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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 30

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:


The Revolutionary Ideals of Sexual Freedom

Chapter 30

The Infamous Euro-Club Pool Party

The last day of school for Misty and Lamar came and went. The sun rose hot and early on Thursday. By 8:00 AM the house was abuzz with activity. Misty wondered how she could have pulled all this off without texting and Twitter. By 9:30, all of the Euro-Club were there along with Rebecca's mother and Trish Simms. They were all decorating, preparing the snacks, setting up the sound system and all the myriad of things necessary to pull off a party expected to host over a hundred people.

Bonnie had been busy all morning mostly with mundane things such as re-cleaning all the toilets and ensuring fresh rolls of toilet paper with two extra stacked on the bowl lid. Afterward she took the small bowl of condoms from the game room and replaced it with a larger silver bowl and filled it with four dozen flavored condoms, the small bowl she put on the end table in her bedroom. Beside each of the bowls she put an index card with the note:

From her closet she took the four small boxes that she’d been keeping just for this party. Since she’d decided to lock all the sex photos up in the guest room (other than the one of her and Cooper), she was happy she’d gone a little crazy, spending almost $1,000 on eBay for four bronze sculptures to place in her room, on the shelf below her anal sex photo. The more that photo hung, the more she liked it. She thought it made her look sexy, strong and defiant. The money she’d spent on the new sculptures was the most she’d ever spent at once for décor. Each piece depicted a couple making love in a different position. Three were hetero couples and one was of two women; but they were all very detailed. The sculptures were not large, even with its marble base, the largest was only about as tall as a Coke can and about 8” long.

With the new sculptures placed, she surveyed her room and smiled. She knew word would get around and every single teen at the party would come in to take a look at Mrs. C’s bedroom (and the study). When she and Cooper had first moved to his childhood home, she’d decided their bedroom would be dedicated to love making. In her mind she’d had images of fancy Victorian brothels (though she never told Cooper that) as she collected things over the years. There was no question she’d succeeded at her goal; though all those years ago she’d not even considered that other people would eventually use her bedroom for sex.

Now that she thought about it, she was sure that, even with the open-door rule, at least one couple would take advantage of the big bed with a mirror over it. Just to be mischievous she went to the study to print out a note onto cardstock. She cut it to make it about 5” x 8” and laid it on the bed. It said:

“Perfect” she thought. Pleased with her work she decided to make two more cards for the beds in Misty’s & Lamar’s rooms. She put bowls of condoms and copies of both notes in the two upstairs bedrooms. In the game room she put a large bowl of condoms and the appropriate note. She made up a plastic bowl to take out to the pool area, but didn’t take it out just then.

It would be a long day with lots of horny teens wearing very little clothing; things would happen with or without providing condoms. It was better she provide them than hope the kids somehow would bring them in their swim suits. While she was upstairs, she put the two photo books in the guest room and locked the door.

In the kitchen with Bonnie, Ashley asked "Did you tell Misty what happened on Sunday?"

"Why sure. She wanted to hear all about it. I never pretended we were doing anything secretive. She was most amused about Sherry doing Butch in front of everyone."

"Like you and Cooper did with Trish?" the other woman said smiling.

"Yes like we did. But she’d expected that."

"That makes sense. I was just wondering where Rebecca heard about it. Would you believe my daughter asked me why I didn't have public sex like everyone else?"

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her that Chad wasn't comfortable doing that around people he did not know."

"But he was comfortable enough with the two of you getting rather friendly with Ronda in the pool" Bonnie said.

"I didn’t tell her that. And I didn't think it appropriate to tell her that Chad had not brought his Viagra and was afraid of performance issues without it."

Bonnie laughed. "Men! They think the world revolves around their dicks.” Both women laughed. “So how was he about everything?"

"Well he liked watching you and Cooper having a threesome with Trish, but was a bit appalled that Herb let his wife give Butch a blow job, even more than when she mounted him later. I guess you didn't see his eyes when she kissed him after swallowing a mouth full of Butch’s jisum."

Bonnie wanted to make sure she understood, "So, it was OK for Cooper to have sex with Trish, but not for Sherry to have sex with Butch?"

Ashley nodded, "Yep, that's about it. The man can do it with married women, but not the other way around. He is very old school in that way. I have no doubt that he'd jump if Ronda, or you, asked to come to our house and have a threesome with us; but I can’t see him ever consenting to me having sex with another man. He knows that I have had sex with dozens of men, but that was before we got married. That's just the way he is. Though we'd never had that conversation until the other day, I knew that about him when we got married. Sometimes we have to decide what is most important."

Bonnie understood but did not like that kind of open sexism. "You need to do what is best for you and your future. And of course, I tell everyone that open marriage requires negotiating with your spouse to decide what is best for you and your marriage."

Ashley added, "And now it seems with my daughter."

Though Ashley and Rebecca both shared the same terrific figure, they were not like Marcy and Sara who both looked alike and shared the same temperament. Rebecca was a good three inches taller than her mother with long naturally straight brown hair. Her personality while not shy was introspective and quietly self-assured. Her mother, with her coifed blond hair was brash and even aggressive while she looked for external validation. Even the pair of shorts and loose blouse she wore over her swim suit screamed expensive and designer. Even from the little she'd seen of Ashley with her daughter, Bonnie could sense they were not close the way she and Misty were.

Ashley asked Bonnie "So, what do you want me to do as chaperone?"

Bonnie had already briefed the Euro-Club girls on this issue. "Just like I told the girls, we have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, tobacco and underage drinking. If you even suspect any of those let me or Cooper know. We will ask violators to leave."

Ashley followed up, "and about sex?"

"Safety is paramount. Secondarily we want to keep from unnecessary criticism. We can assume what happens here today will be all over town tomorrow. First rule is no bedroom doors are to be closed under any circumstance. This is a must. I don't want a girl assaulted in my house, and the best way I can ensure that is to deny a would-be rapist any sense he can get away with anything. If each of us can make a sweep of the house once and hour to make sure the doors are open, that will mean someone will be up there twice an hour at random intervals. We need to check not just the bedrooms, but the study, laundry room and upstairs storage room. And I mean really open, not ajar. If you find one closed, open it and remind them of the house rule and the reason behind it. Make sure anyone you find in a closed room understands they will be asked to leave if the door is found closed again. Unlike the alcohol and drugs, we will give one warning on this. I want everyone to know we are checking up on them, even if the doors are wide open. Even if a couple is having sex, I have every intention of asking if they need anything. That will also dampen any guy’s efforts to be pushy. But, don’t think you need to do the same. It’s not your house; even still, you will likely see some pretty explicit stuff, but you can't act as if you are shocked or embarrassed. Will you be comfortable doing that? If not, I can do all the checks myself."

Ashley assured her, "I'll be fine with it. I just hope I don't walk in on Rebecca with her mouth full of Samuel’s cock. To me that would be more embarrassing than to catch them having sex."

Bonnie laughed "Like I did.”

“Yea, like that.”

"If you don't want to walk in on your girl doing it, do this. If you don't see Rebecca at the pool, let me know and I'll do the check. Other than in the bedrooms, or perhaps the study, we should not see any genitals or nipples exposed. If you do, just remind them that public nudity is not allowed. And above all keep an eye out for guys trying to push girls into doing things they don't want to do. No means no and it is our job to keep everyone safe."

Ashley seemed to appreciate that approach. "OK, I get it, in the bedrooms they can mess around, but they have to keep the door open so that the guys know they can't get away with pushing a girl into sex. I can enforce all that without feeling like an adult hypocrite. And when do we change into our party outfits?"

The plan was they would wear street clothes for the first half an hour after the party was due to start. That way when the parents who wanted assurances from Bonnie that everything was on the up and up, she would look the part of the responsible parent. Only after the party was underway would Bonnie and Ashely appear in their swimsuits.

At 10:30, Bonnie gathered the Euro-Club and went over the rules and asked them to take the lead in both disseminating them and enforcement. Kelli suggested “Why don’t you let us take the job of actually going in the rooms and checking the condom bowls while people are getting it on. I think it would look more natural if we did that rather than the adults. I agree you should be seen upstairs, but let us be the ones to actually go in.”

Bonnie saw the sense of that, and Ashely seemed relieved. “That’s a good idea. If the ten of you can work it out so that pretty much every time a couple gets naked, they can count on one of the Euro-Club members walking in the room and checking to ensure the girl is OK. Let word of that plan to get out early on so your appearance will not be a surprise.”

The girls agreed. Then Bonnie added. “And that goes for Cooper’s study, the laundry room and the upstairs store room. Take a listen to the bathroom doors. If you hear sex sounds, knock and check to see if they are OK. Remind them that it is not OK to have sex in the bathrooms; they are needed for well, for people to go to the toilet.”

With that covered, the girls went to change into their party outfits.

Cooper would be home all day to help. He had his graduate assistant, Lilly, teach class that day so he could play dad and male chaperone. He was wondering if that had been necessary because he felt a little in the way. He was glad when Bonnie gave him a list of last-minute things to go buy at the store. He deliberately took his time. When he returned at five minutes till eleven there were a good two dozen cars parked in their front lawn with Lamar and Byron directing the cars to park in neat lines. Also out front was Byron’s mother. She was primarily there to take the boys to her place when the party started, but her presence was also good for appearances sake.

In the house were five or six kids sitting and talking in the family room. Out on the deck all of the Euro-Club girls were out on the patio area playing host. They were clad in their matching fashion-type royal blue bikinis with matching semi-sheer wrap skirts. He like that Bonnie had thought to suggest they get matching blue Crocks for their footwear. That seemed to pull the whole look together as a uniform. Misty’s friends looked nice enough that he had to make himself look away. He headed to the grill, his station for the day.

A stereo that Cooper did not recognize was set up on the patio. It belonged to Iris’s boyfriend Michael. He and Iris would be the DJ’s for the day. Cooper had rented a large warehouse fan that provided a steady breeze across the patio area where he’d spend the day at the grill.

Though there were several dozen early birds, the music (by agreement with their next-door neighbors) did not start till 11:00AM. As with most parties, it started slow, milling and mingling for quite a while.

Misty was pleased when her long-time secret crush, Tommy Francis, was clearly taken with her attire. Over the day, she spent time with him as often as she could while still keeping up her hostess duties.

Bonnie’s prediction that she’d spend the first part of the party assuring parents proved correct. Over and over parents came to the door with their kids (mostly girls) to get Bonnie’s assurance that there would be no alcohol or drugs and that the kids would be constantly chaperoned. Nine times she repeated “We have a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, tobacco and recreational drugs. Even now the girls are spreading the word that not only will the adults be enforcing the rules, but they will too.” She (gladly) only had one mother ask “How are you going to keep them from…you know…getting physical?”

Her answer was “Rather than trying and failing to enforce rules we can’t; we will focus on safety. We have a strict no closed-door rule. Other than the bathrooms, doors in the house are not allowed to be closed during the party. Mrs. Ericson-Webber and I will be making regular rounds to enforce that. Repeat violators will be asked to leave.”

The mother seemed not to be pleased with the answer, so Bonnie went on “Think about it. What is better, to say no touching between the couples that we both know won’t happen; or to make it clear to the boys that they can’t get away with anything untoward. We have decided that the lesser, but more enforceable, rule is the best rout.”

The mother seemed to think for a moment then nodded “Yes, I never really thought of it like that. Sounds like you have it all in hand.”

At 11:30 the ten club girls gathered everyone to the dance area. By then there were at least seventy teenagers outside. Cooper was already at the grill, but he could not help notice the guy’s eyes were glued to the Euro-Club member’s chests. The swimwear was surely smaller than had been seen at any local party before. No one missed the fact the club member’s tops only had a center strip to cover their nipples, leaving the sides of their breasts on display. To him, that panel seemed to be made of some sort of metallic mesh that was barely enough to cover. In fact, the edge of Iris’s areola showed outside the panel, while Caitlin’s was ever so subtly visible through it. “Yes” Cooper thought to himself “This is one party these guys will never forget as long as they live.”

After a brief word among themselves, the ten club members untied their matching wraps. Their little thong bikini bottoms were now fully revealed. Together they all turned one full circle to show off their outfits before tossing the wraps onto a nearby chair. Cooper couldn’t disagree when one guy said “Those are some fine asses”. As much as the guys commented on the almost fully exposed glutei, it was the front of the bikini’s that Cooper could see getting the attention from the girls present. The front of their bikini bottoms also had the cut outs like the top and so covered half as much as any other girls at the party. The small gold rectangular front panel only served to emphasize how much skin they were showing. The hoots and hollers began. Cooper counted ten cellphones held up to get photos of the girls posing together. Those images would be on hundreds of phones before the party even started properly.

Bonnie couldn’t help congratulating herself on how she had helped guide them to those swimsuits that were stylish, classy and very sexy. The final touch had been ordering matching jewelry for all the girls. This Bonnie had done on her own. So they had matching necklaces, belly chains with blue stars and ankle chains with faux blue diamonds. Bonnie had learned with her own body jewelry, that such things simply emphasized how little clothing a woman wore. They simply looked smashing. She was sure those photos would be around for a very long time. With that thought she tapped Ashely on the arm and motioned to her that it was time to get out of their street clothes.

Cooper decided he should get an actual count while they were all gathered together. Clearly there were more people present than had ever been at any event at their home before and the guests made a circle all the way around the club members. Despite the suggestion that people treat this as a drop-in, Cooper counted as the club girls made their announcements. Including the adults and the ten Euro-Club girls, there were ninety-five people in their backyard.

Kelli and Misty stepped in front of the others. “Welcome!” Kelli said in a very strong voice “On behalf of the Euro-Club members we want to welcome all our fellow rising Jefferson Davis seniors”

She was interrupted by a chorus of cheers.

When the noise died down she added “We want to thank you for coming and encourage you all to have a good time, and we in the Euro-Club do believe in having a good time.” The Euro-Club girls wiggled their stuff to emphasize the point.

More cheers erupted.

Misty spoke next. “However, I hope it’s not a disappointment that we are all covered up in these boring old swim suits.” She motioned to their skimpy attire only to get several whistles and hoots. “As you know I would not hesitate to wear what I was born in, but I was told I had to wear more than that today."

More cheers & hoots.

“So, as much as we’d like to see more of your assets, I must ask you all to keep at least your nips, dicks and pussy cleavage covered. Beyond that it’s up to you.”

From behind Kelli and Misty, Jeannette said “At least out here, where her parents can see you.”

A number of guys hooted and hollered again.

While Jeannette’s comment seemed spontaneous, it was not. Bonnie had helped them work through a carefully worded presentation that would appear to be the club girls pushing the rules. That way they could encourage their classmates to think they were going further than the adults wanted, while not actually doing so.

“Let me just say that public nudity is not an option today. Sorry Jeanette. The whole house is open for the party. Only the guest bedroom is locked since we are using it to store things. No use searching for booze, what little my parents drink has been locked up. And don't think about bringing any in, or tobacco or recreational drugs. If you do, you will be kicked out with no warning. My parents said you can hang out wherever you want with only one rule, all doors except the bathrooms must stay open. This is for the protection of all the girls.” Before the party Bonnie told the club why she’d locked the guest room and put away the photobooks. They said that they fully understood.

Hope spoke up “So you can get it on if you’re not ashamed everyone will likely know.”

Misty corrected her “That is not what we are saying. My parents want it made abundantly clear this is just a normal party and they are not in any way endorsing anyone to have sex at our house. But they are realistic about what some of you will do today.”

Jeannette added “So her mom has put out bowls of condoms all over the house.”

Again, there were excited voices.

According to plan, Misty corrected, “That is not an encouragement, only a safety precaution. Just like seatbelts are not an excuse for driving a hundred miles an hour. And the real reason my mother has put out over a hundred condoms is not for them to be used today; but she hopes that those of you who are sexually active will take some home to ensure you have one when you need it. And as for safety, all us girls are unanimous, we won't put up with pushy guys. So don't try it. You will be embarrassed when the club girls stop you. And we will.”

A number of girls cheered.

“That is why the doors on the bedrooms must stay open. Let me state it clearly, my mom, Rebecca's mom and all of the Euro-Club members will open any closed doors we find without knocking. Except the bathrooms where we will knock first. Those inside closed rooms may be asked to leave.”

Kelli cut in, “We do have a few other requests. The pool’s filter is not designed for this many people. Please, use the rinse shower there” she pointed past the group to the shower head attached to the fence. “Spray yourself down every time you plan to get in the pool. That will keep the water clean. And no bodily fluids in the pool.”

Connie spoke up “That means don’t’ pee in the water.” Laughter followed her comment.

Kelli continued “Please no chicken fights, there are simply too many people and the Campbell’s do not want anyone hurt. And for the Sexiest Guy contest we wrote about: we will be watching, though I must say I haven’t seen even one really hot suit on a guy yet. Assuming we get some hot suits, and normal guys trunks and boardshorts don’t count, at 4:30 the Euro-Club will vote.”

One guy yelled “And what is the prize?”

Kelli responded “We have made up a framed poster sized photo of the Euro-Club wearing somewhat less than we have on now. We have all signed it and the sexiest guy will take it home.”

Misty clarified “No we don’t show any naughty parts… well not clearly… but it is as hot a photo as we could make and still stay legal.”

After more cheers, Misty concluded by pointing out where the food and restrooms were and then adding “So have a great time and be safe.”

With that the group dispersed, some to start on the food, some to the pool and others inside. Cooper was pleased to see that once the crowd moved to the different areas that they had laid out for entertaining, it did not seem crowded at all, even after more people arrived bringing the total to over a hundred.

He was not too surprised that through the glass door, he could see the game room filled with kids. He was sure the photos on the game room walls got more than a little attention. For the next five hours Cooper manned the grill, only leaving to get more supplies or to take short breaks. He tried to inconspicuously keep an eye and ear on the goings on, but was limited to snippets of conversations and activities.

The boys were the easiest to hear with comments like “Look at that ass!” or “What a pair of tits she has!” Not the way he would want his own son to act, but it was exactly the kind of stuff his friends said when he was that age. For a moment he recalled having his own friends over as a high schooler at this very spot. Try as he might, he couldn’t even conceive of how he and his own teenage friends would have reacted to a sight remotely similar to those ten club girls.

While the Euro-Club made their announcements, both mothers went in to get out of their street clothes and into their party outfits. Several days before Bonnie had asked Misty what she should wear for the club party. They both agreed that she should push what was expected of mothers; but not be as bold as the Euro-Club bikinis were. Together they decided on a bronze and black retro style Brazilian. As she put it on, Bonnie was sure the bikini, which she’d never worn before, was exactly right. Pulling on a cover-up and a pair of matching sandals, she headed back to the living room.

Since Ashley had simply worn her shorts and tee-shirt over her suit, she only had to pull them off and pull on her cover up. Seeing her, Bonnie could not help but say “Damn woman, you look amazing.”

Ashely had also talked to her daughter and received ‘permission’ for the Brazilian she wore. As Bonnie had expected, the blue strappy bikini was obviously expensive. While the royal blue flowers were opaque, the navy background was close to sheer, though it was dark so as to lessen the effect. Bonnie figured as long as Ashley wore her cover-up, that would not be visible at all…well not very visible.

The two mothers went outside as the short meeting broke up. They both got wide eyed looks and smiles, especially after they walked past so their mostly bare rear-ends were seen. Bonnie was quite sure no one but the club girls had as small of bottoms as what she wore. She acted as if she didn’t notice, but she very much liked the looks those teenage boys gave her.

As planned, Cooper was outside nearly the entire time maintaining the grill and all the other sundry food and drinks. His work area encompassed the grill, the prep table and the granite serving table. He had a good view of the whole backyard unless he was actually working the grill. In addition to managing food service, he was outside to be sure the kids weren’t doing anything too dangerous in the water. Buying a new volleyball net had been a good idea in that it created a structured activity that was safer than just horsing around. He was very glad he had rented the fan; it provided a continuous breeze as he worked the hot grill all day. Not that he was surprised, but that many teens could really put away a lot of food.

When not grilling or refilling the food table, Cooper sat on a stool pretending to be reading; but his dark sunglasses hid the fact he was doing far more watching than reading. Over the day, he saw quite a few hands under the fabric of both boy’s and girl’s swimsuits, that was to be expected. He also saw couples kissing hard before going inside for a while. He had no idea if they were going in for sex or just to get out of the heat. He was rather amused when Jeanette came from the house making it obvious what she was going to do. She held a condom packet, grabbed a towel and her boyfriend then went to Lamar’s tree house. He was even more amused when later in the afternoon two other couples did the same.

It seemed the two new pieces he’d bought on Saturday were extremely popular. By noon, the bench swing and the double hammock had become the go-to places for couples who wanted to make out. As the afternoon wore on, and the kids saw Mr. C. wasn’t intervening, the make-out sessions got more intense, and hands in swimsuits became the rule rather than the exception.

Of course, there were a good number of spills from the hammocks. One poor girl who fell to the ground, found her bikini top was tangled in the hammock even though she and her boyfriend were in the grass. Though he was sure the photos taken by a dozen phone cameras as she tried in vain to keep herself covered while untangling her bikini top would become famous around Jefferson Davis High School; Cooper made sure he appeared not to see. While that incident was the only time he saw one of the girl’s fully topless; Cooper knew for a fact that was not the only time a girl’s top had “accidently” become unfastened at the party.

Even after the Club members reminded everyone about the Hot Guy contest, for the longest time no guys wore anything but trunks or board shorts. However; when the club changed into their string bikinis some of the guys changed too. Kelli’s boyfriend Cody and Iris’s boyfriend Michael strutted out in skin tight Speedos. Haley and Connie literally dragged their boyfriends Devin and Gregg out to the pool in very thin Lycra suits that left little of their shape hidden. But only guys dating a Euro-Club girl wore anything but trunks or board shorts. To that extent the contest was a bust.

Unlike what they had planned, Bonnie ended up inside almost all day playing indoor host and sage for an ever-changing gathering of sixteen and seventeen-year-old girls. Though she’d not intended to stay sitting in the LazyBoy for hours on end; she soon realized this was her opening to make an impact on the larger culture at Jefferson Davis High and she simply could not pass up this opportunity. Ashley evidently understood why Bonnie was not doing as planned, and filled in the gap without being asked. She constantly roamed making her presence known to the kids inside and out.

With Ashley's help, Bonnie stayed in the house for half of the party. From before noon until past 2:00 PM, she sat in the living room playing the roles of both hostess & wise sage as an ever-rotating group of teens, mostly girls, asked her questions about life, relationships and sex. Georgia had one of the most conservative, to be interpreted as useless, sex education programs in the industrialized world.

Bonnie knew around half of the girl’s and a good many of the boys by sight and perhaps a third by name. She'd been a room mother nearly every year while Misty was in elementary school. While three elementary schools fed into Jefferson Davis High, one was almost all black and one was almost all white and one had a low-income mix of white, black and Hispanic. Due to geography Misty had gone to the almost all white elementary school, thus the people she knew best, and consequently the party was almost all white kids. This was certainly no surprise.

Over a dozen of the girls at the party had been part of the Brownie troop Bonnie had co-led for several years. Those girls she knew much better, and their mothers as well. It appeared nearly every girl who'd been in the troop had come to the party.

From the talk it was evident that most of the girls asking questions had some level of sexual experience, but sadly few had very much factual information about sex beyond the most basic mechanics; and some didn’t even have that down clearly. This seemed to explain to Bonnie why Georgia had one of the highest STD and teen pregnancy rates in the country… well in the entire industrialized world. By the time the party ended Bonnie had given no less than four complete explanations of birth control methods.

Just as the group in the living room was constantly changing, Bonnie noticed a stream of teenagers in and out of her bedroom and the study. From what she could overhear, the photos she had left out in the game room, study and her bedroom were a genuine hit. Those photos led to a good number of discussions. Each of those discussions ended with the inevitable question “Is it true that you and Mr. C. do it with other people?” followed each time by at least one person saying “You can’t ask her that!” Each time Bonnie said “That’s fine, we have nothing to hide. Yes, it is true even though we are very happily married, we don’t’ believe monogamy is necessary.” Almost every time this led to someone asking for an explicit clarification “So you have sex with people other than your husband?” To which she would give the obvious, but not explicit, answer of “I don’t do anything without my husband’s knowledge and consent.” That would push the questions to be more specific and allowed her to artfully disclose many details of their open marriage while not actually offering any.

A common question was “What would you say if Misty did that?”

Typical of her answers was “Misty is very open about the fact she is sexually active. I’m sure you all know that.” Heads would nod. “She, like her father and I, believes sex is not something to be hidden away but a normal part of life to be enjoyed with both lovers and friends. That belief, along with how much she liked the topless beach, was the origin of the Euro-Club.” She also made a point to mention how Misty’s first time with a boy was with a friend, not a boyfriend, just that past spring; however, she omitted who the particular friend was. She made a point to say that was not an accident, but rather, she and Mr. C. believed that a young person’s first sexual experience is best with a friend not a boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, that generated more questions and allowed Bonnie to make the case that the least risky type of sex is between friends, but the deepest kind of sex is with a lover. “They are both good and both have their place in a person’s life” she told several groups of teens.

There were many questions generated by the rumor mill. Those questions mostly had some basis in fact, but some did not. She tried not to act shocked or angry when she was asked about the truth of the rumor that she and Misty have had threesomes with men. After all, the net photos seemed to lead to that conclusion. She just calmly told them that it was absolutely untrue. But when someone said there was a rumor that she and Misty had sex with each other, she was less sanguine. “Listen to me. I am an open book. You asked me if my husband and I have sex with other people and I let you know that we do. I will answer your questions truthfully, no matter how explicit they are. But, I would never do anything to harm my children. I have not, nor will I ever have sex with my kids. The same goes for my husband. I would appreciate it in the future, should you hear any such accusations, you tell them about this conversation. I don’t mean to get angry, but the truth is, if I thought such things were OK, I would say so. But I do not.”

At that the teens seemed to back off. So, she said “Does anyone have any more questions. I promise a complete answer.”

A voice asked “I heard you have photos of you and your husband in an orgy out in the house for everyone to see, but I haven’t seen any like that. Is that just one of those rumors too?”

Bonnie looked over to see it was Brook Blair. The girl had been in Bonnie’s Brownies troop, so she’d known her since she was little. Though that had been years ago, she’d come to every End of School party. She really liked the normally timid girl and was happy she’d had the courage to ask such a question. “Thank you for asking rather than just believing” Bonnie said. “In this case, what you heard is exactly correct. The things we have stored are in the locked guest room.” Bonnie was sitting in her Lazy-boy and just then noticed the study door was closed, she thought that odd. She would have to ask Ashley to open it up. She supposed someone saw the photos still on the walls and thought the door should be shut. “Have you been in my husband’s study today?”

The girl indicated she had.

“And what did you see in there?”

Brook smiled and sheepishly said “Pictures of you naked. Lots of them.”

Several people who were sitting and standing around seemed to not have been in the study yet. Bonnie asked if someone would open the door up and remind anyone inside about the open-door rule. She added that they were free to go in for a look when they did so. She gave the two girls and a boy who heeded her call a few minutes to look at the photos and come back.

When they returned a girl that Bonnie did not know at all offered “X & Y were just making out inside. They weren’t doing anything else and they still had their clothes on.”

A girl, Natalie, that Bonnie had seen at Youth Group several times spoke to clarify. She did not know the girl well, other than she was a friend of JoAnne’s and both girls were part of what Misty called the Cosplay Fandom; though Bonnie did not exactly know what that meant. “Mostly dressed” was her comment. Her boyfriend nodded agreement with a grin.

Bonnie did not ask what that meant.

The same Natalie offered “My favorite is the big underwater picture of you with some other women, but I think they all are wonderful.”

A third girl who had been sitting on the couch the whole time put in “I like the life-sized one of you on the ship the best.”

Then Bonnie said to the girl who had first asked about the photos, “So yes, there are nude photos of me in my husband’s home office. He finds them inspirational when he is designing. How can I object to that?”

As she’d hoped, she got some laughs.

“Two of those photos date back to before Cooper and I were married.”

Brook then added “I think it is great he has them up like that. I sure hope when I’m your age my husband will want to have nude photos of me on the wall.”

She got several voiced agreements, and again Brook surprised Bonnie. She thought to herself “Perhaps she really isn’t a little girl anymore. I have to remember kids change as they grow.” To the girls, Bonnie said “And the pictures in the game room? We aren’t nude in them…well Cooper and I are in one, but you can’t see anything. But they are not the kind of photos most families put up. I’m sure they were noticed too.”

Many heads nodded.

Brook asked “Did you and Misty really wear those see-through tee shirts in that picture, like all day?”

Bonnie nodded. “Yes we did. And to be honest, that wasn’t the only time I wore a see-through shirt off the beach on that trip.” She was amused at the looks on the girl’s faces. Before someone could ask another question, she wanted to keep this tack going. “And who saw the big photo of me and Cooper in my bedroom?”

The head nodding was slower with some embarrassment.

“I really like that one” Bonnie said. “I see it every morning and it reminds me to show boldness in what I believe and not to let anyone tell me how to act.”

She let that sink in. She knew that photo of her looking into the camera with a challenging look while she had Cooper’s penis filling her ass was powerful and said a lot. Their faces said it had the effect she’d wanted. “Yes, to me that photo is about my empowerment. For women, sex can be either empowering or disempowering. I choose to use it to make me a better and stronger person. Perhaps later you should go back in and see it, not as a sex photo, but me showing those people watching that I am in charge of me.”

She knew she was teaching an important lesson, so she added “And yes, there was a group of our friends watching. There are many more framed photos not out, including some of Cooper and I at what would be called an orgy. One of the best is one that Cooper took of me in a pile with five other people. There is also a photo book of that same nude cruse we went on earlier in the year. Other than the fact everyone is naked, you might call them normal vacation photos. Well that and, since people had sex right on deck whenever they felt like it…which was quite a bit; there are a good many sex photos.”

That actually got some nervous laughter.

“The book has dozens of photos of both Cooper and I having sex with a number of other people. We only locked the guest room and put the picture book away because there are people in those photos who would not like it if someone took phone pics and posted them on the web. So, it’s not that we are ashamed of those photos, it’s that we don’t know what some of the people would do with those photos if they had them. That made us put them away.”

“What about the one in your bedroom?” Someone asked.

“What of it? It’s in my bedroom and it is a photo of my husband and I. If someone chooses to go in my bedroom, they shouldn’t be surprised at what they find.”

“Like the vibrators on the end table?” another girl asked.

“Exactly so.” Then she took a second look at the girl. “I know your face, but I can't place your name?”

The girl with shoulder length ginger hair said “Everleigh McMaster.”

“Oh yes! From Brownies. I haven’t seen you since you were like nine. You look so grown up I didn't recognize you. When did your parents move back to Sparta?”

“Over Christmas break. My dad decided we needed to be closer to family.”

“Wonderful. I’ve seen you at our Youth Group meetings a few times recently. Had I placed that grown up face with your name, I would have made a point to come talk to you.”

“That’s OK, I kinda think it’s good people don’t think I look like that skinny little kid anymore.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding. “Will your mother start working in your grandmother’s Hallmark shop downtown again? I haven't been by there in ages.”

“Yes ma’am. That is one of the reasons we moved back. She will be taking it over so Grandma can retire.”

“Then I’ll make a point to stop by and tell her hello.”

“She’d like that.”

Another girl jumped in to ask “How can you enjoy being with a guy with people watching? I get embarrassed if the lights are on when I have sex.”

Bonnie said “Another great question. For me it is fun to perform for an audience. You are right it is not the same thing as a romantic time with someone you love. But for me, it brings a whole new dimension to the fun.”

“I can’t imagine anyone watching me” said the girl who’d first asked about public sex.

Bonnie just smiled, “When I was your age, I never imagined I would like it either. In college that changed. My dorm roommate and I would bring guys to our room at least once a week. I learned I enjoyed both watching and being watched way back then; but it was very controlled, just my roommate and our dates. After I got married, I didn’t do it for a very long time. Mr. Campbell and I were monogamous for almost twenty years, but in the last year I have again learned how much I like putting on a show. Like I said, it’s not the same experience as being in private, but to know I’m turning on people who are watching me makes me feel sexy, which of course makes the sex I’m having even better.”

She was pleased with that and many other answers she’d given to dozens of different girls. Over the afternoon, Bonnie fielded questions about oral sex, anal sex, homosexuality & bi-sexuality. Questions about things she was not conversant in like pansexuality and transgender proved a challenge; though she was not afraid to say she didn’t know when she didn’t. This made her realize how much she needed to learn before she could really be the oracle she was pretending to be. She knew full well that after this, she would be seen as the fount of information to the teens and a pariah to any parent who happened to find out what she told them. However, the parents who would be most offended certainly had not let their kids attend in the first place. After all she was the mom with the nude photos on the internet.

Mostly the questions were given by girls, but the most very explicit came from boys. Often such questions were primarily for their shock value. Like the tubby guy that asked “Have you ever done a DP?”

Bonnie was sure he was speaking entirely from what he’d seen in porn. Without trying to belittle him she just blurted out “Do you personally know anyone who has?”

She immediately felt bad when she saw his face redden. So she said “Well, I guess now you have.”

His face lit up, but some of the girls were clearly not understanding. She explained “DP is porn short hand for double penetration, when a woman has sex with two guys at once.”

One of the girls said “Like in your pussy and butt? No way!”

Bonnie nodded “Yea, but unless the guys are really good, it rarely lasts very long. Inexperienced guys lose control too fast.” Bonnie was not actually speaking from experience, since three of her four times to do it lasted a good long time. Judy had told her most guys cum in minutes and she has far more experience in such things.

“But they never last long enough as it is” one of the girls complained.

Bonnie laughed out loud, “That’s true with young men, but there are ways you can help with that.” That naturally led into a discussion of ways to help a guy last longer.

She had taken a seat in the LazyBoy before noon and for almost two hours she didn’t move; however, her audience was an ever-changing mix of faces. Since she knew less than half of the kids by name, she made a point to ask names and tried to place them in her mind. She had been looking for an excuse to get up for a while when Misty came in the back door.

Bonnie couldn’t help notice the reaction to Misty’s clingy wet swimsuit in the living room. She didn’t know if all of the club members had changed, or only Misty. Misty let her mother know she was looking for the condom bowl that had been made up for the pool, but never taken out. The other teens appeared surprised she would make such a request of her mother.

Seizing the opportunity to take a break from the LazyBoy, she went into the kitchen and took the plastic bowl off the counter and gave it to Misty. Loud enough to be heard she said "Just be sure you remind whoever was asking for this that I don't want any sex in the pool or in public."

Since she was up, she took off her mesh cover-up and followed Misty out the back door to check in with Cooper out at the grill.

About a half an hour prior to this, Cooper had noticed the club girls had changed from the skimpy club bikinis they had been wearing to even skimpier matching micro thongs. He’d not seen those outfits before, and he had to admit he was a bit surprised that Bonnie had approved them. When little JoAnne walked by, he had to force himself not to stare. It seems that micro bikini bottom exposed a great deal of her purple pubic hair. Given it matched the purple and pink hair on her head, it actually looked rather like a fashion statement rather than simply an effort to shock.

He was not the only one to notice. Everyone’s eyes followed her, and rapidly a group of girls gathered around. A few minutes later when he glanced that way, he couldn’t miss that JoAnne had pulled down the front of her bottoms to show the girls how she’d cut her hair into a perfect heart shape. He rapidly turned back to the grill hoping no one realized he’d seen what she was doing.

When, a short time later, Hope and Rebecca came by for a hot dog immediately after exiting the water, he saw up-close exactly how much the wet suits showed. From a distance the suits seemed to just paint the girl parts dark blue. That was plenty attention grabbing; but up close and still wet, they were truly see-through.

While he had seen kids using cell phones to take selfies and other pics like mad all day, once the girls had changed outfits, Cooper noticed groups of guys wanting selfies with different Euro-Club girls in their wet bikinis. However, much to the disappointment of the boys, the suits only stayed transparent for a matter of a few minutes before simply becoming semi-sheer. Of course, the guys were not deterred and they begged the girls to get them wet again. Cooper knew he would have done the same at their age. He was sure some of those images would be spread across the globe before the suit’s fabric dried.

A little bit later, a girl he did not know walked by him in a bikini top and what was obviously string thong panties. He was sure that was not OK, but he was not sure what to do about it. He was hoping Bonnie would be out soon. He didn’t like feeling indecisive, but those kinds of things were better left to his wife. Not long after that thought, Everleigh McMaster exited the pool and walked by the serving table in panties that were utterly and completely transparent. He’d seen her a few times in Youth Group sitting with Naomi in the past few months; but had not had time to speak to her. His befuddlement as to what to do was relieved when, much to his relief, Bonnie came out from the house, and not long after Ashely stepped out from the game room. It was the first time the three adults had been together since before the party began.

Though Bonnie had known she would see the Euro-Club girls revealing a lot of skin, she was surprised to see several other girls were as exposed. Though Natalie Foster had sat in the living room discussion group for some time, Bonnie hadn’t realized she wore a Brazilian nearly as small as her own. Natalie was actually a rising sophomore like Lamar, but had come as Cassidy White’s date. They actually were a very cute couple, both young looking and a bit socially awkward.

However, it was when she saw one, then two then three girls wearing string thong panties rather than their swimsuit bottoms that Bonnie knew things had gone too far. She had no doubt those were panties, not swimsuits. Though the difference between the panties and the Euro-Club’s string thongs was so slight as to be irrelevant: she knew that to people who heard about this 3rd hand, the difference was significant. Well, other than Everleigh McMaster. Her, now wet, panties were completely and totally see-through…only the cute lacy waist bands and the ever so slight pink tint let her know the girl simply wasn’t bottomless.

Bonnie went over to Misty and pulled her aside. "We can't have the girls wearing just their panties. Tell them they can either wear the swimsuit bottoms they brought or they can wear one of our loaner swimsuits we have in the house. Yes, I know they will show off just as much in some of our loaners, possibly more; but it is way better than people accusing me of allowing the girls to wear just panties."

Misty simply nodded and passed-on her mother’s statement to her friends.

With Ashley still talking to Cooper, there was no adult inside the house. Bonnie would have to go in soon to rectify that. After all she’d promised several parents that at all times an adult would be both inside and outside. The other mother had removed her lace cover-up and her bikini looked terrific. Bonnie laughed to herself that she would now have competition for the hottest MILF in town. In addition to the fact Ashely’s very shapely rear-end was almost entirely uncovered, the cut of the top ensured a copious amount of jiggling décolletage; though the blue background fabric was not completely see-through in the sun, as Bonnie thought it might be. The boys who had been trying to see the club girl’s tits through there thin bikinis, momentarily shifted their attention to Rebecca's mother. Or where they eying both of them? Bonnie could hardly blame them. She smiled to herself as she approached the sliding glass door to the game room; she did look good.

When Bonnie went back in the house a few moments later Naomi Jacobs followed her in. Bonnie had known the girl since she was seven-years-old, Naomi had been a charter member of Bonnie’s Brownie Troop and had stayed till the group disbanded when the girls left elementary school. For the past couple of years, she’d been coming to the Sunday evening Youth Group, though her parents did not attend St. Thomas. She wasn’t there every week, but often enough to fit in as one of the regulars. Bonnie wasn’t exactly sure why Naomi had not been part of Misty’s crew that became the Euro-Club.

Earlier Naomi had spent some time in Bonnie’s discussion group in the living room. She’d asked a good many questions that it seemed she’d been storing up for some time. As they entered the house, she told Bonnie “My mom would die if she saw me in something like the Euro-Club girls are wearing, and if she didn’t completely die, she would kill me.” She seemed to think for a moment then added, “The truth is if she knew I was at your house she’d kill me no matter what I was wearing. I came with Everleigh. I am so glad she moved back.”

Bonnie had never like Naomi’s mother. She was a large, angry and controlling woman who seemed to think the whole world was her enemy. When the girls were in fourth grade, Bonnie had been forced to call her out when, at a Brownie event, she went on a tirade about how those “blacks and Mexicans” are ruining Sparta. As far as she could remember, that was the last time she’d ever talked to the woman. Perhaps that was why Naomi had not become part of Misty’s social circle.

“That’s a shame. You would look wonderful in the club bikinis” Bonnie replied. Naomi indeed had a very nice, almost impressive, figure that belied her cute, but plain face. Even covered by her one-piece swimsuit that kept her breasts fully covered and compressed, her figure was hard to miss. “I helped them pick them out and think the whole Euro-Club group look great in those swimsuits.”

Naomi replied, “I wasn’t saying I didn’t like them. I think they are so sexy, if I had one, I’d wear it.” It was only then that Bonnie realized the significance of the fact she was wearing that rather doughty one-piece suit with shorts over it.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Bonnie said walking toward her bedroom door, “Follow me; I have several loaner bikinis that should fit you fine.” At just that moment Misty, followed by the three girls who were wearing only panties and their bikini tops, came in the back door. She understood why they’d switched from their full-coverage bikini bottoms, in their place her teenage self would have done the same; but it didn’t look great. She was glad she’d intervened.

Bonnie told her daughter, "Misty, I was just taking Naomi here to change into one of our loaner bikinis in my room. If you will run up to your room and get any you have up there, that would be helpful."

Misty said "OK" and headed to the stairs.

Bonnie, with a warm smile, said, "Come on girls."

After a very brief moment of hesitation, Naomi and the other three followed. Bonnie was actually glad this happened. She'd spent a lot of money on the loaners and wanted to see them used. As the girl’s stepped into her bedroom, it was obvious that at least two of the four had not been in the room earlier; but all four seemed not to know if they should acknowledge what they were seeing. Bonnie cheerfully said, “Feel free to look at everything. I’m rather proud of my decor. As she gathered and spread out the swimsuits on the bed she went on “The real question is why don’t all women decorate their bedroom like this? Survey’s say most women wish they had more and better sex; so why not make their bedroom into a temple of sensuality?”

Everleigh, whispering a little too loud, told Naomi, “It makes me want to lay on that bed and look in the mirror while I get myself off…like fifty times.”

Naomi laughed.

Bonnie couldn’t help but look over to the two girls who had once been in her Brownie troop and say, “Everleigh dear, you are absolutely free to do exactly that. Though I dare say fifty orgasms would be an unrealistically high goal even if you use my Magic Wand that is out on the end table.”’

The two girls looked at each other, then burst into laughter.

Bonnie went back to arranging the bikinis then said, “I do it at least three times a week, and have for years; though the mirror is rather new. It adds a whole new dynamic to playtime.”

The girls looked at each other again, but this time Everleigh asked “But don’t you get to have all the sex you want?”

Bonnie looked back to the pair, “Of course, I do. I’m not sure I couldn’t stand any more, but yes, I get much more than most women. In addition to my husband, in the last month I’ve done it with three men and three women… not all at once, not all in the bed and only half of the time with my husband present.” She gave a mischievous grin and wink to hide the fact she thought she’d said too much.

To that three of the girls giggled and Naomi said “Really?”

“Really. But to be fair that is very unusual, even for me.”

A moment later Misty arrived with three loaners from her room, plus one of her own for a total of ten. Half of them still had tags attached. Bonnie had ordered a mix of small, medium and large; however, once they arrived it was clear they ran small and a "large" wasn't going to fit a large woman by Georgia standards. Even so, Bonnie was sure they could find suits to fit all four girls.

Before she began to look through the swimwear, Everleigh peeled off her wet panties then her bikini top even though she was standing less than two feet in front of the glass paned French door. Bonnie looked out to the living room, but the three people still talking on the couch did not seem to notice the nudity. Bonnie was still having trouble merging her memories of skinny little Everleigh Jacobs from Brownies with the attractive and provocative young woman standing before her. She looked so much like a grown woman now. Bonnie had been taken aback, when a little more than an hour before, she had told everyone in the living room that at her prior school; because of one incident, where she hadn’t even had intercourse, she’d gotten a reputation as a skanky whore. “At a party a group of us had slipped off to the basement and were playing spin the bottle. We’d been through kissing, making out and feeling each other off. It had been great fun, but that is all it”

“Finally, we all agreed to move on to the loser giving oral sex. I was the first to lose, and so me and this guy went behind the wall where we’d all been doing all of the stuff for the game. The others could hear, but not see for the three minutes we had to do whatever we were supposed to. I knelt down, pulled out his hard-on and started to give him a blow job. It wasn’t my first, or even second or third BJ, so I didn’t think it was all that big a deal. When I realized the others were going to toss the three-minute rule and give me the time to make him cum, I pulled up my shirt and bra so he could see my tits while I blew him. When he came, I let him do it in my mouth. As it turned out, I was the only one to actually go down on someone; because after I was done three couples, six of the ten people, went off to find someplace to fuck. It seems the other eight people in our game had quietly moved so they could watch me do it and that is what led to the end of the game. I guess I’d done such a good job, the others couldn’t wait any longer.”

Bonnie had to laugh with the kids at that.

“For a moment, I was a little embarrassed when I realize they’d all watched me suck down his dick and then his cum. But we all got a laugh out of it and in truth I didn’t mind they’d seen me. How better to tell me I was good at it than that the other’s couldn’t wait to have sex after watching me. The next Monday, however, things went bad. It seems while those playing the game had been watching me, someone else, nobody ever seemed to know who, had come down and seen and taken a bunch of phone pics of me sucking that guy off with my tits exposed. The pics were all over school before I knew anything about it. After that I was the school whore, even though at the time, I had not yet even had actual sex.”

She looked to Bonnie and said “It was more or less just like what happened to you and Misty, except I was fifteen and didn’t have my mom and friends to back me up.” She went on to say how much she wished she’d had someone like Mrs. C. and Misty making a public stand against slut shaming. She said it had been so very hard on her and it was one of the reasons her family had moved back to Sparta. “Had there been someone like Misty at my old school my life would have been much different. In fact, that is why I offered to drive Naomi to your church Youth Group the Sunday after your pics came out. It was the first time I’d been to any church since I was little, but I wanted to see what you would say.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “You and your words changed my life. I’m not overstating it. I had convinced myself I was worthless. In the months after those pics came out, I had let a string of guys screw me. I let them do it because I’d bought into what people were saying about me, not because I wanted to. Listening to you talk, and perhaps as important, seeing how all those other people my age totally believed what you said, helped me see things and myself differently. That night Naomi and I talked and talked. We found someone who gave us a password to see all of your photos, even the ones of you having sex. Seeing those photos helped us understand what you had said. She had her own past issues and so, sort of together, we reclaimed our lives from people who had tried to tell us who we were.”

“For the first time in almost two years I admitted to myself that I had a great time that night in the basement. I’d enjoyed sucking that guy’s dick, every second of it. Like I said, it wasn’t my first. In fact it was my tenth blow job and I liked doing it. Before that last round, we’d all done lots of fun stuff behind that wall. I’d made out with all but two of the others in the game. I’d played with hard dicks and fingered pussies and sucked tits, and had people do the same with me, both guys and girls. We’d all had a lot of fun. But, within a week, I’d let so many other people tell me I should feel shamed and that I had done something gross and demeaning; I’d come to believe it. Worst yet, over the next year and a half, every time I did stuff with guys, I never let myself enjoy. I can never have back my first time to have sex. My first time was simply proving to myself I was worthless. For me, I had decided sex was for the guys, my feelings didn’t matter. It’s terrible, but I let guys screw me that I knew didn’t have any respect for me and they were only doing it because they saw me as an easy piece of ass.”

“It was only when Naomi and I looked at the photos of you screwing that guy on the beach did we get it. You were doing it just for fun. Even though you are a wife and a leader at your church and that your daughter was right there watching you do it; you stood up in front of all of us teenagers and made it clear you were not the least bit ashamed that you’d fucked that guy simply for the fun of it. It was like for the first time since the night it happened, I gave myself permission to admit I’d liked sucking off that guy. Not just him but every one of the other guys I’d done from my first blow job till that night. More than that, I really liked that my friends had gotten turned on by watching me do it. The simple truth is I like sucking cock, and it makes me angry that my joy was derailed by slut-shamers. I’m almost ready to start fucking guys again, but when I do this time, it will be for me and not for them.” She looked around to the others in the living room “I’ve never said that publicly. But I’m not the least bit ashamed of saying so. That night admitting it to myself and then to Naomi was the big hurdle. Telling you guys doesn’t seem a very big deal at all. That night I even dug out the micro-SD card that had all twenty of the photos that had been passed around my old school, and I showed them to Naomi…and much to my surprise, I enjoyed looking at them. We both did. “

She paused again, then looked at Bonnie. “You gave me my life back. You let me know that I wasn’t worthless because the photos of me sucking dick have been passed around the internet so people around the world have seen them. My life had changed when I accepted the lie that I was trash, and it changed again when I decided that wasn’t true. Mrs. C, you did that for me. And now today, at this party you have made it perfectly clear that you think teen sex is normal and good; it’s like this is the final affirmation I needed. If I wanted, I could screw five guys today and nobody here would condemn me for it.”

One girl said “You might make me jealous, or envious; but I certainly wouldn’t think it was wrong to get all you can.”

That got some laughs.

“On your game room bulletin board, I saw those pictures of Misty posing before and after she’d had sex. For me, that open and public declaration by someone I look up to was exactly what I needed. It was like the last piece of the puzzle. I can now not only feel good about what I did that night, but I can sit here and say publicly that I love sucking dick. I love everything about it including tasting the guy’s cum in my mouth. I sure hope I’m healed enough to pick up where I left off. And more than that, I am ready to start fucking guys again, but this time it will be for me, just for the fun of it.”

With that Everleigh seemed to collapse down into the couch in exhaustion. That speech had taken a lot out of her. Bonnie was overwhelmed by what she’d said. She just couldn’t help but get up to give the girl (young woman) a hug. They both had tears running down their cheeks.

When, an hour or so later, Bonnie had seen her in those utterly see-through wet panties, she’d understood exactly why she was doing it and what statement she was making. Even still, she was glad the fully developed young woman would be switching to a real bikini bottom. And even though Everleigh was standing naked right in front of the mostly glass door to the living room, she was not going to say anything. Bonnie knew the girl knew exactly what she was doing, and why she was doing it.

“Misty,” Bonnie asked, “could you get a few towels from my bathroom. The wet ones might want to dry off before trying things on.” It was clear to Bonnie the four teenagers were excited about wearing the racy swimsuits. Even though she had not put out any of the cut-out micro thongs, some covered very little more than that. Some of them also had very little top coverage as well, though all the bottoms she’d put out actually had matching tops.

Bonnie handed Naomi one “This would look good on you but you need to know that it becomes fairly sheer when wet; perhaps as much as the outfits the club girls are now wearing. But, the bright yellow color will likely make what is underneath more visible than the club’s royal blue ones." She saw Naomi hesitate before taking it in her hand. “Now don’t do anything you don’t want to. I have two more still in the drawer that are more traditional bikini’s and cover a good bit more.”

As the other girls looked at the other nine swimsuits, she could tell Naomi was trying to find the words. Bonnie led her toward the bathroom door, away from the other girls. In a soft voice Naomi began. “Its…not...that I don’t want to.” Then the words came stronger, “I really do. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to wear a really tiny bikini, and have all the guys look at me. But, this one-piece is all my mother will let me wear. She doesn’t even let me have underwear that is as small as this” she said holing up the yellow swimsuit. “She is so controlling. If she, or my father, knew I wasn’t a virgin they’d hunt down and kill the guy… the guys I’ve done it with. I want to but….”

“How is it your parents let you come to our party?" Bonnie asked. "I know your mother doesn’t have any love for me; and it’s not like everyone in town doesn’t know I’m Sparta’s harlot.”

She got a sheepish face “They don’t know about the party. Like I said, I came with Everleigh. I’m spending the weekend with her so they don’t have any idea I’m here.”

Naomi looked over into Bonnie’s drawer, still half open. The red white and blue suit from Miami Beach was sitting on top. She asked “how about this one?”

Bonnie picked up both pieces and handed it to Naomi. She hesitated again, “You need to know those stars become like glass when wet, so anything under the stars will be completely visible?”

Bonnie had not meant for the girls to use any of the really see-through ones. Misty had not brought hers like that down. But Bonnie didn’t want to seem to back away from what Naomi was asking. So, this time she warned, “Just know those stars don’t stay where you put them. As you move, they will show quite a bit, very possibly most everything.”

“If I’m going to do this, well, I’m going to do it.”

Everleigh asked “Then can I wear the yellow one?”

Naomi handed her childhood friend the tiny yellow suit with navy trim before heading to the bathroom to change. Everleigh said "Yea, this will look great with my complexion." She began to put on the suit, never once acknowledging the fact that several people had walked by and stared at her nudity since she’d removed her bikini.

Behind Bonnie, the bathroom door opened a little, and Naomi called for Everleigh. A moment later Everleigh came back out and whispered in Bonnie’s ear. “Naomi has a problem and needs some help.”

Even before turning toward the bathroom, Bonnie knew exactly what was wrong. She didn't wait for the teen to tell her but just said, “Naomi needs to shave down there to wear that swim suit, doesn’t she?”

Everleigh nodded. “Yea, and she has never shaved down there before.”

“It’s no problem.” Bonnie said. She had just turned toward the bathroom when three more girls came in the bedroom. One said “Misty told us you have loaner swimsuits" a second girl added "Thongs like the one Rebecca's mom is wearing."

Bonnie let them know that was not a thong, but a Brazilian, “But yes, I have several you can wear.” She then pointed them to the bed. One of the girls was larger than the others, perhaps a size fourteen or sixteen. Bonnie knew none of the suits on the bed would fit. So she pulled another one from the drawer. It was old, it actually predated their trip to Miami. It had never fit her right, but she wasn’t sure why she’d not gotten rid of it. Bonnie handed it to the girl “I think this will work.” It was a green tie side, slide type, high wasted bikini. It was labeled as "one size fits most." Bonnie said “The bottoms and top can be made to cover as little or as much as you want, from full coverage to a thong, by sliding the fabric on the bands.”

Sliding into the bathroom Bonnie found Naomi bottomless, with her hands over her crotch. Taking Cooper’s electric clippers and a new razor from the drawer, Bonnie looked at Everleigh and said, “First, use this.” She handed Everleigh the clippers. “Don’t worry this won’t cut her, but it will cut off the hair." She looked at Naomi and said "Then get in the shower, and take your time with the razor. Either let Everleigh help you, or use the hand mirror to make sure you get everything.”

“Thanks” she said as Bonnie headed out.

In the bedroom the other girls were holding their swimsuit choices.

“Where can we change?” a girl with an olive complexion asked.

“Just shut the door and change in here.”

“But the door is glass, you can see right in”

Bonnie pointed to the sheers and said “You can pull the drapes and turn out the lights. That will help reduce what people can see; but the easiest thing is to change in the closet, it’s a walk-in.”

The girls looked at each other and gave nervous agreement. Bonnie left the room. She reasoned if they now needed condoms at the pool, it was time to do a house check for herself.

She heard laughter as she shut the door. Looking back before she headed to the stairs, she noticed the bedroom lights did not go off. The girls were being naughty. Bonnie smiled. She was having an impact.

Outside, Cooper was relieved to see his wife had dealt with the “inappropriate” attire. It did seem a little silly that the girls came out showing just as much skin as they had going in. Actually, every one of them was showing even more since they’d changed out of their own bikini tops into the much smaller ones his wife had for loaners. There was no doubt the girls’ tan lines from their “normal bikinis” drew even more attention to how little they were now wearing. It did not take long for cell phones to start capturing that very sight.

Not long after that, he just happened to look out to the swimming pool to catch Haley wrapping her legs around Gregg as he stood in the water at the far side of the pool. He had seen couples doing that all day. He was sure nearly all the time the girl was just dry (or rather wet) humping her boyfriend’s erection through their suits. He had done that more than once at their age in this very pool. After a few minutes though, he looked back to see that Haley’s boyfriend had stepped up onto the lowest of the five stepped tiers that made for the pool’s conversation area. In doing so, the water only barely covered his waist; and to Cooper it seemed more than obvious they were not dry-humping, but actually screwing…. literally in the center of the pool party.

Since the volleyball game, that had gone on for hours, kept most people’s attention, it appeared he was the only one to realize what they were doing. However, just at that moment, the tie at Haley’s neck “accidently” became undone. She was not exposed…yet; but Cooper knew it would only be a matter of a few minutes…or less.

The little accident, and the triangle fabric slowly working down Haley’s expansive breasts quickly brought the couple’s actions to the attention of those nearby. To Cooper’s right, Misty and JoAnne were walking toward the food table. Cooper instantly knew what to do. He motioned for Misty to come speak to him. It was none too soon. Even as she approached, Haley’s top fell into the water.

“How do you think it’s going” she asked her father.

“Great. You and your friends planned this out very nicely. But, I need you to do something.”

“Sure. What?”

“You need to go over and get Haley to cover up….and to stop having sex out here. Your mom and I, and as I understand it her mother as well, would not mind her doing that if it were just close friends and family, but it is not. I’ve already seen two camera phones pointed their way.”

As he spoke, Misty’s head swiveled over, and instantly she saw what her father was describing.

“We just can’t have anyone go home and say people were having sex in front of the adults. Let the others hear you tell her she’s breaking the rules.”

Misty nodded and turned to go. Cooper stepped closer and said “After she’s covered and off of him, let her know we aren’t mad, but she needs to take it to a bedroom during the party.” Then without actually intending to do so, he set the stage for an after-party event. He added "Let her know that once everyone but the club girls and their boyfriends have gone, she will be free to do whatever she wants out here, but not until then."

Misty understood the full implications of what he’d said, even though he’d really meant what his words. She nodded and looked to the pool, “OK, I see what you mean. I’ll let her know.”

Cooper busied himself with the remaining food, pretending not to be watching. Of course he was watching Misty closely from the corner of his eye as she waded down into the water. Before saying anything to Haley, Misty pulled the bikini top back over her friend’s breasts. To himself he whispered “Good plan.” After the two girls talked for a moment, Haley looked over to Cooper and nodded before dismounting Gregg. A few seconds later he picked out Misty’s voice through the sounds of the party. “Haley, you can't have sex out here. Don’t make my parents send you home.” He was glad she’d made it a threat. That would help deniability.

Misty then exited the pool. She smiled at her dad as she walked across the patio to the door into the house. Misty as she emerged just a short time later with a plastic bowl of condoms in her hand.

Inside the house, Bonnie found the downstairs guest bathroom needed toilet paper. Checking the waste basket, she found two condom wrappers and used condoms. “About what I’d expected” she said to herself.

Heading to the game room she was not at all surprised to see it was full of kids escaping the heat. She found a couple shooting pool, four guys playing video games, the gaming table and bar stools occupied with teens talking, and a guy sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs, with a girl in his lap. They were making out furiously with the girl’s hand flagrantly down his swim trunks giving him a hand job. Their actions seemed to be getting no notice whatsoever. However, when the couple saw Bonnie, the girl’s hand quickly came out of the boy’s swimsuit and they pretended to just be talking. Other than that, no one else even acknowledged her entrance.

Bonnie crossed the room to check the condom bowl. She found it half empty but she saw no wrappers. After taking a box from a drawer in the wet-bar to refill the bowl; she made a round making small talk to the kids then headed to the upstairs. Once in the long hallway, the first door on the right was the kid’s bathroom. The door was closed, so as she’d told the club girls to do, she listened. The moans coming from behind the door made it clear the bathroom was being used as a private love sanctuary. As everyone had been warned at the start of the party, Bonnie knocked on the door then tried to turn the knob. It was locked from the inside. Calmly but firmly, she said “I want you to open this door right now.”

Quicker than she’d expected, the door came open. Two red faced girls stood just inside the bathroom. That was not what Bonnie had thought she’d find; but she knew she should not be surprised. She’d realized some time ago there were at least 15-20% more girls than boys at the party. She supposed that was because it was a party thrown by a group of girls after all. It was not hard for Bonnie to put on a kindly smile at the sight of the two very embarrassed looking faces. Before she could reprimand them one of the girls said “I’m sorry Mrs. C. We hadn’t planned on…well…I guess you heard us. It just happened.”

The other girl seemed to undermine the first when she said “And we checked the two bedrooms first. They both have people in them.”

Bonnie felt sorry for the two. Rather than threatening to send them home she just said “Follow me.”

She led them to the storage room by the stairway. As expected, the door was open and the lights off. Flipping on the lights, she went to the far wall and pulled two sleeping bags from the top shelf. “If you unroll these, they will make for a nice place to uhhh… sit and talk. The house rules only say the door must stay open, not that the lights must be on. If you keep the noise down, you should not be bothered by people looking in to see what is going on in here. Well, other than Mrs. Ericson-Webber and perhaps the club members doing room checks.” To keep from putting the two girls on the spot by expecting a reply, she just left.

“Now to see who is in the two bedrooms” she said to herself. Lamar’s room was the first door on the left. The door was mostly closed. Expecting to see a couple having sex; she was surprised upon opening the door to find the room empty. The bed was a mess. A large wet spot told her that either the admonition to use condoms had been ignored, or the girl was a gusher….or both. The condom bowl was full. It took her a few minutes to strip the bed and replace the soiled sheets and make it back up. The whole time she heard nothing from Misty’s room a few feet further down the hallway with the door standing wide open.

Assuming the room was empty Bonnie walked right in and was surprised to find Rebecca on the bed laying on her side with her eyes closed, sighing softly. Her swimwear was nowhere to be seen. Her right thigh was flat on the bed, her left leg was elevated, in Samuel’s hand. He stood next to the bed, slowly easing his oversized penis in and out of Rebecca’s over taxed labial lips.

Bonnie just stood for several minutes doing nothing…except watching his hard young ass as it took long, slow strokes in and out with the enormous tool. Though Misty’s friends had been having sex in her home regularly for half a year, she had never actually seen any of them doing so. She had seen him naked that one time before and several times Misty had told her how big Samuel was when fully hard. She was not exaggerating. She knew she shouldn’t but she couldn’t help just standing watching. She was so close she could see the raised veins even through the pinkish/red condom. She noticed the condom wrapper on the floor wasn’t the brand she bought. She was sure he had to buy what was called Magnum sized for that tool. Rebecca’s lips stretched thin as they surrounded the huge organ, on the outstroke they seemed to grip it, trying to prevent its exit. She was impressed with his very adult-like technique. He did not seem to be rushing at all. Bonnie assumed that Rebecca had taught him to do it right. That girl wouldn't put up with a selfish or second-rate lover and her sighs, timed with her breathing and his strokes had almost the sound of a purr.

Samuel casually looked over to Bonnie…though she was no longer near the door, rather she was in the room at the corner of the bed. When did she do that?

Upon seeing her, he made eye contact. He said nothing but gave her what could only be called a look of desire, and continued the slow work as he stared into Bonnie’s eyes. Bonnie could feel herself responding to his gaze. She could feel her nipples strain against the very thin fabric of her swimsuit and was sure Samuel could see and would know what that meant. Bonnie was beginning to convince herself it would be OK to get naked and join them when Rebecca opened her eyes to see Misty’s mom standing, watching.

Rebecca instinctively tensed, but evidently seeing the look on Mrs. C.’s face, relaxed. “Misty likes to watch us too.”

The meaning of the words took some time to pierce Bonnie’s sexual fantasy of joining them. When she realized that she had been caught enjoying the sight, she was jarred back to the real world.

“Oh, no, I was just checking the bedrooms” she lied in a fluster; but her eyes were still fixed on his penis going in and out. Both of them were watching her eyes and she knew full well that neither of the teens bought her transparent lie. Even after the denial, she continued to watch. It was Samuel’s stare at her legs that made her realize her hips had begun to rock slightly as she pressed her thighs together to stimulate herself. She knew that both teens knew how much she was turned on by what she saw. But still, she did not avert her gaze, stop squeezing her thighs together or even try to stop her slow hip thrusts. The simple truth was she wanted them to know how much she was aroused by them…even though she knew she should not.

Rebecca finally asked “Do you want us to stop?”

Samuel had it right when he said “She wants to join.”

Bonnie didn’t deny his statement, but she pulled her eyes away from their lovemaking. She made an exaggerated effort to look at the condom bowl. It was half full. “Officially, I never saw you doing this, so I can’t ask you to stop.”

Rebecca, in sort of a snap-roll, pulled her leg over Samuel’s head and shoulder so she was now on her back with Samuel between her legs. In doing so, she did not pull free of his penis. Such is the advantage of having sex with a guy who has a nine or ten inch erection as thick as Bonnie’s wrist. Samuel responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her crotch up to his. Her breast began to jostle about as he began to fuck harder.

With a surprising level of self-control given the circumstance, Rebecca said, “Actually, we wanted to do it in your room with the mirror, but we didn’t want to put you on the spot by doing it in front of you. Not that we mind you watching, because I think it’s hot. But we knew it would put you in a difficult position with all the others in the living room, so we came up here.”

Bonnie began to fill the condom bowl with the box she’d brought up the stairs. “Well I’m up here now, so if you want to go down to my room you can. The girls should be finished changing before you get there. I promise not to catch you for half an hour or so." To Rebecca, she added, "I'll do my best to make sure your mom doesn't walk in on you. Yes, I know she knows you guys have sex, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to walk in on this...” she paused then added, "...even though I'm glad I did." While she was sure that was too much, she knew they already knew she was.

“Cool,” Samuel said slapping Rebecca’s thigh and pulling free from her. He stepped so close to Bonnie; the head of his huge organ pressed against her leg.

Her hand actually moved, almost of its own accord, toward the hot slippery rod that was burning into her thigh; but she stopped herself before she actually touched it. Moving away, Bonnie said “Scoot you two, before my will power gives out and I do something I’ll regret.”

They both grinned and looked at each other before Samuel pulled on his trunks and left the room.

As she pulled on her bikini bottoms, Rebecca said “I know that is what Samuel has been hoping would happen since he saw your photos. Misty told us this morning how you did it with Adam Fisher. She doesn’t know why you can't do it with us.” She only pulled on the bottom of her suit before heading to the door. Without thinking, Bonnie said “Adam is already eighteen. If Samuel still wants it when he turns eighteen, he can have it for a birthday present.”

Rebecca turned and said “His birthday is December 19th, it’s a date.” She walked out the door, then looked back and added “I certainly won’t mind if you watch some more when you catch us again.” And she was gone.

Bonnie sat on the bed to regain her composure. She was surprised, and a little disgusted at herself for enjoying watching her daughter’s friends so much, even more about her real desire to join them. And had she just promised to have sex with Samuel on his birthday in December? Then she realized that not only was Rebecca parading through the house topless, they were going to her bedroom where Everleigh and Naomi were still in the bathroom. In a little while, they will walk out and find Rebecca and Samuel screwing. She considered going down and stopping them, but she didn’t.

She counted to make sure she left a dozen condoms then crossed the hall to ensure the guest bedroom door was still locked. It was. Heading back to the stairs she found Lamar’s door once again more than half closed. From inside she heard a series of breathy "Uhh, uhh, uhh" sounds. How long had she been in Misty’s room? Clearly long enough for a couple to enter and move well into a sexual encounter.

Inside she found on Lamar’s bed, a very thin girl wearing only her top over nearly non-existent breasts lay beside a ‘big boned’ girl who was also bottomless. The larger girl Bonnie knew to be Billy White, granddaughter of their county sheriff and another of Misty's former Brownie troop friends. Between her legs was a skinny boy, eating Billy out. As soon as the door was fully open, the skinny girl looked up and like a flash used both hands to cover her crotch. The sudden motion caused the big girl to open her eyes. She quite literally kicked the boy to the floor before also covering her crotch with her hands. The dazed boy, still wearing his swim trunks, just looked around confused.

The three of them had been in Bonnie's discussion group before Misty had come in the house. At the time Billy and her friend were asking about getting guys to give them oral sex. They complained that all guys want girls to go down on them, but many won't reciprocate. Billy's friend then pointed out "And most of the guys who have gone down on me are terrible at it." That got both laughs and agreement from the other girls. Of course, Bonnie was glad to address that topic. She explained that any guy who won't go down on them isn't worth their time; and, guys need to be told clearly what to do and not to do. "They don't just naturally know what to do like a girl does. You have to tell them." Now part of her wished she had not been so forthright about urging the girls to teach guys how to eat pussy. The embarrassment on the girls' faces as they tried to cover themselves made her feel bad.

She didn’t even check the condom bowl, she just looked at the two girls and said “Leaving the door open is for your protection.” She began to leave then turned back "You go girls. It's about time girls got serviced while the guys get nothing."

She heard laughter as she walked away and headed back down the stairs. Knowing Rebecca and Samuel were just a few minutes in front of her, she went to the game room to give them some time before she would have to pretend not to notice them through her bedroom’s French door.

In the game room Bonnie found the couple who had been making out were gone, but the others had hardly changed places except a girl that had been in her little discussion group earlier, had joined the pool players.

Bonnie sat on one of the bar stools and rested for a while. The pool game was just winding down. She knew the girl who was playing with the two guys from years ago. Her name was Mimi Howard, she also had been in Misty’s Brownie group; but only for a couple of years. She finally realized that of the sixty or so girls who were not club members at the party, more than a dozen had been in her Brownie troop. Beyond that, perhaps another twenty had been in Misty’s elementary school classes where she’d been room mother. She was now quite sure that it was not a coincidence that the girls at Jeff Davis who Bonnie knew were disproportionately represented at the party. Those mothers would be much less likely to forbid their daughters from coming to the Campbell's than those mothers who she did not know.

Bonnie had not seen Mimi since she was about ten, yet could easily recognize her. She was now a big girl. Big hips, big boobs but a surprisingly small waist and only about 5’ 3”, though just as much a chatter box as she had been all those years before. Though the last time Bonnie had seen her she was chattering about bugs and Barbie’s, now it was flirting and overtly sexual.

She had come in one of the few bikini tops that rivaled the club girls’ for exposure. To Bonnie, the top was simply too small for her. It did not appear to be made to show quite so much boob. To the guys though, the improper fit didn't matter. She could tell they very much liked watching her rather exposed, jiggling jugs.

When Mimi had been eliminated from their game of cutthroat Bonnie motioned for her to come over. “Mimi, I haven’t seen you in years. I’m so glad you came.”

“Thank you for having us over Mrs. Campbell.”

“Bonnie is fine, or if you’re more comfortable with Mrs. C. that is what most of the girls call me. So what have you been up to besides growing up?”

“OK….Bonnie. I play the French horn in the band, I’m a member of the French club and I have a very handsome boyfriend, Troy, who just graduated the other day and for the fall he has a partial band scholarship at Georgia Tech. He plays the trombone.”

“Is he here?”

“No, he left with a group of guys to hike the Appalachian Trail this summer.”

“Sounds fun, but I’m sorry he couldn’t come.”

Mimi shrugged, “Yea, but I’m having fun anyway. This kinda gives me a chance to test the waters of being single again. We’ve dated since I was a freshman and he was my first real boyfriend. In the fall he goes off to Georgia Tech and ...” she leaned over and whispered “I’ve really wanted to end our exclusive relationship and be with other guys for a while but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, and he gets so jealous.”

Bonnie, bold as ever said quietly “Do you mean ‘be with’ as just hanging out or ‘be with’ having sex?”

She looked around to make sure the others were engaged in their activities. “Both” she said so low Bonnie could barely hear her. "The truth is I cheated on him over Christmas holidays and I found out how much I've missed."

"Do you want to tell me what happened?"

She slid up to sit on the barstool next to Bonnie, looked around again and began. “At Christmas my family went on a ski trip to Colorado. Well Troy had been the only guy I had ever done it with ... you know, all the way...but… something happened and ... well like I said, he’s not the only guy I’ve been with now. Trying it with other guys… it was so different, and to be honest, so much better than with Troy.”

“Guys?” Bonnie asked.

She sat up and put her hand to her mouth, “Oh God, I can’t believe I just told you that. I’ve never told anyone that, not even my best friends. They think it was just one guy.”

Bonnie put her hand on Mimi’s shoulder. “That’s OK, your secrets are safe with me. A lot of girls find they can tell me this kind of stuff when they can’t tell anyone else. I guess I’m not very judgmental. It’s kinda hard to be after I told you all that stuff in the living room.”

Mimi nodded “But it is so great talking to a grown woman being honest with us about sex like that. We never hear the whole story here in Sparta.” She seemed to think for a minute then looked back to the mixed quartet at the gaming table directly behind her. “Can we go sit over there?” referring to the chairs by the sliding glass door to the patio.

“Sure. Would you like a soft drink. We have some in the bar refrigerator.” Bonnie said. Drinks in hand, they moved to the set of overstuffed chairs around a cocktail table. Like she had done in her bedroom; Bonnie had worked for years to get the game room to have just the right feel. In the case of this room, it was a feel of comfort and relaxation.

As soon as they sat Mimi continued. “It’s not that I don’t love Troy, because I do. Well, I did, but since Christmas things have been different. I guess I realized how little Troy thinks of me after a week of something else. I found out a lot.”

“What happened exactly?”

“You remember my mom, right? She’s so protective and so conservative. If she knew Cindy had loaned me this swimsuit she’d have a duck, she thinks I’m wearing the one piece she bought me. Like I would be caught dead in it! But she loves Troy, she thinks he is the perfect gentleman. He started going to our church with us right after we became a couple and she thinks he is some sort of saint. She really believes Troy when he prattles on about waiting until marriage. Like, I want to throw up when he does that. On our first date he practically forced my fingers around his dick to give him a hand job, and on the second he expected me to go down on him. I had just turned fifteen and I’d never done anything like that before, but Troy didn’t care as long as he got off. It wasn’t physically hard for me because, well, he’s like not very big. Not tiny, but small enough I could take it all in my mouth the very first time. I didn’t know he was different than other guys, I might have been the only girl at Jeff Davis who’d never seen porn yet; but at band camp that summer, some of the boys streaked our dorm, and then I found what other guys look like down there. It’s not that he’s not super nice, it’s just that he wants it all the time. If he can get me alone for three minutes, his dick is in me. One night he came over for dinner and watch a movie with my parents and me; over the night he filled my pussy twice and my mouth twice. Yet my parents didn't have a clue. But, understand, it never lasts more than two minutes, I’ve timed it the average is about one. Never once in two years has it taken him more than three minutes to spew.”

Bonnie added “Which leaves you cold.”

“Yea, even when, after four months, I let him go all the way, it was like so fast that I didn’t even begin to relax enough to enjoy it. So if you can imagine he comes over to my house all the time, talks all this pious talk to my parents and as soon as they leave us alone for three minutes he pulls my skirt up, bends me over and he does his thing and he’s zipped up again before they come back in the room. My parents think I always wear skirts because I’m girly. No, it’s because Troy wants to have easy access to my pussy ‘so we won’t’ get caught’ he says.”

Bonnie really was feeling sorry for her. She was pretty, if slightly heavier than is popular, and had a lovely outgoing personality. But she could see a real sadness in her eyes as she told the story. “What about birth control?”

“We told my parents we were going to a band concert but drove to Augusta and he took me to Planned Parenthood and they gave me an IUD. My parents of course don’t know.”

“So what happened on your ski trip?”

“Like I said, we went to Vale Colorado and met up with my mom’s sister and her family. They now live in Chicago so I don’t see them all that often anymore. We stayed in a really cool lodge right on the slopes. I guess Mom and Dad figured I couldn’t get into trouble with my boyfriend not being there. What they didn’t know was that my cousin Tiffany who is the pride of the family for being a cheerleader, Junior Olympic gymnast and impossibly pretty, is also an amazing liar and nymphomaniac. They put the two of us in a room thinking my cousin would keep me out of trouble. Yea, right!”

“You see we were born just weeks apart but she does college guys and grown men all the time. She told me that she hasn’t done a high school guy since she was a freshman, but that first day I didn’t know that. Like I said she is so good looking that within an hour we already had half a dozen college guys and two grown men hit on us. She almost knocked me down when I told the first guys I had a boyfriend. She made it clear that for the week in Vale not only did we not have boyfriends, we were also freshmen at University of Georgia.”

“I really thought she was just a big flirt when she took the room numbers of several guys. Even when she told two guys we’d meet them after dinner in the Jacuzzi, I thought she was being a tease. But when she dragged me to the Jacuzzi, and let one of the guys openly feel her up in the water I began to wonder. The problem for me was the guys were good looking. The kind of guys a girl thinks about when she gets herself off. They were both graduate students at University of Arizona and they were both twenty-three years old. Yes, twenty-three years old. Not only were they way older than any guy I’d even flirted with, I’d never had this caliber of guy pay attention to me. Of course I knew full well it was because of Tiffany. When the second guy began to move on me I knew I shouldn’t, and really didn’t want to; but I was sure I’d never have such a hunk after me again. So we started making out there in the water, when he put his hand into the top part of my one-piece bathing suit to cup my boob, it was scary but really exciting. I looked over and Tiffany had her guy’s penis out of his swimsuit and was playing with it, this was right in the public Jacuzzi. Yes, there was no one around, but still that was brazen. I didn’t even think about saying no when he pulled the crotch of my swimsuit off to one side and began to rub me down there. When he put one and then two fingers up inside me and began to play with my clit with his thumb, I almost came out of my skin. Troy had never done that, and when we went to their room not long after, he did a lot of things Troy had never done.”

Bonnie was into the story now “Like what?

Mimi looked around to make sure no one had come close enough to hear before beginning. “To start with, Troy is very conscious of his small size and even though at some parties and at band camp some of the girls gave their boyfriends head in front of the group he never would let me even when I wanted to. He pretended we didn’t do immoral things like that when the truth was he wasn’t about to let anyone but me see his dick. So when we got to their room I wasn’t sure what to do so I pretended to need to go to the bathroom. When I got out, they were all naked and my cousin was sucking the dick of her guy in the open. I almost left right then, but when I saw my guy standing there with a hard-on that was easily twice as big as Troy, I don’t know what I was thinking, I just pulled off my swim suit. Like I said, I was wearing the one-piece mom thinks I have on today. I’d never imagined I’d have sex with other people in the same room, but that is exactly what I did.”

“He was so kind and gentle. Bragging on my “big natural tits” and for what seemed forever, he kissed my entire body. Not just my tits, but all of me: my arms and legs and stomach and neck.”

Bonnie put in "Sounds like he knew what he was doing."

“Oh yes, he sure did. When he went down on me, it was, it was, I can’t even describe how good it was. When I climaxed, I couldn’t help but to scream. See, Troy has gone down on me exactly three times, and two of those were after I refused to blow him anymore if he didn’t. And when he did it was not very gentle. But I found out that day how it is done right. I came the first time in just a few minutes after he started on me. Would you believe that was the first orgasm I’d ever had from what a guy did to me, even though I have been doing it with Troy for two years. And Kevin didn’t quit until I came twice more. I'm pretty sure he would have continued down there but by that time I’d lost control. I so wanted him to put his thing in me so badly I was literally begging, especially since Tiffany and Michael had already begun doing it right on top of the covers. I was surprised that it turned me on even more when I watched them. I guess I got pretty wild, yelling and thrashing after he began to do me because both guys commented on what an animal I was. But Bonnie, I’d never had more than about a dozen strokes at a time, so when this guy kept going and going,” she chuckled and said “I guess I just kept cumming and cumming. I didn’t even know that was possible before then.” She blushed “I cannot believe I’m telling you all this.”

Bonnie laughed too. “Good for you. Sounds like you had your blinders taken off.”

Mimi nodded “Even though I was having the time of my life I was sure the only reason the guy was with me was he was hoping to do Tiffany. So, when I heard the other guy, Michael, tell his buddy it was his turn to get some of ‘that wild girl action’, I was high as a kite. Did I care that a second perfect stranger was about to have sex with me? No way!”

Bonnie was amused and said, “So, when I told the others back in the living room how I felt like a sex goddess on the nude cruise; you knew exactly what I was saying.”

“Oh, yea, I knew exactly, but no one knows I do. Well, I guess you do now.” Mimi leaned over and hugged Bonnie before continuing. “I wanted to keep that feeling as long as possible but Tiffany’s phone rang not a minute after I got Michael’s dick in me; it was my aunt, and without hesitation Tiffany calmly tells her we have been in the sauna and were on our way back to the room. She not only had a lie ready; it was one that explained why we were covered in sweat. So she tells me it’s time to go. How could she make me stop like that? She could have made up a lie to cover another thirty minutes, but I think she was jealous that her guy wanted to do me. I was put out but I got my swimsuit back on. I thought that it would be one of those once in a lifetime type experiences. But it wasn’t.”

“So you met those guys again?”

“Oh yea, only an hour later. Tiffany had all angles covered. Once we were with our parents for a while, she asked her mom and my mom if we could go window shopping in the little boutiques before they close. Our parents gave us one hour, which was, in Troy time, about fifty-nine minutes longer than we needed; but as it was with those guys, I was not beginning to be ready to quit when Tiffany literally pulled me out the door.”

“Did you see them the next day?” Bonnie queried.

“Yea, we slipped up to their room again when we said we were going to breakfast. In fact we went three times the first day and four the day after. On the morning they had to check out, we even did it after their luggage was packed, right up to the minute they had to be out of the room. Tiffany always had a lie to tell our moms, and since the adults thought she could do no wrong, they always believed it. But, time was always against us, so I always left thrilled but wanting more. On two visits we only found one of the guys there, so we did him together. I was surprised how different that was. Sharing one guy was not even similar to having both guys there. The first time, the afternoon of our first full day at the lodge, Kevin was eating my pussy. It was divine. When Tiffany began to kiss me, oddly, it didn’t even shock me and I kissed her back. Then just before I was going to cum from what the guy was doing to me, she sat on my face. I guess I should have been appalled, but, as it was, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. I just began to do her pussy just like he was doing mine. Like I’d been eating girls out forever. Well, I hadn’t. Even now she’s the only girl I’ve ever done it with, though to be honest, I’d be up to doing it again.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ve never known a girl who has done it once with another girl to not want to do it again.” She thought for a second and added “And for that matter, I’ve never known a guy who has sucked dick who didn’t want to do it again.”

Mimi gave her a quizzical look, but just went on with her story. “Now the whole time we were sneaking off to see the first two guys, Tiffany was collecting room numbers of other men. On our second full day, she found a guy she really wanted to do; but our two friends were waiting, so she told me to go alone. It was the only time I almost got caught because Tiffany was not there to make me stop; but it was also the only time I left feeling I’d gotten everything I wanted. I heard some of what you were saying in the other room and though I’ve never told anyone, they did me double, just like you said. That is the only time I have done two guys at once like that. For a long time, I would suck one while the other either ate or fucked me. Now, I’d seen the guys do Tiffany in the ass once the previous day and I was used to anal because Troy does me there when I'm on my period; but both of those guys were much bigger than him. I’d asked her about it. She told me that if she is really turned on and has lube, she said she can take just about any dick back there.”

Mimi closed her eyes as she thought “See, I was on top bearing down, pushing my clit on to Michael. I had Kevin’s penis in my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum….oh that was also new. I’d heard girls talk about that sweet stuff, but well, like I said Troy is starting to cum by the time I’ve gotten started. Well….this time I just couldn’t get the rhythm to make him cum while I worked on my own orgasm. He didn’t cum then, but I had a great orgasm on Michael. My thighs slipped back and forth on his hairy legs. I could feel both there hot sweaty bodies touching me at once. Because I was cumming, I didn’t even realize the dick was gone from my mouth until the hands spread my ass cheeks and I felt a lubed-up finger up my asshole. Well, if I hadn’t been in La La Land, I might have stopped him right there. No that isn’t true. I wouldn’t have stopped him, but I would have asked if he wanted to ass fuck me; you see I’d thought about it before. And, it wasn’t the first time he’d fingered my ass, but when he put a second finger in, I thought I knew what was coming. I was surprised the two fingers felt nice. After he’d worked his fingers in my butt for a while, he asked if it was OK. I knew what he meant and told him it was. A minute or two later I felt his head pushing back there. I was rising toward a new orgasm when he pushed the head in me. He stopped moving, I guess to let me get used to it; but I told him to put it all the way in, so he did.”

She became breathy as she went on describing “I was so, so very full. I could feel each of them. Not just in me but on top of me and under me. The weight on top pushed my clit hard onto the pelvis below and the more he fucked my ass the better everything felt. It didn’t take long before I started a whole string of orgasms. They kept coming and coming until I was totally limp. I have never in my life been so, so completely satisfied.” She sat quietly for a while.

“At first, it hurt some for sure. It actually hurt a lot because I’d never had anything that big in my ass before. But, like I said, I was not about to stop being what you call “the sex goddess” for anything. The irritation went away pretty quickly, and like you said, it was amazing. Having two guys all to myself, keeping the stimulation going constantly for almost two hours was…..what can I say? I think you know.”

Bonnie’s grin widened as she remembered the feeling “Yea, there’s nothing like it.”

“In a week of new experiences, so many of them amazingly great, that was the highlight.

With a smile Bonnie said “Yea I know exactly what you mean. I had a lot of great sex on my nude cruise, but that first time having two men in me like that was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.”

“After dinner the day Kevin and Michal checked out, Tiffany and I were in a room doing it with two other young guys…not young like for me but not forty-years-old kind of young. We had three more nights at the lodge after that, Tiffany didn’t always have me join her, but even still together we did two more college guys two-on-one and two men. I say, men, I mean older men, like old enough to be my dad. The one thing that bothers me to this day is that, before we left one of the old guy’s room; I thought I saw him give my cousin money. But it happened so fast I wasn’t sure what I saw and I wasn’t going to ask. I’ve thought about it a lot since. I can’t help but wonder if she made me into a prostitute without me even knowing.”

To Bonnie that was a sickening thought indeed; but from what she said, it was entirely possible that those sexual encounters with older men were ‘sex for money.’ Though it was her cousin who got all the money. Yes, sickening indeed; but Bonnie hid her revulsion.

Mimi continued after only the briefest pause. “Each guy we did it with was different; I learned more about men and sex than I thought there was to know. And I learned about making love to girls too. Since our parents had put her and me in our own room, after that first full day when she and I did stuff in that threesome, we slept in the same bed. Every night after that, we had after-sex- sex before we went to sleep, and morning sex when we woke up. The truth is, no matter what else happened, I do and have always loved my cousin. Since I was little when she lived in Atlanta, she’s been my ideal. She’ll be here with her family for a week this summer and I have every intention to make love to her every night. From the very first, our soft and tender times alone together made me feel…whole…. complete. I don’t know how else to describe it. Laying in bed with her, our naked body’s intertwined was like my personal perfect space. I'd never imagined I'd ever think of myself as bisexual, but I do now. Part of me, a big part, hopes to find a girl here in Sparta to have that kind of relationship with.”

She paused and breathed deeply. “Later I realized that on every one of the days, other than that last morning, I had sex with two different guys. Yes, every day for a whole week, I had two different dicks in my pussy, mouth and sometimes my ass as well. As often as not the guys didn’t have on a condom. I still can’t believe in only eight days and seven nights, I fucked eight guys. And of course, after that first threesome, Tiffany and I nearly always made it when we were with the guys. It seems every single guy loved watching us go at it. That was in addition to our times alone.”

“Well?” Bonnie asked. “What has been the long-term effect of all that?”

Mimi went on, “After that the quickies with Troy now just annoy me”

“He doesn’t know why our relationship has gone sour, and I certainly can’t tell him. So him leaving for this trip, and then going off to college is the answer. But I’ve been in a relationship so long I don’t even know how to flirt anymore.”

The mood lightened and Bonnie assured her “I was watching, you’re doing just fine with those two guys at the pool table.”

“You think so?”

“Yes I do. Not that I would ever suggest you do so, but my husband says in his day there were games of strip pool played in this very room. That’s why there is a bowl of condoms on the bar.” With that she gave Mimi a hug “I’m so glad you came, and you have my invitation to stop by anytime to talk or just lay out by the pool.”

“Thanks Bonnie. Now where exactly are those condoms?”

About four, Ashley asked Bonnie again about the rules about sex. She said she'd found a girl playing pool completely naked. "I told her that she needed to get dressed or take it to a bedroom. I hope that was the right thing to do."

Bonnie said it was exactly the right thing and smiled to herself.

A half an hour later, Ashely caught Bonnie in the living room. "I just saw the weirdest thing. I thought I heard something in your laundry room. When I opened the door I found a naked girl kissing a guy while another guy gave him a blow job. I had no idea what that was about, but I told them that what they were doing made the laundry into a bedroom so the door had to be open. Even before I finished speaking the guy giving the blow job raced out past me. The girl apologized and was kneeling down to start sucking dick before I could turn to leave."

"Good call” Bonnie agreed. “When I came in here, I found a couple of girls making out there on the couch. I just pretended not to notice even though they were all over each other."

Over the day Ashley had conducted far more bedroom checks than Bonnie, but they had both looked in on explicit sexual displays. While some of the teens she and Ashely saw in the beds were strangers to the two women; most were not. More than a few, both girls and boys, they had known since they were small children. Ashely said that twice naked couples had seen her looking in, but they found it impossible to cover up because their swim suits were not easily accessible and all the covers were on the floor.

Ashley went on, "I knew I didn't want to be a hypocrite and pretend they shouldn’t be doing it. After all I did my share of screwing at parties in high school; but this business of ensuring safety while they are allowed to do it is way harder than just telling them to stop."

Bonnie agreed "You're telling me! At least the club girls were doing the actual walking in the rooms to enforce the condom use rules. From the snippets I’ve heard, I think they got a kick out of that."

Ashley laughed “No doubt they did. Had you intended to use the rules to get the kids used to having sex in front of people? Or was it just a side effect?”

“Oh, an unexpected side effect for sure. I’d not expected nearly so many kids here today and I’d more or less assumed that because of the open-door rule, most or all of the sex going on would be the club girls themselves. After everyone else is gone, I’ll ask the club what they saw and how many of their peers were willing to do it with the doors open.”

Ashely put in “Especially after they were told the Euro-Club members would be walking in on them to ensure every girl who got frisky, did so of her own choosing.”

Bonnie nodded “And after it got out among the club members that there would be an unchaperoned after-party; it made it easier to focus on their hosting duties.” Bonnie could tell by Ashely’s face that she did not know about Cooper’s promise to the girls if they would refrain from public sex. “He actually didn’t mean it the way it came out; but, the truth is, everyone of them knows what happened out by the pool on Sunday afternoon. While I have no doubt they’ve kept the story of public nudity and sex among the parents to themselves; it’s hard to fault them for assuming that was what Cooper was promising they could do.”

Ashely thought for a moment then nodded. “Yea, I guess you are right. Perhaps it was before word of the after-party got around; but I saw more of my daughter and Samuel than I wanted to when I looked in on your bedroom earlier.”

Bonnie had not meant to say anything about it, but since evidently Ashely had seen Rebecca and Samuel, she said “Yes, I think they started before my bone head husband made that promise.” She paused and considered whether to say more. “You see, they started up in Misty’s room. I’m not sure why I did it, but rather than staying at the doorway, I walked right up to the bed and chatted with them as he worked his monster cock in Rebeca.”

Ashely covered her ears. “Yes. Like I said I very briefly saw more than I wanted.”

“Don’t worry girl, your daughter was literally purring with pleasure as he did it. I was actually impressed with his patience. I don’t know that I ever did it with a seventeen-year-old boy that was so obviously willing to focus on me rather than getting off himself.”

“No, no. No more.” Ashley said. “I’m glad to hear he is like that, but I can’t hear anymore…especially after I caught a glimpse of his tool. The idea of that thing in my girl is just too much.”

Bonnie nodded “Both of our girls have done him.”

The two women looked at each other and Ashely said “Yea, I guess both of our girls have had it in them more than once.” Then they laughed. What else could they do? Both women had been quite sexually active as teenagers, but they agreed it was impossible to even imagine having the freedoms their own daughters have.

Before she went off, Ashely told Bonnie that she had seen Cassidy White screwing Misty. “Not that it was just them. That cute girl who came as his date was there too. I guess I watched longer than I should have, because I think Misty was playing teacher to the other couple. Perhaps you can find out more about that… if you want to.”

“Oh, you can be sure I will. But, now we need to start getting things wrapped up. I think we both need to change back into our street clothes before some nosy parent arrives to pick their child up.”

Ashely agreed.

Bonnie went on. “I’ll get the word out for those who are in my loaner bikinis. They all need to go to my room to change back into what they brought before five. That will also ensure that if a parent does come inside, they will not see kids screwing in my bed.”

After they’d both changed, Bonnie and Ashely made one more round to tell any couples they found that it was almost five and they needed to wrap things up and get dressed. Bonnie did the downstairs check. In the study, Bonnie found Naomi, topless, sitting in Cooper’s office chair giving a blow job to Westley Dawson from the youth group. She was only slightly surprised to see Everleigh sitting on the drafting stool, placidly waiting. Bonnie knew right off this was effectively the same thing as girls taking a friend to the lady’s room.

As if to confirm her conclusion, Everleigh slipped off the stool and stepped over to Bonnie. “She asked me to come with her not because she wants to show off, but simply to have a friend nearby. They’ve been flirting all day, and I guess she got up the nerve to ask him if he wanted to have sex. Naomi doesn’t really have very much experience in this stuff. She told me she’s only blown two guys before, and one of those guys she only did once. But that was before I moved back to town. It seems last summer she got burnt by a guy. For like two months, this guy went over to her house whenever she called and let him know that her parents weren’t home. It was the first guy she’d done anything with, and she bought all his lies. She said she was so in love and she was sure they were a couple, that was why she let him have sex with her. But, then he just stopped answering her calls, then when they went back to school in the fall, he acted like he didn’t even know her.”

Bonnie listened to Everleigh as Naomi worked Wesley’s penis in her mouth. It was clear as day that the girl was truly enjoying herself; though her friend was right, she clearly did not have very much experience in what she was doing. Bonnie just nodded.

“Oh,” Everleigh whispered, “I want you to know I did not shut the door in your laundry room when I was with Kurt. I wouldn’t break your house rules.”

Bonnie briefly looked over at her. Had Everleigh been the girl Ashly had been talking about?

Everleigh evidently thought she needed to explain. “It’s a little complicated. You see, JoAnne and I were sitting talking at that table at the back of the game room. I told her what I’d told you that I’ve decided not to be ashamed if people know I like sucking dick any more. As you can guess, she was very supportive and asked if I was going to do a guy at the party. The truth is, though I’d thought about it, I just didn’t see myself asking a guy if I could suck his cock.”

Bonnie looked back to Everleigh and said “Yes, I know what you are saying.”

“So,” Everly said quietly, “When her boyfriend, Kurt, and his friend Lee joined us at the table, she right out, right in front of them, asked if I’d liked to give Kurt a blowjob. Then she went on to say his cock is just the right size for easy sucking and if I wanted to she was sure he’d be happy to let me do it. I knew the Euro-Club had a reputation, but I didn’t know how much of that was just malicious rumor; but just as if she were asking if I wanted to shoot pool with him, she asked me if I wanted to suck his dick.”

Bonnie replied, “Oh yes, the club girls don’t believe in exclusivity, for themselves or their boyfriends. And I actually didn’t know it had been you Mrs. Ericsson had seen. She didn’t recognize you any more than I had. You really have grown up.”

Everleigh smiled and went on, “Well…I think she could tell I wanted to say yes, but didn’t know how to. She suggested that he and I go into the laundry room. She pointed out that while she would be able to watch us there; we wouldn’t be right out in the open. That did it. When she said she would like to watch, I nodded yes. He was really nice, and is a really good kisser. I untied my top even before I pulled his dick out. He didn’t rush me at all, and so I was the one to initiate each step. That was really great. So after I let both my top and bottoms fall off so I was naked right there with the door to the game room wide open, I looked over to JoAnne. She just gave me a thumbs up as if to say it was OK to go on. I was nervous, I asked him to take off his swim suit, and he did. He really does have a perfect sized sucking cock. Not too big, not too small. He asked me if I wanted him to lay on the floor, or stand up. I said I’d like to do it right where he stood in front of your washer, just about halfway into the laundry room with the open door just out of reach.”

Bonnie asked in a whisper “Did you want to do it there to show yourself that you could do it?”

Everleigh’s face lit up. “Yes. Exactly. And I liked that JoAnne was there watching us. I wanted to be like you and Misty and be proud of my choices.”

Bonnie turned back to watch Naomi slowly working the boy’s head with her mouth and the shaft with her hand before whispering. “I am flattered you trust me enough to follow my example. But how did the door get closed?”

“I’m getting there. See without me asking, Kurt turned and took a towel from the stack and dropped it to the floor in front of him. I got on my knees on the towel, and looked back to JoAnne just before I put it in my mouth. When I did, Lee was still at the table. He’d turned his chair to watch, but he was still sitting. After that I just got lost in what I was doing. I’d actually forgotten how much I like feeling and tasting and smelling dick in my mouth. I wasn’t really working him, like Naomi is doing, I just kept most of him in my mouth and used my cheeks and tongue. I’m not really sure how long I’d been doing it when Kurt tilted my head up and asked If I minded if Lee took a turn. Actually, I did, and it annoyed me that his friend would expect if I sucked Kurt, I’d do him too. But I stood up. You don’t know how surprised I was when, rather than pulling out his dick, Lee took my place and began to suck Kurt off. Looking back, I had realized Lee had pulled the door nearly closed when he came in. I had thought to push it back open, but when Lee started sucking dick, I was just so confused.”

Bonnie looked back to Everleigh, “Yes, it was just this winter when I first saw guys sucking each other. It surprised me too; though to be honest, as soon as the shock wore off, I thought it was pretty hot.”

“Yes, me too. I watched for a minute or so, then began to make out with Kurt while Lee sucked him. I can’t believe how sexy it was doing that. According to JoAnne, among the drama club and the Cosplay Fandom, and the Euro-Club and their guys, going both ways is not considered gross.”

Bonnie knew what a leap it had been for her to accept male-male sex as normal; yet it seemed among teens, or at least certain kinds of teens they accepted it readily. From what she had gathered, those who came to the party were mostly limited to those who attended their Youth Group at St. Thomas, the drama & art club kids, the school publications staff and the Cosplay Fandom (what ever that actually was). She wondered if this party represented a distinct sub-set of teens who were the ‘uncool’ but interesting people. She would need to ask the club girls about it later.

Everly went on, “It was while Kurt and I were standing there making out completely naked while Lee sucked his dick that Mrs. Ericson opened the door. I knew at once we’d broken the house rule, even if I hadn’t meant to. So I kind of backed up. Lee freaked out about getting caught sucking dick and rushed out past Mrs. Ericson. So it was just Kurt and I, standing in front of her totally naked, that she told to leave the door open. I thought about explaining to her, but instead, I just said I was sorry, and with Rebecca’s mother standing right there, I went back down on Kurt.”

Bonnie nodded. She thought how Naomi surely had to know Bonnie was in the room, given the fact her wing-man was talking to her…howbeit quietly. Yet, Bonnie didn’t pick up the slightest hint of embarrassment that the church Youth Group leader was watching her do so. Once again, she considered how she couldn’t even imagine herself doing so at that age. Quietly she said “I’ll let Mrs. Ericson-Webber know you had not shut the door. Don’t worry about it. I just came in to say it is close to five. I need you to go get your and Naomi’s swimsuits while she wraps things up here. In like ten minutes I need you both in what you wore when you got here this morning.”

Though she had been addressing Everleigh, Naomi evidently heard. She stopped what she was doing and looked over to Bonnie while continuing to hold Wesley’s erection and said “OK. I’ll speed things up then.” She turned back and put the head back in her mouth. Momentarily however, she turned back to Bonnie once again “Could you stay there at the door till Everleigh gets back. I don’t at all mind you seeing, but a room full of spectators would be distracting.”

How could Bonnie not agree?

By the time Everleigh returned with their swim suits and street clothes, Naomi had rolled a condom onto Wesley’s erection, slid off her loaner bikini bottoms, kissed him hard for a bit and taken a seat on the side of the desk.

While Naomi seemed completely comfortable with Mrs. C. in the room; Wesley looked befuddled. Not embarrassed exactly, nor did he seem to want her to leave; but he didn’t seem to know how he should act. He never once made eye contact with Bonnie. Instead, he seemed hyper focused on what Naomi wanted him to do. With Naomi’s help, he began to ease his penis into her vagina when Bonnie heard Everleigh come up behind her and whisper “Thanks for staying.”

Bonnie nodded, while continuing to watch Wesley’s penis slide into Naomi. She wondered if this was his first time. In all her zeal to ensure the girls have sexual autonomy, she considered how perhaps she should spend more time on ensuring both partners (not just the females) don’t feel pressured into sex.

Bonnie turned to leave, but not before saying “Just make sure they are done soon. I’ll be out front seeing people off and greeting any parents who want to talk to me.”

When Bonnie exited the study Ashely was in the living room. “What was all that about?”

“I was doing just what we said we’d do. Ensuring the girls get what they want in an environment they are comfortable” Bonnie answered.

“Well...” Ashely said sharply. “You left me to interrupt two different couples actively screwing in your kid’s rooms. I’m not squeamish, but that was uncomfortable. Especially since one of those girls was my cousin’s daughter squealing in delight as Tracy Shelby’s son rammed it to her.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yea, I guess it is pretty funny. I guess promoting free love in a small town has certain…uhh…complications.”

Bonnie just laughed more as Ashely elaborated. “I thought David would jump through the roof. While Amy covered up her pussy, she didn’t get rattled. She just asked if I was going to tell her mother. I assured her I would not. Then she said ‘OK Aunt Ashely’ and she said they’d be done by five.”

Bonnie just shook her head. She had to work at not laughing again when before she headed out to the front walk, Amy and David entered the living room. Ashley’s cousin’s daughter held her head high, while her date seemed to want to be anywhere but in the same room with the two mothers.

Bonnie took a position near where the brick walk met the curved driveway. There were a number of cars with parents waiting already and she could see a dozen teenagers on their way to their own cars. For the next fifteen minutes she told each guest who passed her goodbye. Over and over, she heard thanks for both the party and for talking to them. More than a dozen times she gave out her phone number saying she’d be happy to talk or text.

When Mimi came by, in the company of the two boys with whom she’d earlier been shooting pool; she made a point to introduce them by name. She thanked Bonnie and said the three of them were on their way to the home of one of the boys to finish what they had started. Then she leaned in to whisper to Bonnie “I’ve already told them what I want. You would have thought a girl has never said she wants to feel both of their dicks in her at once before.”

Bonnie once again found herself laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Before going outside, Bonnie had asked Ashely to make a final sweep at 5:05 to make sure the rooms were actually cleared. However, she told her to do the study last. She also told her that “Yes, the club girls and their dates are staying to clean up…and other things…but I want the rooms cleared for now.”

Once everyone was gone and the main cleanup was complete, Bonnie was surprised when she counted up all the condoms remaining. By some simple math, she calculated just under two hundred of the twenty-dozen condoms she’d bought for the party had been taken. She knew the vast majority of the condoms were taken for later use; but the club girls collected twenty-one opened condom wrappers in the bedrooms, the laundry room, the upstairs store room, the study and surprisingly to Bonnie, from Lamar’s tree house.

Looking to Ashely she said “How had they known to look there?”

It was Ashely’s turn to laugh. “See, even you can be naïve. How do you think?”

It had been a long day, and it was not yet over.

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This is a hot chapter about teenage sex following the examples of parents, Bonnie, Mrs. C., in particular. Sex is just another bodily function to give and receive pleasure and to be shared. It seems, on the surface that sex has no deeper meaning, and teenagers can fuck at the drop of a bikini bottom. Although the chaperones kept things legal, inside they fucked like rabbits. Most of the mothers confessed that they were sexually active at a young age with no psychological side consequences.

The open-door policy – for the girls’ safety – and to turn sex into performance art – have deep roots: “These are the two contradictory drives in sexing. You sex to merge and you sex…



I'd like to live in the FF universe.



I love the story and how everyone learned from Bonnie. As most of the guests were from the church Bonny and Cooper missed a wonderful opportunity to show the youth that every sex act is a form of prayer, a sacred act, as the partners are manifestations of the divine. " is fresh, alive, and open-ended. Sex is an art form, a prayer, a way of contemplating and communing with infinite love, naked, unafraid, raw, and totally open. Sex is a means for expressing this mystery of love through the music of your body." (Deida, David. Finding God Through Sex) I think this is where we differ the most. One of my favorite quotes I have used numerous times comes…

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