bed and walked around behind her. I had to lift her hips up but she was very willing to help. Not surprising she was both open and sloppy wet. Easily I slipped in and began a slow pattern of thrusting as she continued to lick Dianne’s clit as she probed inside with three fingers.

At some point Paula’s mouth got tired. She rested her head on Dianne’s pelvis and began to insist I do her harder. I could tell she was worn out and it was time for me to climax so we all could rest. It didn’t take very much time or effort before I began to fill her with my semen and she was waddling to the bathroom dripping on the carpet.

A similar but less involved scene happened the next afternoon, after getting the kids involved in a movie in the living room, I walked into the bedroom and Paula was “finger fucking” Dianne in the bed. I joined for a little while, but we were not ready for the kids to walk in on us having a threesome, so I left the girls to it.

A year or so later they posed for the one and only formal photo shoot I made of the two of them together. They both dressed in my white dress shirts and panties and posed on our living room couch. The poses went from smiling at each other, to kissing to eating each other out. It was a nice set of photos.

Over a period of about three years Dianne stayed with us a good number of times; however, due to later conflicts she began staying at a hotel when she was in town. Paula made many trips up to their house over the next six years, often taking our kids with her. When Dianne stayed at our home, or Paula stayed with Dianne and Tom, no effort was made to hide from the kids that the guest was sleeping with the other couple. The kids just grew up seeing that as normal.

Sometimes Paula and Dianne simply met at a central location (usually at the Cumberland Gap) for a weekend of fun. Paula insisted that it wasn’t just about sex because they did lots of things, not just romp in the bed all weekend. Well I knew good and well the prime reason they got together was for sex and the other things were just “extras”. They did like strolling around holding hands making the people in this Appalachian town wonder if they are just good friends or were they lesbians. Normally that is all they did in public but Paula told me of one time they went further.

They had been hiking in the mountains for some time, occasionally teasing one another with a grab or a kiss. When they had finished their hike and approached the car, which was parked on the side of this mountain road, Dianne evidently was ready for more.

She pushed Paula up against the car and began to kiss her deeply. When no car arrived for a while she pushed her hand up under Paula’s sweatshirt and grabbed Paula’s braless tits. When again no cars came up the road, Dianne became ever so bold by squatting down, unsnapping Paula’s jeans, pulling the jeans and panties to her ankles and commencing cunnilingus.

In telling me this story, Paula was vague about some of the details. What I think she meant was that Dianne ate on her for about five minutes, bringing her close but not quite to climax, when a truck came around the sharp mountain curve not far from where they were. Dianne didn’t hear the truck till it was well around the curve, when she did she stood up and Paula struggled to get her panties and pants up. She told me that she and the driver looked right at each other while she was still leaning back against the car before Dianne moved. There was no way they didn’t see that Dianne was giving Paula head. Paula simply was not able to get her rather tight pants up and over her hips before the truck passed. She said the two guys in the truck were looking right at them with eyes wide. So Paula just smiled and waved with one hand, the other holding her pants below her hips. The two women died laughing.

During the same time period in late 1998 and early 1999 Paula and I began going downtown at night just to walk and see the nightlife. Sometimes we would stop and eat at a sidewalk café‚ and sometimes we go dancing, but usually we just walk.

One night we decided to go downtown and Paula dressed to the “T”. She put on a gray thong-bottomed bodysuit and her leather mini skirt, black thigh-hi hose and heels. She looked fab. As we walked, it was hard to keep from running my hand up that short skirt and rubbing her bare buns. Each time I did so (which also showed off her buns to anyone behind us) she would hit me, but I figured it was worth the price.

We went into a number of shops before stopping at a Mexican restaurant with a raised patio and tables right on Main Street. When she sat, her leather skirt rode way up, not just above her stockings, but half way up her rear end. As she sat right on the sidewalk, on the two foot raised platform, she was hard to miss. Right off I noticed many lingering glances by passing guys.

I got my camera out to take her photo. To get a better composition, I went around the banister that separated the eating area from the sidewalk and down the three steps and looked for the perfect shooting location. Now by herself at the table, more than a few people actually stopped to look at her. I think it was the garter straps connecting to the stockings that got their attention. You see that in photos, but not often on the street. One guy saw me taking her picture and offered to take a photo of the two of us. His buddy put in, “I know what you are really looking at”. It was all very funny.

After we ate we shot some photos at the public forum area where the Baptist street preachers set up camp every Saturday night. We chose a place to shoot just to their left. As she posed on the steps anyone looking could see everything that wasn’t covered by the thong (which wasn’t much). The Bible College guys made a show of not looking, but of course they were looking when they thought their friends weren’t aware. Since both Paula and I had been in their shoes once, we were very amused by the whole thing.

After we finished our photo shoot we dropped the camera off at the car and went to a downtown dance spot. I must honestly say that my 38-year-old wife was the best looking woman there. It seemed like every single guy in the place was watching her. While I was at the restroom, one tried to pick her up. Paula just led him on. I think she was contemplating taking him up for a quickie. I watched from out of their view for a while, then I made my presence known. He was clearly confused for a moment, but when I put my hand under her skirt it was clear she and I were together. So he left. Later Paula fussed at me for running him off, I truthfully told her I did not know what I had done. She believed me but was still disappointed. That was the first time I grasped that she was ready to expand her sexual range beyond Dianne and her husband.

On the way home we pulled off on the frontage road along the interstate highway. It was a dark and quiet spot outside the city and we got out of the car and began to make out on a concrete barrier beside the road. At first we just kissed, but soon I squatted down between her legs and pushed up the short skirt. I know she likes to be kissed through her panties so I unsnapped the bodysuit, but left her thong panties in place. She was wearing a new sheer lace thong and as I kissed and licked she made sure I knew she enjoyed what I was doing. In time I pulled off the panties and made love directly to her smooth labia, pushing two fingers into her cunt and one in her ass (which she loves).

When it was my turn to receive attention I first just pulled my pants down, but as it was not comfortable I took them off entirely as she took my penis as far down her throat as it would go. I sat on the concrete barrier with my back to the road some six feet behind me. Another fifty feet away was the interstate. We’d been at it for some twenty minutes with no sign of cars on Frontage Road, assumedly because it was past one in the morning. I was loving her oral attention when I saw the headlights of a car coming up the road to my right. I had no intention of interrupting my pleasure so I said nothing. The car disappeared in a dip then suddenly the lights were shining directly on us. Because of the curve in the road the car’s lights were dead on us from about 150 feet, providing the driver a perfect silhouette. Paula kept right on sucking and for a few seconds I thought she was going to just ignore them, but then she looked up and said “It might be the a Sheriff's car”, which was something I hadn’t considered. So, after any half-blind driver would have seen a woman giving a blowjob on the side of the road we ducked down behind the barrier when the car was less than fifty feet from us. We watched as what turned out to be a Ford pickup drive by. We could see two figures inside but nothing more.

Paula was worried they might call the county Sheriff so we proceeded to screwing right then. I knew that since we were near the county line, even if they did call we had a good fifteen minutes before anyone would arrive so I didn’t rush as she bent over the barrier and I took her from behind. At first I went slow, but all this had made her very horny and she begged for me to do her hard and fast. I’d worked up a sweat when I knew our fifteen-minute window was closing, so I let myself cum hard inside her. She grabbed my shirt to sit on the ride home but neither of us bothered to dress at all. So we headed for home, me nude and she dripping semen onto my oxford shirt. We wondered out loud who were the people in the truck and what had they thought. All in all it was a great night.

So, our transition back to South Carolina had not been the end of our new sexual frontiers, but just the beginning.

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Taking pictures on the desk as you pack your stuff to leave. A fairly appropriate middle-finger to your former "employer."


"So, we were both pushed out of our Christian service positions about the same time."

I hope you said something about "who is the first to cast a stone" on the way out

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