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Our Open Marriage Part 3: The Lake

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The Lake We Can’t Forget

(because it left us a permanent reminder)

I took a job with a Christian ministry located outside of Charlotte, NC, in a town dominated by a large Alcoa aluminum plant. The plant had built a lake in which to circulate the water it used as a coolant. As a community service it had built a public park alongside the lake (across from the plant).

Well Paula and I were still young and childless so we had the freedom to come and go as we pleased. One particularly hot North Carolina night we were laying in our bed sweating (we had no A/C) and she rolled over and suggested we drive over to the plant and take a swim. Although I was rather tired I acquiesced. We donned our swimsuits and drove to the lake.

Although it was past 10:00 PM there were six or eight cars in the lot, which formed a little peninsula on the northwest bank of the lake.

Several of the cars were occupied, but most of the occupants were strung along the shoreline, fishing. On both the north and south sides of the peninsula were the designated swimming area. Walking past a few fishermen we waded into the dark water. I say dark, because the water was very dark, but on the surface the water reflected the bright lights from the plant less than 100 yards from where we were wading.

Paula looked great in her new royal blue bikini. We had just bought it a few weeks before. We thought ourselves quite the libertines for just buying it since in our brand of Christianity, bikini's were condemned as being immodest and immoral. So this was the first time she had ever worn a bikini in public. And after we swam for a respectable period of time, I began to harass her. At first I would swim under the water and unhook her top, or pull down her bottoms. She, predictably, hit me and kept covering herself up. When I changed tactics to kissing her I got a better response. I knew what turned her on. Kissing quickly led to groping, which led to pulling down her bottoms, and very soon she had wrapped her legs around my waste and began to bob up-and-down on my penis.

If any of the fishermen had looked our way it would have been obvious we were screwing, but I couldn’t tell if any did. I’m sure no cars could see us because we were not in the place best lit by the plant. After only a few minutes she disappointed me by dismounting, putting back on her bottoms and swimming to shore.

It seems she was tired of swimming and wanted to take a walk. She went to the car and changed from her wet swimsuit to a pair of shorts and tee shirt. The park itself, was a short walk north of the parking lot through the trees to a second larger peninsula with picnic tables grills, etc and beyond it was a second parking lot with a few trees and more picnic tables. We walked around and talked for about half an hour. I tried my best to get her to leave her clothes on the shore and go skinny-dipping, but she refused. Since the kissing technique had worked before I tried again. In a matter of moments the momentum had shifted from me to her. She attacked me. I really don’t remember how exactly it happened but I remember her tossing her shirt off.

Now by this time we were sitting at a concrete picnic table just off the northern parking area. It was not exactly well lit by the parking lot lights, but it was far from dark. There were cars in the parking lot and we'd seen a few couples as we talked. I had no idea who all could see us. For Paula to be topless in such a public place was quite a thrill for me. She didn’t seem to care about anything but making out with me. We kissed more and she pushed her nipple in my mouth to suck. Then surprise of all surprises, without even a hint from me she peeled off her pants and panties, crawled onto the table and commanded me to fuck her. This was simply unbelievable to me. Since we first got married she had wanted sex morning, noon and night, but this was the most wild and demanding I'd ever seen her. Afterward she said it had surprised her too, but it is significant that she had put in her diaphragm before we left the house. Despite her claims to the contrary, she was clearly planning to have sex at the park before we'd left home.

I stripped off my pants, but not my shirt. I mounted her and we began to screw on the picnic table. Well I really don’t remember the other details other than the fact my knees really hurt after we were done. What I do remember clearly was that after I'd climaxed, she was not done. This was long before she learned to reach orgasm from intercourse alone and she was not going to leave that table till she was done. For a good while she lay naked on the picnic table and masturbated to what seemed to be a powerful orgasm.

When we got home we had no trouble going to sleep. A few days later, it was again hot in our little house and I suggested we go swimming again. Of course I was hoping for a repeat performance. Upon arriving at the lake it seemed the exact same cars were in the exact same spots as were the crew of fisherman on the shore. This time we went to the south swimming area, just to the right of the fishermen. Before we had waded more than ten yards, Paula stopped, slipped her bottoms off and tossed them on the shore. There was no way the fishermen missed the hot young woman going into the water bottomless. I suggested she leave her top, but she declined. Quickly I tossed my trunks to the shore and followed her into the water. Like the previous visit we swam and played for a while and then ended up with her legs wrapped around my waist, and my penis impaled in her.

This time we were much nearer the west bank, and hence the road. In fact as I stood there screwing my wife the main road by the plant was not 30 yards from us. We were in the bright lights of the plant’s security perimeter. Paula didn’t seem to care. She did care that she hadn’t put in her diaphragm. I assured her I would not cum. I know I could not get the leverage like this to really bang on her, so I felt sure I would not have an orgasm like this.

My answer satisfied her and we went back to serous kissing. After I while I slipped up the hook on the back of her top. I was actually surprised when she make no move to re-hook it. Since we had arrived two figures had arrived in the shadows on the bank not far from where we had left our swimsuits. I wasn’t sure if Paula had seen them, but I didn’t feel obligated to tell her, especially since her top was sliding off her breasts. And what beautiful breasts they were, they were perfect 36 B’s, as round and pert as on the Venus De Milo. It didn’t take long for me to move my kisses from her mouth to her exposed breast. As I kissed and sucked her nipples she writhed and moaned. Several cars came by and the two figures remained on the shore, clearly watching us. It was too much for me. Despite my best efforts to contain, I came hard. It was one of those wonderful orgasms where I was barely moving in and out of her, but the circumstances were incredibly erotic.

Sexual research has found that during the few days that a woman is fertile she is much more likely to be sexually aggressive. In fact there is evidence that women who initiate an adulterous affair do so most often during that short period of time when she is most fertile. This seems to be a basic biological response to a hundred thousand years of male efforts to limit a woman's choices in genetic material.

So it should not seem amazing to my readers that within a month we knew we were going to have our first child. It’s been a long time and we have lived in several cities, but neither of us will forget the lake by the Alcoa plant.

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