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Pat & Twyla: A Story of First Love (part 4)

Note: I apologize that this last section is a bit long, but there was no logical break point.

Now time for your presents, my almost grown daughter.”

Once Pat had joined them at the table, Twyla opened the present from her mother. It contained two pairs of short-shorts and two halter tops.

“I know you can’t wear any of this to school, but I figured you would want them for summer.”

The small box from her boyfriend had a gold chain with a heart shaped pendant. She was very excited and put it on.

By the time they’d finished their ice cream, the late afternoon was getting down right hot. Twyla’s mom said “You two go on in and relax in the living room. I’ll clean-up”. Twyla eagerly grabbed Pat’s hand and they started to the back door.

“And young lady,” her mom followed up in a firm tone “pants stay on.” When her daughter did not reply immediately she added “OK?”

“OK, our pants will stay on” Twyla replied. Her voice was not sour, but the tone indicated disappointment.

To take out the sting, before the young couple had gone two more steps she hedged her order by adding “For now.”

Twyla echoed “For now.”

Though his girlfriend had heard her mother setting a limit on them, what Pat heard was that Twyla’s top would soon be off. His dick stiffened.

The living room was much cooler than the outside, but warmer than it had been when he arrived. Twyla pulled the curtains to block the hot late afternoon sun, and grabbed a pair of large throw pillows from beside the TV. Tossing them on the floor she plopped down dragging Pat to sit facing her.

They sat cross legged and looked at each other. Pat had to work to not look down between her legs. He knew full well what he would see. Other than that, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Without a word she pulled the tube top over her head and tossed it on the couch. “Take off your shirt too” she said softly. He complied. She reached out and rubbed his hairless chest. The truth was he was skinny and had not the first bit of chest hair. It could have been worse he thought, his older brother had zits on his chest and back.

He reached out and cupped her breasts. In his peripheral vision he saw a shadow in the direction of the kitchen. Twyla’s mom was there. He resisted looking. They sat quietly looking and gently touching for a long time. He was content. “I love you” came from her lips before she leaned forward and placed them on his. The gentle first kiss rapidly became inflamed wanton and lustful.

Somehow Pat found himself lying on the thick rug with her. He knew he didn’t initiate that, but he didn’t remember her doing it either. Each were clad only in their shorts, they held their nearly naked bodies in a tight embrace. The endorphins flowed and Pat was filled with a sense of happy contentment which, at least initially, subsumed even the testosterone fueled desire for sexual release. The kissing ebbed and flowed, but the pleasure remained constant. Inadvertently they began to explore the ways two bodies could be joined as they lay on the Persian rug. Their hands explored nearly every part of one another’s bodies. Pat relished both touching and being touched. His fingers caressed not just her breasts, but arms, thighs, back and face. She did the same.

Holding tightly gave way to backing off so that they could once again look at one another’s bodies. Fingers gave way to lips as he kissed her neck, arms, breasts, sides back, breasts, stomach, breasts, legs, breasts and even her denim clad buttocks.

Following his lead, she explored his body too. He was wearing athletic type shorts, so there was no fly to open as she had the last time. However, the fabric of these shorts was far thinner than denim. When her lips closed on the covered shape of his full penis, he could not help but jump a little. It was almost like her lips were on him and he began to think he might blow. Before he did though, she slid up his body and whispered “Soon, I’ll do that without your shorts on. I’ve seen Mom do it a hundred times and like she told you, I really, really want to do it to you.”

Laying mostly on top of him, she gripped his thigh between hers and began kissing him hard. It took a while but he realized she was grinding her crotch on his leg. It was sexy, but didn’t feel great, in fact as she became more insistent, it began to be painful. Her breathing became hard and heavy and finally she stopped kissing him altogether. Her head looked up, but her eyes were closed as the rubbing on his thigh became frantic. She sucked in a lung full of air and began to shake. She grimaced as if in pain and let out a low groan. Her rubbing suddenly ceased. Pat wasn’t sure what was going on. Then she collapsed on his chest, breathing as if she’d just run a mile.

Behind him, at the entrance to the kitchen, he heard Ms. Fletcher give four slow claps and softly and calmly say “Congratulations. You’re now a woman.”

Twyla’s breathing slowly calmed. She kissed his neck. With some labor, she said “That was wonderful”. Pat assumed she was talking to him but her mom’s voice, once again calm, but not as softly said, “That’s as far as two people can go without needing birth control.”

Without moving from Pat’s chest Twyla said “But I’ve been on the pill since February”

“I know” was her mother’s response before her footsteps went back into the kitchen.

Twyla kissed Pat softly and slid off him. “I love you so much. You don’t push me or ask me for anything. You just let me enjoy.”

Though sure he’d sound stupid, he still asked “What was all that about?”.

Readers of this story must understand that in the late 70’s, young guys like Pat did not have video porn as a reference, nor video tapes of commercial movies that showed even simulated sexual climax. When the movie “When Harry Met Sally” came out in 1989 it created a sensation because of Meg Ryan’s simulated orgasm in the deli. That was the first time a main stream movie showed what a woman’s climax looked like. Today teens see it on the net, movies and even television, but poor Pat did not know what he had witnessed.

Twyla looked him in the eye and said, “I came. I climaxed. You gave me my first orgasm with a guy and I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life.” Then she kissed him again. “And now it’s your turn.” And she reached down with both hands and pulled at his waist band.

Pat was still a bit in a daze objected “I thought your mom said to leave our pants on.”

“Oh, I can do this just fine without taking them off.” She smiled, I guess I know a lot more about this stuff than I should.” The shorts slid easily down far enough to expose his briefs. “but, just now I’m glad I know what to do.” One soft cool hand slipped inside the fly of his jockey’s, when it contacted his engorged penis, his entire body stiffened. With surprising deftness considering her utter lack of hands on experience, she gripped the shaft and guided it out of the opening. She just looked at it and looked at him. Then she looked over to her right, Pat followed her gaze to see her mother watching. Then her mother nodded as if to give her permission and Twyla moved her body close to his, keeping a grip on his shaft. Laying side by side, they began to kiss and she slowly stroked his oh so sensitive penis.”

So many sensations hit him at once he was simply overwhelmed. It was HER hand on his dick! Hers! The pent up sexual desire flowed out, literally. He ejaculated in less than a minute. He ejaculated like never before with ribbons of white goo splattering on his girlfriend’s stomach and breasts. He didn’t think the climax would ever end. He didn’t know he had so much spunk inside him. Twyla didn’t flinch back from the splatter that covered her torso. Rather she continued to massage the spasming shaft. Only when he was fully done, did she role over on top of him. She lay fully on him and they continued to kiss with his semen acting as a lubricant between their bodies as it worked in to the skin on their bare torsos.

Eventually she propped herself on her elbows, “So, now we’re even, one each” she said with a smile of both contentment and pride.

“How did you know how….?” He couldn’t find the next word.

“Have you not heard anything? I’ve seen mom and her girl friends do everything two people can do, over and over again since I was in kindergarten. I’ve seen her bring guys off with her hands, her mouth, her pussy, her tits and even in her ass. I may never have done any of it myself, but I know how it’s done. Trust me.”

He smiled and pecked her on the lips “you certainly do”

That same voice from the kitchen said “I hope you two are done for now, it’s time to get cleaned up. You’ve been at it for nearly two hours and our dinner reservations are for 6:30.”

To himself Pat said “Two hours?” It didn’t seem like ten minutes.

From her stomach to her clavicle she shown with wet semen. Looking down she said “Yea, I guess we do need to get cleaned up.”

He helped her up and pulled up his shorts. Together they went into the kitchen. Twyla’s mom leaned against the stove and took in the sight. Pat watched her eyes go from her daughter’s semen covered chest to Pat’s. For years after, Pat would recall that moment: Ms. Fletcher’s look. Her madras halter top, now only partially tied, gaping so wide as to fully show half her tits, open enough that her nipples were almost in sight. Twyla glistening with sweat, topless and unashamed with his jizz all over her. She exchanged looks of pride with her mother. He could tell she was proud of herself, and that her mother was equally proud of her. He knew he was the cause of it all. He knew even then that this was a high point in his life.

Twyla’s mom wet a dish towel and handed it to her. Glancing at the wet spot on his shorts she said “I do hope you brought different pants for tonight.”

He had. On the phone the night before Twyla had told him to bring clothes to dress up for dinner at a nice Ft. Worth steak house as part of her birthday celebration. So, he went out to his car and retrieved his clothes. When he returned, the females were in their respective rooms and so he stripped down in the living room. He hadn’t brought fresh underwear and the pair he wore were gooed up, so he went without.

He seemed to have to wait forever on Twyla and her mom. When Ms. Fletcher emerged from her room, she was stunning. He had never seen her dressed up. She wore a short black wool skirt and a burgundy silk top that flowed over her breast like water. The light fabric shaped them perfectly. The cliché of being painted on certainly fit how the blouse revealed the details of the tops of her breasts, including her pert nipples. He must have been staring because he was brought up short by “Save that look for my daughter”, followed by a hug and “but, the compliment is appreciated. Perhaps some young doctor will get the same idea while we are out.”

When Twyla emerged from her room, she wore a blue, flowery sun dress that was far shorter than anything she wore to church. Her hair was back in its’ normal feathered form and she was beautiful.

“There was a day when I wouldn’t even have considered wearing pantyhose under this skirt, or anything else” her mom said half to herself and half to Twyla. “But, I guess I’m acting like other mothers now. I’ll have to suffer the heat.”

Twyla went over to her mother, put her arm around her and said “If you want, you can be my big sister tonight. It’s not like you act like most moms anyway.”

A mischievous grin crossed her face. “Perhaps I could… but no I can’t.”

Twyla was insistent, “Yes you can.” Her mom clearly wavered.

Twyla persisted. “Really, I think it will make the night so much more fun and perhaps you can get lucky.” Her mom looked at her with puzzlement and bemusement, before leaving for her bedroom.

Twyla looked at Pat. “If she goes bare so can I”, and she reached under her skirt and a pair of pink panties dropped to her feet. When her mother emerged a minute later, the only thing Pat noticed is she had changed from shoes to boots. Twyla put her panties into her “sister’s” hands and said, “My sister will think it’s cool I’m going bare just like her”. Her mom’s eyes widened, “That is why you wanted me to take off my pantyhose. You little …..” She stopped then went over and kissed her on the forehead “Your mom is excited she and her grown up daughter can hit the town like this together.” Then she added “Just remember to keep your knees together, that is unless you want to make some guy’s day.”

They got into her mom’s black ’76 Grand Am. The front bench seat easily sat all three of them.

“That’s not entirely true though” her mom said as she backed out.

“What’s not true?”

“That you’ll give a peep show if you don’t take care to keep your knees together.” Her mom explained, “Fact is, I have gone commando in shorter skirts than what either of us have on. And in very public places, like to Six-Flags; and no one ever noticed. Well not more than a couple of people getting in and out of rides. Miniskirts don’t catch the wind like a full skirt and you’ll be surprised, unless you mean for someone to notice your beaver, they won’t ever know that it is available for viewing.”

Pat was quite hopeful he’d get a good look at both mother and daughter’s goodies. By the time they finished dinner, walked through the Stockyard shopping center and were heading back to the car he was one for one. He’d gotten a couple of good looks up Twyla’s short dress, he’d seen her surprisingly thin light brown bush and thought he’d seen her slit too, but wasn’t sure. But he had not even gotten a peek at her mom.

As they walked down the sidewalk, Momma Jill asked, “So, young lady, did you give anyone besides Pat here a look up your skirt?”

“What makes you think I intentionally let him look up my skirt?”

“Come on little girl, I’m a pro and this is your first time up at bat. How could I miss it, though I’m sure he thought both times you showed him it was an accident?”

For Pat this revelation that Twyla had intentionally showed him her pussy was even better than it being an accident.

The daughter gave up. “OK, other than showing off for Pat, I didn’t give anyone else a peek. At least not intentionally, but I think the man behind me on the escalator was looking up. Don’t know what he saw.”

“That’s how it usually is” her mom said. “Don’t think I’m awful, but I gave our cute waiter a nice good look at me when my skirt accidentally, on purpose, rode up.”

“Mom, you’re so bad!”

“I thought I was your sister.”

“You are my mom and I wouldn’t want you any different.”

Back in the car, Pat wasn’t about to feel Twyla up since she was sitting right next to her mother. That didn’t stop Twyla. She quickly put her hand in his lap and brought his penis up to full mast before they’d made it to I-30. For eight or ten miles she slowly massaged it through the light dress slacks he wore. “Now you have to control yourself” she whispered in his ear, just before slowly easing down his zipper. The slacks he wore rode high enough to provide a fly plenty big enough to let in her small hand. As noted before, he was not wearing underwear, so in seconds her fingers once again wrapped themselves around his shaft. “It’s nice” and then “It’s big too” came further whispers. She must have been concerned he’d spew again, because she didn’t jack him, she just held it as they made the rest of the half-an-hour trip back to Twyla’s home. All the while the three of them carried on conversation. That was weird and exciting for Pat, and he was sure it was for Twyla too.

He thought she’d been discreet enough in the dark car interior, but when they approached their neighborhood; her mom said “Make sure you don’t catch him in the zipper. I understand that hurts a lot.”

Pat was pleased they couldn’t see him blush.

Once inside, Twyla stopped her mother and said firmly “Mom, I’m ready”

Her mother clearly understood. “I know you are. So, after I get a drink, I’ll get a book to read.” She looked at him “Pat, you may stay as long as you wish. Would your parents be upset if you didn’t come home tonight?”

Pat knew they were moving toward going all the way, now it seemed that both Twyla and her mom had decided tonight was going to be the night. He tried to sound as cool as possible. “Oh they wouldn’t know one way or the other. And even if they do notice I didn’t come home they would not be upset.” While what he said was entirely true, the calm response surprised even him.

The throw pillows were still on the floor from the events of the afternoon. When Twyla went to the bathroom to “freshen up, Momma Jill went to the kitchen. Pat took a seat on the floor. He was quite sure he was not being presumptuous in doing so.

“Would you like a coke?”

“Thank you, that would be nice” he replied.

A few minutes later she came back into the living room with two tall glasses of Coke-a-Cola and ice. She had turned off the lights in the kitchen before leaving it. After handing Pat both glasses, she proceeded to turn off the living room overhead light, and turn on the floor lamp beside the Lazy-Boy. As Twyla came into the room she said “I hope you don’t mind if I keep this light on. I picked up Delta of Venus a few weeks ago. I think it will be a good book for tonight.” With that she sat in her easy chair and opened her book.

Twyla standing near Pat responded both to her mom and to him, “I want the light anyway, I want to see everything we do. I want to remember it all clearly.” With that she took the two glasses from Pat and then stooped down, pulled his face to hers and kissed him hard. Abruptly she pushed him back and stood. “Here goes.” She pushed the straps of her sundress off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, wearing only her shoes, and made a pirouette for him, then came to a stop in a pose like a Greek statue.


She took him completely off guard. He must have just been sitting, looking up staring for a good while when she followed up with “So? Am I pretty enough?”

“Pretty enough?” he repeated getting to his feet. “You are a goddess. How could you be prettier? I could just stand here and look at you all night.” And he could. Her hair shaped her face and draped on her shoulders and down to the top of her bust: the lack of clothing, if anything enhanced the shape of her body; her round breasts, her slim waist flaring slightly to her hips and the magic triangle of thin light brown, almost blond hair that seemed to part to either side along a center line.

“Did you know that I knew we would do this the first day we met. I just knew you were the one. You would be my first.” She looked over her shoulder at her mom “Isn’t that right, I told you he was the one when I got home that first night I’d met him.”

Her mom who’d been pretending to read while covertly watching her daughter pose nude for her boyfriend looked beyond her daughter and said “She did. I told her there was no way to know that but she said she was sure.”

Pat was flabbergasted. So many things were racing through his head. Not only was she standing there naked before him. She was saying she’s been planning on having sex, real sex, with him since they first met. She was the most amazing girl in the world. Why him? He was nothing special. Would he be up to her expectations? Would she think him a dud afterward?

She evidently had no such misgivings. She raced around the room “Come on” she said “Get naked and we’ll go streaking in the backyard.”

He just stood and began unbuttoning his shirt. While he was looking intently at Twyla, in the corner of his eye he could see her mother watching him as well. He tried not to look so rushed, but in short order he had his shirt and shoes off, then unbuttoned his slacks and they fell to the floor. He was nude, his erection standing prominently out-front to be inspected by both daughter and mother.

“You’re beautiful!” Twyla virtually screamed. She hugged him tight, pressing his penis between their naked bodies, but no sooner had he felt the thrill of that, she let go and said “Come on outside!”

(Younger readers may not realize this was the height of the “streaking craze” where people ran naked through public places).

He followed her without a word out the door and into the back yard. She weaved through the trees, ran along the fence line and then exited through the side gate. He continued to keep pace with her even when she ran right through the yard of the infamously grumpy Mrs. Conroy. It was past 11:00PM. That was good. It was quiet in the neighborhood and most windows in the nearby houses were dark. They ran between two houses and into Twyla’s front yard. He was afraid a car would come, but he only saw cars two blocks down where a larger road crossed this quiet street.

He continued to follow her even when she went right out into the street. Though it was late, in the city it never gets pitch black. He knew they were not even close to being hidden by darkness. Up the street she ran. He could tell she made a point to run right through the spots where the street lights made them not only visible, but highly conspicuous. Pat was about to chicken out and say they needed to head back when she stopped in a well lit intersection at the end of her block. She did a pirouette and posed. Only after he acknowledged her performance did she start back toward her house. It was on the way back she began to scream “Hello world, I’m about to have sex for the first time!”

While Pat was having visions of getting arrested, he was also over the moon that this wild and crazy girl was his girlfriend. How did he get so fortunate? The popular guys at school would die to have a girlfriend like her, yet she chose him.

The two naked teenagers were nearly back to the house before Twyla’s mother made it outside. She had been slow to realize that her daughter had been serous about streaking and by the time she understood that she wasn’t just going naked in the back yard.

She was horrified to see her daughter standing in the bright beam of the streetlight at the end of the block. She began to try to come up with the best way to get them back inside when they began heading back. Waiting at the end of the driveway she watched her naked daughter running toward her yelling something she could not hear. Pointing to the house, she meant for both of them to go inside. But rather than go in the house, Twyla went back through the gate to the back yard and collapsed in one of the chaise lounges, laughing hysterically.

Her mother followed the two naked teens around the house and through the gate. She had been very concerned when she caught them out in the road, yet by the time she got to the back yard she was amused. “Damn it Twyla, yes I know I told you how you should make your first time memorable; but this is not what I meant.” Though her words were harsh, the smile on her face told her daughter that Mom was not angry.

While to Twyla and Pat it seemed they were out front running around for a really long time, in truth it had been less than five minutes since they’d exited the house. It came as a shock to Pat when he realized he was standing right next to Twyla’s mom and he was naked with a boner that would break a board. He didn’t know whether he should be excited or embarrassed.

Once they all caught their breath she said “I think your guy here is standing tall and ready for you. If you want I can get my book and you guys can do it out here, but I think for your first time you might want to go in.”

Twyla agreed she’d rather do it inside, but added “The first time. I am sure we will be at this all night. We will do it out here later on.”

More evidence to Pat that this had been all planned without his knowledge. He did not mind. In fact he found it flattering. Pat was surprised when he felt a slap on his bare butt as he passed Momma Jill.

Inside the house, before she picked up her book, she commented to Twyla “Nice tool by the way.” That embarrassed him a little, but that feeling died quickly as Twyla pulled him close with one hand and the other wrapped around that “tool.” She pushed her tongue into his mouth and his first sexual experience began in earnest. From there it all happened so fast. She pushed him to the rug, stood on her knees above him for a moment looking him in the eye. “I’m so ready for this. We will do it slow and gentle later, but first, I want to feel you in me.”

She reached between her legs and guided his penis as she lowered down onto him. It was warm and moist, but no fireworks. It’s not that it didn’t feel good, but it was just not the way he’d imagined it. However, once she began to rock her hips the magic began.

They kissed on and off but mostly they just watched each other as she sat on him. She seemed to be trying all the different ways she could rock and roll her hips with his penis inside her. Her face seemed to be a good gauge as to which ways gave her the best sensations. There was something special to this, something beyond just making his dick feel good. They had been doing this for what he was sure was an hour, when she sat straight up on his hips and looked to her mother, “Well Mom, I’m having sex and it feels great!”

“I can see that; but with all you know and you want to try, you are just getting started” her mom said looking up from the book.

The clock continued as they alternated with her grinding & kissing hard with periods of her just sitting slowly working her hips as they talked. The simple enjoyment of the reality that he was inside her was surprisingly satisfying to them both.

Her mom left the room for a few minutes then came back. “I’m impressed, you have been going for an hour and a half and he is still hard. Pretty impressive for a first time. Really impressive.”

That seemed to be a cue for Twyla. She moved from his penis to his thigh where she, in less than five minutes, had her second climax with Pat. This time he knew what it was. And this time she followed up her own orgasm, not with her hand on his penis, but with her mouth. She eased down till she lay between his legs, his penis in her hand. For a moment she just looked at it and touched it lightly, followed by a kiss right on the tip.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to” he said.

“Not want to? Not likely!” with that she made along lick up the bottom of the shaft and ended by putting the whole head in her mouth. It was so intense that he thought he’d climax too fast like he did in the afternoon.

Her head popped up and looked to her mom who was no longer pretending to read. “It tastes like me” she said. “I didn’t expect that, but I guess I should have.”

Her mom looked down from her seat “But I’m sure you taste wonderful.”

Pat was a bit puzzled, “How do you know what you taste like in there?”

Both mother and daughter laughed out loud and Twyla said, “Pat, you are so sweet. You might just recently have learned to get yourself off, but I first got myself off when I was ten years old. And since the first day of 8th grade I have gotten myself off just about every single day. This morning, or I guess it was yesterday morning; I had my first orgasm before I got out of bed, then again in the shower when I was getting ready for you to come over. So when I came the first time with you it was my third of the day”

The embarrassment she’d had two weeks ago when her mother told him about walking in on her with her fingers inside of herself had totally disappeared. It was just one more thing to keep Pat’s head in a spin.

Her mother picked up, “I thought you understood when we told you about our family before. After summer before last when she went from girl to young woman, she was no longer content to just passively listen to or even watch me have sex. From then on while she looked in on me or one of my friends get it on, she got herself off at the same time. We both thought you understood that.”

Twyla was laughing “Yea sweetie. Mom told you directly how she walked in on me finger fucking myself. She even told you that when I saw her, rather than get embarrassed, I had an orgasm right off. I liked her seeing me. Though she won’t admit it, I know full well she likes it when she knows that I know she’s balling or masturbating. Well I’m the same. Unless I’m on my period, I’ve got my fingers in my pussy just about every day. You ask how I know what I taste like? I almost always lick the juice off my fingers. So of course I know how I taste.”

Her mother added, “After that first time I accidentally walked in on her, when I brought guys home I knew there was a good chance she was getting herself off while I was screwing. I should have understood we needed to spell it out for you. You just had no frame of reference to understand what we were saying. That was my mistake, not yours.”

Both mother and daughter laughed some more until Twyla leaned up and kissed Pat sweetly. “Don’t feel bad, it’s one of the things I love about you.” After that Twyla went back down and kissed the head and shaft of his penis. She looked back up at him “Why do you think I didn’t have a cherry to break. I’ve been doing myself with mom’s dildo for more than a year. You know how I’ve told you that I imagine you being with me in bed and play with myself? I thought you knew I was doing myself with the dildo, pretending it was you. That is how I know how I taste.”

When she went back down, she soon gagged herself trying to take it all in her mouth. She worked on going down deep for a little while when her mother suggested “While you are going down on it swallow hard, like you are trying to take a really big pill. I think you will find that helps.”

It took a few more tries, but then she had her lips pressed into his pubic hair. She’d taken it all. When she had succeeded, she just held it in like that. It felt amazing. Her mother chimed in, “Very good. Again I’m impressed. Doing deep throat the very first time you give head. Linda Lovelace has nothing on the women in our family.”

She seemed to come up for air before going down again. She did this several times before moving her focus to the head of his shaft. It was great...too great. He had to do something or he would not be able to hold back. He decided it was time to take charge. Something he never remembered doing even once when they were getting busy. He pulled her up to him and rolled her to her back. He was so ready to cum and he wanted to do it inside her. He had no trouble guiding his penis back into her vagina and began to stroke in and out, hard and fast. The room filled with the sounds of his body slapping into hers. Twyla began to emit deep moans of pleasure. He began to worry that he was hurting her but when he asked she just said “No! Fuck NO! Keep going!” So he continued.

Below his sweating body, Twyla had begun to vocalize her pleasure, moving from the moans, to words like “yes, yes, keep going” and almost comically she began to say “I love sex, I love sex”.

Pat grabbed Twyla’s hips and lifted them as he stood up on his knees and continued to stroke. He suspected she was close as her hips were rising to meet his. He hoped she would cum soon because he was sure he couldn’t keep this up for long. Her thighs clenched his waist and, for the first time, he felt vaginal contractions on his penis as a woman orgasmed. Her breaths became shallow and light and just as he was sure she was climaxing, he felt the semen moving up from his testes into his penis. In fact when the first hard stream of semen shot hard onto the top of her cervix, she was already on her way down. Pat continued to hold her hips tightly as the waves of his orgasm swept over. He felt four long streams then a whole series of small shots as his entire body shook. He tried not to, but he groaned so loud that he was sure he heard it echo in the room.

Her body was fully limp for most of the time he was climaxing. But as he squeezed out the last bit of cum, she almost yelled “Oh God do I love sex.”

From behind him he heard Mamma Jill say “Yes dear, I can tell you do.”

That completely broke the spell and everyone began to laugh. Pat was exhausted. He fell on to the ground beside his girlfriend who was both gasping and laughing at the same time.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to disturb you two” her mother apologized. That made it all the funnier. “Since I’ve already disrupted you two, I’ll go change for bed.”

“You go do that Mom” Twyla choked out as she and Pat lay on their backs, side by side trying to gain their breath. Their heads were close together, directly in front of the Lazy-Boy. Jill gripped the two armrests and slid out of the recliner. Whether she didn’t notice, or just didn’t care it was impossible to tell. The mini-skirt she’d worn out to dinner so long ago rode all the way up to her hips as she scooted off the leather seat. From their position on the ground, Pat & Twyla had a full view of Ms. Fletcher’s coochie. A couple of times over the last hour and a half when he’d looked back to see if her mother was watching, he’d seen up her skirt. But those were just brief glimpses. Looking up at her from the rug, it was all very clearly visible. He was actually surprised that it looked so much like Twyla’s. Though the hair seemed a bit less light brown and more blondish than her daughter’s, the two women’s mounds were remarkably alike. On both of them the hair was light and sparse enough for him to see the complete shape of their outer lips clearly. He found that very appealing.

“Mom!” Twyla gasped half-heartedly, “Did you mean to show Pat everything you have?”

It took a few seconds and a few steps before Jill understood what Twyla was saying. That brought her even closer to them. She pulled down the skirt some, but by then they were all but looking right up at her so it made almost no difference. From there Pat looked up at the inner lips protruding from the cleft just surrounded, but not covered by, wispy hair. It was just like Twyla’s.

Her mom said in obvious feigned regret “Oh. I am sorry. I didn’t mean to show Pat something you didn’t want him to see.”

Twyla answered back “That’s all right Mom, how could I be mad at you tonight. You have made sure everything is wonderful. It’s not going to make any difference what he sees around here anymore, he’s like family.”

Pat put in “And besides you two look so much alike down there, I’m not sure I could even tell one from another. So seeing Twyla is like seeing you too.”

“I guess that is a compliment that my kitty could pass for a fifteen year old’s” she said as she turned to go to her room. From the hall she added “And yes Twyla, I think you are right, it doesn’t matter what he sees now.

Pat could only think to repeat to Twyla, “She really does look just like you down there.”

Twyla laughed, “Yeah, she does, or rather, I look like her. I’m not sure why I was surprised just now. Her pussy has been on display for most of the last hour. Several times I think she deliberately sat in such a way we could see everything up her skirt. I’m sure you did too. It was nice that you didn’t say anything.”

As they lay on the carpet, he wondered how much her mother had actually been reading and how much she’d been enjoying watching. After all he reasoned, Twyla was very open that she enjoyed watching her mother have sex. Why should he think for a second that her mother would not enjoy watching just as much?

They soon began to snuggle. They kissed softly. Twyla told him how much she loved him and he told her the same. “That was perfect” she whispered to him between light kisses “I’ll remember all of that for the rest of my life.” He felt relieved that he could now relax. The pressure to be “good” seemed to dissipate.

From the kitchen they heard the ice tea pitcher being taken from the refrigerator.

“Why don’t you two come in here and take a break for some tea?”

They climbed to their feet, and walked the short way to the dining room table. Jill was pouring three glasses of tea. She was wearing one of those colorful African dashikis that were so popular at the time. It was big for her, but since she wore no kind of pants, it was very, very short. He wondered if she’d put on panties. For some reason he doubted it.

As she slid into a chair Twyla said “That’s mom’s favorite nightshirt. Or should I say it is one of her favorites since she has something like four of them in different color combinations.”

She paused. “Oh, here it comes. She reached down between her legs and drew two fingers up from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Then turned to Pat and put her fingers into her mouth. He was sure she was supposed to get something, but he didn’t.

The mystery was solved when she said “Your cum is really, really good. I can’t wait to get a whole mouthful.”

OHHH! He thought. He’d missed that she was doing something super sexy. Or at least he thought she meant it to be.

Her mother chuckled “You’ve learned every trick in the book haven’t you? Well, you don’t have to use them all the first time.” She went to the counter and wet a paper towel. Giving it to her daughter, “I don’t know how many times you’ve done this for me, but I guess it’s the first of many times I’ll do it for you.”

They both laughed as she casually wiped off her thighs, but not her pussy itself. He wondered why.

“Well? How was it?” her mother inquired before sitting across from Pat.

Twyla replied “Amazing, wonderful, far out, groovy, what else can I say. It was perfect.” With that she leaned over to her mother and kissed her on the cheek. “You’ve told me a hundred times you wanted my first time to be special. Well, it was, or still is in the process of being the most perfect time in my life.”

“And what about me?” Pat, now completely oblivious to the fact he and his girlfriend were naked in front of each other and her mom.

Twyla leaned over and kissed him on the mouth “And you were what made it so perfect.”

Mamma Jill added “Yes, you were. Most grown men I know aren’t’ nearly as attentive to their woman no matter what their experience.

Twyla smiled and looked at her mom “And you said you didn’t plan on watching.”

“Well, I might have peeked once or twice?”

“How long a peek?” her daughter asked.

“Well, it’s 1:00 AM, so, I promise I didn’t watch more than two hours.

Twyla laughed, “Yea, you peeked for two hours out of two hours. Well, if it will make you feel better, I’m glad you watched. But I knew you would. It makes it all the more special for me that you were here too.”

And then he understood. For the first time he got the whole picture. Not only had this been about he and Twyla, it was about her mom too. As if reading his mind Twyla without moving from her boyfriend’s embrace or looking up said “How was it for you watching?”

Softly her mother said “It was beautiful and romantic and very erotic.”

Pat sipped on his tea, Jill went on “Are you guys done for the night or will you go on for round two.”

“Just round two? Mom, I’ve been building up to this since I was 13 years old. We are going at least for three rounds.” She stood up, “Come on Pat, let’s show my old mom what young love is really about.”

With that she danced into the living room and began to fluff out the pillows again, then lay down languorously on the soft Persian rug. Pat looked over at his girlfriend’s mother not sure what to say or do.

Mama Jill solved the problem when she just said “Go, my daughter is waiting for you.”

Not long after he joined her on the floor, he and Twyla began again. When their kisses became earnest, he decided it was past time for him to give her oral sex. When he began to kiss down to her breasts and then her stomach, she clearly understood what he was doing and spread her thighs for him. Soon his lips were in the fine hair of her pubis. He paused to take in the scent of her. It was a distinct smell he knew he would never forget. He’d read about the smell of a woman’s sex in Penthouse, but this was the first time to experience it. And yes, the smell was special, wonderful and inviting. He opened his mouth just to breathe it in. For sure he would remember this very moment for ever. Slowly, as slowly as he could manage he drew his tongue down between her outer lips. He was rewarded by a soulful moan.

Though he very much felt out of his depth, he was sure if he took his time she would enjoy. Prior to putting his face between her legs, he had not considered that he had just put four long streams of his semen in her not very long ago. Sure, some had come out, but she’d not even cleaned off the cum he could see in her pubic hair. Was this why? He had no idea; however, he could not back out now. And besides he had tasted his own semen a few times over the past month and he was not averse to tasting more.

His kisses went down into the soft hair. He could clearly taste his semen, but far from bothering him, he used his tongue to clean the whole of her furry mound before exploring down into the chasm between her outer and inner lips. Only after, did his tongue part her surprisingly ample inner folds. He’d never thought of them having real substance till that moment. For the very first time it occurred to him that the magazine photos he had been looking at for years did not actually teach him what to expect. What he found was a central ridge between the two large mounds that divided in two. The soft inner lips were thicker and larger than he’d expected. They extended well past the outer lips and both sides curled a little at the ends. None of this was in anyway bad, but it drove home the reality that he knew almost nothing about girls.

In the back of his mind he simply could not believe his mouth was actually and truly on a girl’s pussy. He was living a fantasy. He worked to appreciate each new sensation and lock them in his mind.

At the bottom of her opening, where the two inner lips came back together, he came again to that familiar taste of his jizz. He found the idea of eating his semen from inside of Twyla wildly exciting. He worked to get to it all. When he could find no more with his tongue he used two fingers to reach into the soft canal and pulled more out to him. Her vocalizations let him know she liked his fingers in her while he ate her out. As he searched for the thicker puddles in the sea of less viscose fluids he thought on the taste. The very concept of his sexual fluids mixed with hers pleased him greatly.

When that taste played out he was momentarily unsure what to do. He looked up from between her legs and saw Twyla had her eyes closed and was tweaking her own nipples. She must have felt he’d stopped eating her out and looked down at him with the most beautiful smile. He asked her “Does the taste always go away like that after a little while?”

She gave him a puzzled look, but from the kitchen came a loud and very amused laugh. “Well yeah the flavor goes away when what you were tasting was your cum!” She walked right over to where they were on the floor still laughing. “You’ve been eating your own spunk. If you want her to taste like that again, you’ll have to put more in.” She continued to laugh so much she lost her balance and plunked down beside her daughter. “I’m not making fun of you. You’re just so…so…earnest.”

He began to explain he knew he was eating his semen; but Pat’s train of thought was derailed when she sat upright beside her daughter’s head, spread eagle. Still looking up from between Twyla’s legs he could see clearly that, as he had suspected, she did not have on panties. Nor did she try to cover her wide open womanly lips when she saw him looking. Pat had thought there were no more surprises left, but this was certainly not expected. He could only reason that for Twyla and her mother nudity and sex really were as normal as they kept saying it was. Once he’d seen her pussy, there was no reason not to let him see it again.

Twyla’s mother went on without acknowledging her deliberate exposure. “Little girl, you were right about this guy. He is the best first any girl could have.”

She got up off the floor and walked out of his vision. He was glad she moved. He did not want Twyla to think he was interested in her mother. He put his face down into the moist folds and went back to work.

Twyla looked down at him and said “She’s right. You are the best first love any girl ever had. You’re doing an amazing job down there; I’ve never felt anything like it. Keep going.” Despite her praise of the job he was doing eating her out, she began to give him directions using both her hands on his head and with words: “a little lower”, “slow down”, “harder”, etc. He didn’t mind, he wanted to do a good job.

It turned out to take a lot longer than he thought it would, but finally he felt her hips begin to buck. He held on and kept licking what he was sure, well pretty sure, was her clit. He was both pleased and relieved when the bucking became vibrations and he knew she was climaxing. He did not resist when she pushed his weary mouth and tongue away from her crotch. “No more, I can’t take anymore.” He carefully moved up her body, mounting her for the first time. His penis slid right in her with no effort. Kissing, this time slowly and with passion they began to feel the special oneness that can come through sexual union.

In this, what both Twyla and her mother called the second round, they did everything they had the first time again. This time however, there was no more pretenses about Twyla’s mother reading. Rather as Pat and Twyla made love, she was actively a part. It was not that she was intrusive, but she was there in the background; the same way that Twyla must have been in the background so many times for her mother. She offered both of them advice on what to do and how. Twyla was so comfortable with it she often asked follow-up questions and/or commented about how well it seemed to work. Pat on the other hand never did more than just say “OK” or “thank you.” They both took Momma Jill’s advice and gave one another quite a bit of feedback so as to improve the experience. There was so much new and wonderful.

When Twyla had gone to all fours and he did her from behind, Pat happened to be positioned in such a way that he was more or less looking right toward her mother sitting in the dining room. Though the light was off so she was in the shadows, he knew full well she was watching them. He had never seen a girl or woman masturbating so he did not really know if she was or not. His imagination easily believed that she was getting herself off while watching them have sex.

After the second round was done, they again went to the kitchen. Pat was not surprised at all to see Twyla’s mom had taken off the dashiki. Though he wanted to ask why, he refrained. Somehow though it seemed appropriate for her to be just as naked as they were. Jill’s body had more curves than Twyla’s: bigger breasts, wider hips thicker arms and thighs, but still they looked so much alike it was seeing the same person at different ages. With all three sitting and chatting completely nude, there was more dessert and drinks.

“So mom, how many times did you get off watching us?” Twyla asked between bites of cheese cake.

Pat couldn’t believe she was asking that. For a moment her mother looked like she’d gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar, but she recovered in seconds. “Only twice” was the casual reply.

Not to be denied her effort to put mom on the spot she followed up with. “Were we that boring? I was hoping for something more impressive like five or six.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint, but it is really, really late and I’m exhausted.”

“You can go to bed you know. We are having sex now. What else can we do?”

Her mom thought for a moment. “No I said I’d stay with you the whole time.”

Twyla then offered, “Then do this, get a pillow and a blanket and lay down on the couch.”

And that was what she did.

The two teens were trying out sixty-nine for the first time when they heard snoring. It was all they could do not to wake her up with laughter.

When they went back to it, they continued to mutually give oral sex, but rather than with her on top, they tried doing it on their sides, with each of them resting their head on the other’s thigh. They found how, as Mama Jill had told them earlier, sex did not need to be about seeking and getting orgasm. In this very relaxed position they languidly spent the time necessary to fully examine and explore the other’s genitals. Twyla guided him to spread her outer lips to get a better look at her inner lips and clitoral ridge. She had him push back the hood of her clitoris to expose the pink nub of her clit itself. And the smell of her. The longer he nuzzled his face between the soft folds, the more he appreciated breathing her in.

At the same time he was trying to focus on Twyla’s labia, she was focused on his penis. The conflicting demands on his attention were more than a little overwhelming. He could feel her lips kissing the head and shaft. That was nice and at another time it would have taken all his attention, but as it was he had to more or less ignore it. Even when he felt the warm wetness of her mouth taking in half his erection, he had to put the sensations aside to concentrate on pleasuring her warm folds of flesh. This time around rather than working to get her off, he simply worshiped her sex. His lips embraced her two inner lips one at a time in a sort of sucking caress. Holding them gently with the lips of his mouth, pulling ever so slightly to let her know how he adored every little part of her. His positive feedback came each time he felt her stop what she was doing to him and let out a sigh or moan.

Pat had no idea how long he lay there with his head on her thigh, his face inches from her beautiful sex. He was sure he could have been happy to spend the night like that. He had moved to systematically working to pleasure the inner walls of her inner lips as they led into her vagina when she stopped sucking his dick and just lay her head on his thigh. He heard her slowly exhale and in a voice so breathy it was almost inaudible “ nice, oh so nice” He concluded that he was doing it right. A little later, in a quiet voice, she said, “Use your hands and open me up so you can go deeper doing that.”

It was a little odd using his fingers to pull her apart like that. It certainly wasn’t something he would have done without being told. But it was clear she knew exactly what she was saying. He wondered how old she’d been when she first saw a woman tell a guy to do that. Or was it something her mother did? He had no idea how she knew to do that, but he was going to comply. Yet when he did what she said, it did not seem to have the effect she wanted.

“Let me get on my back to make it easier.” She rolled onto the rug and spread her legs wide. She had spread her legs like that earlier when she was wearing her cut-offs, but only now without the pants on did he realize he’d been looking at her outer lips before but didn’t realize it. They weren’t really lips at all but a soft mound divided in the middle, like a hotdog bun. It was that mound of soft flesh and the darker inner lips that he pulled apart. He could actually see into her vagina. The magazine photos never showed him this, but he was trying to please her so he did not spend time looking and considering her female anatomy. On his stomach, he put his face to the opening he had created. His cheeks felt the moister and his tongue was able to reach into her vagina itself. The walls were so soft, softer than his tongue and they yielded to the smallest pressure.

She gave him time to run his tongue all the way around the inside of her before quietly saying “At the top, reach past the hard ridge. Just inside the bone you will find my most sensitive spot inside.”

He did his best to do what she said, but he suspected he was not able to reach were she wanted. He kept searching as deep as he could. Then when he’d about decided this was just not going to work she said “There! Right there! Press your tongue up against the roof of my vagina right in that area.”

The tip of his tongue felt a patch that had a different texture than the rest of her inner walls: perhaps an inch or two wide, slightly firmer, but still spongy. It was hard for him to tell much other than that…well that and the fact she told him to press there. He had no Idea how far back that special area went because even with his mouth pressed to her open lips he could only reach so far.

Initially when he started doing what he thought she wanted, she did not respond at all. He was sure this was not going to do what she had expected. Then her hips jumped. He’d evidently stumbled on where and what to do. He did not need to be told again and repeated the action. Momentarily she acknowledged “yes, right like that.” Her words were no longer a whisper.

He had to work to keep on target when her hips began to undulate. Her deep breathing told him that he was succeeding. He thought this would bring her off. Yet after less than five minutes she disabused him of that notion when in a sharp tone she said.

“Now my clit. Do my clit too.”

He complied as quickly as he could adjust himself. She spoke in firm, even demanding directions. “The shaft. Use two fingers to pinch the shaft.”

“The shaft?” he puzzled in his brain. “Girls don’t have a shaft. Guys do.” But he was not about to show his ignorance yet again. Looking down at her, with her leg wide like that he decided that the ridge that stood up before parting to become her inner lips must be what she was talking about. When she gave him additional instructions he was sure.

“Now start each stroke deep in me, just like you did before. Draw upward all the way till your tongue presses on my clit.” This time he knew exactly where her clit was. She did not have to tell him to go slow. From inside her as deep as he could reach, the tip of his tongue made a path up and over the hard bone to press on the end of the ridge that ran between her lips. To do this he had to move his whole head each time. Her sigh told him he had done it right, so he repeated it, using the fingers of his left hand to keep her lips open for the next stroke. He’d made four trips from inside her vagina to her clit when she said “Push back the hood so you can press right on my clit at the end each time.”

He had to pull his head back to see in order to comply. With his index finger he gently touched what she had earlier told him was the hood. He found that by pushing back on the tiny fold of skin, it moved back to reveal the pink head. Or at least that is what it looked like, a tiny version of his penis and it’s head. He gently rubbed the “head.” She jumped.

“Oh, that’s sensitive. I have to be really turned on before I’m ready for that. Just use your tongue. And at first really softly”

More lessons learned.

As he again re-positioned himself in order to do all the things she wanted at once, she added one more thing. “Massage the shaft between your fingers while you lick me bottom to top. Softly at first, but I’ll tell you when to squeeze and rub it harder.

He followed her directions as best he could. Once again her vocalizing and hip movements let him know when he was doing what she wanted. In steps she told him to increase the pressure on her clit with the tip of his tongue and on the shaft. After a while, a good while, he was sure he’d found a rhythm and could do all the parts in one complicated motion. He wasn’t sure how it felt to her, but he felt quite successful that he was able to pull this off. As she had said she would, as he felt her body tense up, she hissed “harder, do it harder.” He knew she was getting close when she lifted her hips off the rug by a good three inches and kept her rear up and off the floor while thrusting up at his mouth. He was determined he would do this right and would not be disrupted by her movements.

By the time she climaxed, he was surprised how hard she wanted the pressure of his tongue on her little head and for him to pinch down as he essentially jacked her tiny dick shaft. But he did as she said and the reward was the longest and seemingly the hardest climax she’d had yet. He couldn’t believe her mother slept through all the noise and commotion.

When her convulsions were done, and to Pat that is what is seemed like since her entire body had been in motion during her climax; Twyla sank down on the rug and pushed his face from her crotch.

He silently moved up to lay on his side beside her prone form. He watched her chest heave as she tried to draw in as much air as she could. She was fully wet with sweat. His earlier assessment seemed to be right. This orgasm was of a different magnitude than the others. He put a hand on her sweat slicked stomach as it went up and down. She responded with a weak smile and a hand on top of his. Still it was several minutes before she spoke.

“I’ve watched and listened to Mom tell guys to do that dozens of times. My guess is that I recited the directions I’ve heard her give to guys word for word. And I know she always had great orgasms when she had guys do that. Oddly, she only walks guys through that process. Though I’ve watched from up close her girl friends go down on her even more times than I’ve been in the room when she is with guys, but I’ve never seen her have a girl do that. But, like I said, I’ve been right on the couch when she’s done this several times to men. So I knew what to tell you to do and I sort of knew what would happen. But I had no idea how intense the orgasm was going to be. That was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was like wow! It was indescribable.”

That once again confirmed what he’d been thinking. She was imitating what she’d seen her mother do. He sincerely doubted that any other girl his age would have known to do any of that. For him it had been real work, but it was amazing to feel how her body responded. He’d never felt like a stud in his life, but at that moment he was rather proud of this sexual accomplishment.

She repeated “That was amazing. There is no way I can describe what that was like.”

He softly answered, “You don’t need to. I saw and heard how you reacted. That told me the story pretty good I think.”

She turned to him and smiled. “You did great. Too bad mom missed it.”

From the couch her mother said “You think I slept through all that? I think your orgasm went a full five minutes and you woke me up a good ten minutes before that. You told us how good it felt so loudly that I bet Mrs. Conroy heard you next door.”

That brought laughs and a little flush to Twyla’s face. “Was I really that loud?”

In unison both Pat and Momma Jill said “Yes.”

“Oh.” she said sheepishly. But after a moment she sat up and declared “OK, I was loud. I had the most amazing orgasm of my life and I’m glad that you heard. And I hope I woke up old Mrs. Conroy too.”

That got laughs.

She turned back to look at her mother on the sofa and asked “Did you hear me telling him exactly what you tell guys. I guided him to lick my g-spot just like you do. Then I told him how to work my shaft while licking my clit. I told him to do it so hard it actually hurt, but I just wanted more and more. It was like the pain turned me on in a whole new way that I didn’t know was possible. I did exactly what I’ve seen you do but you’d never told me that it actually hurts.”

Her mother, still with her head on the pillow said. “No I didn’t. And I was asleep until you were in full pre-orgasm mode. You really are trying to do everything tonight. But that is pretty advanced stuff. I learned how to tell people to do me after years of experience. I have had literally hundreds of people down on me and I’ve learned from some very experienced people. And, yes it hurts. Just like it hurts when I have someone pinch or bite my nipples hard, but like you said it is a whole different kind of turn on. The pain helps bring on that amazing orgasm. I would not have suggested you do that your first time, not even for your tenth time. But now I understand why you woke me up.”

Twyla nodded as if something had dawned on her. “It was amazing, but had I known how intense it would be, I’m not sure I would have done it tonight. See, you shouldn’t have gone to sleep.”

Her mother just said “You would not have listened if I’d told you that was too much for now.”

Twyla smiled broadly. Clearly she had recovered. “Yea, you are right. There is no way I would have. But now I know that is only for times when I am ready to crawl out of my skin.”

“And Pat” Momma Jill added, “A piece of advice. Don’t try that on other girls. It works for me, and I’m actually surprised it worked for Twyla. Perhaps I should not be, but I don’t know any other women who get off that way. I am sure there are some, but assume this is just for you and Twyla lest you get yourself into trouble trying it with someone else.”

Twyla said indignantly “And you do you think he’s going to want to do beside me?”

Her mother just closed her eyes and said “I know you girl. On Monday you will have told your little crewmates everything you’ve done so far, and everything you will do tomorrow. You will also have told them how my friends and I shared our guys and you will volunteer Pat to be the first guy you all share. Don’t bother to deny it. You will.”

Twyla seemed like she was going to say that was not so, but she did not. Rather she just lay back down with Pat and they snuggled for a good while. He was sure she was done for the night. He had a hard-on again, but that was OK. Once they heard her mother’s snores Twyla decided, with her mother asleep, it was time to go back outside. He assumed she meant the back door, but she was out the front door before he could say anything.

Though they ran in the street again, it was fun to just sit on her front porch in the nude. Sure it was a quiet neighborhood and it was around 3:00AM. Still it was exciting. When a car did come up he wanted to run inside, but she just sat there on the stoop. It was most likely they were not seen, but the possibility they were was a thrill. When the second car that came by slowed almost to a stop, she decided enough was enough and she took off. Pat followed.

She did go to the front door. Nor did she keep running. After just a few steps she got a hold of herself and slowed to a casual walk. She led him across the front of the carport toward the gate that led to the back yard. Right in the dead center of the driveway, lit up by the floodlight on the carport, she turned to face the car and blew them a kiss. Before turning to keep waking she said, “It’s 1979 and nobody will complain about seeing a teenage couple streaking right in front of their house. This will make their day.”

Back behind the house they laughed uproariously.

“I don’t think my friends will believe a tenth of what I tell them about tonight.”

Though though the question had been rattling in his brain since her mother had said it, he had not thought it wise or appropriate to ask before, “So was you mother right about what she said you would tell them?”

They both listened to the crickets all around them. It took what seemed like forever she said “I really hate that she knows me so well. Parents aren’t supposed to know their kids like she knows me.”

“You are really lucky to have such a great relationship with your mom.”

“Yeah, I know. And I’m not really mad she knows me. Actually I like it a lot. It’s like we don’t always have to tell each other stuff, we just know.”

She had not answered his question. Or perhaps she had but he was too dense to get it. Still he followed up with “So?”

“Of course she was right. Would you mind.”

Now he was in a real pickle. How to say yes without sounding eager? He had met Francis when she came with them to church youth group once, she was really cute. But he wasn’t going to say that. “No, whatever you would enjoy I will enjoy.”

She laughted. “Good answer. If Mom were out here she’d give you an ‘A’ for tact.”

It was a beautiful night and the snuggled on one of the chaise lounges for a good while. She’d used her hand to get him hard but she just held him. They both reveled in the joy of feeling one another’s body as they just quietly talked.

They fell asleep on the lounge chair. That was where Momma Jill found them the next morning.

They missed church that morning. Pat called home about noon, just to let his parents know he had spent the night at Twyla’s would not be home till late that night. He could tell his mother was amused at the implication.

Round’s four and five happened that morning. Round six in the afternoon. Pat wore the outfit he’d brought to go out to dinner to church. She wore a knee length skirt, but no panties just to be a tease. Round’s seven, eight and nine occurred after church before Pat went home so that he would be ready for school the next day.

Of the meeting with Twyla’s friends and Pat & Twyla’s personal summer of love…well that is a whole other story.

Author’s epilogue:

The larger story here and many details are exactly what happened all those years ago. For many hours Twyla and I made out and dry humped on that rug as her mother watched us. I really was every bit as naive as I presented Pat to be. It was not until years later when Paula told me that she’d had an orgasm riding my thigh when we were making out that I understood what the shaking and stuff meant. Twyla had evidently had a good many orgasms riding my thigh just like that, as well as when she had me lay on her rubbing my hard-on down on her clit through our pants. Yet, I hadn’t a clue and unlike the story she did not tell me so, though her mother made comments that I later realized meant she saw what was going on.

Though I would like to say I did not choose to have intercourse with Twyla because of my efforts to become a “good Christian”, the reality is more complicated. The fact was, looking back, while I was a year and a half older than her chronologically, she was a good year and a half more developed than me sexually.

While in this story Pat (me) first masturbated to ejaculation while he was dating Twyla, the truth is I did not. That did not happen for another four years.

To the best of my memory, I didn’t even first ejaculate in my sleep until the time was dating Twyla; and like almost all boys “wet dreams” come well before they can ejaculate though masturbation. Though I’d been masturbating almost daily since I was thirteen, and I’d I did not bring myself to ejaculation till I was nineteen. Yes, I was in college the first time I had an orgasm from masturbation. She on the other hand knew how to ride my thigh to make herself cum right around her fifteenth birthday.

The simple truth was she was ready to start having sex and I was not. I had no doubt (then or now), that not only would her mother have approved, but like in the story, she fully expected up to and planned watch us do it. I only understood years later how her mom signaled to Twyla that she enjoyed watching our sexual play. I don’t’ fault her in any way, but I do kick myself for my misplaced values at the time in rejecting the love of Twyla and the open support of her mother when it was offered. Could I have ejaculated through vaginal or oral sex?

I don’t know, but if I could go back and whisper into my own sixteen year old ears, I would tell myself that it didn’t matter. I should give Twyla what she wanted to the best of my ability. We both would have enjoyed that. But alas I was heeding the sex-negative message of my church youth group more than the sex-positive message my parents were sending. I know it seems a odd way for a teenager to rebel, but that is what I did.

Readers need to remember this was the 70’s at the high point of the sexual revolution. Even my 9th grade sex-ed text book gave a positive spin on teen sex and seemed to assume most students would be having sex within a year or two. There was none of the “abstinence till marriage” or “true love waits” nonsense in my sex-ed course. And this was in Texas. There was far more fear mongering in drivers education than sex education (both of which were taught at school).

Like most teenage love affairs, this one did not last long by adult standards. It lasted only about half a year. I think she came to the point where either we would start having sex, or she needed a new boyfriend who would give her want she wanted/needed. As I understand it (from her mother) she became sexually active almost immediately after moving on. I was not hurt and her mother was not upset her little girl fucked a lot of guys in high school.

I remained friends with Twyla’s mom well past my relationship with her daughter. The last time I saw her was on a trip back to Texas after I’d finished college. She was married and living in a nice upper middle class neighborhood. She gave me wedding present and wished me the best. It is a point of pride that of the five serious relationships I had in my young life, only one ended on bad terms.

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Island Guy
Island Guy
Sep 22, 2020

Great story. Reminded me of some of my first experiences in a few ways. Lost me in a couple spots but grabbed me again pretty quickly. Embellishments can definitely make a story about reality much more entertaining and educational. Thanks for sharing

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