Surprise Saturday: Chapter 5

Note: Please remember this story is just a thought experiment. As such I use an impossible hypothetical and project one way that a pair of people would respond. However it is fiction without any basis in actual living people. As in all thought experiments, I take real human traits and tease them out via an impossible scenario. Don't take this as an endorsement of inappropriate behaviors.

“Stephen, could you let me sit at the desk?” Sue took her place and booted up the computer. “I need to open up the photo file. Oh, and while you were asleep I emailed a number of our club friends to invite them to join you and your father tonight.”

Stephen gave her the seat and pulled a stool over and sat by his mother. Since she used the duel monitors to display her reference images as she painted, they were larger than normally seen on a work computer.

She checked an email account. “I have two couples who said they will be there and would love the help us introduce the new young couple to group sex. So, you are on for an orgy.” She then opened up the Zazzel directory.

Sue began “So, you can see I have two sub-directories here. There is one labeled “Events” that is more or less a directory of candid sex photos taken of me, your father and our friends mostly taken at parties or other events. They are arranged by date. The one labeled “People” is what I use for my work. As you know when I start a new project I usually have real people sit for me, but on the later stages and when I’m making variants of a concept I draw a lot on my image files a good bit.” She opened the People directory.

Stephen looked at the very long list of names as she scrolled down. He asked “Have you had sex with all these people?”

“No not all of them but most, probably like ninety percent. These files represent reference photos, photo portraits, art nudes and glamour photos I have shot going back twenty-five years to my college days. These images are mostly from after I went digital. But I have scanned hundreds of my old negatives and from time to time I scan and add more. I’ve also taken informal and candid images of individuals from the events directory and copied them here so, let’s say I’m doing a painting and I want my primary figure to be my friend Mary. I think you know she is in more of my paintings than anyone else. Often she is a secondary or background image. Her curvy figure is great for an iconic woman.”

Mary Graham in many ways was Sue’s artistic vision. Twenty-three years ago this month she’d been looking for the right model to be the centerpiece of her senior project at The College of Charleston. Though she was a year and a half from graduating, she knew it was past time for her to get started. Yet none of the models in the art department stables were what she was looking for. Then one cold February morning as she was in the gym locker room changing from her yoga outfit back into her school clothes, a group of what were obviously freshmen disturbed the quiet. Initially she’d been annoyed, but one of the girls caught her eye.

She was noticeably short, perhaps just over five feet tall, not at all slim, and her face was as average as average could be. Even her mousy brown shoulder length hair and baggy sweat shirt help to make her the kind of girl that simply goes unnoticed in a room. BUT…she had a radiance in her presence, a real joy and bounce to her step that made Sue look again, and again. The noisy group broke up and the girl took a place near the far end of the isle of lockers. When the girl pulled off her sweat shirt and jeans; Sue saw she had the smallest waist imaginable, yet her generous hips and impressive bust were large enough that in loose clothing she seemed to have a round apple shaped figure. That was who she had been looking for: the archetypical woman. Almost like the fertility figures carved by prehistoric societies.

With a level of enthusiasm that she later realized was inappropriate, she rushed over and introduced herself before the girl could get dressed. Initially the girl was startled and a little frightened. Then as Sue talked she grew suspicious. “Why would anyone want me to be a model? I’m not skinny or pretty enough” she objected. “No, I’ve never posed nude. Why would anyone want me to?” Yet, in the way she said it, Sue could tell she was not saying she would not pose nude, but rather she thought she was too unattractive to be asked.

Sue was not to be deterred. She did not want to let her get away. The girl: Mary Graham, freshman from Orangeburg, undeclared major, missed her Introduction to Modern Fitness class that day. They talked at length. She found that Mary thought her body was freakish and ugly, hence her willingness to look like an apple rather than accentuate her shape. With a blush Mary said “I guess that is why I’m still a virgin. It’s not that I would not have sex, it’s just I know if a guy saw me naked he would find me repulsive and I couldn’t bare being laughed at.” Sue did her best to convince her otherwise and the girl seemed, after some time, to be receptive.

Eventually Sue and Mary were in the college’s Fine Arts Building. Sue showed the freshman her recent paintings and explained how the tall slim models shown in those paintings were not her vision for symbolic womanhood. “Frankly, Mary, I think you are the embodiment of what I have in my mind as the centerpiece for my whole senior exhibition.” Five minutes later Sue closed the door to a small posing studio and posted the “occupied” sign on the door. Once she was nude Sue found Mary’s body to be breath taking. Her very full breasts stood out at a seemingly impossible angle. Mary’s round full hips were separated from the bust by a waist that Sue almost thought she could put her hands around. And the body was topped by a face that seemed to be the embodiment of all conventional, very average, middle class American teenagers. Yet even nude, perhaps more because she was nude, Mary’s radiance of personality remained. She was exuberant even when standing stock still in a pose for Sue. When Sue showed Mary the drawing she had made of her that first day, the eighteen year old seemed dumbfounded that Sue saw her so beautiful. Over the next weeks Mary posed every afternoon and Sue painted. The result were the two best paintings she had yet created. The ambitious young painter had found her muse and hit her stride.

That was over two decades ago and Mary had been Sue’s muse and closest friend ever since. While Mary was now over twice the age she was then, so was Sue. However with the help of a commitment to her appearance (and a little surgery to keep those massive breasts upright) and her continued inner radiance; Mary was still the same person she’d been all those years ago. She now lived a little over an hour away from Sue, on the north side of Columbia, yet they still saw each other almost every week.

Sue opened the directory and began to scroll through a number of sub-directories. It was no surprise to Stephen that she had a lot of nude photos of Mary on her computer. She and Colin’s mother, Vivian Flint-Otis, were her mother’s best friends. He knew full well that they had both posed nude for her lots of times, but mostly they did normal stuff together and they were both was at the house a good bit. Even before this day he had known Mary was a little bit wild. While his mom wore fairly conventional clothes in town most of the time; Mary liked to show off, mostly her big boobs. She wasn’t super hot, but if she had any kids she would be called a curvy milf: short with a bubble butt and big tits. He already knew what she looked like naked because she and his mother let him come right in the studio when she was posing. Not surprisingly he always looked forward to her sitting dates. Though he now thought he should have seen it all along, he finally began to put other puzzle pieces together. With the knowledge that his parents screwed around and his mom got it on with women too, it threw a new light on her relationship with Mary. He just had to ask. “Is Mary like your girlfriend?”

His mom thought for a moment. “No we have never thought of ourselves as a couple. She is my oldest and closest friend and yes started sharing guys in bed even before I started dating your dad. But no I wouldn’t say she is my girlfriend.” With the short answer she turned her attention to an image on the screen. “Now this set is perhaps the best erotic art photos I’ve ever done. I’m a painter, but sometimes I try to stretch my wings and this photo shoot came out better than I’d hoped.” She clicked to open an image file. It was a high contrast black & white of a nude trio: Mary holding Sue’s husband’s erection in her hand while a Latin man holds her from behind kissing her neck. “This is, of course, your dad and Mary. Behind her is Juan, who was her husband at the time.”

Sue’s thoughts went to Dwight and Mary and how finding the right man to pose with Mary brought Dwight into her life. That fateful day Sue saw Mary and convinced her to pose for her began a chain of events that led directly to all her life became over the years, starting with finding the man who became her husband.

When Sue pulled Mary into her orbit, Mary’s entire life changed. Not that Sue pushed her into anything other than to see herself as beautiful and desirable. But that one push, and inviting her to a “get together” at the communal home she shared with a few of her class mates opened doors Mary didn’t know existed. That day Mary observed Sue and a guy engage in the most casual of sexual encounters right in the living room. While that ten minutes of playful sex was completely forgettable for Sue, it was life changing for Mary. Not an hour after observing people having sex for the first time, she had the first sexual experience of her life. In that two hundred year old home at 169 North Belvedere in Charleston, a day and long night of eroticism awakened the spirit of Venus in Mary.

Thus six weeks later when Sue asked Mary if she would be willing to pose with a man, engaged in actual love making she didn’t hesitate to say yes. The only problem was that Sue was having a time finding the right male model. Sue had a dozen sit for her for trial sessions, none were right. It was quite by chance a friend had a friend who was dating the shortstop on the college’s nationally ranked baseball team. The friend’s friend asked Sue to meet him. Initially Sue was hesitant. She had not really envisioned a ‘jock’ for her male lead model, but she agreed.

When she met Dwight Richards, he was not at all what she had expected. He was not at all the brash braggadocio that she’d expected. Rather he was reserved and even shy. When she said she was looking for a man who would be willing to not just simulate love making, but to actually have sex with full penetration; Sue looked at the guy and then to the woman he was dating. His date nodded and he said that was not a problem. When she asked if he thought he could maintain an erection for an hour with little stimulation the young woman nodded even more vigorously. She told Sue that she did not expect that would be an issue. Sue was actually looking for someone shorter, due to Mary’s 5’ 1” stature, but still she was interested enough to ask him to come by the Fine Arts Building for a test sitting. Due to his baseball schedule, she met him at 7:00 AM one morning. She showed him into one of the small studio rooms and gave him five minutes to undress and achieve an erection.

When she returned he had done both. Right off she knew this was what she was looking for. Very well defined muscle groups, great tone but an average face. Importantly for her planned paintings he had well defined symmetrical testies and his circumcised penis was well above average in length so as to give good balance to his tall frame. She drew for forty five minutes and his erection did not flag. She was his man.

She had to wait for baseball season to finish to start her project. Fortunately she still lived in the rented home with the hot house turned art studio. She found an antique Victorian chaise lounge and folding screen at an estate sale that would create the set she wanted. In the late summer she spent almost a month with Mary and Dwight posing for two hours three days a week in the act of making love in the damp heat of a Charleston summer. The sweat that covered their bodies added to the eroticism. For the first few weeks she told them to find ways to pleasure each other while she sketched and took reference photos with the college’s wonderful Hasselblad medium format camera. The full light from the glass encased hot house made for a photo studio not unlike the ones used by late 19th century photographers. The resulting photos had an amazing artistic look to them. Years later she had scanned those old negatives and was surprised how fresh, beautiful and erotic the images were.

When they would reach a position she found interesting she would make a rapid sketch. At the end of each session she would ask Dwight first to bring Mary to at least one climax which she would photograph, then for him to climax himself (which she also photographed). After a few weeks she assigned them formal positions for painting. She painted a collection of paintings over the next seven months based on these “sittings.” They were her own brand of fantasy work with many elements of modern fantasy art, but in a modern realist aesthetic similar to Julie Bell with a bit of Lindsey thrown in. Pointedly she avoided violent images and openly embraced sexual ones. Her senior portfolio was the talk of the art department and it got her accepted into the University of South Carolina’s M.F.A. program in studio art. Though it took her over ten years to complete, her graduation at thirty-five years old brought her great pride.

Her male model became one of Sue’s house mates that fall, then her lover, then her fiancée, then her husband. She had gotten to know him while intently watching him have sex with her best friend three times a week for six weeks. It made for a very unusual love story that she had never told her kids. Though as she started the slide show she vowed she would tell Stephen and Kate the whole story and show them those original photos within the next few weeks.

The next image on the big monitor was a semi-silhouette close up of Sue’s head, the light just wrapping around her cheeks making the near side dark, but not black. The man was in front of her with more than half of his penis inside of her mouth. Once again she realized that if Stephen had been in his own body she would not have been quite so sanguine about sitting beside him like this. After all with her oversized screens, the image was quite graphic as it showed her sucking Juan’s erection. But sharing these photos with someone in the body of a forty-one year old woman didn’t embarrass her in the least. She scrolled through a few more photos.

It took until the view had backed up for Stephen to realize the photo set was shot right here in his mom’s studio. The group of photos shot in front of his mom’s neutral backdrop were just the first set. Next were a group of photos of his mother, Mary and the Hispanic man using the chaise lounge to achieve all sorts of threesome combinations. His mother stopped on one photo of her situated on the leather chaise lounge. She was on all fours eating out Mary, while the man stood behind the lounge with his penis almost completely inside of her. Just enough of the shaft was visible behind her buns to show that most of it was in her body.

Stephen could not believe how normal it seemed looking at photos of his mom in a threesome with Mary and her ex-husband while she sat right there beside him. Well, it was not exactly like she was sitting beside him, because by all appearances it was not his mom, but himself. Even still, it seemed weird how quickly all this felt normal. He hoped things like this would stay normal once he returned to his own body.

As calmly as if they were looking at family vacation photos she said “It might be too long ago for you to remember, but this is the day we broke the chaise lounge. I think you were six years old. It seems someone in our swinger group heard I was a professional artist and commissioned me to do a series of illustrations for a book she was writing. These were ostensibly the reference photos for that project, but I think they stand on their own. Nothing came of the project and the money I was paid for two dozen pen & ink illustrations did not cover the cost of fixing the chaise lounge. Fortunately since I had model releases for both Mary and Juan, I’ve sold wall sized prints from some of the best of these at a couple of swinger & alternative lifestyle conventions.”

She moved to the next group of photos, this of Mary taking it from her husband and Stephen’s dad in a variety of positions. “Not to criticize your father, but his body was in way better shape back then. Not that you will ever tell him I said that.” She laughed as she went through the photos. Stephen laughed too because it was obvious the man in the photos was in far better shape than what he saw at the pool last summer.

A photo came up of Mary sitting backward on Dwight with her legs spread. His penis certainly appeared to be fully into her ass. Stephen asked “So does Mary like anal? I mean it looks like Dad’s dick in her ass?”

Sue moved to the next photo with Juan standing between Dwight’s legs, guiding his penis into Mary’s open vagina. “Yea she does. She particularly likes two guys in her at once.” She moved to the next photo where Mary was filled by both men. “It’s not really my thing, but she can be a real freak sometimes. The pose was on the list of illustrations for me to do for the proposed book. Not that Mary complained.”

Stephen watched as the next group was of his mother doing his dad and Mary’s husband. Again the photos displayed a variety of poses with penises in her hand, her mouth and her vagina. “Mom?” He asked. “Do you think we will be able to look at these photos together like this once we are in our own bodies, or would that be too weird.”

She stopped with an image of her sitting on his dad’s face, with Mary’s husband standing in front of her, penis in her mouth. “I don’t know. I really don’t, though I actually hope so. I would like this to become the new normal. In my closet I have a few poster sized prints left of this set I’ve sold at conventions; I’ve wanted to put one or two of them on the walls in here. Wouldn’t that make Kate’s friends from the Tuesday art group eyes pop?” They both laughed then she said “But first let’s get back into our own bodies then we will see.” She turned back to the screen. “This is the last photo of this set. When Juan got up on the chaise with Dwight and me, it broke and I fell and I sprained my wrist. We had to do without the images of me in the middle with both men fucking me at once, not that I minded. There are a lot more photos from this shoot, but they aren’t in this directory.”

Stephen asked “So you were going to do some pics with one dick in your pussy and one in your ass?”

Sue nodded “I said anal isn’t one of my regular things, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never done it. Somewhere in the videos is one your dad took of me doing that with Ken and Jack and I’ll admit I had a great time that day. But like I said, I do that on rare occasions like once every couple of years. Mary on the other hand…well if you like seeing photos of that, later you can look through all of Mary’s photos, there are a number of sets with her doing two guys at once. She really likes it.” Sue went to the next set of photos. They were color this time. They were just of Mary on the chaise. Rather than the tattered brocade the chaise had in the prior set, it showed it covered in the same leather it had now. “When we had the chaise repaired and recovered, we had it reinforced so it will hold a threesome without any danger. But to answer your question about my relationship with Mary: She and I are good friends and in my book it is the most natural thing in the world to have sex with your friends. But to be clear we almost always have sex when we are with men. We share men from her stable about every month or two. Usually she asks me to join her for a threesome with someone from our group or her curr