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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 29

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Idea

Chapter 29

Church Friends

Clouds rolled in late Saturday and the couple’s clothing optional swim and sun time with the Campbell’s church friends was in doubt once again. It had now become the routine in the church nursery that when the drop-off crowd had all gone to the church sanctuary, Brandy turned down the nursery speaker and asked “OK, what exciting happened this week?

After Bonnie had given her a rundown on the week’s events, Brandy asked “Why didn’t you invite me and the kids yesterday? I have a feeling that DJ would have had a great time, not to mention his dad.” DJ, was Brandy and Dwight’s oldest child who was in the grade behind Lamar and Byron. He was big, athletic and an early bloomer, if one did not know better, he looked to be older than either Lamar or Byron.

“I really didn’t expect Marcy and Sarah to come. I was just trying to help Marcy win some points with Sarah by making the offer. But, now we’ve done the family thing, I’m guessing we will have you and the boys over sooner rather than later. From what you’ve said, I don’t think your kids will even notice the nudity. You and Dwight are coming today, right?”

“Oh yea, we’ll be there. I got my mom to watch the kids.”

“Lamar went home with Byron. Trish’s mother came in from Macon just to take the boys to the Atlanta Aquarium today. They should have a good time. Misty and her friends are going to the movies and shopping in Macon.” Bonnie quipped.

“So, what do you think will happen today?”

“What do you mean?” Bonnie asked even more quietly.

“Will there be an orgy or something?”

“No, I doubt it. It’s really not that kind of party. Why, is that what people are saying?”

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that is what Dwight is hoping.”

“Well you need to tell him that is not what this party is about. If you two want to go to a swing party I have a friend who would love to have a good-looking young couple join their group”.

”I didn’t say I was hoping for that.” Then she thought for a moment and said “But I wouldn’t object to going to a sex party.” She then lowered her voice and said "I'll confess I'd like to try it every bit as much as he would."

Bonnie laughed. “I can help you with that. If you are serious, I can call Heather next week about that. You guys will fit in well with that crowd, though be warned they are a pretty wealthy lot, so you might have a cultural issue.”

A crack of lightening split her last word. Then the rain began to pound on the roof. The lights flickered. Bonnie’s heart sank. She was looking forward to her friends coming over after weeks of postponement. She looked out the small window in the nursery. It was dark and the rain was coming in sheets.

“It seems the good Lord didn’t approve of our party” Bonnie said sadly.

When the service ended however, a bright noon sun shone through the glass. The rain had gone as fast as it had come.

Walking out it was sultry. A cloud hung inches above the pavement as they drove home with the air at full blast. The infamous Georgia summer was upon them, but thank God for air-conditioning. Arriving at their home they found one car already waiting. Sherry and her husband Herb in his classic Mercedes 450 SL. They hadn’t expected anyone for at least a half hour as everyone else had gone home to change out of their church clothes and to make arrangements for their kids. Grandma Campbell had taken Lamar right from church.

Herb was a recently retired bank executive, widower, grandfather, church trustee, Rotary Club officer and partially disabled, highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. Even stooped he stood well over six feet tall and had been, contrary to popular depictions of Vietnam vets, a town hero when his military career was dramatically ended in 1971. The company he commanded was nearly wiped out and he was gravely injured. Few remembered the gregarious and outgoing football star that left for West Point in 1966, for Herb Connors had been very private and reserved for the over forty years since he had been back in Hancock County. It was quite the talk of the town when he married Sherry who appeared to be his opposite. Flamboyant and talkative, she shunned (and was shunned by) the friends of Annabelle (Herb’s first wife). That was why she gravitated to some of the younger single women like Trish.

“Come on in” Cooper called. Opening the door, he said “Make yourself at home while we get things ready.”

Cooper went right out to light the grill, and Bonnie and Sherry went into the bedroom. On the bed were the outfits that Bonnie had picked out with great care and planning. Hers was just the bottoms of the designer Brazilian bikini with the mesh like cut-outs beside a new white diaphanous wrap. She had chosen for Cooper a new mesh stretch trunk type swimsuit, which was almost completely see through to go with his knee length bar-b-que apron.

From her purse Sherry pulled a metallic red swim suit and stretched it out in front of herself. There was far more strap than suit. It was as if it were a maillot, but no fabric had been put in the torso above the navel. They both disrobed. Looking down between her legs Sherry said “Boy did I have to shave nearly everything off to wear this.” The full bush she had worn the other week was now just a racing stripe. “Herb, hasn’t seen my hair cut, but I think he’ll like it.” Bonnie went to hang the dresses in the closet. Turning back, she saw Sherry in the strangest swim suit she’d ever seen.

“What do you think?” Sherry said raising her arms above her head. As Sherry turned in a slow circle, Bonnie realized what a great suit this was for her. The fabric that there was in the front controlled the small pooch in her stomach, while her surgically firm DD cup breasts were on full display, framed by the straps that went on either side of them. Behind there was just enough fabric to pull her buns up and give them shape, while leaving a good deal of the flesh exposed. She even had a matching set of gold arm bands and a necklace which gave the outfit a very finished look, even while her breasts were completely free of covering. “That looks great on you” Bonnie gushed “Where did you get such a thing?”

“You can find anything online.”

Bonnie replied, "Yes, that is where I got Cooper's new swimsuit." Having discarded the rest of her clothes in the hamper, she pulled on the Brazilian bottom and then the wrap and looked at them. Then she looked at Sherry. “I can’t let my visitors show me up. Time for a new plan.” She went to her jewelry box and took out the body jewelry that Judy LeMarco had given her.

While she was untangling the strands, Sherry picked up Cooper's swim suit, “I like what you have here for Cooper. I wish I could get Herb into that, but I didn’t even try." She pulled a pair of light khaki shorts from her big purse “This is for him, which is a shame. He still has a nice ass, but I know he is sensitive about his scars. I think his battle scars are sexy and manly, but I can’t get him to see that”.

Bonnie laid the “outfit” on the bed and began toward the closet. She almost didn’t ask, but said quietly “Do his war injuries prevent…you know his equipment from working?”

Sherry laughed “He is the poster boy for Viagra. He tells me that without it he can’t get a full erection. I really don’t know if that’s true because he’s been using it since I met him, and with it he can go on like a man half his age.”

Bonnie came back out of her closet with a pair of lace up sandals. “Really?”

“Oh yea, he can stay rock hard close to an hour. Now when he finally cums, he’s done for the day, and usually the next day too. Until recently it had been mostly missionary or spoons, pretty vanilla; but since I told him about my first day at your pool, he has been different. I hesitatingly told him about watching you and Cooper do it in front of me and to my surprise he got turned on. So I told him about your pictures of swinging on the cruse.”

Bonnie interrupted her “Oh, thanks for reminding me. Can you make sure the San Dinero book gets from the guest room upstairs downtown the living room coffee table?”

Sherry said she would, then went back to her story as Bonnie began putting on her jewelry. “The night I told him about the photos from your swinger’s cruise, when we made love, he, for the first time ever, asked me to tell him a story from my swinging days. You see, before we got married I told him that I had been very sexually active in years past with a good number of partners; but before last week he had never wanted more information than that. That night, and every night since, he wants to hear more. It’s like he can’t get enough of my stories, and boy do I have a lot of stories to tell. Now we are doing a lot of oral and after hearing how I used to like it up my ass, he has even done me anal twice. We’ve had sex five times since then, each one going thirty to forty minutes of fucking plus another twenty or so oral. So I want you to know how much you’ve helped my sex life.”

“Wow, that is wonderful. So it sounds like he’s responding well to all this.”

“I know he’s looking forward to seeing me wear this today. He’s talked about it a lot since I showed it to him. With the weeks of delay, there has been a lot of warm-up. After I told him about seeing the video of you and the builders, I told him that I had a few remaining pictures and one video tape that survived my second husband’s jealousy. It is VHS, and we were fortunate that he still had his old player in a closet. So even though the quality isn’t what your new digital videos are, it is amazing that I even have it.“

“Wow, what did he do?” Bonnie asked.

“We watched all two hours of it. There were recordings from five different parties, and he saw the very young version of me do it with a good dozen people. It turned him on so much that we started fucking right in the living room in broad daylight before it was over, something we had never done before. Then we watched it again last night. He said he wants to have it restored and converted to digital. He said it is a real period piece.”

“Really? I can’t imagine that. He’s so reserved.”

“Yea, he had been. We always had sex once or twice a week, but this is totally different. I think he’s had these fantasies for years but due to his upbringing never even admitted them, let alone acted on them.”

Bonnie finished her outfit. She’d bought a panty of sorts to go with the body jewelry, though it was no more than a string of green glass beads that strung down between her legs. “So? How is this” Bonnie asked, striking a pose.

“You can be sure no one will outshine you in that” Sherry said with a smile.

When the doorbell finally rang, Cooper had already donned his assigned outfit and returned to the grill. He was just glad his wife hadn't gotten him one of those pouch thongs. That would have been far worse. Still, he felt a little silly in the see-through suit but both Bonnie and Sherry assured him he looked sexy.

Bonnie’s heart was racing as she walked to the door. She knew it was a sin to be vain, but she could not deny she loved being the center of attention. She was sure this choice of attire would be a hit. At the door were Marcy and Mike. She could also see Butch and Tabitha just getting out of an old Ford pick-up. Marcy gave Bonnie a hug. Mike was clearly working at not staring at her chest.

“Thanks for coming. Sherry and Herb are already out by the pool” Bonnie said.

Bonnie was amused at Mike’s effort to keep his eyes off her boobs.

While she hugged Tabitha, Butch said “You didn’t wear the suit I saw yesterday. I’m disappointed.”

Releasing his wife, Bonnie said “I’m sure you’ll see it later. There’s no way I’m letting you go without trying out the same kind of outfit.”

Outside Cooper was getting beer and wine for everyone. He still felt silly and even the appreciative comments about his ass by Tabitha did not make him feel less so.

“Bonnie picked out my attire, not me” was something he would say many a time before the day was done.

Before she left the door a Suburban pulled in with Sue Ann her sister Beth Ann, and her almost brother-in-law Calvin. She gave Beth Ann a special hug and congratulated her on their plan to go on Monday to the courthouse to finalize their marriage.

Bonnie was still welcoming them when Brandy and Dwight approach the door. After ushering all of them in, Bonnie waited at the door because Ashley and her husband Chad had just pulled up on the other side of the road. Bonnie, decided to push it and walked down the brick front walk to the drive way to greet them. After opening the door of his Lexus, Chad took Ashley's hand and they began to cross the road. He saw Bonnie and waved then turned to Ashley before his head snapped back to look right at her standing a good thirty feet from the door. It was evident that it had taken him a moment to process what he was seeing. From that distance, she was effectively standing nude in her front yard. His response was not lost on Ashley and both she and Bonnie smiled at the comic sequence.

Bonnie had only met Chad Webber once when Ashley had brought him to a church picnic. However, she had no concerns he would feel out of place at her home because he knew Cooper, Mike and Herb from Rotary. In a rural place like Hancock County the professional class was tight knit, and it was doubly so when, like Chad, Herb and Cooper, they had deep family roots. When he and Ashley had gotten married Cooper told Bonnie that he had a great aunt who'd married a Webber and he was sure that Chad was a distant relative, but he had no idea how distant. Chad was not quite old enough to be Ashley's father, but the differential in age was quite obvious as they approached Bonnie. Because he was not very tall himself, he did not tower over the diminutive Ashley. While Mrs. Ericson-Webber was Bonnie's age, Chad was sixty years old and though he was not bad looking, he did not look forty.

Ashley greeted Bonnie with a hug. Bonnie suspected that she was apprehensive about how her new husband would take all this. Bonnie was not so concerned since Chad was even more obvious than Mike in checking her out. Bonnie could see that Ashley carried a beach bag with their swimwear, so she showed them both to her bedroom. Chad looked at the new French door to the bedroom with curiosity. His wife saw his quizzical look and said "I told you they are very open about the facts of life here."

Bonnie jumped in and promised not to peek while he was changing. Leaving them in her room, she could not help but wonder how Ashley would explain the things he would see in their bedroom…like the big photo of her having anal sex. Outside the air was surprisingly tense. Sue Ann and Beth Ann were just pulling off their tee shirts and the other women were already bare breasted. Sue Anne, Beth Anne and Marcy wore regular (if rather skimpy by Georgia standards) bikini bottoms while Tabitha & Brandy wore string thongs; though Brandy’s would have qualified as a micro bikini as it was as tiny as any Bonnie had.

Mike, Dwight and Cal seemed confused. They stood near their wives, fully dressed, averting their eyes from the other women. Herb now clad in his kaki Bermuda shorts seemed completely relaxed though. At the grill Butch was helping Cooper. Bonnie could not help notice how the young man's Speedo was stretched tight with what was clearly quite an endowment. Cooper, she thought looked great in his see through mesh briefs and apron.

Ashley and Chad came out onto the deck. She was wearing a very expensive looking and very fashion forward bikini that was a hairs breath from a thong. He had on a pair of red stretch briefs like Bonnie had bought for Cooper in Miami and an unbuttoned Aloha shirt. Bonnie couldn't miss the distinct shape of his erection visible under the clingy swimsuit. Bonnie considered that the couple were not wearing the kind of swim suits normally seen in Sparta or any other place in Georgia. Clearly there was at least one more story for Ashley to tell. The attractive woman looked around and when she saw the other women had already removed their tops she, without a word, removed hers as she walked. Bonnie was impressed how they looked together. She thought he was surprisingly fit looking and together they looked every bit like the "rich older man and trophy wife" they were.

Cooper instinctively looked over to the new couple coming out onto the deck. He knew Chad Webber was coming and so was ready to greet him. But, he was not ready to see Ashley as she removed her top. He'd known Ashley since he was a child and she'd always been pretty. They'd been friends growing up and in high school he would have liked to date her; but she was always with the most popular guys and he was not one of them. So he knew she was pretty, but seeing her almost naked like that he realized he'd underappreciated her beauty. There was a reason she'd snagged the richest man in the county and as she walked that reason was on display. Though the other women around the pool had all sorts of different shaped bodies; he thought every one of them in just their bikini bottoms looked very attractive and even sexually desirable. But, even in her early forties, Ashley was still almost unapproachable to him.

Bonnie's thoughts were similar, though she was a little more willing to be critical. For one thing Bonnie right off thought Ashley's breasts looked overly large and upright. Too perfect for a forty-three-year-old woman. It was possible she was just one of those very rare women who did not age like everyone else, but not likely. Bonnie wanted to ask, but she would not. Her rather cattie thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Lois, her husband and her lover.

Lois gave Bonnie a big hug and said in her ear “I am so excited. My first public outing with George and John together.”

Bonnie was happy for her. This day had been years in coming.

Lois stepped back “So what do you think? If I’m going to be exposed, I want to do it with style.”

Bonnie looked over the plum-colored crochet monokini. While she was not topless like the other women, the crochet was more than open enough to see through and show her breasts off, including her large areolas and erect nipples. She knew wearing that swim suit was more of a leap for Lois than going topless was for the other women. “Very pretty. Very pretty indeed. You need to be sure to get some photos of you today to show the girls.”

“Oh yes. And some with me and you together too. I’m not sure what you are wearing should be called jewelry or an outfit; but it is truly stunning. If only I had the courage and body to do the same.”

“Don’t be silly. You’d look amazing in this. Just enjoy your big day.”

While everyone at the party knew about Lois’s ‘arrangement,’ Bonnie was sure it was an important event for them to publicly ‘come out’ as it were like this. As if to make her point, Lois moved off with one man in each hand.

After she made a little more small talk with her guests, Bonnie walked to the open part of the patio she’d intended as the dance floor for today and for Misty’s party on Thursday. She looked around and said “What is wrong with you guys. This is a party” and she started up the stereo with a Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” Right off she began to dance to the tune, followed shortly by Brandy and Sherry. She began to bump and grind like she was in college again. All three were good dancers, but she wanted the other people to join in. When the song ended, she practically pushed Butch and Tabitha out to the dance area before cueing the next song.

It didn’t take long until Marcy, Beth Ann and Ashley were getting into the groove. Beth Ann’s exceptionally voluminous natural breast swung free, threatening to hit anyone who got too close. Only Marcy seemed to be lagging. With five topless women dancing, even some of the husbands tried to join in; though Butch seemed to be the only man that showed the slightest ability. Bonnie thought Mike's dancing looked like he was trying to mash bugs on the floor. Still, she thought things were going great.

Though the dancing was fun, it was simply too hot to keep it up given the rising heat. During the fifth song, Bonnie jumped into the water. The ice had been broken; the party was underway. Those who had been dancing were the first into the water.

Once the pool began to fill, the men didn’t need any encouragement to start grabbing asses and tits.

The charcoal had burned down giving Cooper a chance to join the fun for a few minutes. Though the other men at least made the physical contact appear accidental, Cal just swam up to Bonnie and began to kneed her breasts. After pushing him away with a sharp word, Bonnie swam over to Beth Ann.

“You really need to talk to Cal” she whispered in her ear. "Tell him just because the women are not dressed does not mean they are available to him. Next time he grabs a woman I will have to respond forcefully.”

Beth Ann looked mortified and quickly grabbed Cal by the arm and dragged him out of the water and into the house.

The whole affair was not lost on the others and things quickly quieted down. To Cooper there was no question that Bonnie had made it clear she was in charge and set the boundaries. He thought that was a good thing.

After a good while of water play (with some of it being quite overtly sexual), Bonnie climbed out of the pool and pulled one of the wooden benches to the side of the water. Stepping up on the bench she quickly got everyone’s attention. Looking up at her, the others saw that Bonnie’s little string of glass beads that passed between her legs hid absolutely nothing. Rather it just drew attention to her crotch. As she had expected, she was the least exposed person there.

“Damn Bonnie” Mike said “You might as well not wear anything.”

“You don’t understand. Yes, I could go totally nude. Everyone knows I have no aversion to doing that. But I think I look much more stylish, and if I might say, more sexy, like this.”

She got several votes of support from the women before she went on “Though I might well lose my pretend panties after this little contest.”

“What contest?” Beth Ann asked as she returned with a well chastised Cal.

“A chicken fight contest. We will have a double elimination tournament. So everyone out and sit around the sides of the pool” Bonnie instructed.

Once everyone was out, she continued “Here is how it will work. Any couple interested in participating may challenge any other couple participating to a chicken fight. All combat must be from the upper partner and if her boobs hit the water she is considered down. The price for losing is one member of the team must give up their swim suit. Once both partners have lost their suit they are out of the game. The last team standing wins.”

After a round of nodding heads Bonnie added “Since she does not have a partner, Sue Ann has agreed to be our referee. Oh, and once you lose your suit, you can’t get it back till you leave. So, only participate if you are willing to abide by the rule.”

Sue Ann held up a whistle. “When the whistle blows you must stop. I don’t want any heads bashed on the side of the pool. So who wants to start?”

After a few minutes of discussion Butch said “Tabitha and I challenge Cooper and Bonnie."

The Campbell pool was 1970’s vintage, so it was deeper than home swimming pools are generally now. For the women, the water was usually up to their chin, and short women, like Ashly, were underwater if they stood on the bottom. The wide steps that took up about 15% of the pool’s area was the primary place to chill and talk. The design was perfect for water volleyball and chicken fights.

The first few rounds went quickly, and in no time Bonnie and Cooper lost their skimpy bottoms and were out of the game; as were Mike & Marcy and Chad & Ashley. Youth was clearly winning out. That was just as well because it was time to put the burgers on. While the competition continued, lunch was prepared.

Bonnie was pleased, and a little surprised, when she saw Ronda Jackson had arrived while she and Cooper had been in the pool. She was even more pleased that she seemed to expect to see the nudity. Likely Haley had told her mother what to expect.

Bonnie greeted her with a hug and right off thanked her for the support she’d shown Misty and the family over the past weeks.

“I think we have all been supporting each other lately.” Ronda replied. “I for one am not sad to see the sharpening of the divide between the old guard and the rest of us in this county. I think its good for our kids to know their families are not the only ones who don’t want to pretend we live in the 1950’s.”

Bonnie smiled, “So I guess Haley has told you all about things here at the Campbell household.”

Ronda nodded “Yes she has. You must know I am right there with you. Perhaps a little jealous of some of the opportunities you have had. A whole week on a private sailing yacht, making it with anyone you wanted whenever you wanted? How could I not be jealous of that? And she let me know that she’s also told you all about things in our home as well. Not that she shouldn’t have; it’s just new to realize I don’t have to pretend I am something I am not when around church people.”

“I understand. And you don’t have to hide your life choices with anyone in this group. It is just a shame it took a kick in our pants to get us all to this point.” Bonnie agreed.

Their little conversation was cut off when Ashely came over to give Ronda a hug. Not long after Trish finally showed up. Her very nice, very see-through, kaftan (under which she wore nothing at all) was both revealing and very stylish.

“Sorry I’m late” Trish said. “I couldn’t get free of my mother. You see, as soon as she arrived and saw me in this outfit, she started gushing as if I was wearing it to the party just to please her. If that wasn’t bad enough, my big mouthed son told her that she had been right and I had been going to see a man at the beach. He even told her how I’d had sex with him more than once each day. She was beside herself with excitement and I had to tell the whole story. When I was done with that Byron proceeded to tell her I have become Cooper’s lover. That meant I had to take the time to explain that while we do have sex, we are doing it as friends, not as lovers. And I had to explain that some of the times you have joined us, so its not clandestine in the least. That got her praising me again for my liberated choices. I could have screamed. That is why I’m so late. You would have thought I was a teenage girl going with my first boyfriend to a dance.”'

Ronda’s eyes showed more than a little surprise at how casually Trish spoke of her sex life, including her relationship with Cooper and Bonnie. Only after this proof that everything her daughter had told her was clearly true, did she begin to get comfortable and start to unbutton her shirt.

Ashely was not surprised, but inquired “So Trish, is that all you wore driving over here?”

“No, I figured I had to put on a wrap to go from the apartment to the car. I don’t live in the country like Bonnie. Oh, and my mother all but begged to ask you if she could come with me to your next party.”

“You can tell her she would be welcome” Bonnie replied with a smile. “You know that I really like your mother.”

“Everyone likes my mother” Trish said sourly. I don’t know if I could handle her being here. She would suck up all the oxygen and I would have a hard time relaxing.”

Bonnie took her by the arm and led her to join the others sitting around the sides of the pool watching the contest. “It’s up to you. But you should consider it. It might improve your relationship with her.”

Ronda followed them to join the activities. Rather than bikini bottoms & sandals, she was wearing impossibly short cut-offs with cowboy boots and hat. The outfit accentuated her large bared breasts and was quite sexy indeed. Bonnie considered that while all the women except Lois had their breasts fully exposed, each showed her own distinct style. She thought that was a good thing indeed.

It was no surprise that in the end the youngest couples were last out of the chicken fight game. The final was between Butch/Tabitha against Cal/Beth Ann.

Bonnie would have put her money on Cal and Beth Ann. At six feet tall and a good 250lbs Calvin was far more physically imposing than the wiry Butch. And Beth Ann similarly seemed to overmatch the waifish Tabitha. For what seemed to be forever, the two couples sparred with no one falling. Finally, Tabitha surprised Beth Ann by grabbing her boobs with both hands. Her startled reaction threw her off balance and down she went. The burgers were done and Cooper was about to call it a draw when Beth Ann went down for the second time. After climbing out of the pool Butch and Tabitha took a bow.

Beth Ann took a good-natured swipe at Tabitha “If your boobs were half as big as mine you would have lost your balance first.”

“For once big boobs aren’t an advantage” she retorted.

After he and Mike had pulled the burgers and dogs from the grill, Cooper stood on a bench and in a loud voice, said “Food’s ready! Get it while its hot.”

Trish, who had been standing near the bench Cooper used, couldn’t resist. She reached forward and lifted his apron, grabbed and briefly stroked his penis. Then turned to the others and said “And here is the sausage. It’s worth trying, and yes, I do speak from personal experience in this brand”.

Amid the laughter, Cooper said “I don’t mind tasting but no biting!” and he hopped off the bench to more laughter. Bonnie and Marcy had set up a buffet with plates, utensils, drinks, condiments, beans and slaw on the granite topped serving table. Their guests lined up and began to serve themselves. He had not anticipated Trish’s move, but it would play into what was coming next, what was, in his view, the purpose of the day’s events. As each person filed by the grill, he made a point to thank them for coming.

Once everyone else had been served, Bonnie made herself a plate and joined Sherry, Herb and the other “older” people” at one the large octagonal wood table. It was only when she’d sat down, she realized what Ashely was showing her husband: the photobook from the cruse. Though the photos of her having sex no longer even made her wince, the look in Chad’s eye reminded her how much others found the photos difficult to process. She just smiled and asked “So Chad, what do you think?”

He stumbled over his words “I…I…well they are…”

His wife rescued him by saying “He likes them, a lot. So much so he is rather flustered.”

Bonnie leaned over to Herb and said “It’s OK. I know how fast I’ve thrown things at you today.”

Chad managed a nod.

Cooper laughed. “I think this is the first time in twenty years I have seen when Chad had nothing to say about something controversial.”

That got a round of laughs.

Herb spoke up and said “Chad, we’ve known each other since…well since before nearly everyone here was born right?”

Chad nodded.

He went on “And you and I both know that it has always been a myth that good people only have sex with their husband or wife. Right?”

Chad nodded again.

“So ask yourself, wouldn’t it have been better for you and Shirley Jean to have had sex with other people right in front of each other like Cooper and Bonnie do rather than the lying, cheating and nasty divorce?”

“I guess I see your point. But, this will take some getting used to.”

Bonnie stepped in. “We know open marriage won’t work for all couples, but for us it has opened up a whole world of wonderful possibilities.”

When it appeared most people were finishing up, he hung the apron over the grill’s serving tray and went back to stand on the bench again. He then addressed the group as they ate spread around the four sitting areas, “I’m glad to see you ladies are actually eating the weenies, I was afraid with all the sexual tension in the air you might do something else with them.” More laughter.

“Bonnie and I are really glad you all came today. It’s nice to have our church friends over for some nice wholesome Christian fellowship.”

More laughter.

"Before I start, let me give a hearty congratulations to Beth Ann and Calvin for their impending marriage. And Cal, I want you to know all of us husbands are here to console you when you realize what you have done."

Bonnie led the women to throw things at Cooper for that comment.

Cooper laughed and then said "No, really, congratulations and I can only hope you have the happiness that I have found."

Bonnie yelled "Much better."

Then he started into his prepared speech. “You might not know this, but the first generation Greek Christians to whom Paul wrote most of his epistles, would not be shocked in the slightest by our dress code today. Not only did all baptisms take place in the nude, but we have solid archeological evidence that the 1st century Christians in Anatolia (what is modern Turkey) socialized regularly at the public baths. The men and women hung out naked together more or less just like we are today. This practice was so central to their lives that when the pagans began banning Christians from the public baths, it was a serious blow that they resisted.”

“It wasn’t God, Jesus, the Apostles or the scriptures that demonized nudity and sex. It was the fourth and fifth century church leaders, who, trying to stave off the complete destruction of classical culture by our barbarian ancestors, made the Emperor’s anti-sex agenda into church doctrine. It was the Popes who decreed the naked body to be unclean. It was they who declared sexual pleasure to be inherently sinful. Before that, the world of the early Christians was awash in public sexuality, yet the scriptures never once condemn it. Paul, who lived in this world, did condemn sex that used people as property such as using enslaved prostitutes. He also told the Christians not to have sex with pagan temple priestesses since doing so was an act of worship of a false god. The very fact these specific forms of sex were condemned, is tacit evidence that the early Christians did not reject recreational sex as a natural part of God’s plan for his people.”

He pointed to Sue Ann, “Unmarried Christians were free to explore whatever sexual pleasure they chose as long as it didn’t take over their life. Just like wine was the staple of life in the ancient world, but alcohol dependence was known to be disastrous; so sexual pleasure was normal, only sexual obsession was condemned. This is also true for couples, Jesus clearly said that all sexual acts a married couple agree to are blessed.”

“So why am I standing here before you, naked as the day I was born saying all this? Am I advocating nudism? No, though we don’t believe nudity to be wrong. Are we advocating the open-marriage lifestyle? Sorry Cal, we are not, even though Bonnie and I are not monogamist, we believe each Christian should follow his or her own conscience. What I am here before you saying is that we, as 21st century Christians must stop supporting the hypocrisy. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of men long dead and be willing to openly proclaim our Christian liberty and to admit publicly how God leads us privately.”

“Next weekend an essay on this very subject will be published as part of’s review of an erotic art show of which a good friend, and occasional lover, of mine is the lead artist. I don’t know how many of you took a good look at the tropical painting in the family room, it is a smaller version of one in the exhibit. Did anyone take a good look at it? When you go back in, stand back about ten feet. You will then see it is really a painting of Bonnie and I making love. I have been told to expect a good deal of media attention that will bring the nude beach photos back into play. What was a small local storm of controversy regarding our bodies and sexual openness could become a large one extending well beyond our little rural corner of Georgia.”

“By the fact you are all still here, I’m supposing you all agree with me to one extent or another. I am up here to ask you to be prepared to take a stand, with Bonnie and me. When the subject comes up in coming weeks, don’t go along with the hypocrisy. At work, at church, at your friends’ homes, speak truth, not simply what you think you are expected to say. Think about it.”

Everyone just sat looking at him. “OK, my sermon’s over.” With that he ended and sat beside Bonnie who was eating her burger. Sensing her husband had quashed the mood a bit more than had been intended, she yelled across the pool to where Butch and Tabitha were eating. “Tabitha, you said Snake was his old nick name, but we’ve yet to see it.”

”We won the game” she replied.

“So does that mean you want to hide him away?”

“OK, OK” she said. “But don’t be mad if I can’t resist attacking him”.

“I promise not to kick you out” Bonnie said with a laugh. “Loose the suit Butch” Tabitha said as she raised up on her hands and slid her own thong off, though that hadn’t been what Bonnie had asked. Not surprisingly she was as bare shaven as Bonnie. Butch stood up and after tossing his wife’s thong across the pool, pulled down the speedo he was wearing, very slowly saying “Now don’t let it frighten you” to Bonnie. Sure enough, his nickname was accurate, it was as long as any penis she had ever seen. It was noticeably thin for its length and uncircumcised.

“Damn” Sue Ann exclaimed “Snake is right. How long is it?”

Her sister added “I’ve never seen one close to that size still soft, and I’ve done more than a few guys.”

Tabitha, bursting with pride, “Soft it’s over nine inches. Hard it’s about eleven.” He sat down but she continued. “We hit it right off, back in our biker days, because I was the only girl who could take it all in me, from any position. Most girls couldn’t take it all in from behind, and Butch likes doing it that way. So we were a perfect match because my g-spot is really deep and not many guys can reach it. I'd had a good many different guys in me and he was the first guy I’d done it with who could reach that deep every time."

“How many is a good many?” Beth Ann asked.

“Certainly over a hundred.”

Several voices murmured “a hundred?!”

Butch added “She’s being modest by saying that. Once when we had some of her old friends over, they tried to peg a number and they were sure it was well over two hundred. She was very popular at the bike rallies. I haven’t done nearly as many women as she’s done men because lots of women wouldn’t let me even try. But still I’ve done my fair share and with nearly all of them I had to be so careful not to hurt them, but with Tabitha, from the first time it’s been the deeper the better. We are a matched set.”

Tabitha added “If either of us had tried the celibacy until marriage or even limited our sexual activity to serious relationships, we never would have found each other. I know my parents didn’t approve of my slutty ways, but it worked out for me.”

Then Butch ended with “So we’re right with you on what you’re trying to do Cooper.”

After serving up seconds on the burgers and hotdogs, Cooper went and joined Bonnie, Sherry & Herb and Ashley & Chad at the glass table near the front fence. From the time he had arrived, Herb had said little but Cooper was aware that he was closely watching everything. “Herb, I haven’t heard you say a word since we came out to the pool.” Cooper could see the light scar line run down the inside of his thigh and disappear into the leg of his shorts.

Ashley answered first “Oh, he’s talked. Talked about how sexy Bonnie and Trish and especially Brandy is.”

Herb turned a little pink and said “The last time I saw this many naked women at once was in a whore house in Saigon, and that was a lifetime ago.”

It was well known at church that he never talked about Vietnam, and Cooper tried not to seem surprised.

“Until this month I thought I was quite the libertine. In high school I did a good number of girls, but it was always when there was no chance of anyone knowing what we did, let alone seeing. In the army using prostitutes was common, but as an officer that was on the QT as well. When Sherry was living out west in the swinging lifestyle, I was the traditional southern gentleman. I had sex with Annabelle twice per month, at night with the lights out hurrying to finish so she wouldn’t suffer long. In the world I was raised in, good women did not enjoy sex. Meanwhile, I had a series of affairs with women from the bank. While sex with my respectable wife was formal, sex with the girls from work was hot sweaty and far more frequent. Of course, that was also private and well hidden. I’m sure Annabelle knew full well what I was doing when I would come home late from the bank, but she was grateful I was doing them three times a week instead of her.”

Chad nodded, "My life was a whole lot like that too, except I just divorced my wife."

Sherri stood up and put her arms around her husband gently as he spoke.

“Now, from what she has told me so far” he went on “I guess Sherri had sex with more men at any number of parties she’s been to than all the women in all those years I was married to Annabelle; and, I’m pretty sure she’s even made love to more women than I have as well.”

Sherri unbuttoned his top button, she slid her hand into the gray hair on his chest and whispered something in his ear.

He continued and said “She just told me she is sure she had done that before she was twenty.”

More laughs.

“I know I should be jealous and it should make me angry, but I love hearing her stories. I find that now that she has begun telling me details of her earlier life, it is the greatest aphrodisiac I have had in years. I wonder if I am somehow getting lecherous in my old age?”

Cooper laughed “No, Herb. Why is it lecherous to enjoy hearing the woman you love tell of good times.”

Sherri added “Or to watch her enjoy herself.”

Cooper agreed “Or to watch, sure, how could I not get turned on watching Bonnie enjoy herself with a lover? But the ultimate is to share the experience with her. We’ve only done it once, but a few months ago she had me do it in her backside while she rode a man. I could feel his penis in her as he went in and out. And to top it off we had a good dozen people watching as we did it. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life.” He felt his penis growing as he remembered. “Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

Sherri looked down, “You aren’t kidding, you are getting hard!”

“I told you it was a turn-on.”

Sherry swiveled down and sat on her husband’s lap. “See, I told you. Lots of men enjoy watching their wife with other people.”

Cooper leaned back in his chair, his erection still growing. “Well Herb, the truth is it doesn’t matter what other men do. The question is what makes you and Sherry happy. That’s what I’m trying to get people to do and to be proud of doing it.”

Ashley piped up "I don't know about you Sherry, but until today I don't know how I've overlooked Dwight Connelly. I don't remember him being that buff."

Cooper put in, "Maybe that is because he is almost young enough to be our kid."

"Young or not, he is impressive" she replied.

Cooper looked over to where Dwight was standing by Brandy. He had to admit to himself he hadn't noticed Dwight at all since Brandy commanded his attention. But Ashley was right. There was no doubt he worked out and took his appearance seriously. Though he was no body builder or fitness model, he put all the other men present to shame. Then Cooper noticed something else he'd missed. Dwight appeared to be completely hairless from below his head. Chest, back, pubic hair and even his legs seemed to be shaved. That was odd he thought. But after that he began to notice how all the women looked at him. Clearly, he knew what he was doing.

Chad put it in a tone that seemed a little too strong for the situation. "Looking is fine Ashley, but that is all."

While those at their table had been listening to the conversation, Bonnie noticed that across the pool, Tabitha was making good on her threat to attack her husband in front of everyone. Butch was sitting on one of the chaise lounges. Tabitha was on her knees with her face in his lap. Her head was visibly bobbing up and down on the first half of the long shaft as she firmly gripped the lower half in her hand. Bonnie, drawing the attention of the group to her far right said “I guess Tabitha is proud of her man.”

Cooper, Sherry and Herb looked behind them to see as Tabitha was going down deep on her husband, but still a good four or five inches of flesh remained in her fist. She kept it in for nearly half a minute then came up gasping for breath. Bonnie could tell everyone else had been watching while they had been in their conversation.

Sherry hollered “I thought you said you can take it all!”

Tabitha looked up, stroking with her right hand. “I can in my pussy but that’s all I can do with my mouth. No one can take all of him orally.”

“What makes you say that?” Sherry queried.

Butch replied “It’s true, I’ve never once had a girl who could take it all in her mouth.”

Sherry smiled and said “Of course not, no girl could deep throat that monster. It takes a real woman to do that.”

“Why? Do you think you could take it all?” Tabitha asked with an air of competitiveness.

“Sure I could.”

“Really?” Tabitha said surprised.

“it’s been a really long time since I did one that size, but I’m sure I could still do it.”

Skeptically Tabitha offered “OK, let’s see.”

Sherry whispered into her husband’s ear. He nodded. She stood up and pulled the straps to her topless maillot and dropped it to the ground. Fully nude for the first time, she walked over to where Tabitha lay still holding her husband’s penis. Standing over him as he sat on the flagstone deck, she told Butch to lay down on his back and asked Tabitha to give her some room. In a voice loud enough for all to hear she said “Now the key to taking a long penis all the way down is making a straight passage from the lips down the throat. They call it deep throat because something like this can’t stay in your mouth, it has to go down your throat.” With Butch lying prone on his back, she put one knee on the lounge chair beside him. “It’s the same trick a sword swallower uses, except this is more fun.” With that she took a position on the chaise lounge standing on her knees, squarely on Butch’s face.

Bonnie heard Lois gasp.

Sherry just smiled and looked down to Butch’s now covered head “Go on boy. You know what I expect if I’m going to do this.”

When he dutifully reached up to grab her cheeks and lifted his head to her vulva, Sherry looked over to the table of younger women. “Now girls, no matter how much you want to do him, always make sure he thinks you are doing him a favor.” The younger women laughed as Sherry leaned down and took the head of Butch’s erection into her mouth.

Inching forward she opened her mouth and right off took in almost as much as Tabitha had. She held still for a few seconds then slid back until only the head was in her lips. Then again, she inched downward, continuing until she had taken another half inch or so. This time she held it in for longer before easing it out of her mouth completely. She stood up on her knees and again address the younger women. “Each stroke I will take a little more since it’s been so long since I’ve done this. At first I will hold it as long as I can hold my breath even though it will actually be in my throat, but not my larynx. As I relax, I'll be able to breathe with more of his penis in my throat, as you will see. To provide stimulation for the man I use my cheeks and my throat muscles. I’m sure Butch will respond.”

With that she leaned forward yet again and slid the great shaft a good eight inches into her mouth. She then lay still. Butch on the other hand began to moan. Cooper did not know what she was doing but it clearly was working. After about fifteen seconds she came up for air, but this time she did not take him out of her mouth to do so. Then she went forward again taking just a little more in. Butch again responded to the invisible stimulation. The entire group watched entranced as bit by bit she took in more and more. It took at least five minutes before her lips were pressed against his pelvic bone. As she lay still with over ten inches of penis down her throat, Butch had stopped trying to eat her out and was now shaking as she worked on him.

Everyone, including Bonnie and Cooper, sat in stunned silence. It was no longer the shock that Sherry was sucking Butch’s penis that seemed astounding. It was that ‘the snake’ was no longer visible because this elderly woman had indeed swallowed the whole thing. On the fourth time all the way down his hips began to push up. No one looked away as on the fifth time all the way down he let out a loud groan and his buttocks quivered as they pushed up to Sherry. Clearly he was climaxing. When she backed up to breathe she still left a good four inches of cock in her mouth.

From her seat, Bonnie could see the dribble of cum slide down the side of the shaft. As he shook uncontrollably, she held it in her mouth and milked the shaft with her hands. When he finally collapsed, she again went all the way down to his pelvis. His eyes, which had been shut popped wide open and breathlessly he said “OK, OK, OK, I can’t take any more.” Bonnie glanced over to Herb worried about what he thought of this. He had not moved since the performance began. His face was intent but showed no emotion either way.

Only when Butch seemed to go limp and she stood up on her knees did Sherry’s husband react. He sat up straight, smiled and began to clap. Applause broke out. She gave a slight bow toward both tables…still sitting on Butch’s face. Ostentatiously she pushed a few drops of semen from the side of her lips into her mouth and said “and that’s the way it’s done ladies. In the old day’s I could have done that a lot quicker”. Cooper noticed not a drop of semen was on the snake, she had swallowed every bit.

“I guess I should let him breathe now. My ass is somewhat more fluffy than it was last time I did that.” Several people laughed as Sherry swung a leg over and got to her feet. “You will notice I did not keep him in my throat after he began to ejaculate.” She continued with her lesson to all. “If I had, I would not have gotten to taste his jizzem, and that’s no fun. And besides girls, no matter what they say in public, I’ve never met a man who didn’t get turned on when my kisses taste of semen.”

With that Sherry stepped over to her own husband, straddled him as he sat back in his chair, and began to kiss him deeply. There was no doubt Herb was totally into the moment. Sherry broke the kiss and whispered in his ear. Then every eye watched as she unzipped Herb’s Bermuda shorts and slid them (and his boxers) to the ground before easing herself down on his erection.

He might have lasted an hour or more in their bedroom; but as he kissed his wife surrounded by their friends, it was just too much and in less than a couple of minutes of her rolling her hips on him, he was shuddering with orgasm.

Again, there was stunned silence. Bonnie was sure that most of the people there had never seen another couple have sex in person. Yet in just a few minutes they watched Sherry first suck off Butch then fuck her husband in full view of the entire group.

What followed until the end of the party was not so much as an orgy as serial exhibitionism. Though Bonnie had thought Sherry would have kickstarted things she found it did not. So, after she’d pulled out the dish tub she’d left under the serving table to show the others where to put things when they were done; she took a seat at the table with the younger people.

To the group she asked “So, is this about what everyone expected?”

The women said it was, but the men didn’t seem to know what to say.

Tabitha spoke up and said “OK, I certainly didn’t expect for anyone, let alone Sherry Connors to go down on Butch…well not in front of everyone like that.”

Beth Anne added “And how she took it all down like she did. I wouldn’t have believed it if it hadn’t happened fifteen feet from me.”

That got general agreement all around.

“Well Dwight? What do you think of all this” she asked Brandy’s husband.

“Uh…I guess I was hoping to see some sex, but I didn’t really expect it. And like Tabitha said, Mrs. Connors would have been the last person I would have expected to do it. But watching her blow Butch, swallow the cum, then to screw her husband: no, I certainly didn’t expect that. And for him to kiss her like that after swallowing another guy’s cream. I don’t know what to think. I didn’t really believe guys did that. I thought it was a porn thing.”

Bonnie nodded and asked “Has Brandy told you that Cooper has eaten several men’s semen right out of my vagina?”

He nodded but said “Yea, but well hearing about something like that 3rd hand isn’t anything like seeing it.”

“Really?” Calvin cut in “Cooper has watched other guys cream pie you then go down on you?”

“Sure, and I’ve gone down on women after he and other men have …as you say… cream pied them. It’s really hot.”

Calvin shook his head “There is no way.”

Bonnie just smiled and said nothing.

There was some discussion about free love with Butch and Tabitha offering the expert opinions since they lived that way for a number of years. Finally Bonnie said “I stopped over just to ask if any of you would object if I gave my husband a ride out here?”

Calvin seemed the dimmest of the group and it took a whisper from his wife to understand she meant to have sex with Cooper. Once he understood he joined the others in whole-hearted support of the idea.

Once she’d taken a seat at the edge of the chaise lounge that was only a few feet from where she’d been talking to the young people; she called Cooper over and gave him an oral warm-up before asking him to lie down so she could mount him.

Her actions brought the talk to a halt. Once she got up a good rhythm on top of her husband, Bonnie looked over to the others and said “Don’t let me stop your very nice conversation. Just think of this as a visual addition to the discussion of open Christian sexuality.” Only Butch and Tabitha seemed to take watching her on her knees taking the longest strokes possible as simply an ordinary, if very pleasant thing to watch.

Tabitha began to tell the others at the table about the last time she’d had sex with anyone but Butch. It had been less than three years before when she’d had sex with a good-looking guy in front of Butch and literally hundreds of others who strolled by their camp at a biker rally. The matter-of-fact way she explicitly described the details of fucking a guy in public, then watching her husband do the man’s wife seemed to bring the other’s out of their catatonic state.

Though Bonnie made it look casual, she actually worked hard to give the best performance she could. When Trish came by and asked to take Bonnie’s place on Cooper, those at the table seemed to take it in stride. Bonnie rejoined them at the table and they all watched as Trish, just a few feet away, eased Cooper’s erection into her body.

At the table there was a strange, but lively discussion as to whether it counted as a ménage à trois as Bonnie and Trish took two turns each riding Cooper. While one pleasured herself on Cooper, the other relaxed at the table and chatted. Bonnie put the discussion to rest when Trish was preparing to mount Cooper for a second time, she asked her to face his feet so she could ‘come visit her’ in a few minutes.

Once Trish was in place and had worked up a good rhythm, Bonnie left her seat at the table and proceeded to lick the nexus of penis and labia until her friend had a shuddering orgasm. All agreed that counted as a ménage à trois. What followed was a surreal discussion as to how strange it was to have such a discussion. Bonnie was pleased. That kind of thing was exactly what she‘d hoped would happen.

When Trish asked Cooper to do her from behind, it turned out to be the only time all day that Bonnie saw any position but woman-superior. Regardless of the title one gave it, she was sure he had enjoyed their tag team for a good half an hour. Her plan seemed to do the trick, and for the next few hours, as they sunned and swam; one by one most of the couples made love in front of their friends. Much to Bonnie’s surprise, first off was Brandy who dragged Dwight to the same chaise she had used and, like Bonnie had done, opened with a blow job on her husband. Not surprisingly, Dwight did not last more than three minutes once they began to screw.

It was not anything formal, but perhaps twenty minutes after Brandy and Dwight came Mike and Marcy, after that came Beth Anne and Calvin, then Tabitha had no trouble reawakening the snake. Perhaps two hours after he’d only lasted five minutes, Dwight initiated round two with Brandy.

Over the day, Trish and Sherry were the only women to have sex with anyone but their husband. In addition to the deep-throat orgasm Sherry had given Butch after lunch; while Tabitha was riding her husband later in the day, she commented how Tabitha must have a deep tunnel to sit firmly on Butch’s pelvis. Tabitha kindly offered to let Sherry give it a try. With only a brief glance to Herb, she did exactly that. Unceremoniously, Tabitha got off and Sherry got on.

Sherry moved around on the stiff snake for a moment or two, then said “Nope. There is no way I can get all of him in me.” The three of them spoke for a few moments before Sherry, just as unceremoniously, got off and let Tabitha back on. Turning to return to her seat she said, “Thanks for letting me give it a try though.”

The whole thing had lasted less than three minutes. Cooper looked around at the other guests. He was sure most of the people there had never seen this kind of true casual sex before. She saw several couples whispering among themselves. The whole thing made him smile. He was sure this was playing out very much as his wife had planned.

Beyond those two instances, the physical contact between unmarried people was limited to some very long hugs and unrestrained touchy feeling messing around occurring in the pool. The real surprise to Cooper was Marcy. She was fairly aggressive and kissed him and gripped his penis a good many times, and one time she even swam to him under water and very briefly put it in her mouth. Since she’d done the same thing to her husband several times, he was sure he knew. He couldn’t miss this as a prelude to an invite for a foursome; though it did not happen before the end of the day.

Even though they were the two unaccompanied women, neither Sue Anne nor Ronda was left out completely in the cold. Ronda did a great deal of flirting with most of the men, as well as grabbing some ass (and possibly dick). Sue Anne was fairly brazen about messing with the snake in the pool. One time Bonnie saw her quite flagrantly fondling Butch’s junk while Tabitha rode him hard. Bonnie began to think that Sue Anne would take a turn like Sherry had. She had no doubt that Tabitha would gladly let her, but she did not ask.

To Bonnie it was no surprise Ronda spent most of her time with Ashley and Chad. They did not seem put off by the public sex, but they didn’t participate. Late in the afternoon Bonnie joined the other two mothers of Euro-Club girls as they lay on the wooden chaise lounges at the side of the swimming pool. Ronda had lost her shorts and boots and hour before and had been wearing only her hat ever since. As they talked, their eyes were mostly on Brandy and Dwight as the pretty young women rode her husband for a second time on the same chaise Bonnie had used.

It was only then that Bonnie realized that every couple had used the two chaise lounges at the end of the pool. She wondered if over the summer those two lounge chairs would become the semi-official place for public sex. In this round-two, her husband had been much better and she had been slowly riding Calvin for a good while even as she carried on an animated conversation with those at the table. There was no question to Bonnie that Brandy was having the time of her life.

Taking a seat at Ashely’s feet, Bonnie asked “Well ladies? When the girls hear about what went on today, will we gain some coolness points?”

Both of the mothers laughed before Ronda said “Not that you need any. I think every girl at St. Thomas, if not almost all the girls at Jefferson Davis think you are the coolest mother on the planet.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but say “All but my own of course.”

The mother’s agreed with the sentiment that teens never see their own parents the way other kids see them. The three mothers then launched into a conversation about the club and where events were taking them. Ronda expressed her regrets that she would be at the plant the day of the party so she would not be able to help chaperone. “You will surely find your hands full, even with your relaxed rules about public displays of affection.”

Ashely nodded “Yea, I’m sure we will. Though I think the girls have done a good job of making it clear that drinking and drugs will not be tolerated. How we will keep them from screwing I’m not sure.”

Bonnie replied “Oh, we won’t try. At least we won’t try to stop them from doing it inside the house. Rather I hope to corral them to appropriate spaces. I will put bowls full of condoms in all of the rooms that couples might use. Pretty much I was going to let them have the run of the house. Better just leave all the doors open, rather than have them sneaking. A quick fuck in a closet might do for some of the guys, but if the girls are going to have a chance of getting what they want they need access to beds.”

The other two women thought about what she said for a moment before agreeing. Ashely added “I guess you are right. I never thought about it that way.”

Ronda seconded, “Yes, that is a way to encourage the girls to get what they want as well. I saw your signs in the upstairs hallway. Your open-door rule will put the quash on guys pushing girls into things they don’t want to do.”

Ashely said “I’ll make it my personal mission to ensure that policy is enforced. It won’t take long for the kids to get the message once I open up a door and lecture a couple about the rule while they are getting it on.”

The other two women nodded and laughed in agreement.

Ronda continued “Haley had told me about the sex room upstairs; but seeing it was an experience in itself. I’m really impressed you have thought all of this through so clearly. I know that most of the club girls don’t have a safe place to have sex and you have done them a great service. Even though she can freely use her own bed, Haley is looking forward to using that bed and mirror set up.”

Ashely seemed to be thinking. Then asked “So Ronda? Does Haley have sex at home while you are there?”

“Heavens yes! Her boyfriend sleeps over nearly every Saturday night.”

Ashley seemed to think again then asked both women “Should I tell Rebecca she can have sex with her boyfriend at home too? I know they are doing it, but I pretend they are not.”

Ronda answered quickly “Of course you should. The real question is where has she been having sex and is it safe? Telling her you would actually prefer her to have sex in your home would make sex safer and better for her; but it would also let her know that you are supportive of her life choices.”

Ashley looked to Bonnie as if to confirm what Ronda said. Bonnie wasn’t quite so quick to tell another mother what she should do, but she wanted to answer. “I think you know full well that Misty has sex in her room with full knowledge and blessings from Cooper and I. Though to be honest it creeps Cooper out a little and he never goes upstairs when she and a friend are in her room. Like Ronda said, we think it is the best option. I’d much rather her experiment with sex here than anywhere else.”

Ashley looked sheepish. “I’m not sure why I haven’t just told Rebecca outright. Perhaps out of embarrassment or fear I might accidently catch her.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh and then tell them about walking in on Misty, Rebecca and Samuel. Ashely initially looked mortified then began to laugh too.

Ronda asked “Is he really that big?”

Bonnie nodded, “Oh yea, he is. In all the guys I did when I was younger, I only did one guy that was that size.” She gave a lascivious smile and added “But I remember it fondly.”

More laughter.

As if to herself Ashely said “And my little girl is putting something that big in her?”

Bonnie nodded and said “She and my girl both.”

All the women got silent as they all seemed to understand. Ronda gave the words “We don’t have little girls anymore. We have young women. It’s hard to see them that way, but when we were that age, we were quite sure we were women.”

The other two nodded in agreement.

Ronda said “If I might make a suggestion. As much as I think it’s a great idea for the club girls to have access to your sex room upstairs; I think you would be taking too much of a risk if you left it unlocked for the party. You would have phone pics of those photos all over by the end of the day and that could be a problem. The photo of you and Cooper having anal sex in your bedroom is plenty enough to tell the kids you are not ashamed of the beach pics. And if you leave those two photo books out, they will be gone by the end of the day as well.”

Bonnie thought about what she said, and she saw the truth of it. “That’s a good idea. Thanks, we already have a key-lock door on the room and I’ll lock the books in there too.”

Ronda nodded with her and then offered “I’d leave your husband’s study open though. A little bit ago we went in the house and Ashely showed me the photos he has in there. I’m jealous I don’t have anything like them. Nude selfies are not remotely the same thing. Every one of them are simply amazing; but the ones of you over the years, to me, stand out. Might I ask about those two of you from when you were younger?”

“Thanks. I’ll admit once those two old photos were blown up and framed, I was very, very pleased with them. The oldest one, where I’m in the creek, I had Cooper shoot not long after we started dating. He had already known I was wild, but when I stripped naked in that park; I think it was the day he knew he couldn’t let me go.”

The other women laughed again.

“The one of me on the picknick table was the day he gave me my engagement ring. If you look, you will see the ring is all I’m wearing. So in both photos I was in my early 20’s. I am very glad I have them.”

Ronda suggested “Well, one thing is for sure; the photos in that room will add to the legend of Bonnie Campbell.”

Ashely added “And to have the nerve to keep that one showing you and Cooper where his full hard-on is showing will really get the kids attention.”

The conversation went on about the club, the party and their girls turning into young women for some time. They were interrupted twice when Brandy got everyone’s attention with her very vocal orgasms. That kind of sexual flavoring had been Bonnie’s intention for the day.

The party showed no sign of braking up until Cooper announced that he and Bonnie would have to get dressed and go to lead the church Youth Group. “You might have noticed that Butch and Tabitha slipped out a little bit ago.” He looked to the Marshals. “We will be fine this week without you if you would be good enough to take over host duties.”

With that he and Bonnie excused themselves. He’d waited too long, so they had to rush to make it. Butch had already texted that he and Tabitha were at the church setting up. They decided to just wear jeans and polos for speed’s sake, and Bonnie touched up her face and hair in the car.

Even with the rush, they both agreed the party was an unqualified success.

The one mistake Bonnie made was she forgot to remind everyone to keep applying sunscreen, especially to the areas not used to sun. The result was Mike and Cal were in for a long painful week with burned dicks. Other than that, Bonnie and Cooper judged the event a complete success.


Though the big end of school party dominated the home front during the evenings for those last few days before the party, it was Cooper’s first week as an actual college teacher. He was very busy. Additionally, Friday morning he was scheduled to address a session of the regional meeting of United Methodists in Atlanta and the upcoming publication of his article in the highly respected dominated his thoughts. On top of all that, Bonnie and Cooper were making their preparations for flying out to New York on Friday afternoon.

On Monday Amy called him at work, “Well Coop, you all ready to come up to New York?”

“Sure, we’ll be flying out late on Friday afternoon. I teach that day so it will be late before I can pick up Bonnie and get to Atlanta.”

She replied “I understand the soft opening is at 1:30 Saturday Afternoon. Since I’ve gotten here it seems that word of mouth is going much better than expected. The gallery has had to hire a full-time person to handle publicity. It’s just amazing. After just two days she told us we would have to make this a ticket only affair for the first two weekends. The soft opening from 1:30 till 3:30 is for art reporters and people to whom I owe favors and those buyers who don’t like the glitz of the night event. What is called the Gala Opening will be at 7:00 that night. According to our publicist we will be inundated with “A” list socialites and a fair sprinkling of movie and TV stars and that, she says, will bring the national press.”

“Wow, so which one do you want me to come to?”

“Both of course, you are part of the FFF team. Oh, and as part of the team I need you to write up a fifteen-hundred-word justification for why we believe public displays of sexuality is good for society. And make sure it is full of sound bites.”

“Woe! When do you need this little project completed?” Cooper asked.

“Now. We need a press hand out and if you can E-mail it to me by tomorrow morning the design team will plug a few quotes from it in the flyer which by the way, has the painting of you and Bonnie as the masthead.”

“How flattering, but tomorrow morning?” Cooper asked incredulously.

“Yea, I’m afraid so. You’re the best writer of our group, sorry for the short notice. The publicist is holding a sneak-peek for a small group of key press people on Wednesday night. Then she wants to get the flyer out to all the New York press on Thursday and Friday. I know it seems so commercial, but we wanted to get the word out in the best way possible. All our material will have a link to our foundation’s web site which will have the whole article available for them. If we are lucky some outlets will link to or print the whole thing. So can you do it?”

“Sure, I’ll get it done” he said with more surety than he actually felt.

“Great. It will be a long day for me tomorrow since I have to fly back home just for the FFF meeting. I really screwed up when I didn’t check the date before I agreed to it. Oh well, I’m going to make it work. We will be in the conference room in the university administration building”

Cooper replied, “OK. I got an email from Dr. Shelton about that. And I also got an email from that they would be posting my article on Friday.”

“OK, we’re all set. I have one more favor to ask. The only early direct flight I could get to be back here by Wednesday morning is out of Atlanta. Any way I could stay with you and Bonnie Tuesday night after the meeting? I will have a rental car, and I’ll be gone before dawn.”

“No problem. Bonnie will love to have you.”

“Great, I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

With that she hung up.

Cooper began immediately working on the essay saying “As if I didn’t have enough to do.”

By 1:00 AM the next morning he had something good enough to send, though he did email it with a request for editing before it is printed. He was pleased with some of the very quotable parts:

Sexual expression is among the most basic of human rights. It is as intrinsic to human freedom as freedom of conscience, speech, religion and life itself.

By raising children in a world where the natural and life affirming sexual union is at all times hidden and rarely spoken of, except in exploitive pornographic terms; we have teens and adults who cannot make mature and life affirming decisions about their own sexual conduct. It should be no wonder why STD’s, sexual assault and low body image is the norm.

Sex is as basic to life as food, water and air; yet is feared as if it were a disease, regulated as if it were a luxury and banned as if it were a threat to society.

Throughout history, the complete freedom of sexual expression has always been granted to the ruling class, even when their sexual desires involve exploiting the poor and defenseless. For the masses, freedom of sexual expression has been closely proscribed, ghettoized and criminalized.

The ruling class have used sexual controls as the final weapon to subdue the masses and as the ultimate privilege to separate their class from all others.

The founding fathers of our nation were not yet prepared to give all freedoms to all people. For over two hundred years we have been expanding freedom in new ways to new people; it is time to bring the final freedom to all Americans. It is time for the untrammeled freedom of sexual expression.

Yes, Cooper thought, the essay was quite good as he prepared to send it.

Tuesday night he had no trouble finding the room for the first board meeting of the Final Freedom Foundation. Other than Amy and Dr. Shelby, Cooper did not know any of the other six members. He felt very much like the lightweight of the group, and even more so as he heard who his fellow board members were. Ira Fletcher taught human sexuality at Emory, Denise McKinnon taught anthropology and sexual studies at University of South Carolina, Willard Smith was an Episcopal Bishop, Angie Grierson was a well know psychiatrist/author and Valarie Hagen was a lawyer from the ACLU.

Cooper recognized the name Valarie Hagen from the LeMarco's trip. She had been Brian LeMarco's high school girlfriend. Bonnie had told him about meeting her briefly at the LeMarco's party. She certainly fit the description given him. After the meeting Amy made a point to introduce him to her. She kindly observed that all three of them had mutual friends, the LeMarco’s. When Amy asked Valarie if she found Cooper as nice looking in a business suit as he was in the nude photos at the party she readily agreed. he blushed.

Cooper also recognized one other board member Gina Moyers. She was an “A list” Hollywood actor and activist who shocked the industry two years before when she did a love scene where the sex was real, not simulated. While the others brought real skills, her ability to gain publicity for their cause could not be underestimated.

Cooper’s apprehension faded as the meeting progressed. Amy was the organizer. It was no surprise that when votes were called, she was unanimously voted to be the Board President and Executive Director of the new foundation.

The board agreed to set up committees to develop different aspects of the project. Cooper was flattered that they took his little essay he had written the night before as the public position of the foundation. They also appointed him the chair of the philosophy & vision committee. Another committee was tasked to develop a program by which the FFF could have members and what would membership mean. A third committee was the Executive Committee which would work on finances, by-laws and such.

With all these things voted upon, Amy adjourned the first meeting of the FFF Board of Directors. After the official meeting Amy suggested they meet at a local spot for some drinks. Most of the group begged off due to a long drive home but Dr. Ira Fletcher and Dr. Denise McKinnon who were both staying in town for the night agreed to meet Amy and Cooper.

Though Cooper rarely drank, he went along and found the extra hour well worth the time. Dr. Fletcher was a real pistol, with a strong pro-sex agenda going in to this project. She was a graduate of the Kinsey Institute and had been a leader in the fight for comprehensive and explicit sex education for children since the late 1970’s. She was a practicing nudist and evidently sleeps around like a teenager. At sixty-nine she was still fully alive and loved talking about sex.

Dr. Denise McKinnon was more subdued, but equally as passionate about sexual issues. She was one of the youngest on the board (not yet 40). She had authored several papers and one book dealing with the different sexual norms throughout history. She had a particular dislike for some of the leaders in the feminist establishment due to, what she thought, was their anti-sex attitudes. That antipathy was also driven by an event a few years back that made her feel unwanted in a movement she had long supported. It was evident to Cooper that the other two women knew all about the incident, but he did not feel comfortable asking about the details. She had posed for Amy several times with both men and women. From what Cooper could tell from the conversation, she had shared a bed with Amy more than once. He found it hard not to imagine what the attractive brunette looked like while ‘posing’ for the erotic paintings. Like Cooper, Dr. McKinnon was planning on attending the opening in New York.

In these women’s company Cooper again felt like the light weight. Amy was very gracious to speak of his upcoming article and his efforts to bring more sexual openness to the mainstream Christian community. He was sure Amy greatly overestimated his influence, but he did not say anything.

Later, he turned a little red when as they were waiting for their check from the waitress, Amy said “I don’t know how much sleep I’ll get tonight. I’m staying the night with Cooper and his wife Bonnie. They can be a real handful in bed.”

As it turned out it was Amy who was the handful. It was past 11:00 when Cooper and then Amy pulled into the drive. Cooper had called ahead and so Bonnie was ready with some light hors d’oeuvres before bed.

Misty, whose interest in photography came from her love of art, met them at the door and was excited that the famous Dr. Douglass was coming to visit. After they gotten the painting in the living room, Misty had learned all about her parent’s artist friend and was by the visit, a real fan.

“Dr. Douglass, I’m so excited to meet you” Misty gushed “I love the painting you made for my parents. It is so cool to have a real, one-of-a-kind, masterpiece in our house, and to know my parents were your models that is so … well just amazing.”

“Woe, Misty.” Her father said “Let Amy at least sit down before you attack her.”

Dr. Douglass put out her hand “Glad to meet you Misty, and you can call me Amy.”

“OK … Amy. Here is how we hung your painting.” Misty almost dragged her in front of the painting with the potted plants.

Amy was clearly pleased to see her work as the centerpiece. “I love how you framed it with live greenery and how in the walkway it is too close to see the true theme, but I bet you can see it clearly from the other side of the room.”

Misty cut her off “Oh yea, from over there it’s real obvious what it is. My friends already thought Mom and Dad were cool, but when they came over here and saw they hung a painting of them doing it right in the living room; they were really blown away. Of course they had already seen the pictures from their cruise in the study and guest room.”

“Was it a good kind of being blown away?” Amy asked.

“Oh, yea, they are all so jealous of me.”

Bonnie brought out slices of cake and white wine while Misty continued to chatter.

“I so wish I could go with Dad to your opening, but he told me how you had a live couple having sex so minors can’t come. Are you publishing a book or something so I can see all your stuff?”

“Actually, there is work being done to do just that. But remember that my work is only about 25% of the exhibit. There are two other painters, a sculptor and a mixed media artist as well. The exhibit’s publicist hired a photographer to attend the two openings. The plan is to create a book telling the genesis of the project using our original sketches, the intermediate versions and then show the final results in the gallery. She thinks that given the controversy she assures us the show will cause, we will have no problem finding a publisher.”

Bonnie chimed in “That’s exciting. Cooper didn’t tell me that”

“It’s been such a whirlwind, I just told him about it after the board meeting tonight” Amy answered. “I am trying to get permission from as many of the models to use their real names and some biographical info to show the paintings are of real couples, not professionals.” And she reached into a bag and pulled out a document. “If you could sign here” and she pointed to a line below Cooper’s signature “Cooper has graciously agreed to write a fronts piece essay on public sexuality.”

“Sure, we certainly have nothing to be ashamed of” and Bonnie signed the paper and handed it back.

“Will you be coming to the opening?” Amy asked Bonnie.

“At first I thought I might not be able to, but after Lamar did so well in February with us gone a week, I decided it would be OK to come even if he is out of school.”

“Great” Amy said.

Misty humphed “I miss all the good stuff. It would be so cool to model for you and see my painting in the gallery. And a New York art opening, how cool would that be. But I know, I’m half a year too young to pose for you naked. That just sucks.”

Amy smiled “I tell you what, if your parents agree, you come to my studio and I’ll paint you for an 18th birthday present. You can do a solo, or bring a friend, but they have to be eighteen as well. How’s that sound?”

Misty lit up like a light bulb “Really?”

“Yes, really. I’ll do the same I did for your parents. I’ll give you the preliminary version of a larger painting. Sound good?”

“Thanks, I don’t know what to say.”

“Just email me next month sometime and we can work out the details. Ideally we would do it on your birthday so I could title it Misty’s 18th Birthday. I’d like to stay up and talk to you more, but I’ve got to leave about 4:30 AM, and I need time to molest your parents.”

This was only the second overnight guest that Cooper and Bonnie had openly had in their bed at home; however Misty wasn’t fazed. She got up to leave. “I’d say have fun, but I know you will anyway. Thanks again Amy, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again.”

When Misty was gone Amy said “You should be proud of her, she’s very impressive. I have a lot of college upperclassmen who aren’t as mature as she appears to be.”

Bonnie was clearing the dishes and said “Thank you. We are very proud of her. And I don’t know if Cooper has told you that she is receiving some recognition for her photography. She seems to have talent.”

Amy replied, well if she wants to study photography as fine art, I have friends in most of the university’s in the region and I can get her a chance to show off her work. She’d have to do the impressing herself, but I could get the door open for her.”

Bonnie thanked her and said she would tell Misty.

Cooper shut off the family room lights. The effect was to draw attention to the low light streaming from the French door leading to the bedroom. When they had put in the mirror above the bed, they had to remove the overhead light. It had been replaced by track lighting that ran parallel to the sides of the king sized bed. At night, with the track lights set on low the room had a diffused romantic illumination. Bonnie had bought a new embroidered red silk duvet cover which reflected light onto the mirror above. The effect was quite the erotic vignette.

Amy sat in thought looking at the glass panels in the door. “That is great. You practice what you preach; even if the door is closed you don’t hide what goes on in the bed.”

Bonnie said “That was my idea. For most of our marriage we had just left the door open all the time. There was only a relatively brief few years we shut it when we made love, but since we’ve brought sex out of the closet, I thought this was a great way to both be practical and make a statement. The door does have sheers that, if we ever wanted to use them, would mute the vision some; but not entirely.”

Amy nodded, “I think it’s a great idea, It is a perfect view for a painting, If I hadn’t been looking forward to being with you guys so much I’d ask to just sketch you.”

Cooper suggested “If you want, you could sketch a little before you join us. You are joining us I assume?”

“Oh, yes, like I said, I was looking forward to it.”

Bonnie added “Even better, you and I could switch and I’ll use Cooper's camera and take photos of you two so your final work could be of you and him. I bet you don’t have any paintings of yourself making love.”

Amy wrapped her arms around Bonnie and kissed her, deep and sensual. “How about Cooper take pictures of me and you together first.”

That is exactly what happened. While Cooper set his Cannon up on the tripod for the low light shots, Amy and Bonnie undressed each other right in the family room kissing and caressing all the time. Once they were naked, Bonnie led Amy by the hand into the bedroom, closing the French door behind them.

Cooper took photos shooting through the glass door. He wasn't sure how long he could stand just being a spectator and not joining in. He kicked off his pans and underwear and was stroking his erection even as he continued to take photos.

He was startled by a tap on his shoulder. He released his penis and snapped his head around to find his daughter standing behind him. Misty said in a quiet voice "I heard your plan before I went upstairs. I can see you are ready to join them. I'll take over with the camera."

Cooper was flustered, but managed to say "OK. Thank you." before doing just what she had said.

Looking through the viewfinder, she watched her father climb on the bed and move behind her mother and Dr. Douglass who were laying crossways with Amy's face buried between her mother's thighs. Right off Misty was unhappy with the composition. First the camera angle was way too low. She moved the camera closer to the open door and tripod up as far as it would go. But like that she was not close to tall enough to look through the viewfinder.

She knew that this little tryst would not go on long since Dr. Douglass had to get up early; so she raced to the kitchen to get the little step stool. Standing on it she again apprised the composition. Her mom's hips were now thrusting and it was clear she would soon climax; but still there was a problem. The track lighting gave enough ambient light, but Misty needed a key light to lighten from the general direction from which she was shooting. Without hesitating she went into her parents' bedroom and switched on the two end-table lamps that sat on the near wall. Wanting more light still she took off the shades and moved her mother's floor mirror to reflect light. It took a few moments to get the mirror tilted so she was able to direct the light right onto her subjects. All the while her parents and Amy did not act as if they had even seen her; though Misty was quite sure all three knew she was in the room with them. She was quite proud of her set up when she began shooting photos just before her mother climaxed.

As her “photo shoot” went on, it became apparent to Misty that the adults were working to help her frame photos. After coming up from giving Bonnie oral sex, Dr. Douglass had her father lay in the same diagonal position on the bed her mom had been. Then the middle-aged artist straddled her dad and guided his penis into her.

Misty shot a dozen frames from the same high angle then, lowered the tripod so as to shoot the female superior sex from a profile. Her mother who had been resting, looked at what Misty was doing and piled up two pillows and moved up to be visible behind Amy riding her husband. She began to masturbate while watching the other woman's hips rolling sensuously.

Misty was enjoying the challenges of shooting this threesome. Sure it was her parents, but at that point that fact was irrelevant. To her they were just models and her job was to get the best, most artistic photos possible. She knew her father's lens was not terribly fast, so she assumed she'd have some blurring when the "models" moved too fast when she released the shutter. On the other hand, it had a constant f-stop as she zoomed which allowed her to zoom without affecting the exposure. With it she was able to get both wide-angle shots of all three of them, all the way to the shots she'd gotten focused on her mother's face as she climaxed. Misty noted how she was not turned on by seeing this pretty amazing sexual display. This was not play time for her, but serious photography.

Her concentration was disrupted when something in the room caught her eye. She turned to find Lamar, fully naked, standing in front (not behind) the couch jacking off. He was not ten feet from her. Lamar was not technically violating the house rules, but she was sure her mother would not be pleased should she see him out in the open like that. Since the bedroom now was lit and the living room dark, it was likely he believed that their parents could not see him. Obviously, he didn’t care one bit that he was standing there masturbating so close to her. After all, he’d done it before when they were behind the couch; but this just seemed so much more brazen. She decided the best thing was to ignore it and go back to ‘work.”

When her mother had moved to her knees to start kissing Dr. Douglass who continued riding on her dad's penis, Misty needed a better angle. So, just after Lamar shot his load and left the room, she just picked up the tripod and moved right into the bedroom. After adjusting her makeshift lighting, she continued to shoot.

She was again challenged when the adults switched position. She could tell her mom and Amy were talking before they moved, so Misty was pretty sure this was what they wanted her to photograph.

Dr. Douglass, reversed her position so that she faced Cooper's feet and put his penis back inside of her. Misty's mother first kissed the other woman and suckled her breasts. Then Amy lay back onto her dad's body. This gave an excellent view of the penis spreading open the labial lips and the clitoral ridge standing up prominently. Her mother gave Misty time to get a number of photos before going down between her dad's legs to give oral sex to the both of them at the same time.

The new arrangement of bodies presented Misty with a real challenge. How to overcome the natural shadow this position posed? She moved the floor mirror then again moved the camera right beside the bed, as high as the tripod would allow. She guessed her mother sensed her problem because even as Misty worked to get the angle, her mother adjusted how she was laying. Moving her entire body slightly to the left, she put her head against Amy’s right thigh before resuming using both her lips and tongue to stimulate the nexus of sex.

This time Misty stood on her mother’s dressing stool shooting down at the threesome. The change helped a lot, but was not ideal, and Misty could tell she was running out of time. Dr. Douglas was beginning to moan as her mother licked her clit while her dad filled her vagina.

Misty then had an idea as to how to frame this best. She jumped off the stool, and lowered the camera as far down as the tripod went and pointed the lens up into the mirror over the bed. That gave her a great top-down view. All she had to do was to move to the other side of the bed and she had the perfect set up. Once she began shooting again, she realized that time had expired.

First Dr. Douglass began to climax and then her dad did. Misty had not missed he had not won a condom and by zooming in on the locus of action, when his penis finally came out of Amy, so did a visible amount of semen. In the mirror she shot photos of her mother taking the half-hard, semen covered penis in her mouth. This was not the ideal angle, so Misty went back to shooting directly in profile just before her mother stuck out her tongue to lick the semen off Amy's labia.

Misty caught her mother easing two fingers into the bright red vagina, alternately finger fucking her and scooping out semen to eat. Even as she shot, Misty wondered how much of this was just acting for the photos and how much would they have done if she were not there. Either way, it did not take long for Dr. Douglass to climax again.

Misty's final set of photos was of the three adults, laying on their backs, covered with sweat looking up into the mirror and into the camera lens.

When she’d gotten her last image, Misty left the camera where it was, and just switched off the lights before leaving. In all she had been shooting for about twenty minutes, yet never said a word to the people in the bed. It was certainly a weird feeling as she went back to her room. Twice in a week she’d shot photos of her dad’s cum coming out of women’s vaginas. That was odd indeed.

On Friday evening, she’d had presence of mind to pick up the camera and shoot photos of the after-glow of her dad’s and Heather’s love making. She’d gotten some very romantic images of their snuggling and soft kisses before she’d asked her mom to take a place sitting behind her father allowing her to shoot the three of them talking and enjoying the moment.

As she sat down on the edge of her bed, one thing was for sure: she was very pleased with herself having seized the opportunity to shoot people making love twice in a week.


The next morning, just as she said she would, Amy was gone by the time anyone awoke, leaving just a thank you note on the dresser.

When the kids came down for breakfast before taking off for their last day of school, Bonnie couldn’t help asking, “Well Lamar, how long did you masturbate watching us last night. I only caught glimpses then you were gone.”

Lamar looked like he wanted to crawl under the table, but Misty, between mouthful’s of Capt’n Crunch, said “He left after he spewed”. Then after another bit she added “But he did clean his goo off the coffee table before he left. So he should get some credit for that.”

Without looking at his mother Lamar said “Misty was watching you guys have sex when I got there and was still watching when I left.”

“Yes, I was there but I was doing something for Dr. Douglass. I was taking photos with Dad's camera so she could make a painting of it later. You were there just to jack off.” Misty added to her mother, “I don't know if Dad told you but I overheard your conversation before I got in the shower last night. That is why I came back down stairs. I just figured you'd want photos of all three of you together."

Bonnie looked to Misty and said "I know Amy appreciated your help. She left a note saying so, but you should have let me ask her first before you just showed up to take photos."

"I understand, but Dad said it was OK.”

Bonnie smiled, “Yes, I know. But a man with an erection doesn’t think straight. Just be glad that this time it worked out. Pretty much as soon as you left, Amy told me to thank you for your help and asked you to give your father a copy of all the photos so she can decide which ones she likes. This time it all worked out, but next time it might not.”

Misty agreed then explained, “After Friday night, I wanted to try shooting more active sex and I can’t yet shoot my friends doing it. You know it's really not easy especially with available light. I had to use such slow shutter speeds I'm sure a lot of them will have some motion blur.”

Bonnie shifted her gaze to Lamar. “Now I want you to listen good. Amy did not mind your sister coming in the room while we made love to take photos; and she most likely did not see you standing in the open masturbating; or perhaps she just didn't say anything. But in the future, I do not expect to catch you watching us entertain friends. If it happens again, we will stop, and you will be in big trouble. Do you understand?”

Lamar tried to defend himself, “I just came down for a drink and saw Misty shooting pictures of you guys doing it, so I figured I could stay.”

Misty shot back “I didn’t take off my clothes to masturbate right in front of the door. I was helping Amy get photos to make into a new painting.”

Lamar again tried to defend himself. “Mom said there was nothing to be ashamed of and she specifically has told me that if I want to jack off in the living room I can.”

Bonnie cut off the amusingly childlike argument about something not childlike at all. “By Monday your dad and I will come under intense scrutiny for our beliefs and I don’t want to have to deal with Social Services because someone makes a report that we allow you” looking at Lamar ”to watch us have sex with our friends. For Misty it is just a matter of manners, but Lamar, our friends can’t even give you permission if you ask to watch until you are sixteen.” Bonnie could see on their faces they understood she was serious. She hoped her son got the message.