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Our Open Marriage: Part 6

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Paula & Dianne

Paula and I at our home pool. Please take note of my flowers. I worked hard on the garden.

Our home pool was ready for use by the summer of 1997 and by intent I’d put an our home adjoined. As such we had complete privacy from town while affording a great view of the park if we were standing. When we'd put the fence up, I'd planted flowers all around the inside, so it really became quite beautiful.

Our pool quickly became the social gathering spot for the summer as well as the best place to let our two and Dianne's two kids play. When it was just us and the kids, Paula and I took to swimming without swimwear most of the time. To the kids this seemed only natural since Mom & Dad didn't wear swimsuits in the bathtubb.

I was only mildly surprised when Paula told me that she and Dianne both sunned nude while watching the kids during the day. Like our kids, her two boys thought nothing of the mom's going without swimsuits. This became normal when it was just the mom's and kids. On one occasion Paula reported that both Dianne and Tom had come over to skinny dip with the kids while I was at work. I had to admit I was a little jealous, but I understood I was not intentionally left out, it just was I was not able to make it.

Even when they were not out at the pool, more Saturdays than not, the four kids were all together at our house or theirs. Sometimes when the two mothers were at our place, they would ask me to entertain the kids for a while so they could make love upstairs in our bed. Of course as a good husband I agreed.

Not to be left out entirely, I would get the kids busy in the downstairs playroom, then go up to our bedroom and watch for a short while before going back downstairs. Sometimes Paula would have me come over to the bed and suck my cock while Dianne ate her out. Similarl,y I would sometimes fuck Paula from the rear while she ate out Dianne. Paula and I found that we both love to give women pleasure through oral sex. But, nearly all of these times, I would leave the room again within five minutes or so.

One afternoon the kids were outside playing so I had a little more time. Paula was on top of Dianne using the dildo and harness I had bought her. They were having a little trouble keeping it in Dianne’s large vagina. I slipped my hand between the two vulvas and steadied the toy. As Paula pumped her friend hard, the base of the slippery silicone dildo eventually slipped out of the harness. So, I held it in a way that approximated my wife’s movements. When I felt Paula's pelvis pushing down hard, I pushed the dildo in all the way, which actually meant my fingers were inside Dianne. As noted earlier, I was a virgin on my wedding day, so this was the first time my fingers had been in a vaginal canal other than Paula’s. I moved my fingers further inside; it was fascinating how different she felt inside than Paula. All the while I expected Dianne to say something as I explored her insides. She did not. I took her silence as permission to continue on. I found what I was sure was her G-spot and began to rub it. Soon Dianne was writhing in an orgasm. I continued to stimulate Dianne with three fingers all the way inside when Paula rolled off. She looked down and saw my hand and asked what I thought was a rhetorical question, “Are you inside her?”

I slowly removed my fingers and asked, “What do you think made her cum?”

Dianne insisted that she thought that it was Paula stimulating her (which could not possibly be true) but admitted she had a great orgasm. I felt great about that. Clearl,y Paula had not yet thought through the possibilities when I joined them. The two of them talked over the issue of me joining them over the next week and came to a conclusion. A few weeks after I brought Dianne off with my fingers, the three of us were fooling around and Paula pulled down my pants and started giving me a blow job, it was fun to have Dianne there to watch me getting sucked, but I suggested they do me the way they do Dianne's husband. They looked at each other. Dianne asked Paula “do you mind?” She said “No, if you don’t.”

So in short order I had two tongues licking my stiff member. Before too long, Paula got up to check on the kids. Dianne continued sucking me as we lay naked on the bed. When my wife returned she just stood at the door watching her best friend suck my cock. Significantly, she was smiling as she watched. Now I must say, it didn’t feel better than Paula’s blow jobs, but with her style it did look better. Watching her watching Dianne suck my dick was, to me, the sexiest thing we'd ever done. Dianne finished by jacking me off until I came. She later told me that it was a real turn-on for her to just stand at the door and watch.

Although the threesomes were fun, the best part for both of us was the newfound atmosphere of sexual openness in our daily lives. We had since the beginning of our marriage integrated sexuality into our daily life; however this expansion of our sexuality to include our friends was significant. It was only when we could talk about and share our sexuality with our best friends did the prior lack of that freedom suddenly become apparent.

On many occasions at one house or the other (in view of our friends) Paula would just unzip me and suck for a few minutes, then zip me up and go on like nothing happened. Or similarly I would pull her pants down, lean her over something and fuck for a few minutes and then quit. It seemed normal when one day we were at our friends house, while all the kids were outside playing Paula and I hopped in their waterbed and began to make love. When our friends came in the room they were unabashed and without even asking picked up the video camera and began recording.

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