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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 5

Updated: May 11

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel

Book One: Unlikely Revolutionaries

Chapter 5

Haulover Beach

Early the next morning Cooper got the family moving because they had reservations for a snorkeling cruise in Key Largo and it was almost a two hour trip to get there. The whole family was actually looking forward to seeing the Key Largo reef, even if the drive there and back was almost as long as the snorkeling expedition itself. Bonnie and Misty decided to wear the their last new bikinis, the blue micro’s, They knew their matching swimsuits looked great on them and would get them a good deal of attention. In her bedroom, Bonnie was trying to adjust her top. Misty walked in doing the same. The slide top, was not a triangle, but more like a pizza wedge and the bottom of the wedge had shown a tendency to want to move around in the short time they wore the top in the shop. Today of course they would be wearing their tops all day long, so she might be playing peek-a-boo all day long. Bonnie thought that it was good that neither she nor Misty had large breasts since the way those wedges moved, if they had "DD" cups, their boobs would just fall right out. Additionally the deep "v" on the bottoms was so low that it even showed her hysterectomy scar. Not that she was ashamed at the scar, but it was really really low.

All that would make for great photos, but today they were leaving Miami Beach to a more normal "family friendly" snorkeling boat in Key Largo. Sure they weren't going to Georgia, but looking in the bright lights of the bathroom mirror she could not help but wonder if this was too much; or too little rather. And it wasn't the cut of the bikini alone that worried her, it was the fabric. The pale blue Lycra was not sheer, but it was pretty darn close. She was under no illusions, she knew full well that the panels would become transparent when wet.

Walking back into the bedroom she said, “Misty, we need to talk about wearing these today. "

Misty said with some amusement, “I've been thinking about it. I'm quite sure I will be giving some nice family man on the boat an eye-full on the boat. This little top isn’t about to stay put.“

Bonnie postulated “These outfits might just be too small to wear outside of Miami Beach.”

Misty looked up “Too small?” then she laughed, “Not unless you think they won’t let us on board the boat.”

In fact, that was a real concern to Bonnie. "And what if they won't let us on the boat?"

Misty already had an answer prepared, "We will wear our new tank tops when we get on board."

"They don't cover our bare butts."

"OK, we will bring along one of our bikinis from home just in case."

A voice in Bonnie's head said to just tell her daughter they couldn't wear their new suits at all. The problem was she couldn't tell if that voice was her own mother's Puritanical voice or her own voice trying to be responsible. In the end, they did just as Misty had suggested. Lamar wore his new tight fitting swim briefs, but Dad wore his new trunks as well.

The tour boat was a big catamaran sail boat. There were around forty passengers on board. Including the four of them, the boat was over half family groups and the balance made up of young adult singles. While the passengers paid for their tickets and loaded, Bonnie removed her shorts and approached a small group of the crew members as they were loading soft drinks from the dock.

“Is there a rule prohibiting us from wearing our tiny bikinis on the trip? If so, my daughter and I will need to run back to our car and change." To illustrate she turned around slightly then to make the point, she lifted the back of her tank top up to show her bare buns. The four clean cut and rather nice looking young men looked at each other, at Bonnie and then with a slightly eager voice, one said, “That’s fine. We get at least one girl wearing a thong nearly every day.”

Bonnie said "I just wanted to be sure since back in Georgia I could get arrested wearing this suit on a public beach." She began to move on when a slightly older man, with a tan as dark as their dining room table, stepped from the boat’s cabin. “But you’ll have to keep your tops on ladies. This is listed as a family cruise and most of our passengers are not from South Florida.” He wasn’t gruff but nor was he fawning like the younger guys. Bonnie assumed it was the captain. She replied “Too bad, but I’d assumed as much.” She went back to the car and assured Misty they were OK while she put back on her shorts.

Not long after, they were all aboard, the lines were released and the boat motored out of the dock. Via loud speakers, the captain welcomed everyone and said the sail to the dive sight would be ninety minutes and that he would kill the motor as soon as they cleared the marina. He gave a few safety directions and then repeated the notice that this was a family cruise and women would be required to wear their tops at all times. This brought some sounds of displeasure from several of the college age guys. He also pointed out that on the bow were two trampolines, that filled the space between the hulls in front of the cabin and covered seating area. They provided the best places to sun, but to be careful not to fall off.

When he’d finished, the huge sails were hoisted and the motor killed. Misty thought the quiet was quite odd. For a moment the only sound were the waves hitting the twin hulls of the catamaran. Soon however people began to move about and talk. She watched as the other teenage girls and the older twenty-something’s stripped out of their shorts and tee’s, to their bikini’s. There were some very pretty girls, far more pretty girls and women than around the condo’s pool. Interestingly, every single woman here would be a stand out at where they were staying in Miami, even the moms with teenagers. And besides that, everyone seemed to be American. She wondered why it was so different than where they were staying.

Because there were a significant number of women with large enhanced breasts, there were a good many women who sported a combination of top & breasts that showed a great deal more cleavage and other breast tissue than did either Bonnie or Misty. Bonnie was proud of her natural breasts that were every bit as nice as those that costs the owners a fortune.

At the same time, there were only three college girls who wore bottoms that could be even called Brazilians and none (other than the Campbell girls) with true thongs. While Bonnie and Misty might not be showing the most square inches of boob, they were showed the most ass by a good bit.

Despite Bonnie's surety they were not really outside the social norm, Misty was intimidated. She began to think she should have worn her old bikini after all and hesitated to remove her outer clothes. She and her mother were some of the last women to be fully dressed. She looked over to her mother and she was sure her mom sensed her trepidation. Rather than say anything to her daughter, Bonnie stood up pulled off her tank top and then stepped right out of her shorts. She looked right at Misty and smiled before taking Dad by the hand and began to make her way from the covered seating area.

Misty stood up in order to see what her mom was going to do. She watched her parents make their way forward to the trampoline. Her mom seemed to be challenging the other women to give her dirty looks becouse she was the only one with a thong on. Misty watched as, at first, every eye watched her mom’s ass as she walked by them. There were more than a few whispered conversations as Mom stood holding a stay line and looked at the ocean before finding a place to lay out….on her stomach. However, in less than a minute, only a few men were still watching her. While it was true, she and her mom had worn even less at the pool and on the beach, this was a much smaller space. Though the boat had seemed big at first, out on the ocean it now seemed tiny. It couldn’t be any more tightly packed. Misty had seen how her mom had to turn sideways to get through the crowd as she made her way forward.

Deciding she, with the second bare ass, wouldn’t make nearly the impact her mother had, Misty unsnapped her shorts and let them fall; only then did she take off her tank top. Because the passengers had been spreading out over the boat while Misty had been watching her mom and considering what to do, she neither got the same blank stares nor did she have to crawl over people to join her mom.

At the front of the boat she stood on the trampoline and like her mother had done, held a cable stay for support. She kicked her dad and asked him to make room for her. Her two parents rolled over to make room between them. Once her mother was on her back, Misty looking down at her, made the same discovery that Bonnie had made that morning in her bathroom. In direct sunlight, the bikini fabric was not very much less than opaque, but it was not really sheer either.

Misty couldn't miss with one leg outstretched and one bent, the blue fabric made a detailed rendering of her mother's labia. All in all her mom in that bikini was only one step short of being "R" rated. Misty had to consider what she thought of her mother exposed that way. The fact she had to think about it indicated that she was making an important values decision. It was one thing to be mostly naked around a bunch of Europeans, but these people were like the people back home. Was this the way she wanted her mother to look? Even more was it the way she wanted to be seen?

All this she took in and considered in less than five seconds. And her conclusion was that her mother not only wore the sexiest swimsuit on the boat, she was the hottest woman on the boat as well. And most of all, right then, Misty wanted to be just like her. She made a bit of a show as she laid down beside her hot mother. In a minute or two Misty said, “Mom, you should have seen all the eyes glued to your rear as you came up here. It was funny to watch literally everyone follow you as you walked. I wish I’d pulled the camera from Dad’s bag.”

Bonnie replied, “That would have been a great photo. I was concerned that you might get embarrassed since these people are way different than the people at the high rise condo.”

“I’ll admit I hesitated, but you broke the ice.” Misty said. “When you get up, take a look at the other girls and women, they are almost all really good looking. There are hot guys, but not so many. Why do you think they look so different than the people at the condo pool.”

"I really don't know. But I noticed it too."

Misty added, but I can assure you that not one of them looks as sexy as you do in that bikini."

Bonnie slapped at her girl “Have you forgotten we are wearing the exact same bikini?”

Misty said “No I haven’t, but I don’t have your curves.”

After a short while, Cooper got to wondering what Lamar was up to. Getting up he could not help admire his wife laying out in that bikini. She was indeed stunning. And beside her was his daughter. It was easier to admire them as a pair with her daughter’s breasts covered. Well, mostly covered.

He found Lamar with his camera shooting pictures of everything. Though he hadn’t seen him do it today, he’d seen him do it yesterday, so he reminded him “It is rude and invasive to take pictures of people without their permission.”

Lamar got defensive, “It’s not like lots of others aren’t doing the same thing. They just are using their smart phones so it looks like they are texting.”

“Son, that does not make it right. How many times do I have to tell you that?”

Lamar changed tactics. “Is it rude to ask a girl if I can take her picture?”

Cooper hedged “No, it shows respect. I can’t see me ever doing such a thing, but you are a cute kid and I doubt anyone will tell you no. You weren’t around, but yesterday on the beach your mom let some Italian guy take her picture after he asked. Then the guy asks her if I could take a picture of both of them with his camera. Respect is the key.” Lamar seemed to understand.

“Why don’t you do this, go up front and get Mom and Misty to pose for a few photos. I’m going to get a Coke, but I’ll come back and you can shoot Mom and me too.

Bonnie found it was very pleasant to spend the hour and a half trapped on the boat with a dozen very respectable looking family men and more than a dozen hot college guys who couldn’t keep but sneaking looks at her the whole time. Misty didn’t pay attention to the grown men, but actively flirted with the college boys and crew. She also purposefully teased the teen guys who were with their families. Unlike the dad’s, the teenage guys often didn’t even pretend they weren’t staring at her.

Together, mother and daughter were without a doubt the point of interest of all the men and boys, as well as the object of more than a few scornful looks from jealous wives. All the while her family acted as if they were dressed no differently than were the other family groups. Once Lamar got tired of playing with Dad's camera, Misty and their father took turns with it: photos of the boat, photos of the sea, photos of Mom and Dad, photos of mother and daughter, photos of Misty with the crew. And of course they asked a crew member to take several photos of the whole family. Bonnie knew she and Misty were making a scene, but she was enjoying every second of it.

And that was before they got in the water.

An hour and a half out, near a reef, the boat anchored. They all donned the big snorkeling floatation vest as required, and their fins and mask. Cooper and Bonnie had snorkeled at a reef in the Bahamas’ years ago, but for the kids this was a first. Misty was astounded at the colors and variety of both fish and plants. The guide opened a plastic bag and released a loaf of bread. Suddenly they were in the mists of thousands of fish, darting here and there seeking morsels of bread. Lamar swam back and forth trying to catch one in his hands, to no avail. Cooper could see why the guide book had said that this experience was, for many families, the highlight of a trip to Miami.

They were all worn out when they climbed up the ladder back into the boat after snorkeling. Cooper didn’t want to admit it, but the snorkeling had taxed his endurance in ways it would not have just a few years before. Surprisingly, Lamar was the most effusive in his praise of the things they had seen, but they all chattered about how amazing it had all been. They peeled off their gear and handed it to the deck hands. Bonnie was not surprise that again the men looked at her, but when she saw Misty take off her vest she saw why the renewed interest. The blue fabric in Misty’s bikini had turned totally sheer, like blue tinted windows. Additionally, as she had predicted would happen, half of one of Misty's areolas repeatedly escaped the top altogether. Half a bare nipple display did not go unnoticed. What she had not predicted was that the small fabric panel on Misty’s thong bottom was sheer enough that the details of her labia were perfectly visible. Of course Bonnie knew that meant she looked the same.

Misty came to the same realization and despite a momentary urge to cover up, the angry look she got from a mother of a cute teenage guy caused her to decide to parade around the boat. She told her dad she wanted photos of her and of her mom up on the bow before their suits dried because “I have to have proof to my friends I really did this”. Cooper initially refused but Bonnie said she too wanted photos. So, Cooper picked up the camera. He had to pretend that the young woman in his view finder was not his daughter in order to keep his discomfort down. It was easier to focus on his wife, and there was no question that was the most exposed she’d been all trip. The fabric only colored her wife’s breasts and vulva a shade of blue. Only the sky blue edging was opaque. The net effect was the opaque parts framed windows that drew attention to those specific parts.

Misty actually felt bad for pressing her dad like that, until she counted no fewer than ten teens and college age people piggy backing on their posing for Dad. The guys used both phones and cameras to take pics of her and her mom. Lamar, was annoyed they were doing exactly what he’d been told not to do, but Misty loved feeling like a celebrity.

There was no question they were the center of attention up on the bow of the boat. Bonnie was secretly glad the captain and crew were still busy helping the last snorkelers out of their gear. She was quite sure see-through bikinis were not allowed. It was her mom who suggested they get a family photo. When Misty agreed, Mom showed not the slightest hesitation in asking one of the college-age guys to shoot a photo of the four of them.

It had amused Misty all day to watch how the other dads would stare at her mom when they thought she wouldn’t notice, and then quickly look away when she looked their direction. Now that her mom was more exposed it was even more obvious. That gave her the uncomfortable idea that they were doing the same to her. Ick! It was one thing to get looks from grown men who were far away on the beach, but here on the boat, they were almost in touching range.

Soon however, her suit was dry enough so as for it to only be a called sheer rather than completely see-through. To hide from the creepy men, she went to flirt with the crew in the back of the boat. In the back, it didn’t take but another five minutes for her little suit to completely dry and become mostly opaque once again. To her dismay, the crew was busy cleaning and storing the gear. So much for flirting she thought, so she rejoined her mom resting on the trampoline.

“Mom,” Misty whispered “It is so strange. I’m not used to being the center of attention. You’ve got to know I’m not exactly Miss Popular at school.”

“Good strange, or bad strange?” Bonnie asked, hoping her actions over the past few days haven’t harmed her daughter.

“Mostly good, but I don’t like the old men looking at me like they look at you. And that guy in the blue polo gives me the creeps” her daughter whispered back.

“Yea, he gives me the creeps too. And I understand how you feel about the older men, but that hasn’t kept you from showing off to the hot college guys.”

“No, that has been fun.”

Bonnie said “If it makes you feel any better, I’m only slightly more used to this kind of attention than you are. I was just a few years older than you are when I last dressed to get guy’s attention. So, it’s weird to me too. But on balance I like being noticed again.”

“Would you think it would be wrong if I said I have really liked walking around in public topless, showing off my boobs the last two days? Not just because it’s fun in itself, but because I’ve really liked the guy’s looking at me. Not just the high school guys, but the older college guys as well. Does that make me slutty?” Misty asked.

“Of course not. Why would you even think such a thing?”

“Because I know more than a few girls at school would brand me a huge slut if they could see what I’ve been doing. After all, night before last, in a public pool full of other kids, I got completely naked and let a guy, I’d just met that day, finger me while I jacked him off till he came. If he hadn’t cum too fast, we would have fucked right there with everyone watching, including my little brother.”

Her mom laughed, “OK, you got me there. But of course, I did pretty much the same thing in the club, and got thrown out for it. I think we are two peas in a pod. How about we just not tell anyone who would call us names what we have done on this trip.”

“Good idea. I don’t need that kind of headache.”

By the time the boat got back to the dock, mother and daughter were exhausted. They climbed back into the back seat of the Suburban and went to sleep while Cooper drove. Their three days of pushing the envelope surely contributed to what happened later in the afternoon.

The trip to the keys was great but exhausting, getting back to the hotel at a little past three. Cooper, who had been driving for two hours while the others slept, collapsed on the couch. Misty asked her mom to go with her out for one last shopping trip before they left in the morning. Cooper reminded them of their 8:00 PM dinner reservations.

Bonnie thought it odd when Misty hailed a cab from the cue. Getting in she commented on the fact Misty had brought the beach bag rather than a purse. As the cab pulled out from the condo, Misty turned to her mom. “I have a better idea. One of the German girls told me of a totally nude beach just up the road. She said the guys are super fine. Let’s go check it out.”

Her mom, who thought herself to be unflappable just sat in stunned silence. Of course Tina had told her of the nude beach, and she had wished they’d had enough time in town to go visit it. But she had wanted to go with Cooper. It never even occurred to her to take Misty. But, on the other hand, it seems the last few days had wrought an unimaginable change in her relationship with her daughter. Could she go to the nude beach, with Misty?

“Come on, Mom. Let’s do something really crazy.”

The cabby looked in the mirror and said “Where to ladies?”

Bonnie said “Just a minute.”

The cabbie pulled a lever, “meter’s running.”

“She did say most of the really good looking guys are gay, so you don’t have to worry about being harassed.” Misty went on.

”Do you really want to?”

“Yea, this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity” Misty begged.

Turning to the cabbie Bonnie asked “How far to the nude beach?”

“Just the next island over, maybe 10 minutes” he replied.

”OK, take us there” Bonnie told him, then turning back to Misty, "I can’t’ believe you talked me into this."

The cabbie interjected “Oh lots of teenagers go to that beach, families too.”

“Really?” Bonnie was surprised.

“Yes, but like your daughter said, most of the fares I take there are gay men. It’s a show off place for them, and that is what attracts many of the women. They like looking with no possibility the guy will take it as a come on. Crazy world.” The cabbie added.

“Well we have already done enough crazy stuff for a year this week” Bonnie said.

“I’ve been the crazy one mom.” Misty said.

“And you don’t call it crazy going up to the penthouse with a man I just met an hour before and letting him screw me while I look down from the balcony as you guys eat lunch?”

Misty looked perplexed, “You really did get laid yesterday?”

“Yes Sweetie, I really did. It was that Cuban guy you commented about because he was staring at me. Go back and look at the photos you took of me when I came back downstairs. Look at them carefully and you won’t be able to miss the after-sex glow.”

“Wow. That is crazy.” Misty said, very impressed.

“I haven’t done anything like that since I was in college. And you know what?” Bonnie asked.


“I used the same rational that you are using to get me to go to this nude beach: ‘Now or never’.”

Misty had questions, so all the way to the beach Bonnie told her daughter about the penthouse and how she practiced walking in front of the mirrors.

Though they wouldn’t see it until later, their talk that day was the final step in the transition of their relationship; when Bonnie talked to Misty like a trusted peer about a sexual encounter for the very first time. Unlike she did just the morning before, she did not tone down the story or leave things out. She answered every question in faithful detail. After she told Misty that she'd gone down on them man after he'd cum the first time, Misty asked "Could you taste his semen on his penis?" She without even hesitating told her daughter, “Yes, when I took off the condom his penis tasted of semen. It is strange, I never recall liking semen in my mouth in college; but now, from the very first time I went down on Vic, it has been different. It's not the taste as much as the act itself. Contrary to what erotica writers say, most guys semen don't have much of a taste good or bad, but I think now that I'm a grown-up I see semen more as a physical manifestation of how I control the man's arousal." She paused, "I can't believe I told you all that."

Misty's face let her know that she was thrilled with the fact her mother was treating her like a peer rather than a little girl. Bonnie fully understood and found herself just as pleased that her daughter was a young woman and someone she could talk to. From that day forth, they talked openly and without embarrassment about things most mother and daughters would never dream of.

The cab let them off and it was just a short way to the boardwalk over the dune. A sign along the walk notified visitors that “You may encounter nude sunbathers on this beach”

Emerging from the thick sea grass that surrounded the boardwalk, they walked onto a beautiful white beach, with colorful lifeguard towers, volley ball nets and dozens of naked people.

Bonnie looked at Misty “OK were are here. When I was trying to get your father into his new swim suit I told him "When in Rome do as the Romans. I think that applies here too.”

Misty put down her bag and looked around. She had planned this from before they left the apartment so she had worn a sundress with nothing on underneath. Having seen what her mom had been wearing all week, she was not at all surprised when her mother just pulled off her sundress too, and like Misty she had also skipped underclothes. Their dresses easily fit into the beach bag Misty had brought for this very purpose.

“Now this is a first” Bonnie said as the two of them began to walk across the wide beach. It was strange as she realized that she was only showing a tiny bit more skin now than she had been for the last three days, but it felt so different to be completely nude.

Bonnie looked at Misty’s skin that had turned most mostly bright pink front he day in on the snorkeling boat. “Well girl, does it make us look more or less like yokels with tan lines from those super tiny bikinis we wore today.

Misty had not noticed before both of their bodies now bore the imprint from the bikini they had worn on the boat. “I’m not sure. But sun burn is not something locals get.”

The tip they had been given was right on the money, there were some real Adonis looking guys and more guys hung like horses than she thought possible. Greased up and muscle bound these guys were a sight to behold. It appeared that they kept themselves about half erect as they walked up and down showing off.

“A moving feast” Bonnie commented to Misty as they sat in the sand watching the men come and go.

But the gay posers were not the only ones on the beach. About one-third of the people appeared to be parent age or older, usually in couples, a few with young children. That was strange to both of them. And another third were good looking twenty-something’s either as male-female couples or as groups of girls.

“Odd” Bonnie said “I really expected a throng of young horny guys looking at the naked girls. But there not here.”

“Yea, I got lots more looks on South Beach than I am getting here.” Misty agreed.

“But the sights are better” Bonnie said as she nodded toward a couple of exceptionally good looking men, both with their buff bodies shaved completely smooth from neck to toe. They were swinging a good seven or eight inches of engorged manhood as they walked.

“Nice to look at, but it might be a bit much to use.” Misty said giving her mom a wicked grin.

“And how would you know young lady?” her mom shot back, and then added “No, these guys aren’t too much. I’ve had too much before, a long time ago, but that’s not it.”

Misty began to follow that up with questions about her sexual history, but her mother said “Not today girl. But, I promise to answer all your questions. At least as well as my memory will allow. It's been a long time you know." Misty seemed to understand. Then Bonnie said "Let's do some more exploring." With that she got back up and brushed the warm sand off her bare derriere.

They walked again and a little farther down the beach Misty happily said “Ah, finally some admirers. I was beginning to wonder if something were wrong with us.”

They were walking directly toward a group of three college age guys who were sitting not far from the water's edge, a good distance from anyone else. They were openly turned to look at the approaching mother and daughter. As they sat on their beach towels, it was obvious that all six eyes were fixed on Bonnie and Misty. Bonnie could see the guys were talking about them. She turned to Misty and said “Today you get a lesson in dealing with men. This will be fun. The old get’m hard and leave them aching game. I've done this many times. But when I played it in high school and college, I couldn't actually see how quickly I succeeded. That won't' be an issue here.”

Bonnie moved back into her slow sultry walk as she approached the young men. Misty noticed and tried to emulate. She commented that she could tell the guys were definitely not from Miami, unlike the all over tan most of the people on this beach had, these guys had very dark tans, except where swim trunks would go and there they were all stark white. Then Misty wondered aloud how many people were making the same assumption about her. As much as anything, she was proud of the fact that for the first time in her life, she and her mother were walking into a new situation as peers, not as parent & little child.

As Bonnie neared, she made a point to look each of the guys in the eye, then run her eyes to their cock and then back up to their eyes. This was a game she hadn’t played in decades, but she still knew how. Once upon a time, when she was Misty’s age she was called the “Blue Balls Virgin” for teasing hard, but never putting out. However, despite keeping her nickname, she was not a virgin very long after first being called that name.

It was only when they were almost with in speaking range did two of the three guys look away. Bonnie spoke up at just under a yell “Hey, why you looking away. We’ve walked the whole beach before anyone was kind enough to stare. Come on - WE ARE NAKED!” The one guy continued with the blank stare, the other two looked back at Bonnie. At first they looked sheepishly, but after seeing Bonnie’s warm smile they broke out into Cheshire grins and proceeded to eye both Bonnie and Misty up and down. Still however, they did not say anything. So Bonnie continued, “Do you know how let down I felt when for the first time in my life I paraded across the beach in my birthday suit and yet no one seemed to even take notice.”

Up close Bonnie was pleased to see they were quite handsome indeed. Not in the beefy football quarterback sort of way, but in the studious Frisbee golf sort. The one who continued to stare looked to be the youngest, was a little on the pudgy side and sported a full on erection. The other two were tall, at least six feet, and slim. One had shoulder length sandy blond hair and the other had a tousled brown mop and a little goatee. The blond maintained a flaccid tool, but his friend, the most endowed of the group, was at half-mast.

The blond, evidently the womanizer of the group spoke first, displaying a mouth full of beautiful white teeth, said “I guess you just met the wrong guys so far”.

His buddy looking away again, said “Yea, gay guys”

The blond got to his feet saying “What he’s saying is we got more attention than we had expected when we arrived earlier.” He extended his hand to Bonnie “Hi, I’m Rob”. Bonnie took his hand and said “I’m Bonnie and this is my niece Misty”. At the last minute she thought it might be too much to tell them she was her daughter. She hoped Misty would understand. Rob introduced his friends as Trevor and Andrew. They were marine biology majors from Texas A&M Corpus Christy, spending the summer at University of Miami doing research on the reefs. As Bonnie suspected, this was their first visit to a nude beach.

“Are you going to invite us to sit and have a drink or do we need to head down the beach?” Bonnie asked as she put her hand on Rob’s arm. He would be her task since he clearly thought himself in charge of the situation. Bonnie made up a story that her older sister had arranged a family Vacation to Orlando for her daughter Misty’s high school graduation and that she and Misty had just driven down to Miami to shop for the day. She made a point to slide in the plausible lie that Misty was now eighteen and that the family would die if any of them knew they were at a nude beach.

Soon they were sitting drinking and talking. Both “women” had been offered beers. Though she didn’t much like beer, Bonnie took one. Misty thought about taking one too, but she declined asking for one of their bottles of water instead. The truth was she was quite sure her mom wouldn’t object, but she had decided a long time ago, that even when she did get old enough to drink, she’d never drink beer. It was just so low rent. Bonnie let the blond guy talk about himself (as guys like to do) and his research. Both the other guys appeared simply to be intimidated by sitting by nude women, so they didn’t do much talking. Because of that, it was not so obvious that Misty was also mum.

Though Misty appreciated her mom treating her so grown up, she knew full well she was way out of her league. She was concerned she’d come across as a girl rather than a sophisticated woman and as a child rather than a college age adult. She was however, impressed by her mother’s cool ease. Four days ago, she saw her mom quite differently than she did at that moment. Sure she knew her mom was having an affair, but that had still been so very remote to her until the past few days. She was determined to watch and learn from her mom who clearly knew more about guys than she ever dreamed possible.

Old skills never really are lost and with practiced polish Bonnie made veiled references to the guys dicks to inflame their hopes of scoring. “Oh, I remember my college days, at Georgia Tech,” Bonnie intentionally gave a fictitious college name so Misty would know this was all part of the act. “I would have been planted on that ...” nodding to the chubby guy’s still stiff dick "right off.” Then she laid her hand on Rob’s hard thigh, looked to the ocean and sighed “Ah, but the care free days of college couldn’t last forever. Too bad.”

Just as she expected Rob chimed in “They don’t have to be gone if you don’t want them to be.” Again Misty was impressed by her mom’s ability to make these guys do her bidding like marionettes on a string. Bonnie slipped her hand further up his thigh as she turned to him and conspicuously looked down at his penis, which now was showing signs of life. Then she looked up to his eyes “You don’t think so?” She rubbed his thigh, “But, I said I was married.”

He leaned toward her, her hand slid up almost to his crotch and with his mouth inches from her said “You already told us you came here behind his back. And you came over to us, we didn’t come to you. Why did you do that?”

Bonnie now moved her face away from his still smiling. She did not move her hand though, as it lay inches from his almost fully erect penis. “To see some hot naked men, of course”

He scooted toward her. “To look? Is that all?” His motion caused his hard on to press on the back of her hand, but she did not move it.

It was so tense for Misty. Though she tried to act relaxed her heart was beating so very fast. She didn’t know what her mom was going to do next. She almost jumped when she felt the hand of Trevor, the one with the goatee, land on her thigh. The wave of sensation told her that she was not just a spectator but was part of this unfolding sexy drama. In her mind she pictured what this scene would look like on a movie.

“OK, You’ve got me. It’s been years since I’ve been married and I wanted to remember what it is like to be wanted by men.”

There was a long pause. Bonnie glanced to her left and saw the young man’s hand on her daughter’s upper thigh. This was going well, but she couldn’t let this get away from her control. She hopped up, away from Rob and struck a pose, she looked right around the group “So, Trevor, should I pose for a sexy magazine so that millions of guys would look at me? Or are my tits too small?”

Trevor turned red “NO, I think you are beautiful”

Bonnie turned and posed again “Well, Andrew, at thirty-one years old, is my body over the hill? Would young guys jack off to my pictures?” He nodded and assured her that guys in his dorm would put her picture right above their bed. Of course she lied again as she had not been thirty-one years old for over a decade; but, she was hoping these guys did not have experience with women in their thirties or forties to make her lie stand.

Bonnie was feeling full of herself now and made a tactical error when she said “Rob, if you were my photographer would you be able to contain yourself; or would you be overwhelmed by your desire and do me here on the beach?” She dashed a short way and turned to give another pose. Rob pulled a large bright yellow underwater camera from their bag. He said “Well, we will have to find out, won’t we?” With that he effortlessly rolled to one knee and snapped off three shots in rapid succession.

She had not seen the camera and had not planned on this, but her ego would not let her stop.

Trevor spoke up “In addition to being a stuck up pretty boy, Rob is the best photographer in the marine biology department.”

Bonnie grasped for something clever to say to keep ahead of these boys who had thrown her a curveball. “I can assure you that these biologicals are made by nature” she said as she cupped her breasts for another photo. Soon she was having a great time playing Playboy model, posing as Rob shot away. In the back of her mind knew this was not a good idea. Sure she’d seen a good many cameras turn her way at the beach and at the condo’s swimming pool, but deliberately posing nude for a professional camera was quite different than someone getting a low-quality camera phone pic of her on the sly.

It was Misty though who fully understood the significance of the camera. Mom after all hadn’t grown up on internet porn and social media. She knew how risky this was, but still didn’t want to seem like a child. So as firmly as she could she said “Now you have to absolutely promise you will not post these pix of my aunt on the web, anywhere.”

For the first time since they’d met him, Rob spoke directly at Misty. “I promise these will stay as part of my private marine biology collection.” Then he pointed the lens at her, “But, I see two fine specimens of Atlantic mermaid here, not just one.” The camera made no sound, but Misty could see him pushing down the button to take several photos of her. Her objections disappeared as she momentarily became the center of this insanely hot guy’s attention. Rob stood up and moved to a new position to take a few more images of Misty. She didn’t need to be prompted, she rolled away from Trevor and gave Rob her best pose laying in the sand. She knew it would be impossible for her to deny him anything he wanted her to do. She had an image of a porn movie she’d seen of a beautiful couple making love in the surf, but in her mind the couple was her and Rob.

Bonnie saw this, and could see how, if she did not reassert herself, things could get out of her control. She was good at this game, but she knew Misty wouldn’t stand a chance against Rob’s good looks and undeniable charm.

Bonnie suggested to Rob that he take a few photos of her while she walked a little way down the beach and then ran back toward him . After she’d walked about one hundred feet she turned and was surprised to see Misty at her heels. Before she could ask what she was doing, Misty said “You said follow your lead.” Bonnie knew she was right, she had said exactly that. The two of them began jogging slowly back to the guys. Almost instantly Bonnie again pushed her concerns aside. She felt like she was reliving her first wild years of college, well not exactly, she’d never done something like this back then. Neither she nor Misty had to fake having a great time as they ran to the guys wearing only their smiles.

As Rob took dozens and dozens of photos of the two nude women, his two friends watched with unconcealed desire. Soon Bonnie threw caution to the wind and began having a great time posing as the guys egged her on. Misty followed suit and appeared to be equally intoxicated by the attention.

Though she didn’t realize it at the time, Bonnie lost the initiative to Rob. Without even thinking, they moved from more or less individual posing to the two of them deliberately posing together and then to posing with the different guys. Their behavior became increasingly suggestive. Bonnie wasn’t completely out of control and told Rob no when he wanted to shoot them side by side, with their legs spread. Later she agreed to some photos of her and Misty hugging and giving each other light kisses; but when he wanted her and Misty to move from the light kisses to sexual kissing, Bonnie firmly told him no again. Knowing that she had lied to him about the fact she was Misty’s mother, it was hard for her to be too offended at the suggestion she make out with Misty.

With the sun going down, the beach had cleared. No one was near them, and the life guards had gone home not long after he began to shoot photos. She realized that it had been the absence of the authorities that had emboldened Rob to try to push the photos from cheesecake to porn. Almost fatally, making her “no” stick so easily gave her a false sense she had total control of the situation.

Moments after the second no, Rob gave Trevor the camera and told him to shoot him and Bonnie together. When it was just her with Rob's hands on her naked flesh, it was much harder to draw a line in the sand. She didn’t say no when he put his arms around her. She didn’t stop him when he stood behind her and cupped her breasts pressing his now very firm cock between her buns. Not only had his penis become firm, it had grown, a lot. In his erect state he was easily nine inches long and thick. She not stop him when he moved to kiss her. Rather she responded with passion. She pulled him tight and kissed him with her best foreplay kiss, her hands gripping his exceptionally firm ass. All the while the camera took frame after frame.

Misty stood near to her mom, hoping it would be her turn next with a growing arousal of her own. She continued to marvel how these three guys were pawns in her mother’s amazing game. She was not aware that her mom had ceded the game to Rob. It surprised and thrilled her when Andrew moved up behind her and pulled her tight. She could so feel his hard and hot cock press on her ass. She had to resist a shiver. It was just then that Rob took her mother by the waist and lifted her off of the ground. Bonnie wrapped her legs around his upper torso. Misty wondered at how strong Rob had to be to lift and hold her mother up like that. She also could not miss how that very erotic pose seemed to indicate something big was about to happen. His oversized erection was aimed directly at her mother’s vagina. Misty could not miss what that meant and was sure that her mother planned on having sex on the beach tonight. And if her mom had sex with these guys out here tonight, then wouldn’t’ that mean her mother was OK for her to have sex with them too? The thought was a little frightening, but way more exciting. Her mind was running at warp speed. She thought that even her wildest sex fantasies never imagined her in an orgy on a beach, with her mom there to show her what to do. Feeling Andrew grinding his penis between her buns felt wonderful and even more it was only a tiny step, a matter of inches, from feeling it grinding inside her pussy. She was so ready.

Rob held Bonnie firmly so that her breasts were just above his head as she posed for more photos arms outstretched. It was almost like flying, and for the longest time he held her there as if he was made of stone. She hardly felt herself sliding down just far enough for him to suck each of her nipples while she continued to pose for the camera. After a few more minutes, he slowly lowered her until they were face to face and kissing again. It was only when she realized that the head of his penis was nestled inside her inner labial lips that an understanding what was happening began to worm its way into her consciousness. She tried to pull herself back to reality. His erection was already inside the gate, but she found it hard to think clearly.

A distant voice in her head told her that this was no accident. Rob had done this with forethought. His penis had easily found its way between her spread legs, completely unhindered. It was only the feeling of his thick penis beginning to stretch open the entrance to her vagina that had alerted her to what was about to happen.

Rob was seconds from burying his penis all the way into her with Misty standing three feet away watching it happen. Time stopped for her as she considered her circumstances and their implications in the blink of an eye. Sure she’d like to feel this guy inside her. He was partially there already. Even as this thought formed, her hips instinctively shifted forward to ease entry. The action forced the head fully inside her vaginal canal and she knew it. She could clearly feel where he was. All she had to do is let gravity do its work and she would be fully down on him in less than a minute. By doing nothing she would be choosing to have sex with him right there, right then.

She knew part of her, a big part of her, wanted to let this play out. She was not concerned at all that Misty might object. From how she had been acting for the past hour, her daughter fully expected to see her mother have sex on the beach with this hot guy. She began to surrender to the inevitable. That thought caused her to relax the grip her thighs had on Rob’s torso. More of the waiting shaft filled her vagina. She thought he had to be close to half way inside of her. It was almost a fait accompli.

Bonnie was at the verge of agreeing with the voice that said "He's already inside, you might as well just do it and enjoy it." Then something in her head screamed no. She again tightly gripped his waist with her thighs which slowed, but did not completely stop the downward descent. She knew that if she did not make a positive effort to get off of him right now, she would not be able to stop her downward motion. She most definitely would slide all the way down to the base of his penis and it wouldn’t take very long for that to happen.

Her eyes opened. Directly in her line of sight was her daughter. She instantly came to the realization that she had to choose right now. If she did nothing, in less than half-a-minute her vulva would be pressed on the base of his penis, with him fully inside of her. Not saying no, was the same as saying yes.

In that frozen half a moment looking at Misty, Bonnie did not see a child but a woman: a beautiful young woman standing naked in the arms of a handsome young man. They were the archetype lovers from a hundred romance novels. His strong arms wrapped around the young woman and one hand rested lightly on her vulva. A single finger deftly reached to her womanhood and stroked her clitoral ridge. It was subtle, but it was sexual foreplay by a man that knew what he was doing. Bonnie knew what would happen in the next page of this romance novel. It always happened that way.

Misty must have sensed Bonnie’s gaze for her eyes looked up to meet her mother’s. Her face showed that she was fully enraptured by the moment. It was flushed with sexual arousal and her eyes were drooping. Until Bonnie got her attention, those eyes had been fixed on Rob’s penis as it disappeared into her mother’s body.

Misty showed not the slightest hint of embarrassment that she’d been intently watching Rob penetrate her mother, nor by her mother watching Andrew pleasurably fingering her clit. A smile crossed her daughters face, but not a light hearted smile, but one of sexual desire and of seriousness. She nodded her head indicating to her mother that she wanted to move forward with this. There was no doubt now that Misty wanted to see the rest of that penis go into her mother’s vagina. She had her daughter’s approval to start fucking this handsome young man in earnest. What more was she waiting for?

But in that same thought was embedded something else; Misty was saying more than that she wanted her mother to go on with Rob. She was sure that nod meant her little girl wanted her mother to start the ball rolling. Bonnie knew that Misty knew that fucking Rob would, without a doubt, lead into group sex. Misty’s face made it clear, if her mother gave in and started riding the cock that was half way into her, her daughter would be riding Andrew’s cock within minutes.

It was then her head fully cleared. A loud voice in her head calmly pointed out that if she did not stop now, it would be unlikely Misty would leave this beach without having had sex with one, two or all three of these young men. It was just that simple. How had she not seen it a moment before? Misty didn’t understand that, or maybe she did, but she was beyond reason. Did she really want her daughter’s first sexual experience to be with three half-drunk college guys that her mom had worked up into a feeding frenzy? And there was no way any of them had condoms on the beach. She’d willingly take that risk for herself, she could not get pregnant due to her hysterectomy; but Misty could.

No! She could not do it. As much as she wanted to and no matter how much she rationalized it; she had to make this stop.

With the decision made, her mind went through several methods as to how she could end this. The most direct route would be the best even though if forced her to accept the reality that poor choices lead to some outcomes even if she sought to avoid them. She reasoned she would have to act fast and decisively to make it work; and work it must. This was not the time or place for Misty to have sex for the first time, but far more important was the lack of condoms. That simply meant there was no other choice.

To get herself moving she had to reposition her arms and legs. It could not be helped. She’d simply waited too long to make her move. As she knew she would, when her legs relaxed she felt Rob’s penis fill her as deep as it would go. She knew his was the largest one she’d handled in twenty years, but now… a gasp escaped from her lips when she felt it impact hard on her cervix. Though she had not planned to, the surprise made her pause for a moment…or two…or perhaps three. The simple fact was it felt really good…unexpectedly good. Though she later loathed to admit it, the pleasure she felt was instrumental in her decision to give him a final kiss before dismounting. Her rational was the kiss was to keep the ending of the “game” from seeming rude. The kiss most definitely lasted longer than she planned.

Though not as quickly as she had told herself she would, she grabbed his broad shoulders with both her hands as she fully let go with her legs. With one strong motion she pushed her body free before he realized that she was even planning to get off of him.

She was surprised at how well it worked. When her feet landed on the sand she told herself “I will not be fucking this man today.” Though technically she knew she had just done that very thing, she reasoned that Rob’s momentary taste of her insides did not really count as fucking. She decided firmly that what she’d done was advanced teasing and no more.

To cover her change of heart she pulled him close and kissed him hard and lone one more time. His erection pressed on her belly and she longed to feel it inside of her again. However, she broke the kiss (eventually) and stepped away declaring “You are so hot.” Outwardly she still smiled and laughed, but she knew she had just dodged a bullet. A bullet that most likely would have hit her daughter. That part made her sick to her stomach.

She took Misty by the hand and pulled her sixteen year old free from the college man’s embrace. She told the guys she wanted to get some photos of them in the lifeguard tower before it got dark. She then literally dragged the confused Misty by the hand toward the bright pink elevated building which was now abandoned. She could tell that Misty was more than a little confused, and perhaps a little angry at the sudden change in her mother’s actions. Bonnie hoped her tone and face conveyed to her girl that she needed to just go along with this. She needed time to work out an exit plan from this situation.

Out of the guys hearing, she said “I’m really sorry but this did not go like I’d planned. It’s time for us to make our exit.”

Bonnie choreographed a series of poses on and around the tower. The poses she chose were much more provocative than they had been before because she wanted to shift the guy’s attention from their expectation of having sex with her and with Misty. They more or less had the whole area to themselves so there was no risk of being offensive. Perhaps she should have expected it, but still she was surprised that Misty not only matched her mom’s poses but went further with some.

Bonnie found her looked for excuse to leave without renewing the sexual games when she noticed the long shadow the lifeguard tower made in the sand. It prompted her to wonder what time it was. Since their cell phones were wrapped in the clothes, they had not checked the time since they arrived. It was at that moment she remembered the family’s dinner reservations. That would be their way out of the messed up situation she had created.

Bonnie asked one of the guys to go check the time, and when he came back a few minutes later she made a production about their need to rush to get back to their hotel. It was totally believable since it was true.

In less than three minutes, Bonnie and Misty were running across the beach pulling their clothes on as they went. As they ran, the reality of what she had let happen weighed on Bonnie. How had she been so stupid? Had it just been too long since she’d flirted with men? Or were guys different now?

As they closed the cab door and settled into the seats, Bonnie confessed to her daughter “I lost control out their girl.”

Misty rejoined “Yea, I thought so. But I can’t pretend I didn’t do the same.”

“It was only the thought that we had no condoms for you that pulled me back at literally the last second. It was the image of you pregnant from this that kept me from just saying what the hell.”

Misty laughed “OK, then I won’t feel bad for being mad that you stopped us. You have to know I was so ready to do it with Anthony. As he diddled me I decided I was really happy that he would be my first. He knew just how to touch me down there. I mean he was good at it. I was sure he would be perfect for my sexual debut. When I first saw Rob’s dick go into you, I absolutely was ready to do it right then; but I thought I should wait until you really got going because I could tell you weren’t yet committed. But for the longest time you had like half of him in you like you couldn’t make up your mind.”

Bonnie interrupted her with “That was exactly what was going on. When just a part of him was in me I realized I had to make a decision; but I only needed to think about it for a minute or so then I got off of him.”

“A minute?” Misty exclaimed “You had his dick in you for at least ten minutes, probably more. You were screwing him long enough that even with the beach almost empty you got some really dirty looks for having sex in public. It’s good the lifeguard and beach patrol were gone.”

“Ten minutes?”

“At least that long. You seemed to think that after you let yourself all the way down on him you got right off. Well you didn’t. First you seemed to spend a couple of minutes just enjoying feeling him in you, then for at least five minutes you made out with him. It sure looked like we were all going to have a group fuck right on the beach. I had started imagining what it would look like to have sex right next to you. Then suddenly you jumped off of him.”

“It wasn’t like I was just screwing him to have a good time. Yes he got a taste of what it would be like if I really did have sex with him, but that is it. I wouldn’t call what I did actually having sex. It was something less. It was not quite that, it was just strong teasing.”

Misty gave her mother a hard look. She almost said something rude, but she saw in her mother’s eyes the need to believe what she did didn’t count as having sex. She thought for a moment and said “OK mom. I get it. You didn’t want to let yourself go because you knew if you did that I would have had sex too. So although we both know that Rob’s penis was in you for a good long time you don’t want to think of it as sex because you had told yourself you wouldn’t. I get it. So we will agree that was just messing around and not real sex. I suppose that for an adult of your age who has had two lovers for more than a year, that might really be valid, but for me and my friends, we would call that hooking up which means casual sex. From what my friends have told me, most guys my age don’t ever screw for ten minutes. They cum in like three, so any of them would think ten minutes with a guy’s dick in them was not just sex, but great sex.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, I think you have the gist of if. As you know, your father and I have been studying on the moral implications of sex, marriage and Christianity for several years. One of the things we have come to understand is that sex need not, and should not, be defined as a mechanical process of a penis crossing some mystical point in a woman’s body. Like today, I first realized that sex was the next thing on Rob’s menu when I felt his dick between my inner lips. Would that be called sex?”

Bonnie waited for an answer. It took Misty a moment to realize it was a question before she said “no”.


Misty thought she knew the answer. “Because it wasn’t in far enough to break a virgin’s cherry.”

Bonnie replied “ one standard. The standard made by those who saw women as property and the hymen as the seal of freshness. But ask yourself, would it be sex if a man had a small penis and the so called virgin has a more elastic hymen than most so that they could actually screw and she get pregnant. Could they claim she had not had sex, i..e. she was a virgin?”

Misty’s face revealed she was thinking, but Bonnie went on “Or if a woman simply has a very small hymen that allows even an average sized man to do the same. Or what if a man pushes his tongue as deep in as he can. Is that sex?”

Misty replied “I think almost everyone my age believes oral sex is not sex at all.”

“So were the Victorians right when they say two women can’t have sex so it’s not cheating if a wife sleeps with as many women as she wants?”

“Well no but….”

Bonnie jumped in “You see, already the definition of sex is not about how deep a penis goes in a vagina. Again, today at one point the head of Rob’s penis had passed into my vagina but the rest of the shaft had not. Was that sex? And then for a while, a pretty good while perhaps three or four inches of him was in me, but still half or more was not. Was that sex? If I’d dismounted after two minutes of that would you say we had sex or that we just had foreplay?”

Misty now saw where her mother was going. “I don’t really know. Maybe, but probably I would not have thought that counted as sex.”

Bonnie nodded. “Just so. It is a matter of perspective and the value of a woman’s autonomy. You may have noticed I no longer use the term ‘losing your virginity’ when talking about the first time you have sex with a guy. I stopped using that term because I learned that the notion of virginity comes almost exclusively from cultures that see females as property not much different than cows or sheep. A girl was not her own person, but a valuable commodity to be sold by her father for the best price. The girl’s hymen as proof she had not been entered. It was the seal of freshness, no different than the seals that come on bottles of aspirin. The concept of ‘losing your virginity’ implies that had you had sex with Andrew, you would have lost something, become less valuable. Do you think that is the case? Would you have lost anything had you put his penis inside of you? What about half his penis?”

“No.” Misty said firmly. “Of course not.”

“I totally agree. It is nonsense to say you would have been less had you put his penis in you. But that is what most people where we live would have you believe. Prior to the adoption of Catholicism our Celtic and Germanic ancestors fully expected teenage girls to be sexually experienced when they got married. Perhaps you don’t know that the value of so called virginity is almost exclusive to the Christian and Muslim cultures. What was once a local belief moved around the world as both religions conquered and colonized. So the question of what constitutes sex depends entirely on the popular culture. It is the lingering influence of the culture that believed girls like you are a commodity that led you to believe that sex is defined by the depth of the penis. You know how fast our culture is changing but the old beliefs linger. That is why we have a culture war in America. Ultimately it is between those who think you as a young woman own your own body and those who think your body should be owned by others.“

Bonnie berated herself for not teaching her daughter that important concept. Sure she and Cooper had only learned it over the past two years in her study of sexual morality; but why didn’t she pull Misty into those discussions? This talk should not have been left to chance.

Misty’s face indicated she was not just passively listening as teenagers often do, but was actively and visibly processing what her mother had said.

“I don’t actually know where I picked that up” she said. “It’s just like one of those things that girls talk about. It’s just something that everyone believes without asking why. That sucks.”

Bonnie took the opportunity to lighten the conversation “Yes girl, the question of whether sucking dick is actually sex is a good one; but it is sort of a different topic.”

That brought a smile and laugh from Misty.

“The question at hand is should we say that I had sex with Rob on the beach. I know you saw that for a while I hung on to him as I decided what to do. Perhaps the length of time matters. I figure that lasted about thirty seconds. Right?”

Misty shot back “More like a good five minutes; and you didn’t just hang there, you were working it the whole time. Don’t you remember how you watched me for a while as I was fixated on the sight of Rob’s penis going into you. Only when I looked up and smile did you turn your attention to what Anthony and I were doing. A minute or so later you looked back into my eyes and seemed to tell me that you approved of what I was doing. All the while you were working your hips like I’ve seen you do when you are sitting on Dad. What you were doing was subtle but I saw. I don’t understand how you don’t remember all of that. I thought we were having a very special moment, but now you say you don’t remember.”

Bonnie was truly surprised. “Yes I do remember and it was a special moment.” She paused to recount in her mind the sequence of events. “I guess it had to be more than thirty seconds. Yes, I watched you watching what I was doing. And yes, at the moment I was aware not only of the fact I was slightly thrusting on him, but that you were so interested in seeing it. When you looked up and made eye contact I knew you were on board. Then I made a point to make it obvious that I was seeing and comprehending what you were doing with Anthony. I could see how you were making tiny thrusts with your hips in time with mine. We were in synch. The truth was I was so proud that I have such a self assure daughter. That is why I locked eyes with you a second time. Yes, we did have a connection. That must be why it seemed like a shorter period of time to me. I really wanted to make that moment last, it was an epiphany that you were really and truly a woman now. I had actually decided that I would keep going and keep watching you as you watched me. It was that very pleasant thought of extending that moment as long as I could that caused my mind to picture what was going to happen. I could see your face as Anthony’s penis slid into you and I felt how wonderful it felt that you gave me the privilege of watching you have sex for the very first time. It all seemed good. I wanted it. But then a flash vision of you and I sitting looking at a pregnancy test crushed that fantasy. I could not be the one to lead you into having sex without any sort of birth control. The thought of you pregnant because of my actions decided it for me. I had to stop and I had to stop at that moment.”

Misty gripped her mother’s hand. “Yea, I see it now. I felt you telling me that you were fully supportive of what I was doing. It was a wonderful feeling. I was surprised how long you kept holding yourself balanced between saying yes and saying no. I think I know the moment you decided that you, or rather we, would have sex with those guys. But no sooner had you gotten this ‘I’m going to fuck this guy silly’ face, I saw you change your mind.

“Yes, that is exactly what happened. When I knew I could not risk your future, I immediately moved to get off of him no matter how much I wanted to go on. And yes, I know full well that I kissed Rob very briefly to let him know I wanted to go on but could not.”

“Mom, you might have planned it that way but that is not what happened. You two kissed hot and heavy for even longer than it had taken you to decide what to do. And the whole time you were grinding your clit on him. It was actually pretty hot and I started to think you had changed your mind again.”

Bonnie hoped her daughter was way overestimating how long she kissed Rob; however, she was more sure it happened the way Misty said than the way she had told herself it had happened. The truth that she had indeed enjoyed a brief, well comparatively brief, time of full sexual pleasure with Rob was impossible to wish away. Contrary to what she had been telling herself from the moment her feet hit the sand, she had fucked him and she had enjoyed it quite a lot. She saw it would be a losing proposition to keep pretending that she had not physically had sex with Rob. However, she wanted Misty to understand the most important thing was that she had stopped what was happening before it really had gone too far. She had not gone through with having sex today and that would have to be the story.

“OK,” Bonnie said. I will trust you as to what you saw more than what I thought I did. Can we call that part a momentary distraction which simply slowed the process of freeing myself, of both of us, from the situation. I kissed him because I did not want Rob to think I was being a tease when I walked away. What I did with Rob at the last was the end of something that almost happened but did not. That is it. What matters is not that I got carried away, but that I ended it before it became damaging.”

She followed up with a flat statement “I almost had sex on the beach today, but did not. That is how I think it should be presented.”

She saw the look on Misty’s face and smiled. “Yes, I know what you are thinking. Would you be willing to commit a bit of willful fiction so as to preserve my sense of being a good parent?”

Misty understood what her mother was saying and why she was saying it. It was a matter of her need to believe she had not failed as a parent. Misty did not want her to think any such thing. “We can do that. Don’t even think you are a bad mother. You are a good mother. You are a great mother and I am so lucky you are mine. I will agree with you that it is not important if you momentarily had sex with him; you stopped screwing him even though it was obvious that you didn’t want to. I could tell you were dying to ride him till he dropped, but you didn’t. To protect me was the only reason you did not give in. How can I not think you are wonderful?”

Mother and daughter sat in silence for a few minutes. There was a lot of traffic so the cab ride was taking considerably longer than it had earlier.

Misty spoke quietly. “I hope you don’t think I’m slutty, but I had every intention of having sex with all three of those guys today.”

Bonnie snorted a chuckle, “You can hardly be slutty for thinking about sex. And to be honest the same thought was going through my mind even as I was screwing Rob. Perhaps it’s a good thing it didn’t occur to you to bring condoms.”

Misty laughed “No, it did not even cross my mind to carry condoms. But from now on I will ask myself if there is even a tiny possibility I will need one.”

Bonnie just nodded. She had not meant to change her daughter’s life in three short days. She hoped she was doing the right thing.

Misty waited then asked “Mom, if let’s say those guys had condoms with them, would you…well we…would both of us really have had sex with all three of them. Like do you think we would have taken turns screwing each of them one after another?

Bonnie had asked herself the same question. Certainly now she would say no, but was that realistic? Should she give the parent answer or the truth? She realized that Misty was surely reading a lot into the long pause. Finally Bonnie said “I really don’t know. Even in college I only participated in a couple of group sex encounters, so it’s not like that was something I’ve done a lot. Before today I’ve never seen groups of naked people like this, and I certainly had never socialized with nude men like we did. All that to say, at the time, in my head, I certainly planned to get off a few times with Rob then move on to the other two. I hope you don’t think badly of me but I specifically imagined getting on Anthony after you had done him first. I know that sound sick, but that is what went through my mind. Now that I’ve calmed down, I really doubt it would have happened quite that way. You have to remember, no matter what we wanted; we have no idea whether those guys would really have been up to group sex. What I can say for a certainty is that sexual fantasies, especially those you have during sex, are rarely realistic. So to answer your question, I seriously doubt that would have happened, though I’m not going to say it was impossible.”

Misty nodded slowly. “Yea, I guess you are right. It’s like when I sit down at Thanksgiving you think you can eat it all, but after I’m done with my plate, the rest doesn’t look as good as it did before.”

Bonnie turned and looked at Misty “When did you get so grown up? I mean you are processing this better than most adults I know.”

After all the things that had happened that day, her mother’s compliment was the first thing that had actually embarrassed her. She smiled weakly.

Bonnie saw the embarrassment and decided to see if a different compliment would work better. “When I opened my eyes and saw you standing in Anthony’s arms, even in the mists of deciding what I should do, I was distracted by how beautiful you were. Well how beautiful you both looked doing what you were doing. I mean what you were doing to him, not just what he was doing to you.”

Misty didn’t know her mom had seen that while he rubbed her clit, she had reached behind her back to grip Anthony’s erection. Bonnie went on “It was…was…” she was looking for the right word. “It was a vision of the innocence and beauty of young love. There was nothing dirty or shameful about it. Yes it was super erotic, but in a sort of Garden of Eden way: two young pretty people openly pleasuring each other, naked without shame. Part of me does wish we had condoms so that you two could have carried what I saw to fulfillment. I have no doubt it would have been a sight to behold. I wish I had a photo of how you two looked standing together. It was something worth remembering exactly as it was.”

Misty was not embarrassed about that compliment. With a smile of regret she said softly “I wish we had. I really wish we had.” The sadness in her voice hurt Bonnie. Perhaps after what Misty had told her over the last few days she should have been carrying condoms. Though she had no idea Misty planned to go to the nude beach, she really should have already begun carrying condoms for herself.

Bonnie felt it important to add “It sounds like he might well have been an excellent partner for your sexual debut. There is merit in having an experienced first lover. Not to criticize your desire to have sex with that boy in the condo pool, but his inexperience would have almost surely short changed you. It’s just reality. But in the end what matters most is that the guy is considerate and respectful which Anthony certainly appeared to be. Yes, perhaps it would not have been a bad thing if condoms had been on hand.”

Misty went on “But we didn’t have condoms and I’m not on birth control yet so that is that. Thanks for letting me know it looked good. You do remember those guys were going to give me an email address so we could get the photos. You would have had a good many pictures of me and Anthony. We left in such a hurry we didn’t exchange information like we’d planned. I’m sure they are gone by now so we will never see our photos.”

Bonnie hadn’t realized they had not gotten the contact information. For many of the photos taken, she had been posing with Cooper in mind. That was just another downer from what had been the most amazing day ever. They had their cell phones, they could have gotten pictures but they were going to get the ones taken with the fancy camera. But like the condoms, it is just a lesson learned.

Misty then added “I don’t mind a bit that you liked watching me. I thought it was really really hot watching you screw that guy who is way closer to my age than yours. You are both a MILF and a cougar.” Then she corrected herself “Oh yea, you weren’t screwing or having sex, you were just messing around with his really big dick in you. I guess that sounds weird saying I thought it was hot watching my mom fuck.”

Bonnie hugged her. “Of course it’s not. Even before I realized what you and Andrew were doing, I could tell you were intently watching Rob’s erection as it went into me. Don’t laugh at me, but when I was deciding what to do, one of the reasons I gave myself for having sex with him was that I could tell you wanted me to do it. I convinced myself that making love to Rob while you made love to Anthony beside us would have been a really special mother daughter bonding moment. I know that’s nuts, but that was how messed up my thinking had become.”

Misty laughed despite saying she would not. “I’m not laughing because the idea was funny, I thought the very same thing. But we did have our moment, well the whole day was a bonding time for you and me; but when you watched Andrew fingering me with that look of love and support…well it really was important to me. It was a lot like when in the bikini shop rather than telling me to cover up, you took off your top. Now I know our things aren’t the sappy kind of stuff most mothers and daughters bond over, but it is what we have and it’s real. I’ve never felt closer to you than at that moment when we were looking at each other while two guys we don’t really know were getting us off. I can’t imagine anything that would bring us closer.”

Bonnie nodded, “I guess you are right.” She put her arm around Misty and pulled her tight. She knew without a doubt the day’s events had brought them closer than ever.

At the condo, as they waited for an elevator Misty said that while it had been a close call, they’d escaped harm and it had been great fun; a great last crazy thing they would never ever forget from this trip.

They made it just in time to change their clothes for dinner and go. Bonnie debated what to tell Cooper and when. As it turned out Misty was Chatty Cathy at dinner and told everything, well almost. She skipped over the last ten minutes. Bonnie knew she would fill Cooper in later. Though Misty had laughed it off, Bonnie felt she had failed her daughter in a serious way. She would never forget almost selling out her daughter’s interest for a few minutes of sexual high. She could not let herself forget.

Once back to the condo, Bonnie and Misty put on their last new swimsuits, the thongs that did not have tops. They were determined that after buying all those new bikinis, they would wear them all. Knowing it was the family’s last night, all four of them stayed out at the pool and on the beach till very late. Bonnie and Cooper mostly just relaxed and watched the kids have fun. It was interesting to her how quickly the European dress code seemed to become normal. Where Lamar got the tiny pouch thong he was wearing, Bonnie did not know. But one thing it did show was Misty wasn’t the only Campbell child who was growing up.

Very early the next morning, like 5:45 AM, Bonnie woke Misty. After she’d gotten her daughter awake, she told her she wanted to do some naked sun-rise photos on the beach for their dad as a surprise. He had been disappointed that she’d not taken the camera to the nude beach. Perhaps, they could get some pics for him in front of the condo at dawn.

At 6:20, just as the sun was cresting the horizon, Bonnie took off her shorts and shirt on the beach in front of the building. There was no one out on the beach just as Bonnie had hoped, so she was in no danger of getting into trouble. Misty had learned the concepts of shooting photos in this kind of light in her class, but had never actually tried it. She knew to bring her dad’s tripod without witch such low light photos would not be possible. She used the camera’s manual override and was very glad it was digital so she could get instant feedback on her shots.

The sun rose faster than Misty had planned, and she was rushed. After a few minutes she gave up on using the manual settings. Switching back on the automatic functions, the fledgling photographer continued to shoot. Some photos she shot as silhouettes with Mom dark in the foreground and the rising sun behind her and others with the flash on to show both the rising sun and her mother’s body. In the last set Misty reversed her position and shot with the sun to her back so that she shot Bonnie in full light with the high-rise condominium building behind her.

For right at a half hour Misty posed her mother, fully nude in the early morning light.

“OK Mom” Misty called “I got several great shots, now you shoot me.”

Before Bonnie could object, Misty’s tee-shirt and shorts were on the sand, and she was trotting out in front of the tripod mounted camera. “Do just what I did. The camera will do most of the work.”

Bonnie did her best, and hoped the camera was smarter than her so the photos would come out OK.

Ten minutes later, walking back to the room, they reviewed a few of the photos. They both agreed while some just didn't work, many were really quite good. They didn’t know what they would do with them, but they liked them all the same.

They were back into their beds before father or son realized they had gone.

At 11:00 AM, they were all crammed back in the Suburban, and heading north. Each of them would have a dozen long hours to decide what all the events would mean once they got home. Bonnie was both pleased and disappointed with herself at the same time. How quickly her entire twenty years of monogamy seemed to fall away and she was ready for casual sex at the drop of a hat. She actually tried to make herself feel guilty about that, but she just couldn’t. There had always been an internal struggle between her mother’s firm puritanical morals and her dad’s more earthy ones. She’d been pretending to be her mother, but she knew deep down, she’d always known she was her father.

How would that play out at home and what about Misty? The way they talked. Would this be how life would be? She didn’t know if she could be that way at home. Perhaps this would be a “What happens in Miami stays in Miami” thing.

And then there was her inexcusable behavior at the nude beach. Sure, Misty was not upset about it, but Bonnie could not help being disgusted with herself for putting her daughter at risk like that. It took several hours of thought, but she finally decided that she would use that experience to craft her own boundaries in the future.

Misty for her part was sure it was the best four days of her life. So many possibilities opened up in front of her eyes. As they drove she was busily texting her friends about the morning’s surprise photo session. Since the night at the bikini shop, she’d been texting her friends updates. Now her whole crew was waiting for each new installment. They’d been particularly excited when Misty had sent a few pics of her from the pool on the 4th. She’d been careful to cover her own boobs, for the pic, but it was clear she was topless in public. She knew they would die with envy when she showed them the photos from her dad’s camera. Yes, it had been an amazing whirlwind trip.

She had been waiting for weeks, months and even years for the moment to bring all those different things into the open with her mom. She’d imagined many different scenarios about what would happen when she did, but nothing remotely like the actual events. It had been her planning that got them to the nude beach, but it was entirely Mom’s idea to take nude photos right in front of the hotel? She’d always known mom talked a good game about having a positive attitude about sex, and at home she backed that up. But in public, she’d always been a regular mom. When at the bikini store, she’d just expected her mom to make her shut the curtain immediately when she’d first exposed her breasts to the people in the store. But Mom didn’t once make her cover up even though it was obvious that people were watching her. Then Mom walked all over the shop topless like it was perfectly normal . She’d thought she knew her mom, even after finding those sex pictures. But now she was not sure. On the nude beach she knew exactly how to work those guys. And what were those references to what she’d done when she was my age and in college. She realized that the body snatchers had not taken her mom and replaced her with someone else; but rather, her mom had always been someone else, but had put up a “mommy” front. But now, for the first time, she had decided to let Misty see the real her. What would that mean at home? Should I ask her again about her sex life back in college? If I did so, away from Miami would Mom tell me? Her mind was swimming.

Lamar was not yet old enough to consider events beyond the immediate. Lamar had also sent pix messages from his phone, but none of his family. His dad had made that message very clear. He could tell all he wanted about other people, but nothing about his family’s behavior. Given all the stuff he’d seen, there was more than enough to impress all his friends and keep Dad’s new rule.

Like Misty’s friends, his buddies were hanging on each new text and pic of topless girls and women. He wasn’t sure what to make of it all. His mom and sister had been wearing just thongs on the beach right in front of him and everybody else. Sure he’d seen his mom naked lots of times, but not in public like that. When his sister just took off her top right in front of him at the pool, he just couldn’t believe it. And then that second night she took off her bottoms and skinny dipped for the longest time. She didn’t even try to keep him from looking at her. She didn’t care who saw her making out. Under the water he clearly could see the guy fingering her while she’d jacked him off. It was all so much so fast. He too wondered how much of this would translate back home. He was just unhappy he couldn’t tell his buddies about any of what his mom or sister did.

At fourteen Lamar was not yet at an age to either be reflective or to consider future implications of what had happened. While it was true in the last year or so he'd really come to understand his parents were different than those of his friends, to him what his parents did was normal and his friend's parents were strange. The biggest event in the last year was not finding the photos of his mom having sex with that couple from church. Rather, it was when the parents of his best friend, Byron, got a divorce because his friend's mom caught his dad in bed with another woman. He and Byron had several times discussed how the two set of parents responded so differently to the same thing. It was hard to see how Byron's parent's response was better than Lamar's. That was really the first time Lamar fully understood how different his parents were.

Then again when his mom caught him looking at internet porn back in the spring he also had a look into how different his parents were. She did not do what a couple of his friend's moms had done and ground him from the internet forever. After he tried, unsuccessfully, to change the screen before she saw what he was looking at; his mom just told him she would rather he not look at "commercial porn" because it was so fake. She then told him that he should look for photos and videos of real, average girls naked or the home sex videos of real couples. Somehow he knew his mom would not be mad at him, but he had not expected her to recommend what kind of porn to watch. But, he already knew nakedness had never bothered his parents. They had swam naked in the pool with him and Misty around as long as he could remember. So, his mom going topless at the beach and hotel pool was not really all that surprising. But, letting Misty go topless, that was a surprise. But overall, Lamar did not see the trip as something really new or different for his family.

He was, however, a little peeved that Misty had gotten to go to the nude beach and he hadn't. He was also not happy that he couldn't show off any pics of his sister going around in only a thong. But, those complaints were minor compared to what he'd seen and done. His parents had taken him to a place where girls went topless all the time. Though he knew his dad said he shouldn't take pics of people without asking, he had a phone full of pics he'd taken of the tits of topless girls and the butts of girls in thongs. But not all the pics were taken clandestinely, he had a couple of selfies of him and the German girl, Louisa, that would prove to his friends what he'd seen.

For Lamar it had been a fun trip but from his perspective it was not a sea change, but rather just an update of the family values he'd known all his life. He did however wonder if he'd start seeing more nudity at home.

Cooper also wondered what the future would bring. It was all happening so fast.

He’d always thought that Bonnie’s ideas of not hiding sex away behind closed doors was slightly crazy. He knew Bonnie had been wild in college before they began dating. She’d intimidated him by both her social standing and what he’d heard about her sexual voraciousness. Her wild ways was a part of her charm for him then and had always been. But, for him, she’d put that lifestyle away, or rather, she had put it in a box. She’d occasionally bring home some erotic this or that for their bed room, or show him a new sex toy she’d bought on a trip to Atlanta. Sure he’d gone along with it, and come to think of things like swimming naked in their pool as normal, well normal for them at least. They’d gotten more conservative in the past few years about that stuff, now it had come back with a vengeance. Three years ago their daughter had berated them for not locking their door when they had sex, but yesterday that same daughter begged her mom to take her to a nude beach.

Up until last year they were by modern American standards pretty mainstream, in some respects conservative even. Certainly outside the confines of their home they were socially moderately conservative. He’d thought he was soavant garde to give that painter a stack of nude photos of his wife to make a painting. That was what, sixteen or eighteen months ago? It was not that long ago that he and Bonnie still believed firmly that the only way to live as Christians was to keep their sexuality between them. Then, they were pushed to reexamine that assumption, but still that was just vague theory. Now it was completely real. Now it was like she was that college girl again. He knew it was hot to see her going topless out on the beach, and he’d enjoyed watching her dance with men at the club. He’d even found pleasure at seeing those perfect strangers touching her breasts and he didn’t even flinch when he’d seen that man putting his fingers up into her. What did that say about him? What would happen if she did things like that back in Sparta?

While all the Campbell’s had questions, none had answers.

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19 feb 2023

What a roller-coaster ride for the Campbells in Miami. Bonnie and Misty growing closer and sharing a few naked hours with equally naked men and having sex. Where does sex begin? By touching a man’s dick, by fingering a woman’s pussy, or having a penis in your vagina? Sex is what you point to as sex. Bonny and Misty knew that Bonny was protesting too much about having intercourse with Rob. It is great that she can make mistakes and acknowledge it. It takes willpower to be aroused beyond ‘control’ and still know when to stop. That was a hot scene. I suppose at this stage Bonny and Misty are not ready to name their vulvas and vaginas the all-encompassing…

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Wow, that description that Bonnie gave of seeing Misty in the guy's arms was very touching and amazing. It's just that kind of pure-hearted living I desire.

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03 jun 2021

Deep waters, especially the sex on the beach, and Misty's and Bonnie's exchange about it. It's an interesting juxtaposition with Helen Alvare, the George Mason Law professor, you mentioned in your Changing Social Norms essay.

You wrote, "She is openly espousing the Catholic position that sex should not be about self-actualization, but solely about procreation and that birth control is evil because it separates sex and babies." I grew up Catholic, and separated myself from it at sixteen. I knew that Alvare's point of view is the official one, but it startled me to hear it spoken so explicitly by a public intellectual in the 21st century. (What I thought was happening, and probably is ,among many, is that The…

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