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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 3

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

As they walked to a table at The Riverside Cafe’ Stephen’s cell phone rang. Kate didn’t seem to notice that their mom had her brother’s phone in her hand or that she handed it to Stephen without comment. To Kate it was her brother simply answering his own phone. Though she did not miss that he did so despite the fact their parents had told them repeatedly it was rude to do so when out with the family like that.

“Hi Sweetie” said the cheery female voice on the other end. Sue knew Jenny’s voice. For the last six months, she’d been at there house almost as much as Dianna and Monica. Unlike some of the other girls who had come over for activities related to the school’s football team, she did not seem full of herself and condescending to Kate and her friends. That had won Jenny lots of brownie points in Sue’s book.

“And hi to you too” Sue replied. It would prove far easier for Sue to make a convincing Stephen then Stephen to act the part of his mother. She let ‘Mom’ and Kate take their seats at the table while she talked standing off to the side.

“I really had a good time last night. That was a great idea, it was so romantic. It was a little chilly, but that made the snuggling afterward even better” the girl’s voice said. “All of it was wonderful.”

“I had a great time too,” Sue replied “and I’m so happy you did as well.”

“It looks like I will be alone at home tonight. One of my aunt’s sisters died and my parents are going to Clarks Crossing tonight so they will be out super late. They are taking my little sisters to my other Grandma’s so we will have the house all to ourselves. Can you come by?”

“What time?” Sue said. She made eyes to Kate like she was trying to get off the phone. She knew full well that their family did not allow anyone to talk on their phone when the family was sitting to eat.

“They will be leaving at like 4:00, but you will have to wait till after dark. I wish we could have all day but that is just too risky. Park on the next street over and come in the side gate. My parents have like all the neighbors watching the house…well me. I have been forbidden from leaving. I got in and out last night, but trying that twice in a row is just crazy.”

Sue didn’t like the idea of being part of a deception, but if she was to live his life, she’d better go along. And she had sympathy for the girl. Though they had never talked about sex directly, it was clear her parents were a lot like Sue’s mother. She knew how the girl felt and the truth was she thought her son was good for her.

After putting his phone away ‘Stephen’ apologized for answering Jenny’s call just before they sat down. Then he asked ‘Mom’ about going over to Jenny’s tonight. To Kate’s eyes, Mom seemed a little nervous. Even so, she agreed to let him go out even though he’d missed curfew the night before.

Kate listened and watched. She was puzzled. Something was going on. They seemed to be getting along all too well after last night’s blow-out at two in the morning. At the same time both of them seemed to be treading carefully. But why? That question took a back seat to the unfairness. She had to speak up. “Mom! Is he going to get off scot free for breaking curfew? It was just last month I was grounded for two weeks when I came home at 1:30. You caught him at 2:00. I heard you yelling when he came in!! That is just so totally unfair!”

The response was astounding; Kate later would call it life changing. Her mother turned to her and nodded in agreement. “You are right. I need to make it up to you. I guess this is as good a time to discuss this as any.”

Mom put down the menu. Kate knew she didn’t need it anyway. “Your brother and I had a talk this morning. I apologize for blowing up at him and he told me some things I did not understand. It seems that when your father and I created the permanent house rules, we didn’t make our intent as clear as we thought. You and your brother seem to have inferred something far different than what we thought you would understand.”

Sue (in Stephens’ body) tensed. She had not intended him to bring that up to Kate today….at The Riverside Cafe’. She struggled for a way to stop him but could not think of one that would not make things worse.

Stephen tried to say it like his mother had just said it before they left the house. “Katie, when your brother and I were processing what happened last night, I realized the fault was mine. Your brother had been out late to spend intimate time with Jenny rather than to just bring her home and do that in his room.”

Kate couldn’t believe what Mom seemed to be saying. ‘Was she really saying that she knew that Stephen had been out screwing his girlfriend? No that wasn’t possible, but it seemed she was.’

Her mother went on “Your father and I somehow seem to have given you and your brother the impression that we did not want you to…” She looked around. Her back was to an open space so there was little chance of being over heard. Even so, she spoke just above a whisper. “…we did not mean to make you think we did not want you to have sex in the house when your father or I were at home. That was the exact opposite of what we meant. With the rules we posted we were trying to let you know that when you were ready, that our home was the best place for you to have sex; and that you had no need to hide what you were doing. We wanted you to be safe and comfortable as you enjoy your teen years to their fullest. I actually regret waiting till I was in college to begin really enjoying sex. One of the big reasons I struggled so much in high school and my freshman year of college was my mother had programmed me to think I had to wait till I got married. That messed me up. If she even suspected I had sex with my high school sweetheart…well it would have been bad. Even when your father and I moved in together my senior year of college…yes college…she was angry and hurt. You know full well your dad and I don’t believe like she does; but I seem to have given you the impression that I was embarrassed or didn’t want to be aware of when you and your boyfriends were getting it on in the house. That is not so. From here on out, if you want to bring home a boy and spend the afternoon in your bed, you can just say so and I won’t disturb you. When the weather warms up, if you want to make love under the sun in the back yard, just let me know. I’ll even set you out blankets and bring you ice tea when you are done. How is that for making it up to you?”

Kate was in a catatonic state. She was reeling. ‘Where had this come from?’ her mind screamed. She knew her mother was as far from being a prude as she could get. She’d posed nude for her mother’s paintings many times since she was little. The cool bias relief painting that hung in her bedroom was first sketched out at a girl’s trip to the Outer Banks the summer before she started high school. She and Dianna and her mom spent a week posing (mostly nude) for her mother on deserted stretches of beach. On that trip and twice since her mom had posed nude for her to give her experience in drawing from live models. From that trip were literally thousands of photos of the four of them either topless or fully nude on the beach and in the water. Her mother made a big deal about explaining that nude beach photos of girls her age were perfectly legal, not that she or Dianna cared.

Kate knew there were many more photos on her mother’s computer that she did not know that she and Dianna had seen. They were of both of their mothers and fathers at swinger sex parties. She had never let on to her mother that she knew that Mom and Dad fucked other people at parties like that. And then a few months after that beach trip, her mother hadn’t even raised the slightest objection when, just before her fifteenth birthday, Kate announced she was ready to start having sex and wanted to get on birth control. But this? ‘Did Mom really just say she’d bring me and a guy iced tea after we had sex in the back yard in broad daylight? She had done a school report on when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was replaced with open and legal gay marriage. For the people involved was it like this?’ Not knowing what else to say Kate answered by just saying “Really?”

At the same time Kate was trying to make sense of this, across the table her brother blanched. The gamesmanship was getting out of Sue’s control. Though he didn’t actually say anything she would disagree with, she certainly wouldn’t have just laid it out like that. She hoped this didn’t backfire and make her daughter even more secretive. This made her very uncomfortable, but there was absolutely nothing she could do.

Stephen, in his mother’s body, thought he needed to further clarify the house rules. “You have had a 1:00AM curfew since you first started going out. The intent was never that you had to be home, only that you were off the road. So, we still expect you to be off the road by one, but let me make the meaning more clear. You can spend the night with boys, just like you do with girls.”

Kate seemed to be trying to work out the catch. There had to be a catch. There had to be a ‘but’ or a claw back of some kind.

Mom nodded, “Yes Kate. I mean if you want to you can sleep with your boyfriend at his house as long as his parents know and agree. But I will need to confirm that with them. But that is no different than the rule about sleeping over at a girl’s house.” She paused then added “Now, of course since you are only sixteen the boys you sleep with can’t be more than eighteen years old; but I don’t think that is an issue. Is it?”

Sue knew that she had not said that when talking to Stephen earlier. Why had he added the caveat? Though he was right and she was actually glad he had. He seemed to be ahead of her on this.

After a period of silence Kate said “No that is fine. Thanks Mom. Really, I mean I have really wanted to be open about it. I’ve been telling Stephen for a while that you are way more open about sex than he thinks, way way more open. You know how clueless guys can be about what women do. He has insisted that you did not want to know directly about our sex lives. So does that mean I can wear the kind of stuff you do around the house and in town? Summer will be here soon, since you said I can have sex in the back yard, does that also mean I can wear your bikinis? I mean the micro thongs you wear at our family friend’s swimming pools”

It was Sue’s turn to be taken aback. Clearly her son knew his sister better than he did. Not only was Kate not mortified at Mom’s explicit description of what was allowed at home, she repeated them back as she went after another huge inconsistency. It was obvious that Kate had been thinking about her mother’s double standard regarding what she wore and what she let Kate wear. Sue had never planned to set one standard for herself and another for her daughter. It had just snuck up on her. Since…well since before she met Dwight, Sue’s night and early morning attire has always been tee-shirt and panties. Not those long tee-shirts made for night shirts, but just regular tee-shirts. She had a whole collection of concert tee-shirts that made up her nighttime wardrobe. She was rather proud of them, even if now a day’s more had come from eBay than from concerts she had been to. Some of the ones she had actually bought at concerts were pretty old and ratty and none of them went lower than the top of her hips. None covered her where her panties would go. And she hadn’t owned “granny panties” since she was nineteen. Most of her panties were thongs, and those that did have some sort of rear coverage were lace or completely see-through. Occasionally after sex, she did not put on panties at all when she went down to the kitchen for something to eat or drink. To her kids that was normal night wear, unless it was cold, for their mother and always had been. Even on those rare occasions they saw her downstairs in her concert shirts without any panties, it was just Mom’s way. Yet, when Kate had been transitioning out of her Disney Princess night gowns, Sue had told her she was too young to dress like mom and insisted on pajamas. Somehow she’d forgotten to tell her when she was old enough to wear a tee-shirt and thong around the house.

Sue’s daytime home wear was actually fairly normal “mom clothes,’ but she knew that kind of attire was not what Kate was asking about. Kate was clearly referring to her studio ‘work clothes.’ The men’s overalls she wore even when she was with the students from the Tuesday art group literally left nothing of her breasts to the imagination. Not only when she bent over were her entire breasts visible from the side, more than once in the last year and a half, one of her mom’s breasts had fully come out during the sessions. Not once did her mother seem embarrassed or even apologize for exposing herself to the teenagers. More or less Kate was asking if she could effectively go topless not just in front of the family, but when her friends were over. But Sue suspected that Kate was not planning to do so, only to clarify she could if she wanted. One thing she had asked about in the last few months was for her and/or Dianne to pose nude for her friends in the Tuesday art group. The fact she’s had sex with all but the one gay guy in the group seemed to make that a reasonable question.

For years Sue had inadvertently created a double standard for Kate. On one hand she asked her daughter to pose in the nude in her studio, but yet the rest of the time she was expected to completely cover up. She knew the very day that she had shut the door on Kate dressing like Mom. It had only taken once, three years before, for Sue to tell pubescent Kate that she was too old to wear a top that exposed too much of her growing breasts while walking around the house. That one comment had created a defacto rule. Sue might as well have put the rule in writing that it was OK for Mom or for her to expose her breasts when she was in her studio, but Kate could not do the same in the family room. The hypocrisy was complete in that the family room (a converted garage) was more or less the kid’s space, just like the studio was her’s. At sixteen it was clear Kate thought the double standard was wrong. Kate couldn’t disagree.

The issue of swimwear had been much the same. Kate had never directly asked to buy one of the thong bikinis that Mom sunned in even when Stephens friends were at the house. Nor had she asked to wear one to go swimming at the Flint’s’; yet, it was clear Kate wanted the choice but did not think it had been available to her. The simple fact was Sue had never bought her daughter anything but full-coverage bikinis, nor had she even asked if her girl wanted the kind of revealing swimwear her mother wore. Once again Sue had passively created a double standard. Suddenly she was ashamed.

Stephen cut his eyes to his mom or rather as Kate saw it Mom cut her eyes over to her brother. Her brother gave a tiny nod and her mother turned back with a smile and said “Yes. You can, and should dress as you please. I wear what I like, and you should have the right to do the same. I was wrong to have ever suggested otherwise. And if my swimwear fits you, any of it, you can wear it whenever you think it is appropriate. Or if you want you can just go on line and pick out a couple of suits for yourself and I’ll order them for you.”

Her brother cut in “But I wouldn’t get stuff just to wear at the Flint’s or Pulaski’s pools, or sun at home. You still need something that is legal to wear at public beaches and swimming pools here.”

Kate thought it odd that his brother cared at all what she wore. Odd or not, he was right. Perhaps that was something Jenny had talked about given what happened at the Pep Squad lake party. She followed up with “And about everyday wear and the stuff I’ve seen you wear to parties?”

This time her mother didn’t hesitate. Stephen knew that on those nights that guys came over to the house when Mom & Dad were gone, Kate often wore some of her mom’s sexy clothes. Her mother said “You and I can pretty much where each other’s clothes now. So my wardrobe is open to you. Anything that fits you, you can borrow. From here on out it will be on you to decide what is too extreme to wear out. If you want, next week we can go to the mall or go on line so you can pick out some spring and summer clothes. Your choices entirely, not mine.”

“Anything?” Kate repeated.

Her brother blanched then said “How much can she spend? Do I get just as much? How about we both get $400 for new spring and summer clothes?” Though even as she said it she knew she had no intention of letting Stephen have that much. Fairness be damned, this wasn’t about Stephen. If cleaning up this mess actually did cost $800 that would still be a bargain.

Mom said “OK, you can both have $400 for clothes.”

Kate’s face told Sue that her daughter was beginning to believe this wasn’t some cruel trick. “Thanks Mom.” Kate began to ramble on about what certain kind of clothes she had seen on social media that she thought would look good on her. As their late breakfast wore on they talked about clothes. She seemed impressed that Mom knew who many of the popular people on social media were. This in turn gave her creditability when she spoke with some confidence about which on-line influencers could be trusted to know where lie the line between sexy and trashy for young women.

Sue was bewildered by an entire world of youth culture of which she had not a clue. But she once again saw this inexplicable body switch had paved the way for her to repair her ability to talk to her kids. Still she asked herself ‘How does Stephen know all that stuff about girls fashion and social media influencers?’ It was a question she was dying to ask. Then she realized she would have to give herself a crash course on teen fashion in the next few days to pass as Stephen who was posing as her.

By the time they stood to leave her daughter asked “Mom, I’ve known forever you know a ton about how sexy clothes look on real people. I just didn’t know you followed so many people I do. Can you help me pick out stuff that will work for me?”

Only then did Sue breathe easy. Her son’s performance playing her had been more effective than she could have done herself. Once again it seems this event was breaking down barriers that she had unintentionally built over years. One more possible reason she’d triggered this curse.

While ‘Mom’ went to pay, Sue thought about dinner tonight. Stephen would have to play her at a restaurant for an hour before they actually go to the club. But, if he could keep on topics like this and off of actual knowledge of open marriage, polyamory and the swing club itself he would be OK. But what if the couple asked her about specific events? She would need to give Stephen some detailed information. The photo archive on her studio computer would help. That way Stephen could bring up specific events and turn to Calvin to take over. ‘Yes, that would work’ she thought.

Kate rushed out of the downtown café with her phone to her head. She had a lot of information to share with her friends now. First call was to Monica. Once in the car Kate asked to be dropped off at her best friend’s house. “Monica and I are going to work on a shopping list. Since I don’t care about actual name brands, I can get a killer warm weather wardrobe with $400.”

When Kate was out of the car, the trip to Grandma’s was canceled. “No need for that” Sue said after she had texted her mother. As they drove home, first question was how he knew so much about girl’s fashion.

Stephen laughed, “Well, it’s not like I meant to learn all that but when Jenny is over she and Kate talk about it and about who they look to on the net to guide them. And when Jenny and I are with Emjay, there is even more talk about those things. It seems that Jenny is getting help from Emjay, Kate and Monica about how to change her wardrobe to match her evolving image of herself. I’m just along for the ride.”

“Well, I owe you one” Sue said. “You did a great job back there. Better than I could have done.” She was happy to be able to honestly praise her son in playing her. He would need all the confidence he could get. She then began to brief him on what to say and do around his father to keep him from becoming suspicious.

“Try to stay on topics that I would talk about and that you know about. Plead ignorance if any kind of sports talk comes up since I don’t keep up with that. Knowing too much would tell him something is wrong. Be non-committal if possible. And if you need to, call me on your cell phone. Tell him you told Kate you would call. I can keep you on the phone for a good portion of the drive to the club.”

When they made it home, Calvin’s car was still not there. She had a text saying that he was stopped dead due to a big wreck on I-26. “That’s a break” Sue said. “First thing let’s get working on your outfits.”

As they went up the stairs she said “You will need three complete sets: one to wear to the club, one to put on about 10:00, and one to put on after sex. Sometimes I will be invited by a single or couple for sex early on. Unless you just can’t bring yourself to do it, take the offer. As long as you are having sex, you will not have to make conversation.”

She moved quickly in her son’s body because she did not know how much time they had. She went right to her walk-in closet. She liked being 6’ 1”, she could reach things much easier. She took what looked to be a small leather suitcase from the top shelf. “If he suggests you bring toys to the club, you’re best off with my harness. You will be able to fake skill with a strap on dildo better than the other things.”

Sue opened the brown leather soft case on a closet shelf. In the suitcase were all sorts of vibrators, dildos and even a few things Stephen didn’t know what they did. He was past being shocked, now it was just learning time. She took what looked like leather webbing with a chrome ring on one side. “This is my good harness. It goes with this. She pulled out what looked to be a big dildo and a small dildo attached at a 45 degree angle. “Take this to your room. I’m guessing when your father gets home he’ll want a nap, so once he’s asleep I’ll show you how to put it on and to work it.”

She then pulled out a plastic container. “In here are condoms, lube, oils and the like. I use my blue tote to carry my things to the club. The condoms are lubricated so you shouldn’t need the lube tonight. Stephen was looking in the box and added “And you have pictures too?” seeing several stacks of prints bound with rubber bands and a plastic case holding 8x10’s. Yea, those are from before we went digital. I have nudes going back to my sophomore year in college” she explained.

“So where are the digital pics?” he asked as he began looking through the photos. She was glad he didn’t even pick up the plastic case that held dozens of 8x10’s. Some of those were much more recent than the photos which were all more than fifteen years old.

After keeping those files out of the kid’s hands for so long, for some reason she didn’t hesitate giving up the big secret. “On both desktops, the one in your dad’s study and the one in my studio there is a directory on drive ‘D’ called Zazzel.” Perhaps because it was not a child who asked her about her photos was why she did not even hesitate to tell where they could be found. Why didn’t she even try to put him off? Where was her ability to think before she acted? Was this what it’s like to have a seventeen year old boy’s brain? She didn’t seem to be able to think before saying things. Maybe this was part of the lesson she needed to learn. She just said “We don’t have time for you to look at the photos. I promise, tomorrow I’ll let you take them to your room and look at your leisure, but right now we are in a hurry.”

From a hanger she took a burgundy wool skirt. It was knee length but the sides were cut almost to the waist band, “here, this will be easier for you to walk in than a mini, and wear these black boots because they are the only flats your dad likes.” Finally she pointed to a navy blazer, “and wear that..and…” She looked at the rack and picked out a completely see-through blue blouse.

She led him back out of the closet and opened a dresser drawer. “Here is one of my favorite bras for going out with friends.” She handed him a dark blue bra and an unopened hosiery package. “These are suspender hose, kind of like combined garter and hose in one. It should make it easier on you. You can wear them all night unless you get into the hot tub or pool. Put them on first, and the thong after, otherwise you’ll need to take off the stockings to get off the panties. That is a real pain when you go pee. Oh, and when you pee, wipe from front to back, I don’t’ want an infection.”

They heard the automatic garage door open.

“OK, your father is home, you go and look busy dusting the living room. I’ll pick out some appropriate accessories and lingerie for later on. I’ll put them in your room for now.

Stephen did as he was told. He rushed down and grabbed the Pledge& paper towels. While he heard his dad come in, he pretended not to. The slap to his rear was a surprise as was the whispered words in his ear.

“Your stud is back from doing his duty” his dad said with some pride.

“Welcome home” was Stephen’s weak reply, but much to his relief, his dad did not want to talk right then and didn’t lean in to give him a kiss.

“I’m sorry honey, but I’ve got to get a nap. I told them you’d email where to meet for dinner before we go to the club. I figure we need to leave about 6:30. I maybe got two hours sleep last night, perhaps less. She was insatiable.”

With that he was gone. Stephen was relieved. He put down the cleaning supplies and lay out on the couch. It fit him much better in his mom’s body than his own. He had been on edge for hours. Now he could relax for a few minutes. He was asleep in seconds.

He was awakened by his mother (or rather by himself).

“Does this thing ever really turn off?” she asked him pointing to the bulge in the sweat pants.

“Not very often” he grinned. “It looks like you are going commando. It’s more comfortable, but your dick will be more obvious when it is hard. Jenny likes it when I go like that when we are just hanging around here.”

Sue saw the practicality in what he said. “Your dad is zonked out. Come on we have a good many more things to go over while we can. I texted Kate I would pick her up at about 5:30. So, let’s head down to my studio now. Even if your dad wakes up we will be able to hear him with enough time to hide what we have out.”

When Sue and Calvin had gotten married and moved to Rock Hill, Calvin had promised he would build her a home studio. It took five years, but when the young CPA had established himself and finances had eased, they bought the spacious home in which they had lived ever since. But before they even moved in, Calvin had a studio built for her as an addition to the side of the back porch. With a twelve foot open rafter ceiling and two of the four walls made mostly of glass and large skylights in the sloped roof; it was all she could have wanted. The windows all looked out onto their large backyard that looked onto the woods beyond their home.

Sue had never wanted to be anything but an artist. As a teenager she discovered the world of art, but it was in college she learned to become something more than herself through her art. She fell in love with the Jazz Age and art deco as a teenager. When other art students saw themselves as neo-hippies or beats, she envisioned herself as a liberated woman from the world of F. Scott Fitzgerald. In her first two years she experimented with the styles of Lempicka, Erte, & Lepape, yet only when she added a dose of Norman Lindsey & modern realism did her own unique and distinct style emerge. Though she tried many subjects, she kept coming back to the nude. So it was nudes she painted while Dwight worked on his master’s degree in accounting and it was her nudes that started her on the road to success. But when they moved from the cultural hotspot of Charleston to a backwater town her career died. Only when she moved into her new studio and began marketing on-line did she begin rebounding.

Inside her studio against the side wall was a wide but cluttered desk. Painting was the easy part, the business of promoting and selling her work took more time than she spent with a brush in her hand. Though she hated the business part, it was the only way to generate money from her work so as to justify the time and expense the studio represented. Though Dwight was nice about it, the tax deductions they got from her home business were more important to their finances than the money she brought in by sales. Beside the desk was her desktop computer and her printer, with the two oversized monitors and keyboard right in front of the office chair. Across from the desk was the one solid wall that had been the home’s exterior before the addition. Her standard ‘set’ was an antique Victorian style chaise lounge and folding partitions. While this was her basic set up, for many modeling sessions she moved the chaise and partitions to use a backdrop hung from the wall and posing stools or chairs. This area was where her models, who were almost all her friends, posed nude for hours at a time. The studio was cluttered by racks holding painting supplies, work tables and a good two dozen paintings leaning against the walls. But to Sue it was her refuge and place to truly be herself. Perhaps that was why she refused to change how she dressed in her studio.

Sue shut the door behind her and took the harness from her blue tote bag and turned to Stephen wearing her body. “This took me a while to get to work when I first got it, but for you tonight, it might be your best bet as you are used to having a dick.”

Stephen laughed.

“Pull up the hem of the dress and take of f your panties” she told him. He complied without comment; despite the fact he thought the order was weird…and kinda hot.

“The way this works is you put one end inside you, and the other in your partner. Now I usually put the small end in me and leave the bigger one for my partner, unless I’m doing them anal, then I put the big end in me.”

Once again, Stephen had to make himself act like this talk from his mom was no big deal; but it was a huge fucking deal. His mom just casually was telling him about fucking people in the ass with her strap-on. If he had his dick, it would be rock hard.

She handed him the boomerang shaped dildo. “First put it in you. You should lubricate it before you do. You can use the KY or Atsroglide you will find in my travel bag, but if you are already turned on it is easier to just slide it between your inner lips for a moment to pick up your natural lubricants.”

Stephen just stood looking at the thing she’d put in his hand.

She tried not to laugh at his expression. Taking a tube of KY from the tote she said “Here spread it all over the surface, and especially at the head.”

He gingerly used two fingers to move the thick fluid around.

She nodded and said “OK good. Now put it in.”

His eyes got big “How do I do that?”

His mother couldn’t’ hold back this time. She laughed out loud. “I guess women who use this kind of dildo have been putting dicks or toys up inside themselves for years. Here, I’d better help. Sit on the edge of the chair.”

He took a seat in the office chair by the desk.

“Spread your legs for me.” Sue looked at her body from a vantage point she’d never seen. Her outer and inner lips spread out before her eyes. She was pleased that the ‘composition’ and ‘balance” was quite aesthetically pleasing. In other words, she had a pretty pussy. She’d had the hair on her outer labial lips permanently removed by electrolysis more than a decade ago, she’d done it because she knew she and her partners both liked cunnilingus better on a bare labia. But, now she considered the minimalist visual qualities that choice had produced. Her two inner lips were just large enough to peek out when her legs were closed, but open like this they had an inviting look she’d never considered no matter how many times she’d masturbated looking in a mirror. She could see the prominent clitoral ridge stood up firmly which told Sue that her son was sexually aroused even though he gave no verbal sign. She didn’t blame him.

She also liked how her pubic patch permanently etched into a diamond of flame red hair was both memorable and fit the spare ascetic of her over all pubic look. While she’d used a mirror to see her labia while she masturbated since she was fifteen years old, and she had plenty of photos that showed it; this was different. Seeing her entire sex like this, in person on her knees between her own legs, was a totally new experience. It pleased her how she looked. She felt the penis in her sweat pants stiffening…again.

She put out her index finger and traced the outer ridge of her labia majora. She noticed “her” hips quiver. The same reaction happened again when she ran her finger along the now fully engorged center ridge. She however did not pull back the clitoral hood or touch the pink bud that she could just barely see. That would be too much for her son. But, she did let her (Stephen’s) finger part the inner lips and slide between them. It was already moist, but slowly moving that finger up and down in the cleft, until it was fully inside her vagina, brought a virtual cascade of lubricants. She heard Stephen moan softly. He seemed to be trying to stifle his response.

“Good,” she said in as clinical of a voice she could muster, “Now you are ready. At the club I’m sure you will already be flowing with lubricants before you put this on, if you use it at all. Just because I’m preparing you for using this does not mean you need to. I just want you to be ready if someone asks.” She looked up and indicated for Stephen to hand the dildo back to her. His eyes told her he was not just turned on, he was actually terrified.

“Relax” she said trying to calm him, but the baritone voice coming from her didn’t have the same soothing qualities of her own. “This is totally normal and natural. Being a woman is a wonderful thing.” As she spoke she used two fingers to spread the little lips apart and she eased the silicon phallus in a little. “You know you are lucky beyond words that you get this experience.” She slowly moved it in and out, getting deeper each stroke. “Focus on every sensation so that in years to come you will know how your partner feels.”

He grunted out an agreement.

Though she was using the smaller of the two connected silicon penises, it was still as big as the average man. “What I am doing…” she said as she continued to move the dildo all the way in and half way out “…is working up your natural lubricants all the way in. As things, fingers, penises, or dildos move in and out, your vagina will secrete a lubricant that will make it easier and feel better. Some women need to use lube while having vaginal sex, but so far I’ve never needed it.”

She found it quite easy to put herself into teaching mode without even considering she was surely giving a great deal of pleasure, nor the reality that it was her son inside that body.

Stephen, on the other hand had never felt anything remotely like this. It was not the inverse of normal fucking. It was, well….. being filled. The stimulation was nice as she moved it in and out. Not over the top, like playing with the head of his penis, but mild like stroking the shaft. He felt his nipples push on the fabric of the bra. But all too soon, his mother pushed the dildo all the way in and stopped.

“I know” she said in an almost whisper “It feels good. But if you want to get yourself off with the dildo, you’ll have to do it yourself. I can guide you, but I won’t do it for you. For now I’m just going to show you how to put on the harness, that‘s it.”

She stayed down between his legs, and looked up at him. She could tell he was in need. “Here, I’ll wait for a minute while you experiment. You don’t need to be finding all this out tonight.” She took his hand and placed it on the center of the two headed device, and with her hand over his, she moved it in and out. “Now, you’ll find both angle and speed changes how it feels.” She stood and Stephen took over the manipulation of the dildo.

Stephen simply had no words to say. This was so much, so very much to take in. He guided the dildo in and out slowly. There was no way he could do this if his mother was in her own body standing in front of him; but this was more like jacking off in front of one of his friends. He could feel the arousal from both the feelings and from watching the shaft push in slowly and pull back. His mother was right, each angle felt different. It all felt good, but something was missing when he did it himself. Unlike stroking his cock, he really had no skill in this. He really wanted her to do it again, but did not want to say so. He stopped and looked up to his mother who inhabited his body.

“So soon? From how turned on you were, I thought you’d do that for a while” she said. She didn’t want to admit it but it had turned her on too, that ever ready penis was again fully engorged and she found it difficult to ignore.

“I think you did it differently.” He paused and then quietly said “Could you show me again?”

Even though less than three minutes before she had told him she would not do it, she was back on her knees in front of him…well herself. A voice seemed to tell her this reversal was the male body’s doing. She was all too aware of the erection in her pants. Stephen handed her the dildo. Sliding it back in easily, she thought her lips looked very pretty the way they wrapped around the marbled green and white silicone phallus as it penetrated her.

“OK, I will talk you through it. You should know this stuff even if you weren’t going to be a woman at a sex club for a night.” She laughed a little, he smiled. That seemed to break the tension. She began to stroke slowly. “When I was your age, the so called experts told women that there were two kinds of orgasms, vaginal and clitoral. Now we know that the clitoris is way more than the little nub you see. It is a large organ that attaches to the pelvic bone and wraps around the top half of the vagina. It even has sacks that inflate like your penis does. What you see outside is the body and glans of the clitoris. That is the part that is like a tiny penis shaft and head.’ She placed her left hand on Stephen and used her thumb to lightly stroke the clitoral shaft. It really was very sexy to watch. Continuing to stroke the shaft, she continued her narration. “It even has a foreskin called the hood.” She lightly stroked the hood. She knew all too well how wonderful that would feel to him. “We know now, well I think many women always knew, almost all orgasms involve the clitoris to one extent or another.”

She could tell he was responding to both the touch of her thumb and the four inch strokes with the dildo she was gently making to warm him back up. She ignored it and kept talking. “I can almost always have an orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Not all women can. A good way to look like me tonight is to stay on top as much as possible. That is what your father and our friends will expect me, well you, to do.” She lowered the base of the dildo so the head pressed on the roof of his vagina. “As you know, when a guy is on his back his dick doesn’t point up to the ceiling. When on his back his penis wants to point parallel to his body. So when you sit up with his penis inside you, that presses the head on the roof of your vagina, just like I am doing now. Can you see how that feels different?

He nodded. In a weak voice he said “Yes. It feels really good. Well it all feels good, but I can tell the difference.”

“You are paying attention to your body. That is important. Like I said, tonight, mount up when you get a chance. I can, and often do, get a whole room watching while I save a horse and ride a cowboy.” She smiled to herself but she knew he probably didn’t know the song from which that phrase came. “Doing that will put you fully in control and you won’t be faced with something surprising.”

“Like what?” came Stephen’s response.

“Like a hundred things, but the point is you need to stay in control with something that is easy to do. Now pay attention.”

She was holding the center, waist, of the double dildo. She moved it so that the tip of the head was making little circles a few inches behind his pelvic bone. She also increased the pressure as she rubbed the clitoral ridge. “I am actually stimulating the large interior part of your clitoris. In my day they called it a g-spot but that term is largely out of use because it is not accurate.” She worked the dildo to stroke and twist as if she were riding a man and rolling her hips. “Can you feel that?”

In a less sure voice than before he said “Yeah, I can feel it hitting differently each time.”

After a dozen more slow strokes, she looked up. His eyes were closed. One hand was gripping her a boob. She suspected that he wanted to grasp his (her) breasts. “If you want to, it will feel better if you take off the dress and bra and stimulate your nipples directly.”

He didn’t say anything but pulled off the dress and began struggling with the bra.

“Oh, that won’t do tonight” she said. “Slip the straps down and pull out your arms.” He did. “Now turn the whole thing so the cups are behind you. That way you can unfasten it easily. You can do the same thing in reverse to put on the bra or the lingerie I picked out for you to change into. You will know when to change because other women will start changing.” All the while she kept working the dildo. She began to use several fingers to firmly rub the entirety of his upper vulva.

In short order he gripped both boobs with his whole hands. Soon however he realized the error of his approach and took both nipples between thumb and forefingers. She thought how much he was learning. This was a master class in making love to women she decided.

She looked back down at her work with the dildo as he tweaked his (her) quite erect nipples. She tried not to think how perhaps tomorrow those will be hers again, yet he will have the memory of playing with them. Looking at the dildo working in and out she once again thought how good she looked down here with a penis filling her up. She had never appreciated how attractive it was. With this on her mind she continued her narrative. “Now feel how I move the stroke angle up and down and side to side? I know how good it feels. You achieve this feeling while on a man by rotating your hips. Not just front to back but side to side and twisting too. I’m sure you’ve felt Jenny and Monica do it. Now you can feel why.”

In a breathy voice he said “Oh fuck yea.”

She did not comment on his language then thought to herself, ‘I really should do reverse cowgirl more often, especially when in a group. How could any man or woman resist watching and wanting to put their face down there?’ She batted down the thought of doing just that right then. She was not going to go down on her son even if he was in her, rather sexy, body. And besides, that would up the risk they were taking. She’d have him screaming in less than a minute if she did. Forcibly, she replaced that thought with a more detached view. ‘How would it look if I were doing a bigger dick?’ With that question in mind she slipped the small end of the “V” shaped piece of silicone out, turned it around and ran the head of the larger phallus up between her inner lips several times. There was more than enough lubricant flowing to get it slick. She was only vaguely aware of the effect that had on Stephen. She knew it was vain to sit there appraising the beauty of her labia; but it kept her mind off of the things her seventeen year old male body wanted her to dwell on… like driving that screaming erection into the vagina in front of her. The larger shaft slid in easily.

‘Yes’ she thought. ‘That does look good. I like how this big penis forces the front part of my labia into a barrel shape. It spreads open my outer lips, highlights my clitoral ridge and shows off my really pretty inner lips as they grip the shaft as it moves. They are not too big or too small. They have just the right shade of light pink without looking too red or dark. Damn I’m fine! No wonder I get more head from both men and women than anyone else I know. I really need to get a photo set done of me like this. But who has a cock just this size?’

She continued to slide the dildo in and out slightly changing the angle each time. She was more or less tuning out Stephen as she appraised the impact of how the changes affected the look of her womanly parts. She knew this was a once in a life time opportunity to really see how she presented to others in bed. When she did turn her attention back to Stephen, he had let go of her breasts to grip the arms of the chair. He began to thrust his hips and add his own rotating movements.

“Good Stephen. Just like that. You are learning” she encouraged and began to reduce her movements with the artificial penis so as to let him take charge of the sensations. “Now tonight you might consider using both the standard female superior position and the reverse of that. Just turn around to face the man’s feet. If you lean back to show off the action down here; you will almost surely get someone to ask to go down on you. If no one does right off, since you will almost surely be in the big play room, feel free to ask a bystander to do it. Just pick the one with the most hungry look in their eyes. And yes, you can ask a woman. I’ve never had a woman decline an invite to lick my clit. Above all, stay in charge.”

The combined pace of his hip thrusts into the stroking dildo was rapidly increasing. She tuned that out. “Don’t let other people set the agenda. And don’t be afraid to let the guy do the work. That way you won’t tire out so quickly. Remember you are in my body, not yours. I don’t have the stamina you do. If you do get tired, just tell the guy to get on top or to do you doggie. Don’t worry, at a swing club the women are expected to give all the orders.”

Phil Peterson’s name popped in her head. ‘Yes,’ she thought ‘he would be perfect. Not only is his cock almost exactly this size and shape of the bigger dildo, but he keeps his body waxed, even his balls and ass. He is a little full of himself, but as a partner in a photo-shoot he’d be perfect. And he’d jump at the chance to get a set of professional photos of him fucking at no cost to himself.’ Scanning her eyes up from her filled vulva to her abs and breasts she was very pleased at what she saw. ‘Damn! I really am a fine MILF. I’ll call Phil as soon as I get my body back and ask him. I’ll book Janice Samuelsson to shoot us. I’ve seen her work, it is really good. Perhaps I should have her shoot here in my studio. I’ve never brought in a photographer to do a formal erotic photo shoot in here and the leather chaise would be perfect. Or perhaps we should do a foursome shoot with his wife and Calvin. That would be more politic even though I know the photos I want already.’

A sharp groan from Stephen followed by heavy breathing and rapid thrusting brought her out of her thoughts. ‘Oh dear! He is closer to climax than he realizes.’ She pulled the dildo from her vagina, or rather Stephen’s vagina.

Standing she said “OK, I think you got the idea.” She could tell she’d left him in a lurch, but he’d get over it. “Now to show you how to put on the harness.” The erection in her sweats made its presence known. She’d done a good job of blocking it out for a little while, a very little while: but now it was back with a vengeance.

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Dec 16, 2020

Whoa, Dude! I was going to comment on your choice of artists, and say that pubic grooming recognizes genitals as social organs, then... The dildo tutorial scene was—very—arousing. Sue and Stephen are going to spend a long time in counseling.

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