Pat & Twyla: A Story of First Love (part 2)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It was the two month anniversary of their first French kiss on the Friday night before Spring Break. Ms. Fletcher had invited Pat to go to a movie with them with her best homemade dinner afterward. Over the past few weeks he had begun to truly appreciate how closely bonded were Twyla and her mother. Pat was more than a little surprised Twyla’s mom was taking them to see Animal House. It had opened to quite some controversy the week before due to the amount of nudity and sex. He had never been to an “R” rated movie and this was long before home video and cable TV brought “R” rated movies into the home. Once again Twyla’s mom was treating him more like an adult than his parents did.

After the show, he thanked her and observed it was his first “R” rated movie. That clearly surprised her. “Twyla had said that your parents were quite liberated. She’s just told me bits and pieces, but I just assumed the movie would be OK” she said.

“Oh” He said “My parents didn’t miss the sexual revolution. I guess I just made a few references to Twyla, because I didn’t want to offend you all”

Jill Fletcher laughed as did her daughter “Offend us? I really doubt you could say anything that would offend us. You see Twyla has seen everything. And I mean everything there is to see. So, what kind of things do your folks do that you thought would offend us?”

This line of discussion put him on the spot. Should he tone it down so as not to shock them, or should he tell them everything? Or perhaps he should tell then not only what he’d seen but also what he surmised was going behind closed doors and really knock their socks off? Which one would get him the most brownie points with her mother?

He decided to go with telling the whole story about how liberal his parents were so as to make himself look more conservative, but stick to what he knows to be factual. “Well…. For the last few years my parents go to a nude resort in Jamaica once a year. Then they have a big party to show their friends the slides. Most of the slides are of my mom naked.”

“Well, that’s something I’ve never done. I’ve been to more than one skinny dipping party, but never to a public nude beach” Momma Jill said. “Not that I wouldn’t jump at the chance but I’ve never had that kinda money. Do you know it was a nudist resort, or a place where couples go to meet other couples? Either way is great.”

Her response surprised him. He’d told that to some other adults and they thought it was just terrible for his parents to live that way. Twyla’s mom evidently thought it was admirable?

“I don’t know if they go to some sort of swinger’s resort, but I’m pretty sure my parents and their friends have sex stuff together. Since I was like twelve they meet in one of the houses of their neighbor friends two Saturday afternoons a month and shoo the kids out and lock the door for two or three hours. Once a couple of years ago, one of the other kids and I needed my mom for something during one of their so called adult times. Turns out they’d not really locked the front door and we surprised them at my parent’s best friend’s house across the street. The house has an entry hallway that we hollered from, and when we made it to the living room we found all the furniture pushed back to make for a big opening in the middle of the room. The adults were just covering up with the big throw pillows and blankets. There were lots of Playboy’s and Penthouse’s open on the floor. Now I didn’t see any really good stuff, but right off I saw my mom’s best friend, Mrs. Marsh, and the man from up the street, Mr. Price, were sitting really close together and they were both naked. I could tell because even though they both held one of the pillows in front of them, I could see their whole side, from head to toe. They were definitely naked and doing something together right in front of all the others. I was so surprised I just stared at the side of Mrs. Marsh’s boob and butt. As they began to yell at me, like half of Mrs. Marsh’s boob fell out. But before they chased me out I saw all the adults’ clothes, including underwear, pushed against one wall. I looked back on the way out and sure enough, I could see enough gaps in the pillows to know for sure more of them were also nude. I’m sure if we hadn’t been so noisy we would have seen a lot more. Mrs. Marsh is a little older than you but she is really stacked. I keep kicking myself for not being quieter. I’m sure I would have seen Mr. Price screwing Mrs. Marsh.”

He covered his face, “I can’t believe I said that!”

Twyla’s mom said “There is nothing wrong with wanting to see what adults do with each other. And you are right, I’m sure you would have seen just that. Most likely they were taking turns having sex in front of the others.” Then she looked at her daughter and Twyla nodded, but Pat didn’t think anything of it. Well not until later. “Now go on, what else have you seen that makes you think they are swingers?”

“Well, before I started driving, I would baby sit for one of the couples with little kids. One time I was called over at the last minute after they had been having a birthday party for the mother of the kids I sat for. So, I get there and everyone, but the couple who lived there, had left for wherever the group was going. I think they were going to a stripper bar. The parents I was sitting for rushed out as soon as I got in the house leaving me to look around at the stuff left from the party. So I find all this sex stuff they’d left behind, packs of rubbers, a wind-up toy that had a man and woman having sex, a book with pictures of people actually having sex not even like Penthouse, but showing…well everything. Let see, there was also a fake penis and what I think was a vibrator, but it didn’t look like my mom’s….”

Ms. Fletcher interrupted “And how do you know what your mother’s vibrator looks like?”

All he could do now was to go forward, though he wished he could take his words back. “Well my mom’s doesn’t look like a penis, if that’s what you’re asking. I think it was originally made to be a massager, but it has special caps for it. Truth is I don’t’ know really how she uses it, and I only know what it is for from a booklet I found. But, it always sits on that end table. I’d seen it there for years before I realized what it was.” He was hoping she wouldn’t ask were he’d found the booklet, as he had “found” it by digging in his mom’s end table drawer.

He was saved from more questions by the fact the car had arrived at the their house.

Momma Jill had made lasagna earlier and she’d left if warm in the oven while they were gone to the movies.

The conversation was more conventional through most of dinner, much to Pat’s relief. But just as he ate the last bite she came back to ask “So why the big deal about the “R” rated movie? It’s not like it was Debbie Does Dallas.” In the Dallas area where they lived, the movie had been quite a sensation especially when the Dallas Cowboys had sued over the fact the star had not only worn an authentic Cowboy’s Cheerleader uniform, but had been filmed having sex in it.

“Oh, they had a Debbie Does Dallas party and my parents and all their friends went to see it together. They didn’t try to hide it. That was just the way I grew up” he said.

“That’s what I don’t get. Why haven’t you been to an “R” rated movie? “

“No particular reason. I know my mom doesn’t like blood and guts stuff” Pat answered. “My brother went with my parents to go see Saturday Night Fever last year when he was still in high school, but I had to take my little sister to see the Apple Dumpling gang because someone had to sit with her. Like I said, my mom has a real issue with violence. I guess that’s the real reason. Most “R” movies are really violent.”

“I guess that makes sense” Twyla’s mother responded. “Did you get to go to the parties where they showed the slides from the trips to the nude beaches?”

“No. And I never have thought that was fair. They even let my brother go last year since he was about to go to college.”

“I agree, if they were going to be like that, why not let you see the slides? I have never had a double standard like that with Twyla. Still, it sounds like you and Twyla have a lot in common in how you were raised, except, Twyla has seen everything. I never locked her out of the house when my friends were over.”

Pat thought he got her general meaning, but what he thought she meant was certainly impossible. So it was his turn to follow up “What do you mean, she’s seen everything?”

“OK” Jill said “You’ve told us a lot about your family and I think in many way’s I’m a lot like your parents. But like I said, the real difference is you know what is going on but they keep you from actually seeing it. I never did that. If it’s OK with Twyla, I’ll tell you the whole story about us.” She looked over to her daughter and Twyla’s nod yes seemed almost eager to Pat. “But first let me get these dishes off the table so we can have the cheese cake I bought today at the Swiss Bakery down on Division Street.

Once the cheese cake was served, Twyla’s mom took a deep breath and began “I’ll say up front, I probably went overboard on my insistence that I raise Twyla to think sex was just as normal for adults as going to work or driving a car. If I had to do it over again, I’d not be quite so flagrant, but…..but I still wouldn’t keep her from ever seeing anything like your parents did. Perhaps somewhere in between the two: open but a little more discrete. “

“You see, when Twyla’s dad left in 1967, I was nineteen and she was three. My friends were still single and having a great time and I felt left behind. Such is the price of getting knocked up when you are fifteen. It was good that my business was taking off so we had enough money, But since I worked from here, I had to keep an eye on Twyla while I worked. To get out of the house I convinced my mom to watch Twyla in the evenings three nights a week so I could take courses, mostly in business at TCJC (Tarrant County Junior College). I knew then I eventually wanted to own my own solon. It was at TCJC, I found a whole new world. Everyone was doing grass and later acid, and girls who had sex with a bunch of different guys weren’t seen as trampy, but mod and with-it. The only problem was that after class I had to pick up Twyla and come home. I could only get my mom to watch her for those three evenings a month and that wasn’t enough to have a social life. The solution was that I started to invite people from school to come here after class. I soon found a group of friends who lived this direction and so from that first semester I had people over a couple of nights a week. Though I had just turned twenty I was the oldest in the group of six girls who made up our clique”

Pat listened intently as he continued to eat. The cheesecake was good.

Jill continued “That was all well and good, except … when I wanted to have sex there was only one place I could do that: here. I was not bad looking and eager to be part of the hip world of my friends. By spring this house kind of became the swinging bachelorette pad for a whole group of us. It was ’68 and we were not going to be left behind. We were committed to both women’s liberation and the sexual revolution.” She paused “And yes, I’ll admit it, we were also expanding our minds with grass and LSD. Though let me say here and now I no longer do that stuff.”

She looked at Twyla. Her daughter said “Yes I know.”

“I guess I need to take a side track and say this house gets really hot in the summer. In July and August it becomes an oven even with the window unit and we didn’t even have that at first. I think actually I started on the path I took when I was your age, though I didn’t realize it at the time. It was a few weeks before Twyla was born. It had gotten hot early that year and I was miserable. One day I just took off all my clothes. I pretty much stayed that way for two weeks until we went to the hospital. Not surprisingly, her dad liked seeing me naked all the time. Without planning to, after I got home with Twyla, naked continued to be the order of the day until the heat broke in the fall. The next spring her father and I wore less and less until by the time it got real hot, we were going naked again. Little Twyla in her diaper was most often the only one with a stitch of clothes on. Besides the fact it was more comfortable in the heat, we found going naked made it easy to have spontaneous sex whenever we felt like it. And believe me we felt like it a lot. Her dad might have been a shiftless no account, but damn was he a great fuck. With that in mind, realize what happened after he left wasn’t too much of a jump “

Pat’s eyes evidently went big, not just from hearing her use the word fuck and telling him about her sex life, he also imagined for a moment Twyla’s mom naked in the house. She picked up on his response “Yea, we just hung out naked as the day we were born. If he got a hard-on, I’d just mount right up or he would bend me over. I rode him more than a few times while holding Twyla, rocking her to sleep as I rocked his world. Shoot me, I like being naked and I like to screw.”

She flashed her pretty smile, “I didn’t think that would shock you, considering your family.” He missed entirely how she had used the present tense about her love of nudity.

“No” he stammered “It wasn’t shock it was just…..” he paused not knowing what to say. What he meant was that he momentarily imagined that he arrived at the house and found Twyla’s mom at the door naked.

She smiled again “I know what you mean, and it’s OK.”

Then she went back to her narrative “So, when I started at TCJC it only took a week to have a guy from class over. He was really nice. That day I did my first doobie. I’d never had grass before. So it’s not surprising that we started making out on the couch, just like you two do. Being older and more experienced, we shed our clothes in minutes and began to get it on. It was all very groovy, it had been like five months since I’d had sex and I was really into it. I didn’t even think about Twyla playing in her room until she came out for a drink of water. See, when she came down that hallway…” she pointed to the short hall that held the doors to the bathroom and the two bedrooms “I was on top of him riding him like wild while taking a long drags on a joint. Little Twyla just walked to within a foot of this guy’s head and asked for a drink. So what was I to do? If I freaked out she would have really remember that event and I would have made it look like her mom was doing something wrong. So, I just unmounted him, and walked her into the kitchen leaving the guy’s dick pointing straight up like a flag pole. Since she’d been around her dad and me fucking day in and day out all her life, it was nothing of note to little Twyla. As it was, I doubt she even remembers that day. She looked over to Twyla “Do you?”

Twyla, who had been almost silent all through her mother’s narrative, took this opportunity to talk. “No, not at all...” she paused then went on “but, she is right, it was just so normal: us naked, her friends naked, and all of them playing tickling games. That’s what we called sex for a long time, tickling. I don’t really remember anything like a beginning of all that, it just always was. Now, I do remember when I was about five, hiding around that corner and watching her make crazy faces while she balled. It wasn’t till I was about seven that I realized there was more to it than just tickling. I could see that the boys had that thing between their legs that I don’t have, and the games seemed to be all about that when it was standing up. Once I realized there was more to see, I started making a point to sit here at the table and do stuff when she and her friends were all messing around. But sometimes if there was room I’d just sit on the couch. When I was really close to what was happening I could see really well what they were doing. But don’t think that is all they did. Most of the time they were all just sitting around talking and stuff, but even then I’d often stay out here. I was sort of the group’s mascot.”

Jill put in “Yeah, hardly an evening went by for several years when at least one or two of the girls from my group were not here. At first if one of them brought a guy with her she’d take them to my bedroom to get it on. But one day that first fall Barbara had brought some guy, I don’t recall who, and she just undid his pants and went down on him right in front of the rest of us. Eleanor and I thought that was groovy and very liberated. From then on, if one of the girls brought a guy with her, odds were good that he’d get balled right on the couch or rug while we all watched. And if he seemed to be a good lay, he’d get one girl after another. A few lucky guys with great stamina got to pork all six of us one after another. I have no doubt that of all the dicks I have put in me, the vast majority were guys who were here with one of the other girls and I just got a little ride on the side as it were.”

Twyla picked back up. “And yes, sometimes I was right in the living room with them while they did it. I didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t till I was about eleven and started pubety did it dawn on me that when Mom and the girls had their shirts off around guys that it meant anything special. I guess it was about the same time I grasped what it meant when the guys got boners. Yes, like I said, I’d known they got hard years before and even knew that it needed to be hard to screw; but I just didn’t get it, if you know what I mean. I know I must sound really dim, but until then I didn’t have a clue about the idea of getting turned on and stuff.”

Pat could not begin to process what she was saying as much as he tried.

Her mother cut in “She is right. There was not sex in the living room every night; but often enough that it was not unusual. For a decade this was the bachelorette pad for an ever changing group of TCJC students. Even after I earned my associates degree and was no longer a student, this was a place young women from the college could come and feel at home. Primarily it was the home base for those original six; but for a whole lot more girls it was a safe place to talk freely, to get advice from those of us further down the road of life, and yes, to bring a guy for casual sex. I was more than happy to help my liberated younger sisters even if sometimes having company night after night could be tiresome. I won’t pretend having sex surrounded by my friends wasn’t great. It was, though the scene here was way more than that. The sex helped to create an open minded atmosphere so we felt free. While most of us might be in a serious discussion on things like woman’s lib or the war in Vietnam, a couple might be laying right in the middle of the room making love. To us that was how the world could be, or should be. And the fact that little Twyla was at the kitchen table or even sitting in my lap just proved to us all that this was an ideal way to live.

“At the beginning, even though I had a kid, I was only a few years older than my classmates who were just out of high school. By the time I called it quits, I really did feel like the mother figure. I actually had become the hippy mom to a group of ever changing teenagers, most first came here when they were eighteen, some a year older or younger, but that was who I attracted. That is why they called me Momma Jill. From late 1968 till late of 1976 I had someone sleeping on the couch or floor at least two or three nights a week. I eventually bought that sofa with a pull out bed. Sometimes I took in a girl for weeks at a time till she found something more permanent. The youngest one, Cindy, more or less moved in when she was a fifteen year old running from her mom’s abusive husband. She stayed here for three or four months. Looking back I should have seen it a problem that in all that time there wasn’t a guy and not many girls who came over that she didn’t go down on. She had a real thing for oral sex. Now that my daughter is now virtually her age, I see I should have done differently. Especially since, from the very first night, I let her sleep with me in my bed. Other than that I think we did right by her. Now she is in her twenties and studying nursing at Baylor. She still comes by when she is in town. If you ask if we make love when she stays over I will not answer.”

[Author’s note: Until the 1990’s in Texas, and in many parts of the country, the courts had established that if a young girl was sexually active already, it was perfectly legal for men to have sex with her. As late at 1994 the Texas Supreme Court ruled that adult men could have sex with girls as young as fourteen if the girl was “promiscuous.” Even more strange to modern readers is that many courts explicitly required penetration to qualify as sex. Thus, unless the adult woman put something into the young teenage girl, there was no sex so no statutory rape. Homosexuality was illegal at the time regardless of the age or of consent of the partners. But again sex was penetration so unless a dildo was involved, Sapphic love making was not legally sex at all, so it was not illegal. Our constructs or was is and is not appropriate sexual behavior as what age is based on “community standards” not any sort of objective science. Oddly even with all the talk about protecting kids, there is no effort to create an empirically based rule on age of consent]

Twyla put in “She does. Actually it was with Mom and Cindy that I realized that all sex wasn’t between men and women. That confused me. I was about six and I finally figured out while the grownups kissed and touched each other when they played; it was all about sticking the guy’s hard-on into the girl’s pussy. But Cindy didn’t have a penis at all, yet I saw her and Mom making love as if she did. Fortunately I have a mother who was all too happy to explain it to me, even if it would be four or five years before that explanation made sense.”

Even Pat had to laugh at that.

“But mom is right. Sex was just a little part of that whole scene. Mostly they just sat around rapping about boring grown up stuff. Even when I was little I realized that lots of people came over mostly to talk to mom. I really didn’t think too much about the ones who were naked on the floor. But she did have one firm rule: nobody but me and her were allowed in my room. If I didn’t want to be around her friends I could just go to my room and shut the door. But I liked her friends and they all liked me. It was almost like a mini-commune right here in Arlington.”

Her mother laughed, “I don’t think it was that bad. About five years ago when Twyla was spending time in Houston with her father’s parents, a group of us went to Austin to visit a real hippy commune. It was the only time I’ve walked around out in a community in the nude. The farm commune wasn’t a nudist place, but we were told we could dress any way we wanted, including wearing nothing at all. Most of the two days we were there Barbara & I chose to wear nothing while Eleanor & Jo Lynn went topless. But I really wasn’t even tempted to join the group. I couldn’t live that way. Here I am in total control and we rarely had more than five or six people here at a time. There just isn’t room for more to be comfortable. And yes, a lot of them came over here just to talk, but girls also brought guys over so they could screw. I think I mentioned that a good many of the girls who came over lived with their parents. For them having sex at home was not an option. That part however was not seen as any big deal. We’d all just be sitting around rapping even if one of the girls was doing sixty-nine with her guy right in the middle of the rug. If no one was here and it was just me and a guy we usually did it in my bedroom. A few guys insisted I shut the door, but not many. But again I didn’t think it an issue that Twyla could see into my room.”

“When she was a baby, I’d put my bed so that I could see across the hall to her crib. It was where her makeup vanity is now, but in all these years I’ve never moved my bed. So even now looking in the vanity mirror she can see over half my bed. To see the rest all she has to do is turn around. The truth is that back when she was younger I never thought the first thing about my bed being directly in line with the two doors. After all there was nothing going on in my bed that didn’t happen three or four times a week in the living room. But that is the way it was here the whole time she was a little girl. Nearly every night there were people in the living room lounging around talking, toking and often stroking. Before she could ride a bicycle without training wheels my little girl had literally seen everything that two people can do together.”

Pat was rapidly getting to the point of information overload. It would take him a week to decompress all of what they had already said, but it went on.

Twyla nodded, “Just two people? I’ve seen plenty of threesomes, foursomes and group gropes too.”

Her mom shot back. “Don’t overstate things. There have been very few real orgies over the entire nine years. I only put on two real parties here each year: one for the winter solstice and one for the summer solstice. To be honest they were really just parties for the end of fall and spring semester, but calling them Druidic celebrations sounded way better. And even then we never invited more than twenty-five people, though we almost always had party crashers. Even at those events I doubt there were ever more than seven or eight people actually doing it in the living room at once. We just don’t have the room for more. You know full well that most of the time more than half the people were out on the patio. I would dare say that 90% of the time there was any sex out here there were only two people getting it on while the others talked pretty much as if they didn’t even notice it. Right?”

“That is true. Just like she said, from what I remember it was unusual for more than one couple at a time to get it on. Though I’ve seen a second and even a third couple take to the rug after the first pair are done. And a lot of times…” she looked at Pat “a whole lot of times, after a couple finished Mom would take a turn with the guy too.”

Defensively her mother said “I wasn’t the only one who did that. I know full well lots of guys came prepared to do it with more than one of us. And not all the guys could get it up again no matter how I tried.”

There was a pause. It appeared that the discussion was over. Then Twyla went on “I really do think I had a great childhood. I was very lucky. But one night at the end of 7th grade a skuzzy guy ruined it all. No, that’s not right; he just changed it, because he did not really ruin anything. But he did make me grow up faster than perhaps I wanted. He was skinny and icky and from the first minute he was here I didn’t like the way he looked at me. By then I’d been developing for a while, and already had noticeable boobs. Right off he tells mom what great tits her daughter has. If I’d heard that I would have stayed in my room all night. But she’d planned on telling me after he left, so I didn’t get the warning.”

“I suppose it was fortunate that it was still spring. When mom brought him home that night at least I was fully dressed. The prior summer I didn’t think twice about spending day after day with nothing on at all, no matter who was here. Of course I knew my body was already changing from being a girl to becoming a woman, yet no one all summer ever made me uncomfortable. Like I said right off I thought something was wrong with him so I went to my room. Getting ready for bed, I changed into what I normally slept in, a little pink nightgown that I’d gotten for Christmas when I was about ten. Even then I knew it no longer fit right. It was made for a little girl not someone with even the size boobs I had back then. It was very thin pale pink satin that had gotten thinner from use. It wasn’t made to be see through but by then it was the next closest thing. Light could pretty well shine right through it. Given how thin it was and that I had outgrown it, it showed off my girl parts pretty good. I just knew that looking in the mirror I thought it made me look pretty and all girls like feeling pretty. Several of Mom’s girl friends also said I looked good in it, but until that night I had not thought that showing off my new figure was a bad thing.”

“From the kitchen table where I was doing home work, I could hear Mom and the guy going at it in her room. Sex was the point of bringing guys home so I hardly noticed the sounds. I ran into a math problem and went to ask her about it. All the lights in her room were on as they always where when she has sex. You remember how her far wall is covered in mirrored tiles? She had them installed years ago because she likes to watch herself have sex as much as she likes to watch other people do it.”

He had seen the mirrored wall, but it had not even occurred to him that it had anything to do with sex. His mother had once said people put mirrors in rooms to make it look