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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 5

Note: Please remember this story is just a thought experiment. As such I use an impossible hypothetical and project one way that a pair of people would respond. However it is fiction without any basis in actual living people. As in all thought experiments, I take real human traits and tease them out via an impossible scenario. Don't take this as an endorsement of inappropriate behaviors.

“Stephen, could you let me sit at the desk?” Sue took her place and booted up the computer. “I need to open up the photo file. Oh, and while you were asleep I emailed a number of our club friends to invite them to join you and your father tonight.”

Stephen gave her the seat and pulled a stool over and sat by his mother. Since she used the duel monitors to display her reference images as she painted, they were larger than normally seen on a work computer.

She checked an email account. “I have two couples who said they will be there and would love the help us introduce the new young couple to group sex. So, you are on for an orgy.” She then opened up the Zazzel directory.

Sue began “So, you can see I have two sub-directories here. There is one labeled “Events” that is more or less a directory of candid sex photos taken of me, your father and our friends mostly taken at parties or other events. They are arranged by date. The one labeled “People” is what I use for my work. As you know when I start a new project I usually have real people sit for me, but on the later stages and when I’m making variants of a concept I draw a lot on my image files a good bit.” She opened the People directory.

Stephen looked at the very long list of names as she scrolled down. He asked “Have you had sex with all these people?”

“No not all of them but most, probably like ninety percent. These files represent reference photos, photo portraits, art nudes and glamour photos I have shot going back twenty-five years to my college days. These images are mostly from after I went digital. But I have scanned hundreds of my old negatives and from time to time I scan and add more. I’ve also taken informal and candid images of individuals from the events directory and copied them here so, let’s say I’m doing a painting and I want my primary figure to be my friend Mary. I think you know she is in more of my paintings than anyone else. Often she is a secondary or background image. Her curvy figure is great for an iconic woman.”

Mary Graham in many ways was Sue’s artistic vision. Twenty-three years ago this month she’d been looking for the right model to be the centerpiece of her senior project at The College of Charleston. Though she was a year and a half from graduating, she knew it was past time for her to get started. Yet none of the models in the art department stables were what she was looking for. Then one cold February morning as she was in the gym locker room changing from her yoga outfit back into her school clothes, a group of what were obviously freshmen disturbed the quiet. Initially she’d been annoyed, but one of the girls caught her eye.

She was noticeably short, perhaps just over five feet tall, not at all slim, and her face was as average as average could be. Even her mousy brown shoulder length hair and baggy sweat shirt help to make her the kind of girl that simply goes unnoticed in a room. BUT…she had a radiance in her presence, a real joy and bounce to her step that made Sue look again, and again. The noisy group broke up and the girl took a place near the far end of the isle of lockers. When the girl pulled off her sweat shirt and jeans; Sue saw she had the smallest waist imaginable, yet her generous hips and impressive bust were large enough that in loose clothing she seemed to have a round apple shaped figure. That was who she had been looking for: the archetypical woman. Almost like the fertility figures carved by prehistoric societies.

With a level of enthusiasm that she later realized was inappropriate, she rushed over and introduced herself before the girl could get dressed. Initially the girl was startled and a little frightened. Then as Sue talked she grew suspicious. “Why would anyone want me to be a model? I’m not skinny or pretty enough” she objected. “No, I’ve never posed nude. Why would anyone want me to?” Yet, in the way she said it, Sue could tell she was not saying she would not pose nude, but rather she thought she was too unattractive to be asked.

Sue was not to be deterred. She did not want to let her get away. The girl: Mary Graham, freshman from Orangeburg, undeclared major, missed her Introduction to Modern Fitness class that day. They talked at length. She found that Mary thought her body was freakish and ugly, hence her willingness to look like an apple rather than accentuate her shape. With a blush Mary said “I guess that is why I’m still a virgin. It’s not that I would not have sex, it’s just I know if a guy saw me naked he would find me repulsive and I couldn’t bare being laughed at.” Sue did her best to convince her otherwise and the girl seemed, after some time, to be receptive.

Eventually Sue and Mary were in the college’s Fine Arts Building. Sue showed the freshman her recent paintings and explained how the tall slim models shown in those paintings were not her vision for symbolic womanhood. “Frankly, Mary, I think you are the embodiment of what I have in my mind as the centerpiece for my whole senior exhibition.” Five minutes later Sue closed the door to a small posing studio and posted the “occupied” sign on the door. Once she was nude Sue found Mary’s body to be breath taking. Her very full breasts stood out at a seemingly impossible angle. Mary’s round full hips were separated from the bust by a waist that Sue almost thought she could put her hands around. And the body was topped by a face that seemed to be the embodiment of all conventional, very average, middle class American teenagers. Yet even nude, perhaps more because she was nude, Mary’s radiance of personality remained. She was exuberant even when standing stock still in a pose for Sue. When Sue showed Mary the drawing she had made of her that first day, the eighteen year old seemed dumbfounded that Sue saw her so beautiful. Over the next weeks Mary posed every afternoon and Sue painted. The result were the two best paintings she had yet created. The ambitious young painter had found her muse and hit her stride.

That was over two decades ago and Mary had been Sue’s muse and closest friend ever since. While Mary was now over twice the age she was then, so was Sue. However with the help of a commitment to her appearance (and a little surgery to keep those massive breasts upright) and her continued inner radiance; Mary was still the same person she’d been all those years ago. She now lived a little over an hour away from Sue, on the north side of Columbia, yet they still saw each other almost every week.

Sue opened the directory and began to scroll through a number of sub-directories. It was no surprise to Stephen that she had a lot of nude photos of Mary on her computer. She and Colin’s mother, Vivian Flint-Otis, were her mother’s best friends. He knew full well that they had both posed nude for her lots of times, but mostly they did normal stuff together and they were both was at the house a good bit. Even before this day he had known Mary was a little bit wild. While his mom wore fairly conventional clothes in town most of the time; Mary liked to show off, mostly her big boobs. She wasn’t super hot, but if she had any kids she would be called a curvy milf: short with a bubble butt and big tits. He already knew what she looked like naked because she and his mother let him come right in the studio when she was posing. Not surprisingly he always looked forward to her sitting dates. Though he now thought he should have seen it all along, he finally began to put other puzzle pieces together. With the knowledge that his parents screwed around and his mom got it on with women too, it threw a new light on her relationship with Mary. He just had to ask. “Is Mary like your girlfriend?”

His mom thought for a moment. “No we have never thought of ourselves as a couple. She is my oldest and closest friend and yes started sharing guys in bed even before I started dating your dad. But no I wouldn’t say she is my girlfriend.” With the short answer she turned her attention to an image on the screen. “Now this set is perhaps the best erotic art photos I’ve ever done. I’m a painter, but sometimes I try to stretch my wings and this photo shoot came out better than I’d hoped.” She clicked to open an image file. It was a high contrast black & white of a nude trio: Mary holding Sue’s husband’s erection in her hand while a Latin man holds her from behind kissing her neck. “This is, of course, your dad and Mary. Behind her is Juan, who was her husband at the time.”

Sue’s thoughts went to Dwight and Mary and how finding the right man to pose with Mary brought Dwight into her life. That fateful day Sue saw Mary and convinced her to pose for her began a chain of events that led directly to all her life became over the years, starting with finding the man who became her husband.

When Sue pulled Mary into her orbit, Mary’s entire life changed. Not that Sue pushed her into anything other than to see herself as beautiful and desirable. But that one push, and inviting her to a “get together” at the communal home she shared with a few of her class mates opened doors Mary didn’t know existed. That day Mary observed Sue and a guy engage in the most casual of sexual encounters right in the living room. While that ten minutes of playful sex was completely forgettable for Sue, it was life changing for Mary. Not an hour after observing people having sex for the first time, she had the first sexual experience of her life. In that two hundred year old home at 169 North Belvedere in Charleston, a day and long night of eroticism awakened the spirit of Venus in Mary.

Thus six weeks later when Sue asked Mary if she would be willing to pose with a man, engaged in actual love making she didn’t hesitate to say yes. The only problem was that Sue was having a time finding the right male model. Sue had a dozen sit for her for trial sessions, none were right. It was quite by chance a friend had a friend who was dating the shortstop on the college’s nationally ranked baseball team. The friend’s friend asked Sue to meet him. Initially Sue was hesitant. She had not really envisioned a ‘jock’ for her male lead model, but she agreed.

When she met Dwight Richards, he was not at all what she had expected. He was not at all the brash braggadocio that she’d expected. Rather he was reserved and even shy. When she said she was looking for a man who would be willing to not just simulate love making, but to actually have sex with full penetration; Sue looked at the guy and then to the woman he was dating. His date nodded and he said that was not a problem. When she asked if he thought he could maintain an erection for an hour with little stimulation the young woman nodded even more vigorously. She told Sue that she did not expect that would be an issue. Sue was actually looking for someone shorter, due to Mary’s 5’ 1” stature, but still she was interested enough to ask him to come by the Fine Arts Building for a test sitting. Due to his baseball schedule, she met him at 7:00 AM one morning. She showed him into one of the small studio rooms and gave him five minutes to undress and achieve an erection.

When she returned he had done both. Right off she knew this was what she was looking for. Very well defined muscle groups, great tone but an average face. Importantly for her planned paintings he had well defined symmetrical testies and his circumcised penis was well above average in length so as to give good balance to his tall frame. She drew for forty five minutes and his erection did not flag. She was his man.

She had to wait for baseball season to finish to start her project. Fortunately she still lived in the rented home with the hot house turned art studio. She found an antique Victorian chaise lounge and folding screen at an estate sale that would create the set she wanted. In the late summer she spent almost a month with Mary and Dwight posing for two hours three days a week in the act of making love in the damp heat of a Charleston summer. The sweat that covered their bodies added to the eroticism. For the first few weeks she told them to find ways to pleasure each other while she sketched and took reference photos with the college’s wonderful Hasselblad medium format camera. The full light from the glass encased hot house made for a photo studio not unlike the ones used by late 19th century photographers. The resulting photos had an amazing artistic look to them. Years later she had scanned those old negatives and was surprised how fresh, beautiful and erotic the images were.

When they would reach a position she found interesting she would make a rapid sketch. At the end of each session she would ask Dwight first to bring Mary to at least one climax which she would photograph, then for him to climax himself (which she also photographed). After a few weeks she assigned them formal positions for painting. She painted a collection of paintings over the next seven months based on these “sittings.” They were her own brand of fantasy work with many elements of modern fantasy art, but in a modern realist aesthetic similar to Julie Bell with a bit of Lindsey thrown in. Pointedly she avoided violent images and openly embraced sexual ones. Her senior portfolio was the talk of the art department and it got her accepted into the University of South Carolina’s M.F.A. program in studio art. Though it took her over ten years to complete, her graduation at thirty-five years old brought her great pride.

Her male model became one of Sue’s house mates that fall, then her lover, then her fiancée, then her husband. She had gotten to know him while intently watching him have sex with her best friend three times a week for six weeks. It made for a very unusual love story that she had never told her kids. Though as she started the slide show she vowed she would tell Stephen and Kate the whole story and show them those original photos within the next few weeks.

The next image on the big monitor was a semi-silhouette close up of Sue’s head, the light just wrapping around her cheeks making the near side dark, but not black. The man was in front of her with more than half of his penis inside of her mouth. Once again she realized that if Stephen had been in his own body she would not have been quite so sanguine about sitting beside him like this. After all with her oversized screens, the image was quite graphic as it showed her sucking Juan’s erection. But sharing these photos with someone in the body of a forty-one year old woman didn’t embarrass her in the least. She scrolled through a few more photos.

It took until the view had backed up for Stephen to realize the photo set was shot right here in his mom’s studio. The group of photos shot in front of his mom’s neutral backdrop were just the first set. Next were a group of photos of his mother, Mary and the Hispanic man using the chaise lounge to achieve all sorts of threesome combinations. His mother stopped on one photo of her situated on the leather chaise lounge. She was on all fours eating out Mary, while the man stood behind the lounge with his penis almost completely inside of her. Just enough of the shaft was visible behind her buns to show that most of it was in her body.

Stephen could not believe how normal it seemed looking at photos of his mom in a threesome with Mary and her ex-husband while she sat right there beside him. Well, it was not exactly like she was sitting beside him, because by all appearances it was not his mom, but himself. Even still, it seemed weird how quickly all this felt normal. He hoped things like this would stay normal once he returned to his own body.

As calmly as if they were looking at family vacation photos she said “It might be too long ago for you to remember, but this is the day we broke the chaise lounge. I think you were six years old. It seems someone in our swinger group heard I was a professional artist and commissioned me to do a series of illustrations for a book she was writing. These were ostensibly the reference photos for that project, but I think they stand on their own. Nothing came of the project and the money I was paid for two dozen pen & ink illustrations did not cover the cost of fixing the chaise lounge. Fortunately since I had model releases for both Mary and Juan, I’ve sold wall sized prints from some of the best of these at a couple of swinger & alternative lifestyle conventions.”

She moved to the next group of photos, this of Mary taking it from her husband and Stephen’s dad in a variety of positions. “Not to criticize your father, but his body was in way better shape back then. Not that you will ever tell him I said that.” She laughed as she went through the photos. Stephen laughed too because it was obvious the man in the photos was in far better shape than what he saw at the pool last summer.

A photo came up of Mary sitting backward on Dwight with her legs spread. His penis certainly appeared to be fully into her ass. Stephen asked “So does Mary like anal? I mean it looks like Dad’s dick in her ass?”

Sue moved to the next photo with Juan standing between Dwight’s legs, guiding his penis into Mary’s open vagina. “Yea she does. She particularly likes two guys in her at once.” She moved to the next photo where Mary was filled by both men. “It’s not really my thing, but she can be a real freak sometimes. The pose was on the list of illustrations for me to do for the proposed book. Not that Mary complained.”

Stephen watched as the next group was of his mother doing his dad and Mary’s husband. Again the photos displayed a variety of poses with penises in her hand, her mouth and her vagina. “Mom?” He asked. “Do you think we will be able to look at these photos together like this once we are in our own bodies, or would that be too weird.”

She stopped with an image of her sitting on his dad’s face, with Mary’s husband standing in front of her, penis in her mouth. “I don’t know. I really don’t, though I actually hope so. I would like this to become the new normal. In my closet I have a few poster sized prints left of this set I’ve sold at conventions; I’ve wanted to put one or two of them on the walls in here. Wouldn’t that make Kate’s friends from the Tuesday art group eyes pop?” They both laughed then she said “But first let’s get back into our own bodies then we will see.” She turned back to the screen. “This is the last photo of this set. When Juan got up on the chaise with Dwight and me, it broke and I fell and I sprained my wrist. We had to do without the images of me in the middle with both men fucking me at once, not that I minded. There are a lot more photos from this shoot, but they aren’t in this directory.”

Stephen asked “So you were going to do some pics with one dick in your pussy and one in your ass?”

Sue nodded “I said anal isn’t one of my regular things, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never done it. Somewhere in the videos is one your dad took of me doing that with Ken and Jack and I’ll admit I had a great time that day. But like I said, I do that on rare occasions like once every couple of years. Mary on the other hand…well if you like seeing photos of that, later you can look through all of Mary’s photos, there are a number of sets with her doing two guys at once. She really likes it.” Sue went to the next set of photos. They were color this time. They were just of Mary on the chaise. Rather than the tattered brocade the chaise had in the prior set, it showed it covered in the same leather it had now. “When we had the chaise repaired and recovered, we had it reinforced so it will hold a threesome without any danger. But to answer your question about my relationship with Mary: She and I are good friends and in my book it is the most natural thing in the world to have sex with your friends. But to be clear we almost always have sex when we are with men. We share men from her stable about every month or two. Usually she asks me to join her for a threesome with someone from our group or her current man. Once a year or so I am her sidekick while she goes cruising for young guys.”

Stephen actually had stood right in the room while Mary posed nude for his mother more than once. She was one of the only women his mom allowed him to see while she posed. Yet he could not help but wonder how much went on right under his nose that he had missed. It was one thing for his mom to tell him that she fucked around; it was something else to see photos of her doing it. The truth was he was turned on by the photos…and he wanted to jack off. But he didn’t have a dick! He thought about trying to play with his pussy, but he was still unsure of what to do. Instead he pushed back the shawl his mom had put on him earlier and began to play with his nipples. That helped. It felt really good, but he wished he could just stroke his cock.

Sue continued through the photos, “In some of my erotic paintings, I paint myself as the subject. They are sort of a fantasy outlet drawn from the photos and of my feelings. I’m surprised you never noticed they were me.”

She was right Stephen had seen virtually all the paintings his mother had done in the last ten years and many of them included people having sex; but he’d never realized some of those figures were of his mother. He hadn’t even considered that many of those hot and sometimes weird paintings were not just imaginary, but they were of real people his mother had watched screwing. So much he had missed.

She scrolled through more images with the location changing several times. A set that were just iPhone sex pics, like he had of himself and both Jenny and Monica, rather than images that looked like a pro had shot them came up. The guy in the photo was much younger than either his mom or Mary.

Sue continued her narration “Like I said, once a year or so she and I do it with the hot younger guys who flock to her. I’m not sure why, but she can go to any college bar in the region and come out with a guy or two an hour later. Every time! I won’t pretend I don’t like occasionally joining her with those kids who can go on like the Eveready Bunny. This particular time she and I had picked up two guys from Limestone College and took them to a hotel near the campus. You can see how the mix changes as we passed the camera around. So while it looks like a bunch of different threesomes, it is a foursome with one person shooting pics. This set is one of the most recent I have of me. It is from last fall.” When a photo of just his mom and Mary doing sixty-nine came up, she added “Almost all the young guys like watching us do this. Not that it isn’t fun of course.”

Another of Stephen’s puzzlements suddenly had an answer. Since the fall, when Mary has been over at the house he could swear she’d been checking him out. Not like adults usually did, but like girls who asked him to have sex with them did. Stephen couldn’t help but laugh and asked “Does Mary want to have sex with me?”

His mother’s eyes got big “Why do you think that?”

“I’m not stupid Mom. She looks at me with THAT look. I know what it means. Girls at my school use it too.”

“I guess you are more grown up than I realized” Sue said then she laughed too. “But perhaps Mary could see something in you I couldn’t until today. She noticed how you’ve started to look at her when she poses for me. When you were younger it was no more than a curiosity to walk in when I left the studio door open when she posed, but in the last few years even I can tell you look at her differently.”

It was odd and amusing for Sue to see her own face blush. She had noticed all right, just like she’d noticed the same thing when Joliette McCurry-Carter had sat for her just a few months before. Stephen had not been home the last few times she’d painted the very pretty adult daughter of her friends the McCurry’s. Sue had not shut the studio door as she did when most women sat for her. When Stephen had come home from football practice he unknowingly walked right in on her standing in the middle of her studio. She was posing braced on a stool holding a bottle of wine in just a pair of high heels & a string of pearls. In just seconds, his face went from shock, to ogling to an embarrassed “oh I’m sorry” before Joliette rescued him by saying “Oh it’s quite all right, I don’t mind.” After that he’d very obviously took his sweet time before leaving again. “So, yes, Mary told me over a year ago she wanted to jump your sixteen year old bones….or I guess right now they are my seventeen year old bones. I’ll confess it would be fun making love to her as a man for once.”

That brought more laughter and …and something else. They both realized she’d called him a man and that was significant. Sue thought she needed to explain further. “When she first brought it up over a year ago, I told her no. You were too young and she had to wait since the age of consent is seventeen here. But in November, weeks before you turned seventeen she brought it back up. It was no accident that she was at the little party we had for you? She actually planned to give you a good fuck for your birthday, but Jenny was there and she couldn’t bring herself to do that to such a pretty and sweet girl.”

Stephen was surprised and turned on by the idea. But, he reminded himself that despite some talk about doing things with other people, he and Jenny had both been monogamous since that party in August…well technically since he hadn’t had his dick in a girl’s vagina since then. But he could not wonder what Jenny would say if he told her that his mom’s best friend wanted to have sex with him.

His mom seemed to hear his thoughts. She leaned over to him and offered “You could tell Jenny you overheard Mary talking about you to me. You might be surprised what she would go for. Perhaps Jenny would be open to a …uh educational session. In a single afternoon threesome, Mary could teach her more than she would learn in a decade on her own. She’s got more experience than any dozen other women would gain after a lifetime. I know Mary would jump at the chance to play teacher to a hot young couple.”

He didn’t know what to say. “Thanks mom, but I’m not quite sure if I should. She’s been used before and I never want her to feel that way again.”

Sue understood and wondered why she’d even said that. The insistent erection in her sweats seemed to answer that question. Sure she was not ashamed that she masturbated to her the photos on her computer fairly often, but she had not expected such a reaction. She tried to ignore it.

“We will talk about this again another time, but let’s get back to the matter at hand.” She went back to the main directory and then found the subdirectory she was looking for. She went through some thumbnails, then opened up an image. It was a large room, apparently in a house, but the only furniture present were chairs and a couch along the walls. On the open floor were piles of blankets and pillows. In the center of the room was a middle aged, balding man receiving a blow job. Beside him on the blankets was a middle aged women with salt & pepper hair riding a man with some vigor. “The two people you can see clearly are Bill Thompson and his wife Dot. They will be joining you tonight.” She clicked to the next photo. It was essentially the same but closed in on Dot’s face. Clearly she was enjoying herself. The next photo was a close up of Bill’s dick and the mouth of the woman. The woman was Sue.

“Just to be clear, tonight that penis will be in your mouth. Are you ready? You told me that you don’t mine tasting other guy’s semen. That’s good. His spunk is actually very nice tasting. When we fuck we use a condom but more often than not I have him take it off to cum in my mouth. You will see what I mean about his taste.”

Stephen didn’t say anything. Sue turned to look at him. While his face was blank sitting on the posing stool, he was playing with “her” boobs with both hands and she could tell he was squeezing “her” thighs together so tight they were beginning to cross. She suspected he wasn’t even conscious of doing that. Squeezing and slightly crossing her thighs was more or less an involuntary form of self stimulation for her. She had started doing that even before she had started masturbating as a teenager. Until that moment she had not thought on how the urge to do that was not present in the male body she inhabited. What she had was a penis that was screaming to be let out of the sweat pants.

Sue backed out to a different sub-directory and opened an image of herself sitting on a lounge chair at a swimming pool surrounded by nude people. A guy’s dick was literally balls deep in her mouth. “That is Dillon McMaster. He and his wife will be there tonight too. You will also almost surely be sucking his dick as well. Like I said earlier, sucking dick is really much easier than eating a woman out. Since you aren’t squeamish about cum, I think you will do fine.” She knew this was a done deal. He would hem and haw for appearances sake, but he would most certainly do it….and enjoy it.

She changed to a photo of a bleach blond, who just happened to be sitting right beside Sue on the same lounge chair, sucking Dwight’s penis. Was she intentionally bringing up oral sex pics? She didn’t know. The hard-on was clouding her thoughts. “That is Dillon’s wife Trudy and of course your dad.”

She looked back at Stephen sitting on the stool. She saw he had flipped back the front of the shawl. At that moment she very much liked looking at that naked body. She really really liked looking at it. A small voice in her head asked if that was vain or creepy. She shut the voice off. ‘No, it was not vain or creepy’ she said to herself. The look in Stephen’s (her) face said he was horny as hell. She knew that look all too well from years of looking at herself in the mirror while she had sex or just masturbated. That realization in turn elicited a sexual response in her male body.

Stephen smiled and responded “I actually understand in my head. Perhaps that is because I’m now a female. To be honest, I actually want to do it. It turns me on to imagine me in a room full of people, sucking dick…. but … but I just don’t’ want to freak out when the time comes. What if I get sick when I actually put a penis in my mouth?”

Later she would tell herself that it was the dick she was wearing thinking for her, or the incomplete impulse control mechanisms in her son’s brain that caused her to act. But either way, the effect was that Sue stood up and pushed back the rolling office chair before kicking off the sweatpants she wore. She turned to face Stephen’s aroused female body with her painfully full erection. “Well, right now you have an opportunity you may never have again: you can suck your own dick in a way that is really easy.”

Though he had not told her, he had already landed on that idea. He assumed if he suggested giving “himself” a practice blowjob his mother would just tell him to use the dildo. Looking at her, he knew she was offering to let him suck her off. He suspected she wanted him to do it. Though he knew he was going to put his cock in his mouth, he thought it would look better to resist jumping on it. “I don’t know” he said.

Sue’s years of experience with men told her there was no way in hell she wasn’t about to get head. Stephen was dying to start. She didn’t heed his answer. Her penis was more than ready to go. She was dealing with a kind of sexual desire she had never in her life experienced. She was embarrassed by how much she wanted him to do this. She leaned over to start an automatic slide show of all the photos in the Events directory. There were literally several thousand sex photos there. After all, she thought, this would not be the first time she’d had sex in her studio with those photos running in the background. She turned back to her nude body, spread her own (Stephen’s) legs and stood between them, putting the hard-on she wore right in front of the lips Stephen was wearing.

Sitting on the stool, he looked at his naked dick now just inches from his mouth. He held back to the count of ten then leaned forward and wrapped his mother’s lips around the head of his own penis.

Sue shook from the touch. She was not prepared for how, once her penis was in the warm mouth, she desperately wanted release. She was disoriented by the unfamiliar urges and the lack of control.

Stephen wanted to make his body climax. He’d tasted his jizz more than a few times. He’d licked it off his fingers and had licked it off of Jenny’s tits, her ass and her stomach; but the idea of sucking it right from the shaft was such a turn on. He knew just what to do. He pressed his lips down hard and went down just past the head and then back again. Slowly at first but quickly speeding up.

Sue was overwhelmed by the speed at which the arousal had come to an almost unbearable level. When she felt a hand touch her balls, she knew the climax was on its way. Her thighs tensed. She found herself doing something she hated done to her, she grabbed the back of the strawberry head of hair and pushed her penis in deeper. She wanted it all in.

Stephen was surprised at how strong his mom’s pull was, but not surprised at all that she was doing it. He did the very same thing to almost every girl who blew him as he climaxed. He could feel the orgasm unfolding in the way the scrotum in his hand moved. If he’d been on his knees, the penis would have already been down his throat, but as it was, sitting on the side of the stool, his mother’s urgent pull on his head only put about two thirds of the organ in his mouth.

He was more than prepared for the viscous fluid that came forth. He was drawing hard, like on a straw in a thick milkshake. He swallowed each stream as it came forth and kept the suction up well after the last drop was spent. He knew that was how he liked it best.

Sue held on to the head of red hair for support. Both the rapidity at which the climax came and its intensity left her dazed. She felt the continued pulling of fluid from her body even after the ejaculation was fully over. It was so fulfilling; so complete. She had always taken her mouth off men’s penises when the last spasm had passed and looked up at them. She thought that was sexy. Now she knew there were other things to do.

When Stephen finally released her, the penis had only gone to half-mast. Even while she felt utterly spent, as she stumbled back across the room to fall in the embrace of the leather chaise lounge, a little tingle from her groin began again. Her mind was slowly clearing from the testosterone induced insanity. She couldn’t believe what she had done.

Stephen sat down in the office chair, very pleased with himself. “Damn, I’ve got a great cock. Nearly perfect if I say so myself. Even my spunk tastes sexy.”

Sue’s mind had begun to return. She asked herself how did she go right from the idea of him sucking her off, to doing it without any time to consider whether she should. What was wrong with her? She knew the answer; it was not her brain at all, but that of a seventeen year old boy. She’d used the phrase ‘thinking with your dick’ more than once. Now it was her turn to be guilty of thinking with her dick. Another lesson learned. She looked over at him and said “You’ll be impossible to live with now.”

“Hell yea!” He grinned with her smile. “You are all worried that I won’t act like you tonight. How about you worry about how you do in my body. If you pop after two minutes with Jenny, you will really disappoint her. She likes it to last for hours.”

“Hours hugh?” Sue questioned.

“Yea, hours. Why do you think I got home at 2:00 AM? She and I took a blanket out to the park and we did it from 11:45 till 1:20.”

She knew he had to be exaggerating. “I thought her parents had an 11:00 curfew for her. How’d you do that if she was at home?” she charged.

“Jenny was already well fucked and home at 11:00, but she was out the window and back in my car and horny as hell by 11:30” he boasted.

Sue’s heart still beat a-mile-a-minute, but it was slowing. The erection had not fully subsided; rather it was already firming again.

Stephen looked to the two big screens, both showing photos from the same swinger pool party they had been looking at before. The two screens unfolded a series of photos of her mounted and riding a man on the pool deck. She could not remember his name. She assumed Calvin had shot the series using one of her two professional Nikons. A second man, with a penis quite a bit larger than average, appeared beside her in one of the photos. It was Wesley Emmet. She liked him a lot. It had been too long since they’d played with him and his wife Eva. She watched Stephen watch the photos unfold of his mother fucking one man and sucking the dick of another. When a couple of closer up photos of her face pressed to Wesley’s pelvis as she took his cock down to the base came up, Stephen said “Wow Mom! You really are good at that. My dick isn’t quite as big as his, but no girl has ever come close to doing that to me.”

Sue chuckled out loud. “It’s because they are girls. You have never been with a woman before. Mary could teach Jenny to do that. It’s really not that hard. You can work on it tonight. My throat is quite used to taking cock all the way down. I pretty much do it every time I give head. I just swallow the dick, like I am swallowing a large pill. If you try it that way the penis will go down easier. But for any penis that is longer than about six inches you need to swallow like that several times in a row. I can take virtually any cock down to the base. The feeling of an erection down my throat is like nothing else.” She almost said that she was sure that after tonight, he would want to do it again once in his own body. But she thought that might freak him out. She’d never known any guy who once he’d sucked cock the first time didn’t want to do it again…and again. That included Stephen’s father, but she thought she’d keep that bit of information to herself for the moment.

The slide show kept on. It moved to a house party. More pics of her and/or Dwight engaged in sex with an impressive variety of people. Surely he did not notice, but in the background of a number of the pics she saw the parents of his two best friends. She wondered what he would do when a close up of one of them came up. She considered getting up to retrieve the sweat pants, but to her astonishment, the penis was actually almost fully hard again. Perhaps she should not have been watching the slide show. She let her hand grip the cock that was again demanding attention and slowly stroked.

Stephen happened to turn back to look at her. His eyes went to her stroking his cock. He smiled. Their eyes met, but she did not stop. She wanted to say something when he moved from the stool and took position on his knees beside the chaise lounge. She thought she should tell him no when he pulled her hip up so that the penis pointed toward him. But she did not.

He looked to her face and said, “You don’t think just because I filled a condom fucking her in my car before taking Jenny home that I was done did you? At the park I filled her mouth, just like you did me, then five minutes later I was more than hard enough to put on condom number two for the night. When we have the time, I can always cum twice, usually three times. One day over this past Christmas break you and Dad were out from like ten in the morning till midnight. Jenny and I spent all day together and I came five times in twelve hours.”

Sue was impressed with that. He was certainly his father’s son. She’d better not tell Mary, the woman who loved young cock would go crazy.

Sue did not resist when he wrapped his (her) lips around the head of her cock for a second time and began to work in earnest. This time she was able to fully appreciate all the pleasures of getting a blow job. There was no way that if he were a stranger that she would believe he had never given head before. Not only did it feel amazing, but to watch her body giving head in real time was so much hotter than to watch herself do it in a video. She just relaxed and enjoyed. She knew what he was doing when she felt him take her penis deeper threw a series of steps till his lips were nestled in his dark red pubic hair. She opened her eyes to watch till he came up for air.

“You are doing really good” she said in a voice far more breathy than she’d expected. “Really really good. I’m so glad I got to feel it from this end.”

He went down on her again. Sue thought ‘Damn does this feel good.’ Stephen was up on one knee, his (her) torso was up against the chaise. She knew she could easily reach his pussy. She already knew that this time she would not stop when he got close to cumming.

When her fingers contacted his vulva, spread wide by his position with one knee and one foot on the ground, he jumped. He pulled his face free from her penis and looked into her eyes. There was no doubt he was not seeing his mother at all. He saw only a sex partner. Suddenly she knew that look. He was silently asking to mount her. NO! They could not fuck. That would be crossing a line. A very fuzzy line to be sure. And if he got as far as to straddle her, she doubted she could bring herself to tell him not to put it in. The hard truth was she wanted him to do it. She wanted to fuck. But she wouldn’t …she couldn’t. She broke eye contact and looked at her fingers on his vulva. He got the message evidently and went back down onto her dick.

She eased a finger between the inner lips and into his vagina. His body was more than ready for it. She found the right area on the vaginal roof and began to stimulate it. She’d done this to women for over twenty years. She knew how to get a woman off, and this was her own body besides.

This time the rise to orgasm came much more slowly for Sue, but the powerful urges were the same. She used the time to keep Stephen right on the edge of orgasm. ‘I am good at this’ she thought as his hips slowly rocked as she stimulated him with her middle and index finger. Each time he was close, he would stop sucking and she backed off. Unlike her son, she knew just how long to keep the dance going. Finally she let herself embrace the pleasure Stephen was giving. Only when she was sure her orgasm was irreversible did she start hard finger fucking.

If there was less power or semen the second time she could not tell it. She’d finger banged women to orgasm while she herself was climaxing literally hundreds of times. Even as the second stream of her ejaculation shot forth, Stephen threw his head back and almost yelled “OH FUCK!” as the orgasm hit him. The semen shot up and onto his tits before he jerked forward and buried his face in her pubic hair. The spasming hips told the rest of the story. The last two streams landed in his hair.

For close to a half an hour they lay on the chaise like two spoons. Sue wasn’t sure if she or Stephen or both nodded off in the comfortable pose. Only the clock on the bottom of the primary monitor told her time had passed. Holding her own body close to her in her arms was oddly comforting. She enjoyed how much larger she was than her female lover. For that is who she held close, a female lover. Not her son and not a casual lay. This was a woman she loved deeply. She told herself she had not lain with a woman in such bliss in years. Then the thought hit her, she felt this way with Mary. Perhaps she and Mary were lovers after all. Perhaps she’d been lying to herself for years. Why had it taken this to admit she loved Mary? This was just another in the growing list of revelations made this day.

Her firm erection was nestled between her lover’s soft ass cheeks. As if on their own, her hips were very slowly thrusting. The friction on her penis felt so very good. Her left arm lay under her lover and she held her lover’s breast in her hand. Her right arm went over and she had been softly caressing the woman’s right nipple absentmindedly. With purpose she moved her big hand to the woman’s soft belly. Her lover’s body was that of a mature woman with curves. Not fat or even heavy, but womanly. Her hand traced the upward curve of the soft hip. She let her strangely large hand rest on the crest of the round hip. Her face was buried in the strawberry blond hair. She could smell her own scent, the perfume of the shampoo and even the smell of Stephen’s semen that had landed in the red-orange tresses. Her lover smelled good. She softly kissed the woman’s neck. The reality of the situation was gone for the moment. They were lovers in post orgasmic bliss. All was good.

Her lover slightly lifted her right leg, the way had been opened. Without any conscious thought, her hips changed their motion and direction. The fully engorged penis entered the triangular space between her lover’s thighs and vulva. She felt her shaft wedge itself between her lover’s larger lips. She felt the heat and wetness on the top of her penis. The thrusting resumed, slightly faster than before. Her lover moaned with pleasure. She pulled the woman tighter. Another moan.

Into this bliss came the consciousness that soon she would find the slippery gate. They would be in coitus. She and her lover would be having sex. On the edge of her consciousness she knew that beyond the surface, her lover was her son. Slowly that reality began to solidify.

Suddenly clarity shot through the soft haze. The realization shattered the dream. If she did not make herself stop now, in under a minute the penis would find the path way and she and her son would be fucking. That could never be undone. That could not happen! Sure she’d let him suck his own dick. He’d said himself he had tried but just couldn’t bend that way. So there was nothing wrong with that. And yes she’d gotten her own body off to a great orgasm. But she’d been fingering herself to orgasm since she was a young teenager. But fucking was fucking and it didn’t matter whose body they were in. She and her son could not fuck!

It took far more effort to release that womanly body inhabited by her son than she could have imagined. A voice in her head said ‘It is OK. Do it. He wants it and you want it. You would be doing him a favor to have his first fuck before tonight.’ She shut the voice down. In her head she screamed ‘No! No! No!’

Stephen was also deep in the haze of sexual bliss. He had fully embraced himself as a woman. He was not himself, he was a woman and the pleasure of feeling a man’s body pressed on her back pushed out all thoughts. He was she, and she had felt the erection and shifted her right leg to open up the pathway. When she’d felt the cock sliding back and forth in the little tunnel she’d made she moaned. She was so ready to be filled. She waited for the head of the penis to open up her little lips and fill her. The slap of a large hand on his bare ass jolted him out of the waking dream.

“OK Stephen. Let me up. You can stay here, but I’m getting up” Sue said in a tone that was both affectionate and firm. She just couldn’t bring herself to use the “mom” voice. She slid down and off the bottom of the leather covered chaise. She saw the sweat shirt and pants on the ground. ‘When did I take off the shirt?’ she wondered and pulled on the pants. It took a few minutes of sitting in her office chair for her head to finally clear of teenage boy arousal and post orgasmic nirvana. Finally she said “Get me dressed too if you don’t mind.” She knew that things had gone way too far. Sure it was his penis, but it was her lips. No, she couldn’t pick her decisions apart. What was done was done. She was determined to take charge again.

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Jan 08, 2021

Well... I wonder whether you knew you would be writing this scene when you started, or if you went through a process like Sue's as you wrote it. And why the distinction between oral sex and fucking? Like you said, it's a thought experiment. I found it arousing, but not because of the characters' relationship (Tom said quickly). I've heard there was a study of people who had grown up in kibbutzes. Nobody ever married somebody from their own kibbutz. Adolescent baboon males leave the troop. One hypothesis is that there's an adaptation that dampens attraction between people who are always near. The product of matings between people who get aroused by family members are less likely to survive and…

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