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Our Open Marriage: Part 12

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


By the summer of 1999, Paula had really completed a transition not only in her private sexual behavior, but in her appearance. That summer she rarely wore more than a sports bra and shorts, and when she dressed up, it was as often sans-bra as not (even to church). For her birthday, she picked out a sports bra top, yellow with black trim, that was thin enough to show off her nipples rather clearly. That and a pair of very short shorts became one of her favorite around-the-house outfits. One beautiful day I marveled when she wore it for a walk around the neighborhood. We live in what is called the X-burbs, beyond the suburbs in what would be called rural except there are a number of residential subdivisions that have replaced the farms over the years. Unlike the suburbs and their rows of closely packed houses, most homes sit on an acre or more of land. So, though on this particular day there were many people out in their yards, it was still a good way between them. A good looking man who was working in his yard clearly noticed her. Paula in her shy way went right up to him and struck up a conversation. He had never been so "neighborly" before.

She had also clearly decided that she didn’t care if our immediate neighbors saw her nude. She surprised me by sunning nude on our back deck which is plainly visible from the section of the road in front of our house, but is only partly visible in the summer to our nearest neighbor because of the trees. She said she felt sunning nude was fine because the road only had a few dozen cars and/or pedestrians a day and someone would have to be purposefully looking at our deck to see her. Once she'd decided that sunning nude on the deck was normal, the next thing became making love on the deck. For several summers that was one of her favorite places for sex.

Video caps of us on the deck from around this time

At first we only did it at night but one Sunday morning she suggested we go out before Church and screw. With getting the kids all ready we ran out of time, but after lunch she hadn’t forgotten. The only difference was that it was no longer early on a Sunday, but 2:00 in the afternoon. That was the first time for us to do it in the middle of the day out there. Waiting for her to get the kids settled, I set up our camcorder on the deck to record us. We were out their completely nude for over half hour, not laying down but up and moving around the deck. At one point she went to the railing and bent over. She was just flaunting it by wanting me to do her while she looked directly at the front of the neighbor’s house across the street.

This was only the first time she wanted to have sex on the deck in the daylight. One memorable time was when Dianne was visiting that summer, after I got home from work she told me how she and Dianne had been out there much of the day. First they were just sunning nude, but that led into sex. She said they had made out at the rail (fully nude), done sixty-nine on the chase lounge and finally Dianne went inside to retrieve her biggest dildo which they used on one another at length out on the deck. Of course, all the while both of our children were home, but for us that was not an issue.

Paula’s openness and spontaneous ideas began to make my life very interesting. During the summer we made several trips to the beach, of course we couldn’t be too openly kinky but we still had fun. Our first trip was over spring break. We went to a state park located on one of the many sea Islands along the coasts of the Carolinas. Of course it was packed with people anxious to get their first beach fun of the season. The kids (then five & seven) were driving us crazy wanting to go to play in the water. We set up the tent and as I finished unpacking the car Paula and the kids were changing clothes.

Our big family sized tent had two large zippered doors and I wasn’t surprised when she only closed the door facing the road half way because the dome tent was large enough to say rather hidden even with one door not quite zipped closed. However, when I took the beach chairs to the far side of the tent I was surprised to find that door completely open and Paula sitting topless looking in the duffel for her bikini top. I looked the other way to see who was in the line of sight of my half naked wife. Not seventy-five feet away was the campsite opposite ours, and sitting on the hood of a SUV was a guy, perhaps seventeen years old. He was ineffectually hiding the fact that he was taking advantage of the unobstructed view of Paula topless. Once again, I remind my readers this is in the very conservative Deep South, not California; and it was before the internet and cable TV made nudity common. I had no doubt he'd never seen anything like that in public before.

I went to get another load. When I looked in the tent again Paula had on her bikini top, but that was all she had on. When I looked at the guy I could see he was still watching her. However, I couldn't help but laugh when a girl, apparently his girlfriend, arrived and he quickly looked away before distracting her by attacking her with a kiss.

It was all so funny and I had to tell Paula what I'd seen. She was not the least bit embarrassed. She said she hadn't thought about the open door but had not see the teenage boy. When I told her how he'd acted, she found it as funny as I did. Now that was an attitude far different than the one she had displayed just a few years previously.

A few minutes later we took the kids down the path from the camping area to the water. It was only in the mid-70's with a strong breeze so she wore a red striped shirt over her bikini top and a pair of gray stretch Capri pants (under which she wore nothing because they were too tight to do so). She looked great. As we walked I snapped some photos and commented that the only thing wrong was I could see the bikini under her top. I told her that professional models wouldn’t wear anything under that shirt. She informed me she wasn’t a professional model. However, a few minutes later as I played with the kids she handed me her bikini top to put in my pocket. All I could think was "What an amazing wife I have."

She looked amazing, so I shot another half dozen photos of her.

We continued down the beach often stopping as the kids would run and play in the surf. Finally we gave up trying to drag them on our walk and we sat down to let them play. The beach was busy but not crowded. Up the beach, about 50 yards away, were four teenage guys building a large sandcastle. I thought it was a good idea so I began to work on one too. As I’d planned, it didn’t take long for the kids to want to help, so all three of us began to work on a castle with the beach buckets & little shovels I had brought with us.

When the castle was about half built, Paula called to me from the palmetto palms that formed a tree line behind where the kids and I were working. I looked back and she was standing just past the high tide mark, completely nude. I quickly told the kids I needed to talk to Mom and grabbed my camera.

She was behind the first row of palms; so while I could see she was totally exposed to the beach directly to the front, it appeared she was not so visible from the beach from even a few dozen yards on either side. When I got to the wood line, I looked around and concluded I was right and she would not be easily seen from the beach except from the area around our kids. Sadly I’d shot almost my whole role of film earlier. I had not even begun to foresee her getting naked. However,

I quickly shot up the last few frames of her posing among the trees in the nude. All the while she made sure she could keep an eye out on our kids. All this of course made both of us horny. We moved to a position where Paula could still see the kids playing, but her body was at least somewhat concealed behind a tree. She held on to a palm and I dropped my shorts and proceeded to give her a hard banging. We both love spontaneous quickies, so it was no disappointment that in less than 10 minutes I was on my way back to the kids and she was letting my “gift” drip out onto the sand before putting back on her pants.

By this time the kids were getting bored with building the sand castle; so, as soon as Paula emerged from the trees we all continued exploring up the beach. I immediately noticed the four teenagers were not at their castle. They were up at the tree line, very openly staring at Paula. They didn’t move until we started their way, then they quickly disappeared into the trees, leaving their unfinished castle behind.

I was suspicious, so when we got to where I had seen them standing at the tree line, I looked back. Sure enough I could see plainly where she and I had been screwing just a few minutes before. These guys got to live out an adolescent fantasy - they saw a beautiful nude woman at the beach, and then got to see her have sex.

We had hoped to repeat our adventure in the palm trees the next day, but with the kids in tow, such opportunities are pure good fortune. Now the next day she showed a hint as to where she was going in her sexual liberation. The next island to the south was Paris Island (i.e. the US Marine Corps’ training base), and when we went to the lighthouse we saw quite a few buff Marine bodies. They began to give Paula the hots. She told me she was fantasizing about giving this one certain guy a blowjob as she tanned. I dared her to go tell him. She took me up on the dare and said she would do just that. She got up and headed his way, but as she got close a buxom young thing in a white bikini latched on to him. Paula decided she did not want to be attacked by a jealous girlfriend, so she declined to talk to this hunky Marine.

In July we went to Cape Hatteras National Seashore and had quite a time.

Paula seemed not to care who saw what. No sooner had we arrived than, standing on the road in plain sight of more than twenty people, she took the hem of her crop-top and used it to wipe the sweat from her face. She didn’t wear a bra the whole trip (I don’t think she brought one) so as she lifted her shirt, her very nice breasts were plainly visible to everyone there. The man nearest to her, just across the little road, was near enough that when she pulled her shirt down and saw him smiling at her she said “hi’ and they talked for a few moments.

Once again parenting limited our adventures, but even more so were the nasty yellow-biting flies.

We did go to one beach with little enough traffic as to allow us to play in the surf sans swimsuits. It was our last day and Paula wore a pair of shorts and a black bikini. She began to get warm so she removed her shorts, then her top. Though we had been the first people on the beach, more people began arriving. We didn’t think about the fact she was only wearing her bottoms until a middle-aged couple came by collecting shells. The man kept stopping and staring at Paula, the woman physically had to drag him down the beach and still he kept looking back. It was when he was perhaps a hundred yards down that Paula got mischievous and took off her bottoms.

We could tell he was looking but we knew from that distance that although he could see she had removed her top, we doubted he could see much more than that. There were other groups out around us, but they were all at least that far away. Now fully nude on the public beach, she waded and splashed. This was her first experience with truly public nudity. Of course I shot photos.

She was just beautiful if I must say so myself. This was a notable event. Four years earlier, she didn’t even own a 2 piece bathing suit, now she was on a public beach fully nude. Though at the time I didn’t know it, this was the first of many many times for her to be at beaches and other places in the nude.

After about half an hour, minutes she put back on her bikini and told me it was my turn. So I dropped my shorts and she took photos. When Misty asked why Mom and Dad had taken off her clothes on the beach, Paula answered “We are just being silly”. That answer was plenty for our seven-year-old and she never asked about beach nudity again.

Paula's newfound openness had been a real boon to my photography interest. By the year 2000, she seemed to care little who saw her when she posed for photos. There was a particularly funny incident when we were camping with the kids in the mountains near the Cumberland Gap. I’d asked Paula to pose for me by the river. Well, I shot a number of photos and then she insisted I strip down to pose nude for her as well. So I do. At one point I’d waded across the river to give my very best “he-man” pose. As I was posing for her, something caught the corner of my eye. Upstream were four people on horses just watching. Now I had found it sexy when we were caught shooting naked photos of Paula; but being caught while she took photos of me? It was not that I was naked, but being caught posing like that I felt ridiculous and probably looked so as well.

For my birthday that fall, Paula signed me up for a class in black and white photography at the local community college. I was all excited when after the second class we were told to shoot portraits and bring in the exposed, but unprocessed film. I had a brand new Nikon FM-2 that I'd yet to use to shoot nudes with, and Paula was only too happy to help me with my class. That Saturday we drove up to t

he mountains to a state park that straddles the South Carolina/North Carolina border. We knew the park well since we'd been going there since I was in graduate school.

Soon she was nude. Though I'd assumed she would want to shoot somewhere off the miles of hiking trails, we started among the boulders that lined the river in the "family" part of the park. For one set she was in direct sight of the Ranger station. What was funny, was that at the time I didn't even notice she left on her hiking boots. It wasn't until I looked at the prints I realized she was fully naked, but wearing her boots. At the time I thought it was a mistake, but now I like the images.

After an hour or so, she put back on her clothes, we hiked to another spot along the river. She undressed and we shot a second series of photos as we got further and further from her clothes. She didn't seem to mind at all. The resultant "fine art photos" were better than anything I had shot to that date. Still, many were unusable because there was just too much contrast between the bright sun on the water and the deep shadows on Paula. Though I knew it was part of the learning process, I hated that so many were bad.

Over the course of the class I got many comments about the nudes I was printing in the dark room. One day I was printing from the negatives of the nudes I’d shot of Paula and Dianne two years before, and a male classmate took notice. He wanted to know how I had gotten two women to take their clothes off for me. Now this was in the Deep South before the era when digital photography and the internet had erased much of the taboo of making nude photos, so I was not surprised at his question.

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