In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 5

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 5

Haulover Beach

Early the next morning Cooper got the family moving because they had reservations for a snorkeling cruise in Key Largo and it was almost a two hour trip to get there. The whole family was actually looking forward to seeing the Key Largo reef, even if the drive there and back was almost as long as the snorkeling expedition itself. Bonnie and Misty decided to wear the their last new bikinis, the blue micro’s, They knew their matching swimsuits looked great on them and would get them a good deal of attention. In her bedroom, Bonnie was trying to adjust her top. Misty walked in doing the same. The slide top, was not a triangle, but more like a pizza wedge and the bottom of the wedge had shown a tendency to want to move around in the short time they wore the top in the shop. Today of course they would be wearing their tops all day long, so she might be playing peek-a-boo all day long. Bonnie thought that it was good that neither she nor Misty had large breasts since the way those wedges moved, if they had "DD" cups, their boobs would just fall right out. Additionally the deep "v" on the bottoms was so low that it even showed her hysterectomy scar. Not that she was ashamed at the scar, but it was really really low.

All that would make for great photos, but today they were leaving Miami Beach to a more normal "family friendly" snorkeling boat in Key Largo. Sure they weren't going to Georgia, but looking in the bright lights of the bathroom mirror she could not help but wonder if this was too much; or too little rather. And it wasn't the cut of the bikini alone that worried her, it was the fabric. The pale blue Lycra was not sheer, but it was pretty darn close. She was under no illusions, she knew full well that the panels would become transparent when wet.

Walking back into the bedroom she said, “Misty, we need to talk about wearing these today. "

Misty said with some amusement, “I've been thinking about it. I'm quite sure I will be giving some nice family man on the boat an eye-full on the boat. This little top isn’t about to stay put.“

Bonnie postulated “These outfits might just be too small to wear outside of Miami Beach.”

Misty looked up “Too small?” then she laughed, “Not unless you think they won’t let us on board the boat.”

In fact, that was a real concern to Bonnie. "And what if they won't let us on the boat?"

Misty already had an answer prepared, "We will wear our new tank tops when we get on board."

"They don't cover our bare butts."

"OK, we will bring along one of our bikinis from home just in case."

A voice in Bonnie's head said to just tell her daughter they couldn't wear their new suits at all. The problem was she couldn't tell if that voice was her own mother's Puritanical voice or her own voice trying to be responsible. In the end, they did just as Misty had suggested. Lamar wore his new tight fitting swim briefs, but Dad wore his new trunks as well.

The tour boat was a big catamaran sail boat. There were around forty passengers on board. Including the four of them, the boat was over half family groups and the balance made up of young adult singles. While the passengers paid for their tickets and loaded, Bonnie removed her shorts and approached a small group of the crew members as they were loading soft drinks from the dock.

“Is there a rule prohibiting us from wearing our tiny bikinis on the trip? If so, my daughter and I will need to run back to our car and change." To illustrate she turned around slightly then to make the point, she lifted the back of her tank top up to show her bare buns. The four clean cut and rather nice looking young men looked at each other, at Bonnie and then with a slightly eager voice, one said, “That’s fine. We get at least one girl wearing a thong nearly every day.”

Bonnie said "I just wanted to be sure since back in Georgia I could get arrested wearing this suit on a public beach." She began to move on when a slightly older man, with a tan as dark as their dining room table, stepped from the boat’s cabin. “But you’ll have to keep your tops on ladies. This is listed as a family cruise and most of our passengers are not from South Florida.” He wasn’t gruff but nor was he fawning like the younger guys. Bonnie assumed it was the captain. She replied “Too bad, but I’d assumed as much.” She went back to the car and assured Misty they were OK while she put back on her shorts.

Not long after, they were all aboard, the lines were released and the boat motored out of the dock. Via loud speakers, the captain welcomed everyone and said the sail to the dive sight would be ninety minutes and that he would kill the motor as soon as they cleared the marina. He gave a few safety directions and then repeated the notice that this was a family cruise and women would be required to wear their tops at all times. This brought some sounds of displeasure from several of the college age guys. He also pointed out that on the bow were two trampolines, that filled the space between the hulls in front of the cabin and covered seating area. They provided the best places to sun, but to be careful not to fall off.

When he’d finished, the huge sails were hoisted and the motor killed. Misty thought the quiet was quite odd. For a moment the only sound were the waves hitting the twin hulls of the catamaran. Soon however people began to move about and talk. She watched as the other teenage girls and the older twenty-something’s stripped out of their shorts and tee’s, to their bikini’s. There were some very pretty girls, far more pretty girls and women than around the condo’s pool. Interestingly, every single woman here would be a stand out at where they were staying in Miami, even the moms with teenagers. And besides that, everyone seemed to be American. She wondered why it was so different than where they were staying.

Because there were a significant number of women with large enhanced breasts, there were a good many women who sported a combination of top & breasts that showed a great deal more cleavage and other breast tissue than did either Bonnie or Misty. Bonnie was proud of her natural breasts that were every bit as nice as those that costs the owners a fortune.

At the same time, there were only three college girls who wore bottoms that could be even called Brazilians and none (other than the Campbell girls) with true thongs. While Bonnie and Misty might not be showing the most square inches of boob, they were showed the most ass by a good bit.

Despite Bonnie's surety they were not really outside the social norm, Misty was intimidated. She began to think she should have worn her old bikini after all and hesitated to remove her outer clothes. She and her mother were some of the last women to be fully dressed. She looked over to her mother and she was sure her mom sensed her trepidation. Rather than say anything to her daughter, Bonnie stood up pulled off her tank top and then stepped right out of her shorts. She looked right at Misty and smiled before taking Dad by the hand and began to make her way from the covered seating area.

Misty stood up in order to see what her mom was going to do. She watched her parents make their way forward to the trampoline. Her mom seemed to be challenging the other women to give her dirty looks becouse she was the only one with a thong on. Misty watched as, at first, every eye watched her mom’s ass as she walked by them. There were more than a few whispered conversations as Mom stood holding a stay line and looked at the ocean before finding a place to lay out….on her stomach. However, in less than a minute, only a few men were still watching her. While it was true, she and her mom had worn even less at the pool and on the beach, this was a much smaller space. Though the boat had seemed big at first, out on the ocean it now seemed tiny. It couldn’t be any more tightly packed. Misty had seen how her mom had to turn sideways to get through the crowd as she made her way forward.

Deciding she, with the second bare ass, wouldn’t make nearly the impact her mother had, Misty unsnapped her shorts and let them fall; only then did she take off her tank top. Because the passengers had been spreading out over the boat while Misty had been watching her mom and considering what to do, she neither got the same blank stares nor did she have to crawl over people to join her mom.

At the front of the boat she stood on the trampoline and like her mother had done, held a cable stay for support. She kicked her dad and asked him to make room for her. Her two parents rolled over to make room between them. Once her mother was on her back, Misty looking down at her, made the same discovery that Bonnie had made that morning in her bathroom. In direct sunlight, the bikini fabric was not very much less than opaque, but it was not really sheer either.

Misty couldn't miss with one leg outstretched and one bent, the blue fabric made a detailed rendering of her mother's labia. All in all her mom in that bikini was only one step short of being "R" rated. Misty had to consider what she thought of her mother exposed that way. The fact she had to think about it indicated that she was making an important values decision. It was one thing to be mostly naked around a bunch of Europeans, but these people were like the people back home. Was this the way she wanted her mother to look? Even more was it the way she wanted to be seen?

All this she took in and considered in less than five seconds. And her conclusion was that her mother not only wore the sexiest swimsuit on the boat, she was the hottest woman on the boat as well. And most of all, right then, Misty wanted to be just like her. She made a bit of a show as she laid down beside her hot mother. In a minute or two Misty said, “Mom, you should have seen all the eyes glued to your rear as you came up here. It was funny to watch literally everyone follow you as you walked. I wish I’d pulled the camera from Dad’s bag.”

Bonnie replied, “That would have been a great photo. I was concerned that you might get embarrassed since these people are way different than the people at the high rise condo.”

“I’ll admit I hesitated, but you broke the ice.” Misty said. “When you get up, take a look at the other girls and women, they are almost all really good looking. There are hot guys, but not so many. Why do you think they look so different than the people at the condo pool.”

"I really don't know. But I noticed it too."

Misty added, but I can assure you that not one of them looks as sexy as you do in that bikini."

Bonnie slapped at her girl “Have you forgotten we are wearing the exact same bikini?”

Misty said “No I haven’t, but I don’t have your curves.”

After a short while, Cooper got to wondering what Lamar was up to. Getting up he could not help admire his wife laying out in that bikini. She was indeed stunning. And beside her was his daughter. It was easier to admire them as a pair with her daughter’s breasts covered. Well, mostly covered.

He found Lamar with his camera shooting pictures of everything. Though he hadn’t seen him do it today, he’d seen him do it yesterday, so he reminded him “It is rude and invasive to take pictures of people without their permission.”

Lamar got defensive, “It’s not like lots of others aren’t doing the same thing. They just are using their smart phones so it looks like they are texting.”

“Son, that does not make it right. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

Lamar changed tactics. “Is it rude to ask a girl if I can take her picture?”

Cooper hedged “No, it shows respect. I can’t see me ever doing such a thing, but you are a cute kid and I doubt anyone will tell you no. You weren’t around, but yesterday on the beach your mom let some Italian guy take her picture after he asked. Then the guy asks her if I could take a picture of both of them with his camera. Respect is the key.” Lamar seemed to understand.

“Why don’t you do this, go up front and get Mom and Misty to pose for a few photos. I’m going to get a Coke, but I’ll come back and you can shoot Mom and me too.

Bonnie found it was very pleasant to spend the hour and a half trapped on the boat with a dozen very respectable looking family men and more than a dozen hot college guys who couldn’t keep but sneaking looks at her the whole time. Misty didn’t pay attention to the grown men, but actively flirted with the college boys and crew. She also purposefully teased the teen guys who were with their families. Unlike the dad’s, the teenage guys often didn’t even pretend they weren’t staring at her.

Together, mother and daughter were without a doubt the point of interest of all the men and boys, as well as the object of more than a few scornful looks from jealous wives. All the while her family acted as if they were dressed no differently than were the other family groups. Once Lamar got tired of playing with Dad's camera, Misty and their father took turns with it: photos of the boat, photos of the sea, photos of Mom and Dad, photos of mother and daughter, photos of Misty with the crew. And of course they asked a crew member to take several photos of the whole family. Bonnie knew she and Misty were making a scene, but she was enjoying every second of it.

And that was before they got in the water.

An hour and a half out, near a reef, the boat anchored. They all donned the big snorkeling floatation vest as required, and their fins and mask. Cooper and Bonnie had snorkeled at a reef in the Bahamas’ years ago, but for the kids this was a first. Misty was astounded at the colors and variety of both fish and plants. The guide opened a plastic bag and released a loaf of bread. Suddenly they were in the mists of thousands of fish, darting here and there seeking morsels of bread. Lamar swam back and forth trying to catch one in his hands, to no avail. Cooper could see why the guide book had said that this experience was, for many families, the highlight of a trip to Miami.

They were all worn out when they climbed up the ladder back into the boat after snorkeling. Cooper didn’t want to admit it, but the snorkeling had taxed his endurance in ways it would not have just a few years before. Surprisingly, Lamar was the most effusive in his praise of the things they had seen, but they all chattered about how amazing it had all been. They peeled off their gear and handed it to the deck hands. Bonnie was not surprise that again the men looked at her, but when she saw Misty take off her vest she saw why the renewed interest. The blue fabric in Misty’s bikini had turned totally sheer, like blue tinted windows. Additionally, as she had predicted would happen, half of one of Misty's areolas repeatedly escaped the top altogether. Half a bare nipple display did not go unnoticed. What she had not predicted was that the small fabric panel on Misty’s thong bottom was sheer enough that the details of her labia were perfectly visible. Of course Bonnie knew that meant she looked the same.

Misty came to the same realization and despite a momentary urge to cover up, the angry look she got from a mother of a cute teenage guy caused her to decide to parade around the boat. She told her dad she wanted photos of her and of her mom up on the bow before their suits dried because “I have to have proof to my friends I really did this”. Cooper initially refused but Bonnie said she too wanted photos. So, Cooper picked up the camera. He had to pretend that the young woman in his view finder was not his daughter in order to keep his discomfort down. It was easier to focus on his wife, and there was no question that was the most exposed she’d been all trip. The fabric only colored her wife’s breasts and vulva a shade of blue. Only the sky blue edging was opaque. The net effect was the opaque parts framed windows that drew attention to those specific parts.

Misty actually felt bad for pressing her dad like that, until she counted no fewer than ten teens and college age people piggy backing on their posing for Dad. The guys used both phones and cameras to take pics of her and her mom. Lamar, was annoyed they were doing exactly what he’d been told not to do, but Misty loved feeling like a celebrity.

There was no question they were the center of attention up on the bow of the boat. Bonnie was secretly glad the captain and crew were still busy helping the last snorkelers out of their gear. She was quite sure see-through bikinis were not allowed.

It had amused Misty all day to watch how the other dads would stare at her mom when they thought she wouldn’t notice, and then quickly look away when she looked their direction. Now that her mom was more exposed it was even more obvious. That gave her the uncomfortable idea that they were doing the same to her. Ick! It was one thing to get looks from grown men who were far away on the beach, b