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Our Open Marriage: Part 7

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Our First Trip to a Swing Club

Photo of Paula taken in the winter of 97/98 at Dianne's home

As winter of 1997 progressed into spring, we developed a pattern. Two or three nights a week, once I began my nightly routine of telling the kids bedtime stories or reading to them, Paula would head over to Dianne & Tom’s at night for play time in their bed. They only lived about a ten minute drive from us, so even if the three of them played only for half an hour, it was not inconvenient. In some ways Paula and I look back to that period as a special time. The opening of her sexual horizons had revitalized our sex life and for the first time she was getting sex nearly seven days a week. Something she'd wanted since the first day we were married.

At the same time we got our first internet connection. Yes, I know it's hard for young people to imagine the world before the internet, but we are living proof of that. Even with the interminably slow speeds of dial-up, people were already sharing nude photos. Once I showed Paula a web site that featured nude photos submitted by normal people, she was sure her photos were better and asked me to post some. Though I had thought about doing so, I would not have done so on my own. Thus, it was at her request that I posted some of her nude images to a couple of those early amateur web sites. What web sites? Hmmm? As I re-edit this narrative in 2017 I can't recall where we first posted her nudes, but I do know Paula's photos were posted on Voyeur Web when it was a brand new site.

And to provide images to submit Paula was becoming far more willing to model for me. At the same time I was expanding my skills which meant photo shoots got longer and longer. This led to a little tension as she wanted the ease of snapshots but the quality of crafted images.

Paula and Dianne started looking for someplace to go where they could have some fun as a couple. They asked the clerk at the local lingerie store for advice and were referred to a club called Topside in Indianapolis (about an hour away). That seemed perfect since in the big city, there was little to no chance they would be recognized. They thought they were going to a lesbian dance club, but when they arrived, it turned out to be a swingers club. Though initially they were hesitant and the first sight of a couple having sex in public was unnerving, by the end of the night they relaxed. With the help of a few drinks, they found themselves, completely nude in the "big play room" with a live audience as the two of them made love.

From the same afternoon at Dianne's house. I set the camera up on the tripod and let Dianne operate the shutter while we made love in her living room.

For the next week Paula couldn’t stop talking about the fun she had watching all those people watch Dianne eating her out. There were so many new things that new details kept coming out for days. Hearing her, it was almost impossible to believe. My wife who had never even showed cleavage in public a year before was telling me that she had not only gone completely nude in front of dozens of people, but had multiple orgasms in part because they were watching her.

Of course I wanted to go with her to the club the very next night, but that did not happen. Two weeks later she and Dianne went a second time to the club. She told me that both she and Dianne had stripped naked on the dance floor in front of perhaps forty fully clothed people. Then they had gone to one of the "small playrooms" which had a window to the hallway. She said the two of them initially had sex with the door wide open which drew quite an audience. So many people were crowding the doorway they eventually shut the door but left the curtains open while they had amazing sex. I must admit I was rather jealous. It took a month to work out the child care issues, but in April we went together.

We arrived at the unmarked building that housed the club. Paula was wearing a black pleated mini-skirt and a light blue sweater-blouse. I had asked her to wear her half-bra so in full light I could see the dark circles of her nipples through the sweater's knit fabric. When we entered it seemed like just a club, except in several rooms there were monitors playing porno movies. After putting our things in a locker Paula surprised me when she lifted the front of her skirt revealing she had discreetly slipped out of her panties. Her very cute vulva was framed by the small amount of pubic hair that had escaped her razor and the black garter straps. Oh yea, I was hard right off.

The facility had, in addition to numerous “play rooms”, a dance floor, a dining area, a hot tub room, and a pool table room. We arrived about 10:00 PM and Paula wanted to dance and dance and dance. As I’m not too much of a dancer I got bored. I asked if we could look around. She led me to a small room painted in black with a bench that looked something like a doctor’s examining table. She instructed me to remove my pants. I did so.

She seated herself on the stool between my legs and proceeded to give me a great blowjob.

Did I mention the door was left open?

It was.

Soon the room was crowded with spectators making various comments. A guy standing close enough to touch my leg had pulled out his penis and was stroking it as she made love to my cock. After some time we switched places and I pushed her skirt above her waist and began to eat her. I suggested she remove her top, but she refused. I must admit I loved the audience. The room became packed with couples and I heard people make comments like “Looks good” "Yea, eat her till she cums." A few times I looked up and told the spectators how good she tasted. At one point I was amused when a woman told her boyfriend/husband in a dejected voice “How come no one watched us while we did it?” Being envied for something sexual was totally new to me. It felt good.

After we had been in the room about a half-hour she faked an orgasm for the crowd. I knew all along that there was no way she would be able to cum in that position. I took her action as a sign to move to something different. I stood up and slid my erection into Paula. Using my whole back and legs, I fucked slowly and deliberately. I knew if I let myself go for just a moment I would not be able to keep my climax at bay. At some point I lifted her blouse to expose her breasts to those around and then leaned in and gently sucked each of her nipples. Soon I realized that even sucking her nipples was going to be too much. I couldn’t do that without orgasm so I stood back up and arched my back so the crowd could have an unobstructed view as my penis slid in and out between her little lips. Finally even that was too much. Knowing an orgasm would be inevitable if I didn’t quit, I withdrew.

After eating up all the compliments about our performance, we dressed and we went back to the dance floor. To put it mildly, she was loosened up by then. We took a table immediately adjacent to the dance floor and for a while she sat on my leg allowing me to lift her skirt and rub her pussy, which made her clearly exposed to the dancers. Though it was a turn on for me, the position was too uncomfortable for her to get turned on.

Over the next several hours we danced, played pool, socialized and watched several couples having hot sex. By 2:00 AM we knew if we were going to have sex again before we left, it was now or never. We chose a room right off the dance floor. In fact because we intentionally left the door open we could see people dancing from the bed even as we began to make love. We were determined that we would make love, not just have sex for the other patrons. I whispered to Paula that we should go so long that we would “bore the voyeurs until they leave”. And we did. Not one person was in the room more than half of the time we were making love.

We kissed for a good while before I removed her top and the half-cup bra, and for a good while longer I kissed and rubbed her upper body before I lifted her skirt and pushed two fingers deep into her very well lubricated vagina and one in her ass. I pounded her with those fingers until her whole labium was bright red, and she was groaning in ecstasy. The room had about twelve people in it when I removed my clothes and lay next to her as she masturbated furiously. She was not faking it this time.

For a time she stroked my cock with one hand as she stroked her clit with the other. She asked me to play with myself so she could use both of her hands to masturbate. This was certainly a first for me; I mean how many guys masturbate in a room full of people? Although I was turned on my penis would not seem to stiffen. Paula was not having any such problem and came to a shuddering orgasm.

As she came down from her high Paula knew what was wrong. We slipped into the 69 position, which we both love, and slurped on each other for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Although it was heavenly I was only semi-hard afterward and by the time I was on my back and she straddled me I was too soft to penetrate her. It was going on 3:00 AM and I was having a great time so if I didn’t have an orgasm that was OK with me, but it bothered Paula. As she was riding me I noticed a couple standing against the wall beginning to play with each other. I told them there was plenty of room on the King sized bed and we would be glad to scoot over. Soon we were going to get a sight we will never forget.

The man lay on his back and the woman peeled back his shorts. At first it didn’t dawn on me what I was seeing. This guy had the most enormous penis I have ever seen before or after, and at that time I had yet to have seen very many. It was bigger than any of the dildos Paula uses. It made my penis look like a child’s. I can’t think of the words to describe this cock that was being aggressively sucked just eighteen inches from me. The closest I can come to describe his organ is that it was like a very large zucchini squash. Both Paula and I rested while we (along with everyone else in the room) watched this attractive woman first suck this monster cock than she straddled him and quite amazingly pushed it all the way in her. Where it went I don’t know. As she started to fuck him hard, we had to move to give her legs more room as she spread them wide. Paula knelt between my legs and sucked me reasonably hard and so we went to “doggy” position. I was able to penetrate, but barely, but I pounded her as if I was about to come. With Paula and I bouncing on one side of the bed and our new “friend” bouncing on the other it must have been quite a sight, because the room was packed.

After some time I just couldn't go on any longer and collapsed next to my wife. Together we laid on the bed and watched them fuck inches from us. I was completely nude and Paula laid sprawled wearing only her mini-skirt bunched up at her waist. She was completely unselfconscious that her legs were spread well apart so that her bright red vulva was fully exposed to everyone in the room. At that moment I thought “this is like some X-rated movie.” “It can’t be really happening to me”.

I also thought how sad it was that cameras were completely banned from the club, I would love to have a video of this. The woman screamed and writhed for another ten minutes. She finally lay all the way back on his legs and he rubbed her clit, which faced him. I could see at least five inches of his cock as it unnaturally bent toward his feet to fill her up. Who said size isn’t important? I knew full well that with my six-inch penis, I couldn’t do that. Soon after this she had a loud orgasm. And wanted to keep going but to her disappointment he had also cum.

As the room emptied, we had a nice conversation with this couple without Paula even beginning to get dressed. It seemed surreal, talking about our children and such on that bed as if we were fully clothed at some restaurant. We talked about our family, our jobs and our marriage. It would be years later that I would realized that this type of conversation is just as common at swinger places as it is at a little league game. We made a point to tell them, as Paula began to get dressed, that we couldn’t stay longer because in the morning I was scheduled to preach at a Baptist church in about six hours.

Before you feel sorry for me about not having an orgasm at the club, I'll give you the epilogue.

Paula’s girlfriend had kept the kids while we were gone. When we got to her house after 4:00 AM, Dianne and Tom had to hear all about what had happened at Topside. Well before we'd told the whole story, Paula and Dianne were naked making out on their living room couch: sucking one another's tits and rubbing each other's clits. I mounted up behind Paula while she was going down on her girlfriend. This time I didn't even try to resist cumming.

So I had a great orgasm in the end. Such was our first visit to a swing club.

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