Pat & Twyla: A Story of First Love (part 4)

Note: I apologize that this last section is a bit long, but there was no logical break point.

Now time for your presents, my almost grown daughter.”

Once Pat had joined them at the table, Twyla opened the present from her mother. It contained two pairs of short-shorts and two halter tops.

“I know you can’t wear any of this to school, but I figured you would want them for summer.”

The small box from her boyfriend had a gold chain with a heart shaped pendant. She was very excited and put it on.

By the time they’d finished their ice cream, the late afternoon was getting down right hot. Twyla’s mom said “You two go on in and relax in the living room. I’ll clean-up”. Twyla eagerly grabbed Pat’s hand and they started to the back door.

“And young lady,” her mom followed up in a firm tone “pants stay on.” When her daughter did not reply immediately she added “OK?”

“OK, our pants will stay on” Twyla replied. Her voice was not sour, but the tone indicated disappointment.

To take out the sting, before the young couple had gone two more steps she hedged her order by adding “For now.”

Twyla echoed “For now.”

Though his girlfriend had heard her mother setting a limit on them, what Pat heard was that Twyla’s top would soon be off. His dick stiffened.

The living room was much cooler than the outside, but warmer than it had been when he arrived. Twyla pulled the curtains to block the hot late afternoon sun, and grabbed a pair of large throw pillows from beside the TV. Tossing them on the floor she plopped down dragging Pat to sit facing her.

They sat cross legged and looked at each other. Pat had to work to not look down between her legs. He knew full well what he would see. Other than that, he didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Without a word she pulled the tube top over her head and tossed it on the couch. “Take off your shirt too” she said softly. He complied. She reached out and rubbed his hairless chest. The truth was he was skinny and had not the first bit of chest hair. It could have been worse he thought, his older brother had zits on his chest and back.

He reached out and cupped her breasts. In his peripheral vision he saw a shadow in the direction of the kitchen. Twyla’s mom was there. He resisted looking. They sat quietly looking and gently touching for a long time. He was content. “I love you” came from her lips before she leaned forward and placed them on his. The gentle first kiss rapidly became inflamed wanton and lustful.

Somehow Pat found himself lying on the thick rug with her. He knew he didn’t initiate that, but he didn’t remember her doing it either. Each were clad only in their shorts, they held their nearly naked bodies in a tight embrace. The endorphins flowed and Pat was filled with a sense of happy contentment which, at least initially, subsumed even the testosterone fueled desire for sexual release. The kissing ebbed and flowed, but the pleasure remained constant. Inadvertently they began to explore the ways two bodies could be joined as they lay on the Persian rug. Their hands explored nearly every part of one another’s bodies. Pat relished both touching and being touched. His fingers caressed not just her breasts, but arms, thighs, back and face. She did the same.

Holding tightly gave way to backing off so that they could once again look at one another’s bodies. Fingers gave way to lips as he kissed her neck, arms, breasts, sides back, breasts, stomach, breasts, legs, breasts and even her denim clad buttocks.

Following his lead, she explored his body too. He was wearing athletic type shorts, so there was no fly to open as she had the last time. However, the fabric of these shorts was far thinner than denim. When her lips closed on the covered shape of his full penis, he could not help but jump a little. It was almost like her lips were on him and he began to think he might blow. Before he did though, she slid up his body and whispered “Soon, I’ll do that without your shorts on. I’ve seen Mom do it a hundred times and like she told you, I really, really want to do it to you.”

Laying mostly on top of him, she gripped his thigh between hers and began kissing him hard. It took a while but he realized she was grinding her crotch on his leg. It was sexy, but didn’t feel great, in fact as she became more insistent, it began to be painful. Her breathing became hard and heavy and finally she stopped kissing him altogether. Her head looked up, but her eyes were closed as the rubbing on his thigh became frantic. She sucked in a lung full of air and began to shake. She grimaced as if in pain and let out a low groan. Her rubbing suddenly ceased. Pat wasn’t sure what was going on. Then she collapsed on his chest, breathing as if she’d just run a mile.

Behind him, at the entrance to the kitchen, he heard Ms. Fletcher give four slow claps and softly and calmly say “Congratulations. You’re now a woman.”

Twyla’s breathing slowly calmed. She kissed his neck. With some labor, she said “That was wonderful”. Pat assumed she was talking to him but her mom’s voice, once again calm, but not as softly said, “That’s as far as two people can go without needing birth control.”

Without moving from Pat’s chest Twyla said “But I’ve been on the pill since February”

“I know” was her mother’s response before her footsteps went back into the kitchen.

Twyla kissed Pat softly and slid off him. “I love you so much. You don’t push me or ask me for anything. You just let me enjoy.”

Though sure he’d sound stupid, he still asked “What was all that about?”.

Readers of this story must understand that in the late 70’s, young guys like Pat did not have video porn as a reference, nor video tapes of commercial movies that showed even simulated sexual climax. When the movie “When Harry Met Sally” came out in 1989 it created a sensation because of Meg Ryan’s simulated orgasm in the deli. That was the first time a main stream movie showed what a woman’s climax looked like. Today teens see it on the net, movies and even television, but poor Pat did not know what he had witnessed.

Twyla looked him in the eye and said, “I came. I climaxed. You gave me my first orgasm with a guy and I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life.” Then she kissed him again. “And now it’s your turn.” And she reached down with both hands and pulled at his waist band.

Pat was still a bit in a daze objected “I thought your mom said to leave our pants on.”

“Oh, I can do this just fine without taking them off.” She smiled, I guess I know a lot more about this stuff than I should.” The shorts slid easily down far enough to expose his briefs. “but, just now I’m glad I know what to do.” One soft cool hand slipped inside the fly of his jockey’s, when it contacted his engorged penis, his entire body stiffened. With surprising deftness considering her utter lack of hands on experience, she gripped the shaft and guided it out of the opening. She just looked at it and looked at him. Then she looked over to her right, Pat followed her gaze to see her mother watching. Then her mother nodded as if to give her permission and Twyla moved her body close to his, keeping a grip on his shaft. Laying side by side, they began to kiss and she slowly stroked his oh so sensitive penis.”

So many sensations hit him at once he was simply overwhelmed. It was HER hand on his dick! Hers! The pent up sexual desire flowed out, literally. He ejaculated in less than a minute. He ejaculated like never before with ribbons of white goo splattering on his girlfriend’s stomach and breasts. He didn’t think the climax would ever end. He didn’t know he had so much spunk inside him. Twyla didn’t flinch back from the splatter that covered her torso. Rather she continued to massage the spasming shaft. Only when he was fully done, did she role over on top of him. She lay fully on him and they continued to kiss with his semen acting as a lubricant between their bodies as it worked in to the skin on their bare torsos.

Eventually she propped herself on her elbows, “So, now we’re even, one each” she said with a smile of both contentment and pride.

“How did you know how….?” He couldn’t find the next word.

“Have you not heard anything? I’ve seen mom and her girl friends do everything two people can do, over and over again since I was in kindergarten. I’ve seen her bring guys off with her hands, her mouth, her pussy, her tits and even in her ass. I may never have done any of it myself, but I know how it’s done. Trust me.”

He smiled and pecked her on the lips “you certainly do”

That same voice from the kitchen said “I hope you two are done for now, it’s time to get cleaned up. You’ve been at it for nearly two hours and our dinner reservations are for 6:30.”

To himself Pat said “Two hours?” It didn’t seem like ten minutes.

From her stomach to her clavicle she shown with wet semen. Looking down she said “Yea, I guess we do need to get cleaned up.”

He helped her up and pulled up his shorts. Together they went into the kitchen. Twyla’s mom leaned against the stove and took in the sight. Pat watched her eyes go from her daughter’s semen covered chest to Pat’s. For years after, Pat would recall that moment: Ms. Fletcher’s look. Her madras halter top, now only partially tied, gaping so wide as to fully show half her tits, open enough that her nipples were almost in sight. Twyla glistening with sweat, topless and unashamed with his jizz all over her. She exchanged looks of pride with her mother. He could tell she was proud of herself, and that her mother was equally proud of her. He knew he was the cause of it all. He knew even then that this was a high point in his life.

Twyla’s mom wet a dish towel and handed it to her. Glancing at the wet spot on his shorts she said “I do hope you brought different pants for tonight.”

He had. On the phone the night before Twyla had told him to bring clothes to dress up for dinner at a nice Ft. Worth steak house as part of her birthday celebration. So, he went out to his car and retrieved his clothes. When he returned, the females were in their respective rooms and so he stripped down in the living room. He hadn’t brought fresh underwear and the pair he wore were gooed up, so he went without.

He seemed to have to wait forever on Twyla and her mom. When Ms. Fletcher emerged from her room, she was stunning. He had never seen her dressed up. She wore a short black wool skirt and a burgundy silk top that flowed over her breast like water. The light fabric shaped them perfectly. The cliché of being painted on certainly fit how the blouse revealed the details of the tops of her breasts, including her pert nipples. He must have been staring because he was brought up short by “Save that look for my daughter”, followed by a hug and “but, the compliment is appreciated. Perhaps some young doctor will get the same idea while we are out.”

When Twyla emerged from her room, she wore a blue, flowery sun dress that was far shorter than anything she wore to church. Her hair was back in its’ normal feathered form and she was beautiful.

“There was a day when I wouldn’t even have considered wearing pantyhose under this skirt, or anything else” her mom said half to herself and half to Twyla. “But, I guess I’m acting like other mothers now. I’ll have to suffer the heat.”

Twyla went over to her mother, put her arm around her and said “If you want, you can be my big sister tonight. It’s not like you act like most moms anyway.”

A mischievous grin crossed her face. “Perhaps I could… but no I can’t.”

Twyla was insistent, “Yes you can.” Her mom clearly wavered.

Twyla persisted. “Really, I think it will make the night so much more fun and perhaps you can get lucky.” Her mom looked at her with puzzlement and bemusement, before leaving for her bedroom.

Twyla looked at Pat. “If she goes bare so can I”, and she reached under her skirt and a pair of pink panties dropped to her feet. When her mother emerged a minute later, the only thing Pat noticed is she had changed from shoes to boots. Twyla put her panties into her “sister’s” hands and said, “My sister will think it’s cool I’m going bare just like her”. Her mom’s eyes widened, “That is why you wanted me to take off my pantyhose. You little …..” She stopped then went over and kissed her on the forehead “Your mom is excited she and her grown up daughter can hit the town like this together.” Then she added “Just remember to keep your knees together, that is unless you want to make some guy’s day.”

They got into her mom’s black ’76 Grand Am. The front bench seat easily sat all three of them.

“That’s not entirely true though” her mom said as she backed out.

“What’s not true?”

“That you’ll give a peep show if you don’t take care to keep your knees together.” Her mom explained, “Fact is, I have gone commando in shorter skirts than what either of us have on. And in very public places, like to Six-Flags; and no one ever noticed. Well not more than a couple of people getting in and out of rides. Miniskirts don’t catch the wind like a full skirt and you’ll be surprised, unless you mean for someone to notice your beaver, they won’t ever know that it is available for viewing.”

Pat was quite hopeful he’d get a good look at both mother and daughter’s goodies. By the time they finished dinner, walked through the Stockyard shopping center and were heading back to the car he was one for one. He’d gotten a couple of good looks up Twyla’s short dress, he’d seen her surprisingly thin light brown bush and thought he’d seen her slit too, but wasn’t sure. But he had not even gotten a peek at her mom.

As they walked down the sidewalk, Momma Jill asked, “So, young lady, did you give anyone besides Pat here a look up your skirt?”

“What makes you think I intentionally let him look up my skirt?”

“Come on little girl, I’m a pro and this is your first time up at bat. How could I miss it, though I’m sure he thought both times you showed him it was an accident?”

For Pat this revelation that Twyla had intentionally showed him her pussy was even better than it being an accident.

The daughter gave up. “OK, other than showing off for Pat, I didn’t give anyone else a peek. At least not intentionally, but I think the man behind me on the escalator was looking up. Don’t know what he saw.”

“That’s how it usually is” her mom said. “Don’t think I’m awful, but I gave our cute waiter a nice good look at me when my skirt accidentally, on purpose, rode up.”

“Mom, you’re so bad!”

“I thought I was your sister.”

“You are my mom and I wouldn’t want you any different.”

Back in the car, Pat wasn’t about to feel Twyla up since she was sitting right next to her mother. That didn’t stop Twyla. She quickly put her hand in his lap and brought his penis up to full mast before they’d made it to I-30. For eight or ten miles she slowly massaged it through the light dress slacks he wore. “Now you have to control yourself” she whispered in his ear, just before slowly easing down his zipper. The slacks he wore rode high enough to provide a fly plenty big enough to let in her small hand. As noted before, he was not wearing underwear, so in seconds her fingers once again wrapped themselves around his shaft. “It’s nice” and then “It’s big too” came further whispers. She must have been concerned he’d spew again, because she didn’t jack him, she just held it as they made the rest of the half-an-hour trip back to Twyla’s home. All the while the three of them carried on conversation. That was weird and exciting for Pat, and he was sure it was for Twyla too.