In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 4

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries


Making Choices

Cooper had been following his wife around the Miami Beach shopping district for two hours after dinner as she browsed before she decided what she really wanted. They had been in store after store. She had almost hit him when he had told a clerk that there was no way he would pay $450 for a plain looking top, even if it were by some designer that evidently was some big shot in the fashion world.

This little expedition was made possible because the kids had finally reached the age where they could be left alone at a hotel unsupervised. Bonnie had already considered the fact that Misty was not likely to keep her bikini top on for long. She also recalled the lustful looks she had earlier seen on the face of the boy she was meeting. She was confident they had planned well in making Lamar her shadow. She could be sure his presence would curb Misty’s libido and ensure nothing would happen tonight. Still, before they left, she reminded Cooper to reinforce to Lamar he was not to leave his sister's sight. At the same time she had made it clear to Misty that she was to watch her little brother, and they were to be in the room by 10:30 sharp. Not surprisingly Misty had not been happy about her babysitting assignment. Bonnie of course knew why their daughter did not want to watch her brother, and that was precisely the reason she had told her to do so. Misty was too mature and at the same time too naive for her own good. She had no idea how fast things could get out of hand when she is effectively naked.

When the parent’s left, Misty had been in the shower. Once she got out she put on her new micro-thong bikini. It was white with red and black straps. She hadn't really grasped how very small it was until she took the bottoms in her hand. There was nothing to them. She thought she would need to be careful not to open her legs unless she wanted to show off her girl parts. Still, she liked how she looked in the bathroom mirror.


After visiting a large number of shops sporting those outlandish prices, Bonnie and Cooper came into a shop that looked like a storage shed inside. Though the clothes looked just like the ones in the other places the prices were in the $100-$200 range rather than the $800-$1,000 range. The shopkeeper looked like a caricature of all Jewish shopkeepers and even sported a New Jersey accent as well.

“These are designers’ originals” He claimed “I have a cousin that gets the extra pieces that don’t go to their boutiques.”

Though he did not believe these to be what the shopkeeper claimed, Cooper, being Mr. Cheap encouraged his wife to look. She narrowed it down to a sexy white cocktail dress made of some crape type of material and a sheer black and red blouse with a lace-up front. “Well, try them both on and see how they look” Cooper suggested. Yes, they were both well over $150, but they were clearly high fashion, and not the sort of thing in the mall.

The white dress was wonderful, but when she stepped out of the changing room in the red and black blouse Cooper knew what he wanted.

The top fitted so that the two sides of the shirt came several inches apart - held together by the black lacing. Thus the inner curves of her breast were laid bare. The rest of the shirt was so sheer that in the bright light of the store the whole of her breasts were easily seen through the fabric. The black and red pattern did make her nipples less obvious to the casual observer; however, if one ignored the pattern, what at first appeared to be part of the print were clearly nipples fully on display. Looking at her, Cooper could not help but admire the beautifully round and upright breast that would have flattered a woman half her age, and she was his wife. How lucky could he be?

“I think the shirt would be more useful because where would you wear the dress?” Cooper said as she looked at herself in the mirror. He didn’t want to push the point because in the past, if he pushed something sexy she got aggravated and would not wear it. After a few minutes posing in the mirror she said “But I can’t see paying that much, It’s just too much.”

The shopkeeper who had been mesmerized by her breasts in the mirror, was jarred from the beauty of a woman to the beauty of cash said “I tell you what, this blouse really suits you, I’ll give it to you for $95”

Cooper would have said yes in a heartbeat, but Bonnie hesitated “I don’t know”

“OK” he said in desperation “I’ll give it to you for just barely over my costs, how about $80”

A quick swipe of the Visa later, Cooper was very pleased to see his lovely wife proudly walking down the street in her new shirt, the tank top she had been wearing, stuffed in her purse. Though the gathering dusk did not give nearly as much light as did the shop, she was still on display as she walked down Collins Avenue. Cooper could feel his penis growing each time the eyes of by-passers lingered on her chest. Now he was glad he’d slung his new fancy digital camera over his shoulder before he left the hotel. He shot dozens of photos of his wife parading down the street showing off her body before they went back to the hotel. That is not to say they went straight back, they had a fine dinner and then asked a cab to take them to the best dancing club on South Beach.

As is usual for them, Bonnie could dance for hours without a break, while Cooper wore out after a few songs. It was no surprise to Cooper that his wife had no trouble finding dance partners once he sat down. The dancers were much younger than he and Bonnie and very stylishly dressed. As to be expected there was a large representation of good looking Latino guys and Latina ladies. Her trouble was keeping her dance partners hands off her tits and up from under her mini skirt when they grabbed her ass.

A few drinks later that problem was solved, she no longer tried to keep their hands off her.

Cooper could only intermittently see her as the crowd ebbed and flowed, but he was sure the he saw at least three guys cupping her tits and one time it sure looked like the guy was working his hand up under her short skirt. Cooper worked his way into the crowd and when he found her she was up against a pillar kissing a dark haired young man hard. Her panties were on the ground, caught in the buckle of her sandal. His right hand was clearly up between her legs finger fucking her vigorously. Cooper was entranced and was sure he saw his wife's body shudder from an orgasm. A public orgasm, that was certainly a first. He was, however, concerned what the young man might expect as payment for his exertion. Cooper moved in and the man gave him a threatening stare. For a moment Cooper thought this tuff looking guy might knife him as he tried to cut in, but he saw his wife mouth “my husband” and the man very quickly melted into the crowd.

About 1:00 AM their night abruptly ended. Bonnie was again dancing tongues with a great looking Cuban man. She could feel his hard tool, clad in leather, press directly on her bare mound as her skirt had become hiked up while she rubbed up and down on the smooth fly of his leather pants. In the back of her mind she knew she’d lost control. She wanted him to fuck her right now, right in the club. She wondered if he would do her on the dance floor, or should she suggest they go into a bathroom stall. She had reached down and unzipped his fly, when someone hit her on the side of the head. Jerking to her left she just missed a second blow from a wide eyed, raven haired woman. The man she had been kissing grabbed the woman’s arm as she started a third swing. The woman was screaming a mile-a-minute in Spanish. Though Bonnie didn’t understand a word she got the point, she had been rubbing on the woman’s man.

Almost instantly there were four big men between Bonnie and the wide eyed, screaming woman. The bouncers spirited Bonnie to a less crowded part of the club and a well-dressed man began to ask if she was all right. Now, hardly a minute from when she was trying to get that man’s penis up inside of her, the warm glow of alcohol and sexual pleasure had completely disappeared; replaced with cold fear and shock. A hand went on her shoulder, it was Cooper. She pulled him tight as they made their way to the exit.

Once out on the street her heart began to slow as they moved away from the club. They climbed in a cab from the queue and told the driver where they were staying. Cooper pulled her tight and asked. “What happened?”

“I don’t know” she said slowly “I was dancing with this good looking guy, when that she-devil attacked me. I guess it was her man I was messing with.”

“Are you OK?”

“Yea, just kind of shocked I guess.” Bonnie said then grinned “Did you see that girl?”

“Just from a distance” Cooper answered.

“She couldn’t have been more than 21, big tits and pretty. I could just about be her mother but she thought I was taking her guy..”

Cooper smiled “See even the young good looking girls think you are a threat. Pretty good for a woman over forty”

“What do you mean for a woman over forty?!”

They both laughed as the doorman open the cab door.

By the time they flung themselves onto the bed the fear had been replaced by joviality. They would tell that story a hundred times. That night their sex was hot, but not prolonged, because though Bonnie might look twenty-five, her body knew she was in her forties and it was demanding sleep.


It was past 9:00 AM when Cooper crawled out of bed and got dressed to go to the ground floor for hot bagels and croissants. No sooner had he left the apartment when Misty bounded into bed with Bonnie. “What brings you in so bright eyed this morning?” Bonnie said straightening out her hair with her fingers.

“I had a good night, a really good night.” Misty sighed as she stretched out.

“Why? What happened?” her mom queried suspiciously.

“I went down to meet Steve on the beach after you guys left. I was really pissed that I had to keep Lamar with me. I wasn’t sure if Dad wanted me to watch him or him to watch me. But you guys were right, there is something about being here, if Lamar hadn’t been right with me I’m sure we would have gone all the way.”

Bonnie, who had been only half listening, now snapped to full attention and sat up with a start. “Wait, wait, did I miss something?”

“Oh, so I have your attention now, do I? “ Misty said with a broad grin “I said, if Lamar hadn’t been right there I’m sure I would have begged Steve to go all the way….. to put his penis inside of me, to fuck me, right there in the pool. Got the point now?”

“That’s what I thought you said.” Bonnie said calmly. It is not that Bonnie had not discussed a sexual debut with her daughter. Contrary, the long standing agreement was that whenever she thought she wanted to become sexually active to let Mom know and they would go get her on birth control. Bonnie had talked frankly with her about it last summer when she had a boyfriend for several months; however, in the end they delayed getting her on the pill when Misty agreed to wait until she was sixteen to have sex with him. As it turned out that relationship fizzled before she reached that milestone, so she had not gone on birth control. Now Misty had been sixteen for over three months but had yet to have any guy with whom she wanted to have sex. But now…..

“Start from the beginning” her mom said.

“Like I was saying, I was mad at you and Dad, and then when Lamar saw my bikini he started leering and asking if Dad knew I was wearing a thong which made me even madder. After I threatened to beat him to a pulp, I got smart and told him that if he told on me, and Dad got mad, we would not come back here. Of course the little pervert has liked looking at all the titties so he agreed not to tell.”

Bonnie cut in “Smart thinking.”

“Yea, but he saw more than I thought he would” Misty said then paused.

“Don’t worry. Your dad and I will be fine with whatever decisions you make about sex" Bonnie assured her; even though she was not sure at all. "We’ve talked about this since before you were born. So go on, what happened?”

“When we got to the pool I pulled off my cover up and then my topd, I thought Lamar’s eyes would pop out of his head. I must say with only that infinitesimally small thong on I really felt like I was completely naked. I told him now he doesn’t have to peek at me in the shower. All he could say was that I had great tits over and over again. The perv!! I could tell I was getting some looks from the old men around the pool, so I headed out the gate and sure enough Steve was already waiting for me. He was so cute. He tried to act cool, but his swim suit gave him away even before I got to him. He got all red and suggested we get in the water, I’m sure to hide his boner.”

“So we went in. We splashed and just played in the surf but didn’t do anything… you know like sexual stuff. I was so turned on. Eventually I got tired of waiting for him to do something. So I tackled him in the shallow water and made sure I landed on top so my tits hit his face before I got up. That seemed to break the ice because after that he started to cop a feel of my ass or tits as he swam by. Every time he did I felt a shock go through me, and I wanted more but Lamar was always there. I wouldn’t be surprised if the perv got a feel or two in all the splashing around. I did get a couple of grabs at Steve’s shorts, sticking out like that it was hard to miss. When it got dark Lamar insisted we go to the pool like you had said. Steve carried his towel in front of him to hide himself and jumped in right away. The pool was busier than I thought it would be, but there were no adults, only teenagers. It was nice to be with a guy who spoke half-way understandable English, because I think he was the only one. Fortunately for me there was a whole group of kids Lamar’s age and soon he was playing with them."

Misty interrupted her own story “Oh, before I forget. Did you know that white thong I bought would get see through when it gets wet? I mean there is not much there to start with, but the front panel gets like windows see through.”

“No, I didn’t?” the mother answered before daughter continued her narrative.

"When I got out of the pool for a minute, I looked down like, I might as well have taken it off for all it covered. Every bit of me was on display. Of course I didn't mind that he was looking. Well, finally, we moved from talking and playing to kissing. It sure is different kissing when your just about naked than with all your clothes on. Feeling his skin against mine and nothing to keep his hands from roaming all over me, I couldn’t believe how sensitive my nipples got. I don’t know when the front of my bottoms got moved over, but I sure knew when he began touching me down there. I liked him touching me but the thong wasn’t comfortable like that. So, I just pushed them off in the water. I guess he knew that was an invite, so he started trying to finger me. At first he didn’t have any idea what to do. I actually liked that, and it was nice when I had to use my hand over his to show him what I wanted. After a while he caught on and I was in heaven. It’s not like I would have come, but I was all too ready to let him fuck me right then and there.”

Bonnie interrupted her narrative by saying “That’s why I said no sex. I knew in a place like this, you would want to do it faster than you realized. It is definitely time to get you on the pill girl.”

“Oh yea, it was like someone else took over my body. First thing I knew I had pulled his suit down and had his penis in my hand.”

“How big was he?” Bonnie interrupted again.