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Our Open Marriage Part 9

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Note: As I read over this chapter to post it here, over twenty years have passed since the events.

In some ways our lives back then were much like now, but we were so much younger. I am so very glad I wrote out these events, otherwise they would be lost in the fog of memory.

No, this photo of Paula and the Professor making love is not part of this chapter, but it was taken at the same time as the events, so it makes a good illustration of our younger selves enjoying our sexuality.

Paula Becomes a Swing Club Regular

After our initial visit to Topside in late Spring of 1997, we most definitely planned to return. It is not that we wanted to be swingers exactly. At that time we had not considered expanding our sexual opportunities beyond that of Dianne and her husband. However the sexually charged atmosphere and the unlimited opportunities to show off appealed to us. Before we moved from Indiana, Paula had become a real club regular. Half the time she would come with me and the other half she went with Dianne. Of course I cannot tell you firsthand what happened when she went with Dianne. What Paula told me was that their favorite ploy was to tease the single guys by kissing and fondling one another, then go to one of the playrooms. The “playrooms” are rather small rooms (much smaller than the Queen Room we used in our first night).

In each playroom, there was a double bed, an end table and one chair and along one wall was a window that opened to the hallway. What Paula said she and Dianne liked to do, was to go into the room with the several male voyeurs they had collected in tow, then to start making love in one of these rooms with the curtain open, collect a crowd of watchers, and then close the curtain. They were so bad. On several occasions they let guys stand in the room to watch and jerk off while they had sex in the bed; however they were clear that the guys were not allowed to touch them.

On to the things I can relate first hand.

As mentioned before Paula had a figure that was about as perfect as one could imagine, and so each time we went to the club she got attention, lots of attention. When we would go to the club She would usually wear mini skirt without panties. Sometimes she would were a sheer shirt with a bra, but the most memorable outfit was when she wore her pleated black mini skirt, her white satin quarter cup bra and a totally sheer top. It was far sexier than if she had been topless, but hid nothing.

At Topside, the dance floor was on the second floor and the staircase was rather steep, so each time we would go upstairs I (and anyone else going up behind her) could clearly she wore nothing under the very short skirt. I loved looking and I had a hard time not reaching up and grabbing her every time we went up. Several times I completely lost control, grabbed her and attacked her visible vulva with my mouth. This was the beauty of the swing club, I stood no risk of being thrown out for putting my face up her skirt right on the stairs. Once I just got her to stop and sit on the steps so I could give her a cunnilingus. One of my fondest memories of the club was her sitting on the stairs, skirt hiked to her waist, as people scooted by us going up and down. Eating her out in that most public manner was a thrill for us both.

Paula’s favorite ploy was a similarly brief oral tease. She enjoyed stopping me in the hall, kissing me for a minute then she'd drop down to give me a thirty second blow job. This would usually be long enough to get a hand full of people to see. One night she was doing just this when the club manager was giving a tour to a group of people who had never been to a swing club. The eyes of the men and women got wide as they came around the corner and there in the hallway was Paula squatting down giving me head like it’s the most normal thing in the world. The club manager, who knew us well, just smiled and kept the tour going. Paula’s target audience was the unescorted guys. She loved showing them what she had, but was not about to give them any of it. To this day, she can be quite the tease.

One night she fulfilled one of my fantasies (and hers). She asked the DJ to put on Madonna’s song Express Yourself for her to dance. I stayed in my seat to watch, which I did fairly often because in her thirties, she could literally dance all night. There were only a handful of people actually dancing at that time so she quickly became the center of attention. That night she had worn a denim mini skirt, button up shirt and a Wonder Bra; but no panties. As the song played she first removed her shirt, then her bra and finally slipped off her skirt. She then danced through the entire next song in the nude. At the end of the song, she took me by the hand and led me down the stairs to the "Video Room". She just left her clothes at our table. The video room was a rather large rectangular room; at one end was the door way, at the other was a big-screen projection TV playing porn. Along both walls were mattresses and big pillows, and at waist level on the right wall was a six foot long one way mirror. The people shooting pool in the game room could see us, but we could not see them.

Paula and I began to make passionate love. A number of people (singles and couples) who had been watching Paula dance had followed us down and sat and stood around the room as I stripped and she began (as she liked doing) giving me a blowjob as I relaxed against a pillow. She really performed for the audience. She licked and kissed and sucked my throbbing penis. I made a point to chitchat with some of the spectators as she did me. Talking to them while Paula gave me head seemed to make the situation all the more kinky and erotic.

A young couple, perhaps in their mid-20’s, that we had never seen before, sat on the mattress directly opposite us and began watching. It seemed to me that they wanted to follow our lead but were timid. So I just boldly suggested that they make love. The woman wanted to know if that was OK with us (kind of a silly question). I assured her it was fine. After Paula had been going a good fifteen minutes on my cock, I couldn’t stand just lying any more. I shifted our position so I could give her oral sex as well. We lay on our sides doing sixty-nine in front of our audience for some time.

Eventually she told me, and the whole room, her mouth was too tired to keep on going on me. She rolled on her back and I began to kiss, suck, tongue and lick her in earnest. Not wanting to disappoint her or our viewers, I went on for a good long time but I could tell she was not going to climax from my work. I knew what she wanted to do, so I cuddled up to her and she began masturbating. It was certainly a sign of how far she'd come sexually in that she was completely at ease, fully nude, masturbating while a room full of people watched. She rubbed her clit hard and fast which rapidly brought on an orgasm. When she had finished she got on all fours and asked me to do her doggie. Not only was the room filled with people watching us and the other couple, there were more voyeurs watching from the doorway. I had no idea how many were behind the mirror. Looking back, we were a good looking couple in our mid 30's putting on quite a show. I can see why we were so popular. I banged my wife as hard and deep as I could. I watched the other couple as the husband was on top of his wife fucking her hard.

I must digress to confess that while I did not find this couple most attractive couple in the world, I thought they were cute and they were clearly having fun. We had been going at it for nearly an hour, and both Paula and I were tiered. We were both covered in sweat and breathing hard. I knew I was at my limit and this was a decade before she learned to reach climax from being fucked. So I focused on the job at hand. At that time in my life, once I reached a certain point in long periods of screwing that my penis numbed and orgasm became difficult. On one had that was great because once I passed that point, I could fuck as long as my endurance will allow without worrying about an unplanned ejaculation. However, it meant after we'd been at it that long I had to focus and work at climaxing. Looking around to the other couple and the spectators helped. Two women had their guy's dicks in hand giving them a hand job. Finally I crested and pushed my dick in as far as it would go and pumped my semen into Paula.

We both collapsed.

Someone had brought Paula's clothes down from the dance floor for us, so she got dressed while I continued to recover. She gave me a kiss and went back upstairs to the dance floor. Later she told me she got quite a few positive comments about our performance once she was out of the room. The sad part was, when Paula left so did nearly all of the spectators. Only two people stayed to watch the young couple on the other mattress who were still fully engaged in their sexual activities. Unfortunately the wife took the crowd's departure to mean she was not attractive enough to watch having sex. This visibly upset her. I really felt bad and didn't actually think that was the case. They quit screwing and the three of us sat and talked. I explained to the young woman that Paula had rather a following at the club since she also comes with her girlfriend to show off. I told the woman that there were both single guys and couples who try to get every glimpse of her having sex that they could. That seemed to help her ego. Shortly thereafter the couple got dressed and left.

The most outrageous thing Paula did in our year or so of regularly going to Topside happened one night after we'd had sex. I say after because I had lost control and climaxed long before she was ready to quit. We were in one of the small playrooms with the door shut, but the curtains wide open. I had cum after only ten minutes of screwing but she was still horny as could be. So she began to masturbate. I sat up and watched as she lay on the bed completely naked and uncovered. As I mentioned earlier, she was by this time completely comfortable to be nude and having perfect strangers watch her play with herself. Even still I marveled at watching her do it. After a while she began making eye contact with the people in the window as part of her self-stimulation. She had her first orgasm and began to work on a second. I wasn’t sure what she was fantasizing about so I joked “Do you want me to let them in so you can watch the guys play with themselves?”

I was most surprised when she answered “Sure.”

I got out of bed and opened the door. The hallway was packed with voyeurs (mostly men, but several women). When I opened the door of course I was still naked, and said that my wife would be glad to have any of them come in and play with themselves while they watch her. "But no touching."

I came back in the room followed by seven men and two women. I climbed to the far side of the bed, leaving Paula essentially alone in the center. She did not slow her rhythm as she watched the men surround her bed, open their pants and began to jack off. Now I was the voyeur. I just took in a sight I’m sure I’ll never see again. Two sides of the bed were lined with exposed cocks as Paula lay within inches of them, masturbating, looking at one after another. She even made some small talk with some of them as she climbed to her second climax. She then closed her eyes and climbed the final assent to orgasm. The guys didn’t miss anything and as her hand sped up so did theirs’. She made a vocal orgasm and about half of the guys shot their load before she stopped moving and opened her eyes. I was surprised that none of their cum landed on her, but it’s good none did because I’m afraid that would have ruined the experience for her. She continued to amaze me by not making any attempt to cover up. Though she was only lightly touching herself she, for a good quarter hour, talked to the guys. The men who had not yet climaxed continued to masturbate and one by one the rest of them ejaculated on to the side or foot of the bed. I could see that the bed was ringed on two sides by semen. Once everyone was done masturbating, more than half the guys left, we just relaxed and chatted with the two couples who remained in the room with us. The two wives were quite interested interested in how she could be so comfortable masturbating in front of a group of people like that.

Paula, who has never been terribly introspective did not have any answer other than it had been fun and easy.

We had several more fun times, but these were the best. On our last night before we moved back to South Carolina, we just missed a real adventure. Two very attractive young college age girls, whom Paula had gotten to know over the past year, stopped us as we were getting ready to leave. They asked us to stay longer. We told them we had a babysitter that we had to relieve. They asked if we could stay for a couple more songs. We agreed. On the second song they began to strip, for their friends (and us). I must admit they were very beautiful, and I seriously doubted they really met the twenty-one year old age minimum. They begged us to stay as they were about to go have a party in the big play room. We really wanted to join in their fun, but we really had to go.

We found out later that we just missed quite a “party” (to be interpreted orgy). It was very flattering they wanted us to be part. Maybe that was better than actually being there…..Yea right! It was one of those times where we could have moved from a closed polyamory situation to a fully open marriage several years earlier than we actually did; but it was not to be, at least not yet.

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