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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 57a

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sounding the Clarian Call

Chapter 57

Samuel’s Birthday Present


Sunday, after the night of the school Valentine's dance, Misty sent out a text reminding everyone to send her short anecdotes of the drop-in at her house, reminding them it was a drop-in, not a party. Over the past few months, several of the girls had shown real talent for writing funny and sexy stories that maintained the style of using euphemisms for sex. Torri had taken to writing hers in verse which gave their club blog some special flair. The photos of club girls and events that Misty posted each week had become a staple topic at Jefferson Davis and Baldwin Central lunchroom tables. The images were edgy for sure, but none crossed the line into frontal nudity. These precautions did not prevent the blog from being called pornographic by the sex-negative crowd.

Misty lay on her bed looking at her laptop and pondered what she should write about the drop-in. The conversation she’d had earlier with Tommie after he got back from church had been tense. She was not going to bring up they had gone to different events at all, and she was surprised when Tommie offered that the Valentine’s event at his church had gone well. “We had a special guest speaker and he was really good.”  She was sure he was trying to bait her into asking about what he said, but she didn’t. When she asked when was he going to come over to her house next, he equivocated and gave reasons why he would not be able to come see her for the next few days. Combined with the positive way he spoke of the “True Love Waits” event at his church, the fact he was not committing to when they would get together again was alarming and disheartening. After Christmas, she had been on cloud nine about their relationship. Sure, even at the time she had tried to keep reminding herself that while they were having great sex, he had not yet fully embraced Christian sex-positivity. Now, she was beginning to think she was losing the battle for Tommie’s heart and mind. With that in the back of her head, she began to type on her laptop:

Sunday, February 12
From the Desk of Misty Cambell, Euro-Club President
Last night after the school dances at Jefferson Davis and Baldwin Central High, most of the Euro-Club girls stopped by my house with their dates to chill for a while. In inviting them to my place, I’d suggested they bring something more comfortable than their formals to change into. And they did, in true Euro-Club fashion. The couple of guys who’d never been around the club got a real eyeful. Since it was just a drop-in, there was no agenda. People just relaxed, shot pool, and went upstairs to… uhhh… express the spirit of Valentine’s Day with their dates.
As for my part, I spent a good portion of the evening playing hostess and shooting photos; however, with a minimum of arm twisting, I acquiesced when a couple of the club members asked me to spend a little time with them and their dates. Though because of my hostess duties, I could only promise about half an hour of fun with each couple, I was glad that I had agreed to join them.
Even though my parents were not yet back from the Valentine’s Day party they had gone to, we didn’t have anyone try to bring in beer or weed.  I find it particularly gratifying that even while the Euro-Club is rather lax in the area of attire and public displays of affection, we have not once had a single case where someone brought alcohol or recreational drugs; nor has there been a single case of a girl pushed into doing something she did not want to do. Even while certain unnamed groups condemn us for promoting immorality, it is clear by our events that the Euro-Club is far better at self-regulating than any other student group I know.
Over the week we will post short stories from several club members about their night and more photos.


When Misty posted the entry, she included two candid photos of girls in their after-dance outfits. As always, the first photos posted were the least racy and as the week went on, the pictures would show more and more Euro-Club skin. That way she was sure people would check back every day. She’d omitted that two Euro-Club mothers were there as chaperones. There was no sense in causing Mrs. Ericson and Mrs. Adams problems. And the truth was that it was not the adults who had enforced the rules about no booze, no drugs, condom use, and no means no. The girls did that on their own. She’d almost deleted the bit about joining other Euro-Club girls for some fun, but if Tommie was going to be so upbeat about that stupid “True Love Waits” event, she would say she had a good time at her drop-in. After all her comments were more teases than anything. It’s not like she had directly said that she’d fucked three different guys. And if Tommie asks her what she did, well she’d already warned him that she would answer that kind of question truthfully.

None of this made her feel any better about the state of her and Tommie’s relationship.



On Monday morning, February 13th Bonnie sat with her laptop at the kitchen table. She was reading back over what would be the most explicit text yet for her blog… if she actually posted it. Since the Valentine’s Day swinger event that she’d been at on Saturday, she had time to get the write-up done to post on Valentine's Day itself.  This would be her third week of blogging. Well, it would be the third week that she and Cooper’s graduate assistant, Lilly, have been collaborating on a blog with her name on it. Due to the number of people who were already following Amy’s FFF blog and those coming to visit the FFF website, she already had over two hundred followers. It boggled Bonnie’s mind that so many people were interested in her life and her ideas.

Though Amy had been suggesting that Bonnie start a blog since November, it wasn’t until four weeks ago that she made it an order. Not knowing who to ask about blogging, she’d turned to a woman who had been her host for a conference in December. Gayle Simmons-Perkins had encouraged her to write as if she were talking to one of her friends about her life and trips. Following that advice, she’d buckled down to writing that very day.   For that first set of potential posts, she’d made references to her active sex life but had not gone into the mechanics of what she’d done.  Instead, she’d explored the dynamics of living out a life that fully embraced the FFF ideals.

By the fourth Monday in January, she had typed up everything she thought might be of interest since Christmas. She was surprised how much material she had for such a short period of time, especially considering that nearly a week of that was taken up with a trip to see her father in Tennessee.  The stories ranged from sweet family events such as sitting with her children watching Scrooge on Christmas night, to a full narrative about her time at the alternate lifestyles convention she’d spoken at in Pittsburg. She knew she had far more material than she wanted to post, but she wasn’t sure what to use.  She also didn’t know how explicit the tales on her blog should be. So, for all the writing she’d done, she still had not made a single post. What she knew she needed was an editor who understood the medium of blogging.

Fate stepped in when Cooper’s graduate assistant, Lilly Iverson, just happened to be visiting Amy at the FFF offices the day Bonnie promised she would start posting. She was in her office puzzling over how to make an interesting blog when Lilly stopped by Bonnie’s office to say hi.

“Lilly,” Bonnie asked looking up from her laptop. “Do you know anything about blogs… or blogging or whatever writing a blog is called.”

Lilly not only knew how to put together blogs, she’d had one on the life of a graduate assistant for over a year. For the next hour, Lilly looked through all the disjointed stories that Bonnie had been writing and a small collection of supporting photos. While Amy had told Lilly about a few of Bonnie’s sexual adventures, she was sure Lilly was not aware of how much sex Bonnie was having with so many partners. No, she’d not written up any play-by-play narratives, but there was no missing that in the month the stories covered, Bonnie had been with quite a few people.

 However, from what Bonnie could tell, the young woman wasn’t horrified by what she was reading, and Bonnie wasn’t the least bit embarrassed.

When she was done, Lilly asked, “I guess the first question is why are you blogging?”

Bonnie laughed, “You mean other than because my boss told me to? Well, I think Amy wants this to be a forum where I can write about the joys and challenges of living my life with FFF values. I’m thinking it should be a combination of my thoughts on the FFF philosophy and sort of a travel log of my speaking engagements…” she thought for a moment then added “… and how sex with a variety of partners is just a normal part of my life at home and on the road, of which my husband fully supports.”

 “OK, it seems that is what is here albeit in a jumbled and sometimes rambling fashion. The next question is how explicit should the stories be? I can tell that you seemed to go right up to the point of writing about what actually happened, then back away.”

“That’s a good question,” Bonnie answered. “Amy will have to decide on that. I had written some pretty hot erotica but decided to cut those and start without graphic descriptions of sex. I’m not sure who my readers will be so it’s hard to know what they will want to see in my blog. And of course, I should only post things that Amy thinks are appropriate for the FFF.”

Lilly seemed to agree with Bonnie’s assessment and then offered, “If you will send me this whole thing, I’ll do some editing and lay out half a dozen sample posts for Amy to look at.”

And without Bonnie asking her to, Lilly became Bonnie’s editor. Bonnie wrote up her life as it happened and Lilly distilled the writings and put up the posts on the blog entitled, The Life of Bonnie: The Face of the FFF.  As a masthead was a picture of the painting that hung in Bonnie’s office of her as Metsaema the forest mother surrounded by wood nymphs.  It was Lilly who decided Bonnie’s blog should be updated twice each week.  So, as of the night of the Valentine’s Day parties, there had been five posts made, though two of them had multiple short narratives.  It had been Amy who’d come to Bonnie after the second week of posts and suggested that if she felt comfortable doing so, she could write about what happened once the bedroom action had begun. It was for that reason that on the Monday before Valentine’s Day, Bonnie was at home working on what would be the first post with a narrative that included descriptions of sex.  The words just seemed to flow out of her:

The young couple had been hanging out at my table rather than socializing with the hundreds of swingers in the hotel’s lobby and ballroom. They would come to the table and pose questions about my life and about how sex with others fit into my marriage, then they would go off for a while. It appeared they were discussing what I had to say. Then they would come back and pose a new question. They did this for well over an hour. They were particularly interested in me elaborating after I’d told them what I expected would happen that night: specifically that my husband would be having sex with another woman (or women) at a swingers Valentine’s party he was attending back in Georgia. I think I had to tell them three different times using different words that rather than feeling hurt he was with other women; I was hoping he would have a good time at the party. I finished up by telling the young couple that after I’d had sex tonight, I would call him up. I knew, without a doubt, he wanted me to enjoy myself with whoever I asked to my room tonight… and that I rarely went to events like this without a great time in bed afterward.
Their eyes seemed hopeful for a few moments, but when I told them that I’d already arranged to sleep with the couple who had been my hosts since I arrived in St. Louis; I could see the disappointment in their eyes. Clearly, they had hoped to play with me, but they just assumed my prior agreement foreclosed that hope. So, to keep them from becoming discouraged, I told them I would not be meeting the other couple until the ballroom party ended at 2:00 AM.
When I asked if they wanted to join me in my room for a threesome when I closed my table down at 11:00, their eyes took on an air of surprise. That was followed by what could only be called fear. While they had come to the swinger's hotel party out of a desire to spice up their sex life, they had been completely monogamous since they started dating. When I directly offered to have sex with both of them in less than an hour, it became real. I let them know they had a little while before they needed to make a decision. They disappeared into the crowd and then came back at 10:45. It was the pretty young wife who spilled out that they really wanted to do what I said.
Once in my hotel room, they just stood, mesmerized, as they watched me undress. This was not the first couple I had introduced to open marriage, in point of fact, they were the fifth novice couple I’d done this in over the last year. The deer in the headlight look they both gave me as I removed the last of my clothes was exactly what I’d expected. As I had with each of the couples I’d introduced to this lifestyle, I quietly told the husband to just wait and watch. I then undressed his wife and guided her to the bed. He stood like a statue while I kissed his wife and let my hands roam over her body. I don’t think he was even breathing while I explored the folds of her womanhood with my lips and tongue before focusing on her clit to bring her to the first orgasm of the night. 
This pattern is basically what I do with nearly all couples I bring to my hotel room no matter their level of experience, but with neophytes like this, I have to guide everything. He’d not taken off the first article of clothing. So, while his wife regained her breath after her climax, I undressed him. With his pants at his knees and his shoes still on, I knelt down to take his cock into my mouth. I didn’t have to see to know the wife’s eyes were glued to my lips as they worked their way up and down her husband’s erection. Once I began to taste pre-cum, I knew he would not last long if I kept up what I was doing. It was time to move to the bed where I rolled on a condom and mounted him. As expected, he came within minutes; however, it did not take long for me to bring him back up to full staff with my mouth.
We had two full rounds of sex before I escorted them to my door. While I am sure they went to their room to carry on without me, I took a shower to prepare for the play session I would be having with the couple who had been hosting me. I knew full well both the husband and wife had the hots for me and they were quite experienced so it would not take nearly so much work on my part.  However, before I left for their room, I called my dear husband. I told him that I’ve realized that I have come to particularly enjoy bedding young couples and couples having their first extra-marital sex. The couple I’d just been with were both.
Cooper already knew that rather than feeling sated after sex, I often was more revved up than I was when I started so he was not too surprised when I said I was off to another room for my second romp of the night. After telling him I loved him, I put up the phone and headed out the door. I was tickled that the couple I was meeting had invited another couple to make for a fivesome. When I made it back to my room around 3:15 AM, I was totally sated. Having had more orgasms than I could count since closing my booth and taking the young couple to my room close to five hours before, my legs could hardly keep me upright as I made my way back to my room in the hotel. I was quite sure that I’d be sore in the morning because I’d taken a real pounding in both the front and back doors (at one point in both places at the same time) … but that is sometimes the price of intense pleasure.
The last thing for me was to call my wonderful husband as I usually do after I’ve enjoyed sharing my body with another couple on the road. He did not answer, but I left a voicemail to call me when he was free. He called me back somewhere before four. He was just leaving his Valentine’s party to which he’d taken my best friend as his plus one.  I shared with him how the five-person mini-orgy had gone, and he told me how he’d connected with a woman he’d known since high school (both figuratively and literally). Though he and my friend were headed to bed at my house, from how he sounded I doubted they would have sex before going to sleep… though I had no doubt they would before she left in the morning (or afternoon).
As I lay my head on the fluffy hotel pillow, I considered how wonderful it is that both love and sexual joy are not finite commodities. Rather than using up what we have; the more we share both things, the more we have to share. This is the real message of the FFF that I am trying to take to America. 


Before Bonnie hit the send key to give her narrative to Lilly, she called Trish. She’d previously said that Bonnie could refer to her on her blog, but she wanted to read those last two paragraphs to her before Lilly queued the text up to post on the web tomorrow. As expected, Trish had no qualms about how she’d been referenced.

When Bonnie did send the narrative, she knew it was longer than Lilly said posts should be, but she was pleased with it. Since this would be the first time she’d described a sexual encounter on her blog, after Lilly made her edits, Lilly would send it to Amy for her approval before setting it up to go live on Valentine’s Day.  Then, just after she’d sent the text, Bonnie remembered something and sent a follow-up email to Lilly reminding her to change the location from St. Louis to Cincinnati. They had already decided that in addition to changing the names of Bonnie’s playmates, she should also change the cities so as to further protect the privacy of people she met on the road.

Sitting back in her chair, Bonnie let out a sigh. Over the first two months of the year she had been booked to speak in fifteen cities. She’d gone from being away from home one night a week, to two nights every week and sometimes three. When she was in the office, she still needed to keep up with foundation correspondence and donors. Even more time-consuming was that she’d found that she needed more than the one stock presentation. Even while she was still in the process of tweaking her primary lecture, reworking the lecture on the history of sexual oppression, and fleshing out the lecture on raising children in a sex-positive home; she had parts of three more presentations in the works.  It seems some groups had no problem in asking her to come speak on a topic of their choosing, not hers.  Sure, they all revolved around the FFF mission, but each needed research and consultation with the actual experts on the FFF board in addition to the writing and gathering of graphics. What she had decided she needed was an entire library of prepared modules that could be mixed and matched to fit the need.

Fortunately, she’d learned to work on the road with the laptop and tablet she carried with her. She also was far more comfortable with the technology she needed to collaborate in designing the new material. She was no tech wiz, but necessity is a powerful motivator to learn.  She had become quite attached to her laptop on which she now did the lion's share of her work.

Beyond the work, she had fully embraced her self-image as a sexual teacher and an example of a woman for whom the public display of her sexuality was central to her identity. It was not that she did not like the person she was becoming, it was simply a matter of time and energy. She’d been fortunate that she’d not had a presentation to do the morning after that marathon night of the Valentine’s party.

While she’d been free sexually in college, that was just part of her life. But now all the parts of her life revolved around her sexuality. At home, in addition to having sex with her husband far more often than she had before they’d adopted an open marriage; she had ongoing sexual relationships with Trish in conjunction with Cooper, with Ashley in conjunction with Chad, with Brandy in conjunction with Dwight and the Sunday foursome with Butch & Tabitha.  At the FFF office she had sex with Nell once every week or two… sometimes with and sometimes without Daniel; and twice Amy had invited her to go with her to a local hotel to romp with one of her stable of lovers. And on the road, it had just become her habit to scope out possible bedmates among the sponsors or people who came to hear her speak. While she did not have sex every night on the road, in the six months she’d been traveling, the two trips where she did not have sex with anyone were the exceptions. And in all this, she found her libido seemed to grow in concert with her opportunities. Her desire for sex now seemed to be boundless. She supposed her life approximated how Slosh lived when she was the director of the Blue Globe. Though for Bonnie having more than one sexual encounter in a day was the exception, for Slosh in those years it had been the norm.  Then she considered that in all likelihood having sexual encounters on nearly every road trip was likely just a temporary thing due to the fact she’d been speaking primarily at free-sex venues through the fall and early winter. So just as she was embracing this life, in all likelihood it was already over… at least the having sex on every trip part.

Despite the fact she was indeed loving her new role in life, part of her was concerned that she had just taken on too much too fast. In a meeting with Amy back in January, she’d first brought up the issue of her being over-scheduled. Though the Foundation was thriving, Bonnie worried that she couldn’t keep up the pace of travel that she’d been asked to do.  It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy her work. She loved the speaking engagements and while she was thrilled that she’d added lectures at colleges to her itinerary when she traveled, it just added to her work load. All this came at a price, she was now away from home far more than she had originally agreed to be. Something had to change.

But rather than just saying she couldn’t keep up, Bonnie thought she might have an answer to her problem. In a meeting right after the holidays, she asked Amy “What if we contracted with a regional speaker? That way we could whittle down the waiting list for speaking requests while we have them.  If we let them just wait, we run the risk of them losing interest. A Regional FFF representative that would work on spec would have minimal cost but would multiply our presence.”

Amy showed interest, but asked, “But we would need to pilot this with someone. Do we know someone who we could pitch this to?"

Bonnie already had her answer. She quickly said “I think I have the one for you” and then she told her about how for nearly a month she had been corresponding with Gayle Simmons-Perkins in Minnesota regarding the development of new lecture modules.  She also explained that Gayle was a month away from defending her doctoral dissertation. “I don’t claim to understand all of her published articles but she has been nationally recognized as an up-and-coming philosophical scholar.  And I know she’s committed to political liberalism and the goal of personal and bodily freedom for all.”

Amy liked her idea and said, “I Tell you what, I trust your judgment to at least start this process. Talk to her about possibly coming to the March board meeting and send me the links to her articles so I can look them over. If she is interested, I have enough discretionary spending power to fly her down here and put her up in a local hotel.”

What Bonnie did not tell Amy was that she’d been talking to Gayle about this idea since shortly after meeting her in Minnesota. Over the next week, she and Gayle worked out the details, so it was, on Valentine's Day, Bonnie booked Gayle to fly down to Georgia so that she could be interviewed at the board meeting the second Tuesday in March.



On Wednesday of the week after Valentine’s Day, Misty texted her mom during her lunch period to ask if she was up for a dip in the hot tub with Rebecca and Samuel when she got home from the office.  Bonnie had not been exactly dreading this, but had been actively putting it off for over two months.  It embarrassed her that she had ever told Misty’s friend that she would have sex with him after he turned eighteen.  In the eight months since she’d made that promise, she’d gone from having sex outside of her marriage on special occasions to doing it week in and week out.  Because of that, she was more in control of her sexual desires than she was the night she'd made that promise.  When she had told Samuel she would have sex with him she had been far too aroused to think clearly. She knew full well that with her newfound self-control, she never would make that statement in the same circumstance. To compound the issue, she'd later agreed to make it a threesome with his girlfriend, Rebecca, who was also the daughter of one of Bonnie’s friends.  Again, in the intervening months, things had changed, and now Ashely and Bonnie were lovers as well.  She considered just telling Misty to tell her friends it was a mistake. Like her daughter, Bonnie was finding easy sex does not mean all choices are easy.

She texted back: OK, tell them I'll be home at 5:30.

Bonnie knew she had to make a difficult phone call. She put it off for several hours while she did her normal work at the FFF office. It just so happened that this Wednesday, Amy was not in the office so she would not be posing for her after lunch.  Finally, she dialed Ashley's number.  Bonnie was relieved when, even before she'd managed to bring up the real reason for the call, Ashley said "So, is my daughter right in texting me that this afternoon you will make good on your promise to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend?"

Bonnie was relieved that she did not have to bring it up. The topic had come up back in December, but Bonnie told Ashley that even while it was technically legal for her to have sex with Rebecca before she turned eighteen, she would not do so.  That had only put off the real conversation.   Bonnie said slowly, "Only if it is OK with you?"

"And what kind of hypocrite would I be if I objected?  It's not like you and I haven't had sex a dozen times, and she is of age to choose her partners. The truth is Rebecca and I have talked about it several times in the past month. I was totally honest with her and told her you were great in bed, both for me and for Chad. She and Samuel are really looking forward to it.  I guess some people might think it's weird that she and I have sex with the same person, but not for us. Since the late summer things between us have really changed. Now I’d say while I’m still mom, we are now friends as well. We’ve had a number of conversations about sex and she’s not the least bit ashamed about telling me who she’s done it with. Though it started the night I watched her have sex in your playroom, but since then there seems to be no boundaries in what we talk about. When I talked to her a little bit ago, I told her that I hoped she has fun tonight. "

Bonnie thought about it and agreed, "I think it is a lot like that for Misty and me. We’ve talked about this as well and she assured me I would enjoy sex with Samuel. After all, she has probably had sex with him more than she has her boyfriend, Tommie.


Ashley replied, "I know your daughter. If Misty was not OK with this, she'd tell you. You know that."

Bonnie knew that her friend was right.

"And besides that, I think it will be good for my girl and Samuel to find out the value of experience. I told her to just trust you and let you call the shots. I assured her if she did that, it would be something she would not forget."

Bonnie could not help but laugh. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. Actually, a couple of weeks ago Cooper and I talked about the fact I’ve become quite fond of playing the role of the older more experienced woman with young couples.  Since Christmas, I think I’ve done it with over half a dozen couples who were young enough to be my children… or pretty close to it.”

Ashley replied, “Yes, I read that in your blog post from Valentine’s Day. Three couples in one night? You are a wild one. Will you keep posting stories like that, or was that a one-off for Valentine’s?”

I talked with my boss about it, and we decided that I’d post one sexy story like that every couple of weeks. Though to be honest, I don’t often do it with six people in a night. It’s not the first time, but it's not common either.”

Ashely came back, “Well, I’d love to be in your shoes for one of those nights.” She paused then added, "I want a full report from you about Samuel’s performance.  I want to know if he is as good as my daughter says he is." She paused then added, “Who knows, maybe I’ll be next.”

Bonnie laughed. "If it were me and Misty, I know for sure my daughter would say ‘go for it’; and she’d want to take pictures too. Not that I have any interest in making a move on Tommie. And, I’m sure that Haley would also be just fine with her mother bedding her boyfriend; after all, her sister does. But I don’t think that it would be smart to even tease about that with Rebecca. She’s been jealous of you in the past. You are just now convincing her that you are not a rival, putting the idea in her head that you want to do her boyfriend might be dangerous.”

Ashley agreed with Bonnie’s assessment. With that settled and with Ronda on her mind, Bonnie next texted Ronda’s cell number asking her to call when it was convenient. She knew Ronda would be at work and didn’t want to cause her any problems with a personal call at the Caterpillar plant. Ronda called back less than ten minutes later.   When Bonnie had briefly explained why she wanted Cooper out of the house for a couple of hours this evening, Ronda was very amused. Bonnie tried to explain “I just think it would complicate things if Cooper were sitting in the living room while I’m busy with Misty’s friends.” Ronda said she’d love to go out to dinner with Cooper then added, “Haley and Bethany have been asking when I was going to have him over to our house for our monthly time together for some time.” 

Though Bonnie really hadn’t considered that Ronda and Cooper would go to her house after dinner, she should have. She’d been fixated on making her time with Samuel and Rebecca special, but as soon as Ronda mentioned going to her place after dinner, she realized that was exactly what Ronda had assumed she’d meant. However, she did not try to correct the misperception before thanking Ronda for her help and hanging up.  

Sitting at her desk at the FFF office, Bonnie couldn’t get to the work in front of her.  Her mind kept going to what she’d be doing when she got home. She’d been struggling with the role she played when she was in bed with other people for months. Since she’d been in high school, sex was something guys did for her. Looking back, Bonnie could see that all the way through her school years (including college), sex was for her. It was something guys did to make her feel good and feel good about herself.  She knew the guys really liked being with her, so she’d just assumed that was the end of her obligations to them. Yet, since the fall she’d begun to see that her self-centered view of sex wasn’t right. DeeDee and her vision of sex as a Christian ministry had slowly been challenging her. Then when she began having sex with people on her FFF trips she was always cognizant of the fact she was still representing the FFF and the cause even when she was in bed. From the first, those sexual encounters were driven by her desire to ensure her partners left feeling good about the experience. Just giving them the privilege of fucking her was not enough.  She had to actively look for what the couples she bedded needed from her.  And it was almost always couples she invited to her room when she traveled. She’d done it with a few couples who had been sharing their bed with others for years or even decades, but the vast majority had been doing it for a year or less. To the best of her knowledge, she’d had sex with five couples who had never before had a third person in their bed.

Those first-timers, neophytes, and the young couples to whom she seemed drawn allowed her to play the role of teacher and even sage. She’d even developed a habit of talking about her own open marriage to the couple even as they were engaging in foreplay and later during the sex act itself. It seemed the talk demystified what they were doing and allowed the women and men to relax and enjoy the moment more than if it was all groans, moans, and dirty talk. She also found that if she talked about the role sex played in her life and her marriage, her partners for the night seemed drawn to her in ways that transcended the simple sex act. Because of this, it was rare for her partners to leave as soon as the man climaxed. Instead, laying in bed talking after everyone had cum was the best time to extol the value of unlimited love… and it very often led to a round two before her guests left her room.

In all this, she had begun to see how extending the sexual encounter beyond her orgasms to a fully formed social experience left her feeling more fulfilled than had she just let the couple service her. It was not at all uncommon for the woman to ask if she could contact Bonnie in the future for advice as she and her husband (boyfriend) moved forward with a sexually open relationship. After the first few weeks, she began giving out her FFF email address as the best way to contact her. Because of this, she answered emails from women with whom she’d had sex on a weekly basis. When she’d started her blog a month ago, these contacts became her first followers.

With all this in mind, Bonnie considered how she wanted her time with Rebecca and Samuel to go. She knew that every detail of what she did would be conveyed to the other Euro-Club girls and then to the kids in the youth group. So, it was paramount that she do this right.  Bonnie was still thinking about all of these things when at 5:25 she stepped into the hot tub. She set the timer and the jets kicked on. She was relaxing in the bubbles and did not hear the patio door open. Only when she realized someone was stepping into the tub did she know she was not alone. However, she did not open her eyes, she just sat still as if she was asleep. It was easier and less embarrassing for her, and probably the kids too if she just pretended she didn’t know they were there.  Only when she thought they were both in the water did she half open her eyes.

“Hello,” she said in a sleepy voice to Samuel as he was sliding down into the water. She could not help but notice his full, and exceptionally large, erection as his torso slipped beneath the bubbles. This was not the first time she’d seen his tool. The most recent was the week after Thanksgiving, one day she came home from work to find Misty, Rebecca, and Samual having a threesome in her bed under the mirror.  Since Bonnie wasn’t about to let those kids run her out of her own bedroom, she went right in, took off all of her clothes (including her bra and panties), and put on one of her sheer robes even as the three-way sex continued. While it wasn’t the first time she’d seen Samuel at length, it was the first time Bonnie had stood fully nude in a room with him. That day she had noticed that his entire body had filled out nicely over the past half year since she'd first seen him having sex with Rebecca at the start of last summer. Rebecca had also matured. Her figure was now fuller and woman-like (as opposed to gangly and teenage-like). 

Not changing her lounging position in the hot tub, Bonnie said “I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get together Samuel.  I’m sure Misty has told you about my insanely busy schedule.”

He replied, "That’s OK, Mrs. C., Rebecca couldn’t have come if we’d done it on my birthday.”

Bonnie thought about telling them to call her by her first name, but something in her head told her not to.  There weren’t many taboos left in her world to have the thrill of breaking. So why spoil this one by pretending these were just any other play partners? Though this was fully legal, it still had the excitement of being forbidden and she internally admitted to herself, “This will be fun.”

They had taken the seats across from her. There was a lull, and an uncomfortable silence. The two eighteen-year-olds likely had been having as much sex over the last year as she had, but she was still far more experienced in initiating sexual liaisons with new people. One thing about the Euro-Club, it had created a rather closed loop of sexual partners. Sure the group mixed and matched a great deal, but from what she’d heard, there had only been a limited amount of play with people outside the group. To Bonnie, it seemed to be a very safe way for them to explore a lot of sexual variety. 

Bonnie considered the fact that it was only a year ago, this very week, that Misty had sex with a boy for the first time.  So much had happened since then. She didn't keep count, but over that year her daughter must have had sex with a dozen boys as well as close to twice that many girls.  Quite a busy year. Many people would call her a bad mother for not discouraging her daughter's sexual explorations, but she thought it had all been good and healthy for Misty.

Of all the boys with whom her daughter had sex, she had told her mom several times that "As far as great straight-up fucking goes, no one is as good as Samuel.  It's not just that he has the biggest dick, but he has both strength and control.  It's like he can anticipate what I want him to do next. He is so strong, he can literally hold me up and bounce me on his cock. Yet, he can be so gentle when I want it. And on top of all that he has such stamina. He can keep going until Rebecca or I tell him to cum, or he can cum more than once if that is what we want. He's just great." Sometimes she would even add, "Mom you will love doing it with him." Yet, a couple of times she had acted like she didn't want her to have sex with her friends. It seemed to depend on her mood.

As far as Bonnie could tell, Rebecca seemed to enjoy "loaning out" Samuel.  He and Cody were the only ones of the Euro-Club boyfriends who had come over to the house to have sex with Misty without their club member girlfriends. Bonnie didn’t actually know how many times her daughter has had sex with him, with or without Rebecca; but Misty had told her once he was the only guy she’d ever called up just to ask to have sex. He was also the only boy with whom Bonnie had seen her daughter having sex in their home. That day when she’d come home to find Misty, Rebecca, and Samuel in her bed, they went on for over an hour even after she’d come home from work.  After changing into the sheer robe (which didn’t even have a tie to close it), Bonnie decided she would simply do exactly what she’d already planned on doing when she got home; namely laundry.  She went to the laundry room and retrieved the basket of clothes that needed to be put away.  When she got back, her daughter was on her hands and knees. Samuel was behind her giving long steady strokes only made possible by his oversized penis. It appeared that when his dick was fully inside her, the tip must be pressing on Misty's ribs. Each time he pressed his cock in to the base Misty let out a groan… or possibly a moan.  Rebecca sat watching them from the far side of the couple, so Bonnie placed the basket on the bench at the foot of the bed.

Bonnie was honest enough to admit to herself she found the sight arousing. He was handsome and muscular and there was no denying that her daughter was pretty.  Bonnie took two pairs of Cooper’s socks to the dresser and put them in the proper drawer. When she turned back toward the bed, Misty had her head up and was looking right at her mother. With a smile, she said “I suggested we do it in here to make up for all the times I've had to walk through the living room while you were screwing with your door open."

Bonnie stopped and looked into her daughter’s eyes. The girl's grin was wide. Bonnie could not help but laugh. "I guess you are right. You've seen me getting busy quite a few times, so I guess I deserve this punishment." 

Bonnie took her time to put the rest of the clothes into the dresser and the closet then took the basket back to the laundry room. When she came back to her bedroom a little while later, Misty was sitting on top of Samuel, slowly rubbing her clit with perhaps two-thirds of him inside of her.  Bonnie's eyes were drawn to how Samuel’s thick erection arched up and into her daughter. If he hadn’t been so big, likely only the head would be in Misty, but Bonnie was sure at least six inches were out of her sight. She stopped dead in her tracks at the end of the bed. It was indeed a sight to take in.  He was so big that her inner lips were stretched thin as they gripped his shaft. Her entire labia was distorted to accommodate him making it look as if the entrance to her vagina was naturally fully circular.  It was actually very beautiful to Bonnie.


She would later tell Misty that once she turned eighteen, she should do a set of photos of her and Samuel in that position.  Still, she didn't think it was appropriate just to stand there beside the basket of laundry, playing voyeur. However, by the time she was done putting the second basket of clothes away, Misty, apparently knowing her mother was watching, had sat up all the way, thrusting her hips with him all the way inside of her. She looked right at her mother as she was apparently working toward an orgasm.  There was no question to Bonnie, Misty’s action made the graphically explicit scene, very, very sensual. 

Sitting in the hot tub, Bonnie wondered if Samuel knew how much she had enjoyed watching him have sex with both Misty and Rebecca. She suspected Misty had told him. But while he was usually so brash, he seemed timid and unsure of what to do next. Taking the initiative, Bonnie sat up straight so her breasts just cleared the water, “Here Rebecca you come sit over here.” She said pointing to the seat to her right in the eight-person hot tub, “And Samuel, you sit between us”.

Samuel’s eyes were glued on her chest as he moved.

“I haven’t really talked to you guys in months. How is your senior year going?”

When that didn’t elicit more than a cursory response she asked “And how is the Euro-Club’s effort to promote public nudity and sexual openness at Jeff Davis doing?”

This was more successful as Rebecca quickly answered “I’ve been doing my part.”

“You have? Tell me about it?”

“Well, I seduced Miriam Blackwell and now she tells everyone she’s bi.”

“You are bad” Bonnie mocked. “But are you sure you are using the word seduced right? That has a connotation that you got her to do something she didn’t want to do.”

Rebecca shook her head, “No that’s not what happened. I got her to do something she wanted to do but was afraid to do. She said she’d been wanting to try sex with a girl for several years but was afraid to ask anyone. So, I presented her with a willing partner and a safe place and she jumped at the opportunity.”

Bonnie smiled, “That was kind of you to help out. I had suspected you didn’t actually seduce her. That’s not you.”

Rebecca added, “Samuel and I had a threesome with her a couple of weeks later.  And I also did a threesome with Annette Powell and her boyfriend when Samuel was at his part-time job one night. They wanted to try it and they knew just who to ask.”

Samuel added “And we did it in front of everybody at Connie Maxwell’s’ Christmas party. They were so freaked out.”

“We didn’t get naked, but I’d worn a really short skirt and I made a big deal out of taking off my panties before mounting him as he sat on the sofa. They couldn’t actually see me pulling him out of his pants or putting it in me, but they all knew we were fucking. It was so hot. I didn’t expect to cum, but I did. Well, we both did. I know some of them didn’t believe we really were doing it, but when I stood up and a blob of cum dripped from my pussy onto the hardwood floor, they all believed.”

Bonnie laughed, “Yes, I bet they did. Sometimes the circumstances kick the arousal level way beyond what it would normally be and it’s super easy to climax. I know because I’ve been there.” Bonnie could see how her fully supportive comment was appreciated by Rebecca.

The teenager, wearing a smile, went on “And I gave Samuel a hand job right in the gym during a pep rally. His lap was covered by his jacket, but everyone around us knew exactly what I was doing… especially when he came. I pulled my hand out with cum still on it. I thought this really stuck-up girl to my right was going to get sick when she saw me take out a Kleenex from my purse to wipe the cum off my hand.”

Bonnie just shook her head. She thought she’d been a wild one in high school, she didn’t hold a candle to Rebecca.

“I thought I’d been polite to just wipe it off. I could have licked it off, but I didn’t want someone to pass out.”

Bonnie had to laugh at that.

Samuel put in, “I was sure we were going to get caught. I still can’t believe we didn’t.”

Rebecca, now clearly enjoying talking about this went on, “And while there are no topless or nude photos of me out there that show my goods, on the club’s social media accounts, we’ve posted several really hot pics where my nips or pussy is just barely hidden.

Going back to what she’d said about doing it with other people, Bonnie said, "I didn't know you guys were sexually active outside the Euro-Club group.” 

"Oh," Rebecca responded "Not usually. We were just giving you some of the exceptions.  And in case you are wondering, we always use condoms outside the group, though unless we are at your house Samuel and I don’t use them when it's just us. If we went on about all the sex we've been having with club members and their guys we'd be talking all night."

Bonnie said, “Yes, I know. Your mother and I actually talk quite a bit about you girls. She is quite proud of you.”

“I think my mom is great now, but it wasn’t always like that. We had some bad years.” She seemed to think for a moment then said, “For years I was ashamed that I had a mother who I thought was a glorified prostitute.  You see, back when my real father lived in our area, I would spend a weekend a month with him. He made good and sure I knew that while I was with him my mother was spending the weekend with her Sugar Daddy.  Not that he said it to my face, but I remember more than once how he, with me right there, told his new wife things like my mother was off fucking Robert’s brains out to pay for stuff he gave her. I was in fifth grade when Robert bought Mom a new car and my dad made damn sure I knew she paid for it with sex. His accusations that Mom had sex with Robert in exchange for things he bought her had weight with me because of what I knew about Mom. At least once a month when I was like nine, ten and eleven, when I came home from school, Robert’s car would be out front and he and Mom would be in her bedroom with the door closed.  I guess I was in fourth grade when I fully understood that Mom was having sex with Robert on those days. It made me feel dirty all over when I came home and they were doing it.  But back then I didn’t really understand her relationship with him and with his wife, Jenny. I thought she was having an affair. You see, Robert and Jenny were like Mom’s best friends back then. They would come over to the house for dinner and we would go out on their big boat with their teenage kids. Once I understood that he and Mom were having sex, the only conclusion I could make was that he was cheating on his wife with my mom.  But, at the same time I knew that on nights they would come over for dinner, after I went to bed, the three of them went into my mother’s bedroom and shut the door. Sometimes they would stay all night. It seemed odd that they didn’t just keep talking in the living room, but I was like ten years old so I didn’t draw the conclusion that I would now.”

Rebecca laughed, “It was Haley who first suggested that Mom was doing it with both Robert and Jenny.  It was in the summer between sixth and seventh grade and of course, I’d told the other girls in our little group that I was sure Mom was having an affair with her best friend's husband. I also told them how sometimes both the man and his wife went into my mom’s room and they stayed in there for hours. Right off Haley said that she was probably doing it with both of them. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t even have a mental picture of what that would entail. So, one day Haley was over at the house. At lunch, out of the blue, she asked my mom if she was Robert’s mistress, or was she sleeping with both him and Jenny together.”

 Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh. She’d never heard this story, but she had known Haley since she was in 3rd grade and that seemed just like something precocious Haley would do. And, given what she now knew about how open Ronda was with her daughters about sexual issues, it was also something Haley would think of even at twelve years old. She couldn’t help but ask, “What did your mom do?”

Rebecca laughed too, “For like forever, she just sat there bug-eyed and red-faced. I guess she was trying to figure out what to say.  Since Mom and Haley’s mom were good friends even then, I’m sure Mom knew that Haley knew exactly what she was asking.  It took a while, but her answer was that she wasn’t cheating with Robert. So, she didn’t really answer the question at all. Of course, Haley wasn’t going to let that go and you know Haley, even before we had started 7th grade she wasn’t the least bit embarrassed by sex talk. She followed up by asking Mom if she was their mistress or just their lover. At the time I didn’t even know the difference between the two, but Haley must have. It was no secret at our house that Robert and Jenny helped us out financially a lot. I knew that they had provided the money for Mom to start her real estate business… and my mom knew I knew that. Until that moment, however, I don’t think my mom had an inkling that I knew she was having sex with Robert. Looking back, I realize that Haley put my mother on the spot with her question. But at the time I was clueless.”

Bonnie put in “You know it was only this summer that your mother told me about her relationship with that couple. How did she respond?”

“I am sure that even back then Haley’s mom knew all about my mom’s relationship with Robert. I’d heard them talking about it when they didn’t think I could hear. I’m also sure that Mrs. Jackson was the only one in our church she had told. Mom took some time to think about an answer, then she told Haley that her relationship with them was something between the two things.”

Bonnie thought that was a good somewhat vague answer given the circumstances. 

Rebecca went on, “As a twelve-year-old, a big part of me wanted to hate my mom for being a slut and embarrassing me like that. Fortunately, I had Haley and Caitlin to help me deal with it since they both knew all about their mother’s active sex lives. And my mom was just doing it with one couple.  Now I understand that my dad was trying to turn me against my mom by calling her a whore.  She wasn’t one. From what I understand in a real sense she was their mistress, but at nine, ten, and eleven I had no way of understanding that. Of course, now I know a whole lot more about my friend’s mother's sex lives, it seems my mom was hardly slutty at all, even though I now know that on occasion she slept with clients in those early years of getting her business going.  I know that I am just like her. I can’t say that if I met a couple who would take me to Europe or the Caribbean if I would fuck them that I wouldn’t do it.” She turned to her boyfriend, “Sorry, Samuel, but it’s the truth.”

Samuel just shrugged as if she was not saying anything he didn’t know already.

Rebecca went on, “Mom and I get along better now than I think we ever have in the past. We are both very open about our sex lives and she’s let me know that when she was in high school, she fucked over a dozen different guys. Even while Samual and I love each other, I’m open with Mom how much I like having sex with a variety of guys… and girls.”

Bonnie could tell Rebecca had real pride in her similarity to her mother. She understood that mother/daughter dynamic since she and Misty shared many similarities. “Well, if it makes you feel better, I like having sex with a variety of men and women too.” Then half in jest she said. “It sounds like you two have been almost as busy as me."

“Almost?” Samuel asked, “So, what have you been up to in your crusade to promote open sex as you've been traveling around the country?”

“More than I have time to tell.”

“Aw come on Mrs. C.!” Samuel said and he took the opportunity to put his arms around both his girlfriend and Mrs. Campbell.

Bonnie hedged a bit more before saying “OK, for instance, I did a presentation at a conference in Tampa a few weeks ago. Like often happens the organizers took me out to dinner. That was pretty normal, and inevitably people want to talk about open marriage and things like that. So I was out with this very nice middle-aged couple and a younger woman who had been my hostess for the trip. Like you, they wanted to hear some stories of my travels and as I told them it was clear they all were very interested. So after dinner, I suggested we all go to my hotel room. My hostess, it turns out is married with two young children, but she was the first to say yes. The older couple after a short conference in private agreed.”

“So, we went back to my room and got naked and messed around for a couple of hours. The only downside was that with one middle-aged man and three women, it meant mostly we women played with each other. Not that that is bad. It was lots of fun, but fairly routine for me. I would say I have one or more playmates in my bed a little more than half of the nights I am on the road. For the people who I entertain in bed, it is often a night they will never forget, but like I said, for me it is fairly routine.”

Samuel said “From what Misty says you have been out overnight at least one night and usually two or even three nights a week for the last six months.  Accounting for the holidays that would mean you have had sex with something like twenty-five new people since the summer. That’s a lot more than us.”

Bonnie laughed, “No, no. Not twenty-five. At least twice that many because almost every time I have sex on the road, I’m with a couple.”

Rebecca laughingly said, “Mrs. C., you are the queen of hook-ups.”

Bonnie shook her head, “I hope not. Hook-ups are two people simply looking for their own pleasure. Not that sexual pleasure is bad, but over the past four or five months I’ve been working to ensure that every time I take a couple to bed on my travels, they feel that I am interested in them and not just getting off myself. I don’t know how much you’ve heard about DeeDee Hildebrandt’s vision of Christian sexuality, but I’m slowly trying to emulate her approach. You see in high school and college, sex was all about me and me getting off. But I’m trying to focus more on showing love to my partners than I did. I think I’m making progress, especially with people I do it with on an ongoing basis.” To Rebecca, she said “…like, with your mother. As you know I do it with your mom and her husband about once a month. I really enjoy those nights at your house and I think they do too. But I try to make your mother feel as loved by me when we make love as she does with my husband. I know that is a tall order, but I’m trying.”

Rebecca laughed, “I think from what she has told me that you do make her feel loved. I think it’s great you come over to be with them like that. Chad might be old, but Mom calls him an old goat because he can go and go and go.  From how you look when you come out of my mom’s bedroom, I can tell you enjoy your time with them.”

Bonnie nodded, “Yes, you are right on both points. He’s not young but he can go on like he is a teenager. And yes, I do enjoy it.” She thought for a moment then said “You know, it was right at one year ago this week that things really got going for me with the Caribbean cruise. I honestly don’t know how many people with whom I’ve had sex in the last year. It is close to a hundred if you include both men and women. "

The two teens looked at each other,  they were clearly impressed. Then Rebecca said, “Well…. I guess compared with what you’ve been doing it’s nothing big, but over Christmas break, we met up with Samuel’s cousin Elijah down in Dublin. We just hung out all day and of course Samuel and I were being our exhibitionist selves the whole time.  I flashed my tits right in Burger King and we were all over each other in the back of Elijah’s old Taurus.  All this time you could tell his girlfriend was not at all used to being around people who do what we do.  I guess it’s kinda like what happens when you show those pics of you having sex in your presentation.”

Bonnie knew just what she was saying “Yes, it is interesting to see the different responses in their faces.”

Rebecca agreed “Yes, it’s great. Well, it was a warm day and we had gone out to the pond on the side of their property and we were just talking and I was messing with Samuel… from outside his pants. As you can imagine when he gets hard in his jeans, it becomes pretty obvious because how well-endowed he is. So I made some comments about how I love to see girls squirm when they first see him. Then I told them about Samuel doing it with Miriam and how she squealed when he pushed it all the way in.”

Bonnie asked “And what did the others say about that little revelation that you watched Samual screw another girl?”

“Ruby, Elijah’s girlfriend, said she was sure I was giving them a load of shit and she didn’t believe any of it. I told her straight up I’d seen him fuck most of my good friends at least once, and how I always liked watching the show. She got real pissy and called me a liar, so I said ‘you don’t think I’d let him do you?’ She clearly didn’t believe me so she puffs up and says that if he was really hung like I said, she’d jump his bones in a minute, if she didn’t think I’d beat her ass. So I asked Elijah if he wanted to see Ruby do it with his cousin.  You see, I'd set her up. Samuel had already told me how after hearing some of his stories, Elijah wanted to do a foursome with us but he was afraid Ruby would say no.  Elijah didn't miss his chance and told her directly not only was it fine with him, but he would really love to watch her do it with Samuel.”

As Bonnie listened to the teenager’s description, she slowly leaned across Samuel’s body to hear Rebecca over the tub’s bubbling.  It really was hard to hear in the tub, but she did not need to virtually crawl over him to hear her. That was her choice.  His erection was pushed back by her torso, and her right breast pressed on his chest. And, just to heighten the sexual tension, she absentmindedly steadied herself by holding on to his thigh.


 “About then,” Rebecca continued, “she was getting a little unsure, but I thought she would be game if I pushed it.  So, I unbuttoned Samuel’s jeans and just whipped out his big ol’ dick from his pants. Like every girl does when they see it for the first time, she just stared in disbelief.  I waited a second or two then told her to put up or shut up, just holding his dick like this” she said and grabbed Samuel’s penis and smacked it, under the water, on Bonnie.

As if that act gave him permission, Samuel cupped Bonnie’s breast and began to thumb her nipple. Giving no response to either Rebecca's or Samuel's actions, Bonnie asked “So what happened?”.

“First, she stalled by asking if it hurts when he’s in me. I told her I love it, but I know for some girls it’s just too big. Then I again pressed her to put up or shut up. She looked over to Elijah, then back at Samuel’s dick, then back to Elijah who was almost panting he wanted to see her do it so bad. I could see her thinking about it. Then without saying anything else, she rolled on her back to pull off her pants and panties, pushed me out of the way, and threw a leg over Samuel before guiding his cock into her as she sat on him.”

Bonnie felt Samuel begin to kiss her neck as it was so conveniently situated for him. She was impressed that this kid made the effort to warm her up.

“At first, I thought she was just going to put it in to show she would, then get dressed again. She went all the way down onto him in just a few strokes. I was actually impressed.  Girls who do him the first time rarely go all the way down. She not only took it all, but she did it almost as quickly as I can. Then she looked right at me like she was saying ‘see I did it’, then I saw her thinking again. She adjusted herself a little and I saw what I knew to be a face of enjoyment. She liked how he felt in her. I wondered if she even knew what it felt like to be really full before that moment.  So, when she began kissing and grinding, I knew she had decided she really liked how Samuel's monster cock felt in her. With just a minute or two of warm-up, she started to really go to town on him.”

Samuel, whose hand was slowly rubbing Bonnie’s breasts, quit nibbling her neck long enough to add “And, so I suffered through Rebecca’s experiment.”

Rebecca would have none of it. “Mrs. C., don't believe it was a chore for him,” Rebecca shot back. “I saw how much he liked stroking his dick in and out of Ruby for half the afternoon. I bet she waddled for a week.”

He only grinned.

"Once they were going at it, I pulled off my pants and offered myself to Elijah. For the longest time, I was lying on my back with him on top of me.  It was like he was too entranced by watching his girlfriend and Samuel screwing that he forgot to bang me. Not that I minded, it was actually pretty nice and relaxing that way."

Rebecca went on for some time by telling, in explicit detail, all the things the two couples had done having sex right beside each other. "Then after Elijah had given out, he was astounded when I went down on Ruby. He'd never seen two girls do it, in real life. Me going down on her was a first for Ruby too, but she was so into what I was doing I just kept going as if I were with one of the Euro-Club girls.  After I'd eaten her to a couple of wildly bucking orgasms licking her clit while I put up to four fingers in her. Having taken in Samual so easily, and all stretched out from having him in her for so long, I had an idea that she would get off if I put my whole hand in.  And she did.  You see, lots of times I've put three or four fingers into Misty and other girls while I'm down on them, and I've gotten five fingers up to my palm in both Haley and Iris, but even Iris with her big pussy can't take my whole hand.”

In an aside, Rebecca said “I’ve seen Joanne put her whole hand into Connie, but she used lots of lube and has like really small hands. They’ve been having sex for years now so it’s not surprising they have done things none of the rest of us have.  So I’d never before actually fisted someone, yet before I realized it, even without lube, my hand went all the way into Ruby. I mean all the way in past the joint of my wrist." Rebecca pointed to her wrist joint.  "She took it all and let me know how good it felt. At the deepest, it went to here while I worked her over good with my fist. Yes, I also have small hands, but damn, I’d not expected to do that. Watching us, Elijah’s jaw just dropped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, my wrist coming out of her pussy.”

Samuel put in, “I’ve seen Misty do that to Rebecca… well no, not all the way in like that, but I’ve seen her use five fingers on her. But seeing her whole hand in Ruby, it was awesome.”

Rebecca went on, “Yea, I have a big box too. It was like I kept pushing and waiting for Ruby to tell me to stop, … I was as surprised as anyone when I had my fist balled up inside of her. Later she said she'd never felt anything like it.  Once I'd brought Ruby off for her thousandth orgasm of the day, I thought she was totally spent and Samuel and I would just screw till we were done too. But I was wrong.  Even though he’d cum already, Elijah was as hard as he was before we'd started and Ruby wasn't done with Samuel.  So, after a short break, Ruby and I were side by side on our backs while the guys did all the work. And to be fair, that last time, Elijah was actually pretty good." 

As she spoke, Samuel's fingers slid down from Bonnie's breast, to find what lay between a grown woman's legs. Bonnie was already sensitive and ready so she sat back against the tub wall and opened her thighs to give the eager young man access.  Her hand joined Rebecca’s on the penis which had plenty of room for two hands. She thought, “Damn, this thing feels even bigger than it looks. I think things might go further than I’d planned out here.”

The Campbell's new hot tub sat out on the deck, just beyond the far end of the game room, about ten feet from the sliding glass door. From the stools around the gaming table, there was a direct view through the window to the hot tub; and that was where Misty ensconced herself.  As she half watched an old comedy on her laptop, she kept an eye on what was happening outside.  She wasn’t voyeuring per se, but she was curious what her mom would do. For the longest time, her mom and Misty's two friends just sat in the water talking.  Her show went off and she could see nothing but talk out in the hot tub. It wasn’t until halfway through the next episode when she looked out through the window, she saw her mother was apparently sitting in Samuel’s lap… fucking him.  “So, she did it after all” Misty said to herself before turning back to the screen.  She tried to watch the rest of her show but could not get into it because her eyes kept drifting back to what was going on outside.

In the hot tub, things were exactly as Misty perceived.  Her mother was sitting on Samuel's lap, his erection filling her up completely even though in that position she wasn’t even taking it all in. She couldn’t help but gasp as his head pressed in past her vaginal opening, and she’d let out a deep moan when it was halfway in. It kept going in and in and in. He was every bit as thick as Heather’s boyfriend Allen, and as long as Butch’s snake. Combined it served to fill her in a way she had never been in in her entire life. Of all the guys she’d done since she was in high school, there was no question that Samual was the biggest. It had felt so good as he stretched her open and felt even better as her body weight pressed his head hard on her cervix.  All the while she’d been experiencing this, Rebecca had been watching with a broad smile.

For a good ten minutes, Bonnie just reveled in the sensation of his cock in her before she looked to Rebecca with an inviting look. Ashely’s daughter read her look and stood on her knees to bring her face up to Bonnie’s. Putting her hand on the back of Rebecca’s neck, she pulled her mouth close. The kisses started soft; but with Samuel’s thick tool hitting all of her most sensitive spots all at once, the kisses rapidly became hungry and deep. All her plans of working up to this point went out the window as Bonnie was filled with an unexpected spike of desire.  Samual took advantage of Bonnie’s preoccupation with kissing his girlfriend to lift Bonnie’s breasts one after the other and feast on them. 

Bonnie’s arousal rapidly blew past the relaxed pleasant stage to the stage of feeling the overwhelming need to climax. The wanton kisses Rebecca now gave her, the hands on her breasts and lips on her nipples and, of course, the amazing fullness provided by Samuel’s cock all contributed to the unexpectedly rapid desire to reach the release point. She pushed her hips forward to grind her clit on Samuel’s pelvic bone.  She was now counting on Samuel's reputed staying power to make this time in the hot tub the first act of a multi-act drama. 

Inside the house, the second episode of Misty’s comedy show ended. She reasoned that her mom should be about done fulfilling her promise. Her mom had been on Samuel for a good while, and from what she could tell, the sex had gotten hot and heavy almost as soon as her mother had mounted him. Misty decided it was time for her to go out and check on the threesome in the hot tub.  She opened the sliding glass door and exited to the patio. It was cool outside, but not cold. Misty was fine wearing only a sweater that acted like a very short dress. While her mother was comfortable with her sheer “around-the-house” robes and wraps, Misty however needed something warmer. For the winter she’d adopted the habit of wearing sweaters or sweatshirts without pants as her winter look at home.

In the hot tub her mother was no longer kissing Rebecca, but rather, to Misty it seemed she was working up to an orgasm as she ground her hips down on Samuel.  None of the three appeared to even notice that Misty had come outside.  She stood at the side of the hot tub and watched for a good three minutes before Rebecca looked up and saw her. Having been noticed, Misty said, “Well, how are things going?”

Her mother opened her eyes, but it seemed to take her a few moments to understand who’d spoken. In a breathy voice, she answered. “We are doing just fine. You were so right about Samuel. His cock feels great in me. Amazing even. I can see why you like doing it with him so much.”

That was more of an answer than Misty had expected. She’d never heard her mom use the word ‘cock’ before. She suddenly felt befuddled and didn’t know what to say.

When Misty didn’t say anything, her mother asked, “Do you need something?”

“No, just seeing how things are coming along.”

Her mother closed her eyes again and said, “No, I haven’t cum yet, but I’m almost there.”

“That’s not what I meant!” Misty said in a slightly huffy tone that she actually didn’t mean.  She didn’t know what else to do, so she went back inside feeling rather stupid.

In the hot tub, Rebecca said “She just wanted to see what we were doing”

Bonnie agreed by nodding her head. She was too close to climaxing to give a verbal response.  Seconds later the orgasm came on like a freight train. She could feel her vaginal walls clamp down on Samuel’s dick and she had to work to keep her balance. She knew Rebecca was getting quite a show as her entire body convulsed with the power of the contractions. But it felt way too good to care. 

It took several minutes for Bonnie to come down from the explosive orgasm. When she’d fully landed and her breath came back to her Bonnie suggested "Why don't we go into my bedroom? It will be warmer and more comfortable and... give us more options.”


Misty had gone back into the house before her mother’s climax in the hot tub. Rather than go back to sitting at the gaming table with its view of the trio in the water, she slid into one of the theater seats in front of the TV.  She was confused. For some reason, she was quite ambivalent about what was going on and she didn’t know why. In the past, she’d always enjoyed seeing her mother having sex. In Miami, she’d even put her guy up to asking her mom if she would have sex with him and when she agreeed, Misty had taken photos. She had no idea why she wasn’t happy for her friends and her mom enjoying themselves. Perhaps, she reasoned, was that it had been a week and a half since the Valentine’s Day dances and things with Tommie had not gotten back to where they were beforehand.  At school, with their publication's work, he had not been distant exactly, but he seemed to stay off of topics that related to the two of them. On Tuesday he came by the house after school. The sex was… well it wasn’t lingering and loving. For the first time ever, Misty got the feeling that he was just trying to get it over with. And when he was done, they were done. He quickly dressed and was out of her bedroom door, leaving her still in the bed, naked. At first, she was just stunned, but then she was hurt… deeply. She dissolved into tears.

Later he texted her and apologized for his behavior saying he was struggling. Saturday was better. He came by before noon and this time the sex was more like she was used to with him: loving and lingering. Afterward, lying beside her in bed, he finally opened up to her. He was very conflicted because at the True Love Waits Valentine’s Banquet, the speaker had pressed the teens to commit to waiting till marriage for sex.  “He asked for everyone who would make that commitment to stand. Everyone, I mean every one of the other high school students stood, even those who I knew were having sex.” Tommie paused, then added, “And just like them, I stood up too.”

Misty could tell he was confused and embarrassed even admitting that to her.

After a few moments, he went on, “The way he said it, if you didn’t stand you were rejecting God totally.  I didn’t know what to do, so I stood. Otherwise, I would have been branded a rebel against God and….” He got quiet. “I don’t know what would have happened, but I knew it would be bad and involve telling my parents and mandatory counseling and they wouldn’t have let up till I told them who I was having sex with.  So I just stood, just like everyone else did.”

There was silence as they lay looking at each other. What made the conversation surreal was that they were both still naked. Not that it bothered Misty, but she was sure it made it hard for Tommie. Quietly Misty told him “Tommie, promises made under coercion are not valid. And be sure, you were coerced. No, they didn’t put a gun to your head, but the threat of the things you mentioned was implicit. God will not judge you for making a promise made when the adults were deliberately manipulating you.”

Bitterly Tommie asked, “Would you have stood to say you wouldn’t have sex until you got married?”

“No,” Misty said firmly. “No, I wouldn’t have. That is why it is good I didn’t go with you.  But I know without a doubt in my mind what God wants from me regarding sex. He wants me to use my body to share compassionate care for others. The True Love Waits stuff is garbage. You are still struggling with what God wants you to do. I know that.”

Tommie nodded slowly.  Misty hurt for him even as she feared for their relationship. She leaned in and kissed him softly before saying. “Even while I desperately want our relationship to work, I love you even more. I know you are confused and that is causing you pain.  Unlike that self-righteous guy who used high-pressure sales techniques to get all the kids at your youth group to make that promise; I won’t coerce you to say you agree with me and my church on the role of sex in the life of a Christian. I know what I hope you will decide to be God’s will, but you have to follow your own conscience, not mine.” She had to work to say the next thing without her voice breaking. “And I will love you no matter what you choose, but you will have to choose between my world and your church’s world. And, I want you to know that however you choose, I love you and I will support your choice.” She took a deep breath, “But I know what God wants from me, and if we can’t travel that path together, I will understand.”

To keep from breaking down into tears, she had pressed her lips to his. Even in saying those things, the feeling of love for Tommie swelled in her heart. That feeling of love translated itself into her body as she pulled him to her. She was pleased when he responded to her loving action. She so wanted this to work between them. She pushed her fears aside and the kissing led to a second round of tender lovemaking.

As she sat in the game room, Misty was sure that her feelings of uncertainty about her relationship with Tommie were why she felt so needy today. And when she saw two of her close friends, her lovers, ignoring her as they were with her mother; it hurt. She was thinking about these things when she saw motion through the sliding glass door to her right. She just got a glimpse of the trio heading into the house wrapped in towels. She didn’t know if that meant they were done, or were they just going to her parent’s bedroom.  She suspected the latter. She wanted to be happy for them, but she was having a hard time doing so. She understood why, but it did not make it hurt any less. Misty picked up the remote and switched on the TV.   Fifteen minutes later she thought she heard Rebecca crying out something about cumming. The temptation was to go see what was going on, but she decided to wait.


When Bonnie suggested they go inside, the two teenagers agreed and all three took the towels Bonnie had brought out before the young couple had arrived. A few moments later they were all sprawled on the big bed fully naked, looking up at the mirror. Bonnie wondered if the two teens thought the sight was as strange as she did… she was in bed with the express purpose of having sex with Misty’s friends.


The time in the hot tub had begun the way Bonnie planned with a long period of talking, but they’d jumped ahead of how she’d wanted the evening to go. Still looking up at Rebecca and Samuel in the mirror, Bonnie said, “Please think of what we did in the hot tub as an appetizer. Sure Samuel, I fucked you already; but now, if you two are willing I’d like to slow things down a bit. We have all waited a long time for this, and I want to make it something special. Is that OK with you?”

The two teens nodded their heads.

“Good,” Bonnie replied before she turned her body toward Rebecca. Reaching down to her thigh, Bonnie slowly dragged a finger up the girl’s body. She let it slide into the valley between Rebecca’s thigh and mons and up her torso, over her right breast up to her collar bone, and cupped her under the chin. Leaning in, Bonnie kissed her collarbone and up her neck to her ear. With her lips just touching Rebecca’s, ensuring her breath could be felt, Bonnie drew the finger down Rebecca’s left side. Over her erect left nipple, down the left side of her torso then as far as she could reach on her left thigh. In a breathy whisper, she asked, “How does that feel?”

Equally quietly Rebecca answered, “Wonderful.”

“Good,” Bonnie said before using her hand to pull Rebecca’s hip toward her, rolling the girl to her side. Ever so lightly Bonnie touched her lips to Rebecca’s before saying. “You know, I watched you all summer at our family swim days. You are exceptionally pretty in the nude.”

With her lips just touching Bonnie’s, Rebecca answered, “I watched you this summer too. Mrs. C., you are beautiful and sexy.  Samuel thinks so too. We have both been so looking forward to this.”

Bonnie kissed her a little harder, then said “I’ve tried to pretend I haven’t, but I have too. I am so glad Samuel waited so that you could join us.”  Then she drew the tip of her tongue along Rebecca’s lips. As expected, they parted. As the kiss became hard and deep, Bonnie pressed her leg between the girl’s knees until her thigh firmly pressed on her mons. She wrapped her arms around Rebecca and pulled her toward her as Rebecca began to hump Bonnie’s thigh. She could feel the girl’s desire and she tried to feed it with her kisses. Bonnie kissed Rebecca with sensuality and an air of promise of things that would come soon.  As they kissed it occurred to Bonnie that Rebecca kissed just like her mother.  So much so, with her eyes closed it was easy to confuse the two. Only when Rebecca’s hips began to thrust hard on her thigh, did Bonnie bend her head down to close her lips on one of Rebecca’s nipples. A gasp of pleasure told her she was on the right track.

She could have continued like this until Rebecca climaxed, but instead, Bonnie pulled her thigh from between Rebecca’s legs as she moved the kisses from her breasts down her body until she was kissing the sides of the mound of Venus. From above she heard Rebecca say, “Oh God, yes do that.” Bonnie did “do that” but she took her sweet time. She methodically licked and kissed the folds of Rebecca's sex. Dipping her tongue into the vaginal canal, Bonnie found it wet and ready. The girl's nectar was sweet and plentiful. Bonnie pulled her face hard onto Rebecca as she delved in as deep as her tongue would allow. The sounds of moaning filled the room and Rebecca’s hips began to undulate.

Bonnie thought to herself, “I could do this all day long and not get tired of it.” Bonnie asked herself “How is it that I keep finding myself with young women?”  First, there was Mandy, then Heather, then Nell, and even Brandy from church. Then there were the dozen or so young women… well young couples that she had invited to her hotel rooms over the past half a year? While she had never planned to have so many young women, she didn’t regret it one bit.

She was wallowing in Rebecca’s luscious wet pussy; savoring in her delicate taste and aroma. In a flash, images of herself eating out Misty’s other friends filled her mind: petite Joanne with her sexy heart-shaped pubic hair, then an image of her face between Haley’s powerful thighs … and Caitlin. Of course, she wanted to do this to Caitlin, who wouldn’t?  Any one of them, all of them would jump at the chance to have sex with Mrs. C., she knew that for a fact. Then as fast as the images had come to her, she pushed them out of her mind. “No, I won’t even think about that, let alone do it.” Refocusing on how much she was enjoying her mouth on Rebecca’s sex, she told herself “This is a one-off thing, so I’d better enjoy every second of it.” And she did. She slid her tongue across the walls, roof and floor of Rebecca’s canal, lapping up the wetness that kept magically replenishing itself no matter how much she swallowed. All the while Rebecca’s hips kept slowly thrusting into her mouth and moans of pleasure escaped her lips.

Finally, Rebecca began to beg, “Eat my clit… make me cum… I want to cum so bad…” 

Bonnie knew she’d succeeded in what she’d set out to do. Rebecca was completely consumed with her desires.  Responding to the pleas, Bonnie did as Rebecca asked, and wrapped her lips around her exposed clit and sucked. The response was nearly immediate.  When she used the tip of her tongue to lick the firm nub, the words “Oh, God, yes!” filled the room… several times. Rebecca’s hips began to thrust hard and fast. Bonnie kept contact all through the period of bucking hips and shaking as Rebecca approached then reached climax. Her ecstatic vocalizations were loud enough that Bonnie was sure Misty could hear them in the game room.

Once the last aftershock had subsided, Bonnie slid up Rebecca’s body to kiss her once more. She knew her lips and mouth were wet with the girl’s liquid sex. When they broke the kiss, Rebecca, still breathing hard said in staccato, “My mother told me you were good in bed. She didn’t give you enough credit. You are fuck’n great.”

Bonnie honestly said “Your taste is like honey to me. I enjoyed that at least as much as you did. If you don’t mind, before we finish tonight, I would like to do that again.”

Rebecca breathed out, “Oh yes, any time you want… ever again… and not just tonight.”

Bonnie kissed her again, deep and soulfully. When the long session of renewed kissing broke, she whispered, “But, I guess it's time we pay some attention to your boyfriend. This is his birthday present after all. I think there is enough of him for us to share a blow job.”

With a smile, Rebecca said, “I think so too.”

 In the Game room, Misty resisted her urge to go take a look at the ongoing action. She kept telling herself she should be glad they were still in her parent’s bed because it indicated her mom was comfortable with having sex with her friends. That was a good thing, no matter how she felt right now. She looked at the time on her phone and decided she would wait twenty minutes more. After all, it had already been more than half an hour since her mother had escorted Rebecca and Samuel to the back door. It seemed reasonable that she’d check in on them after they’d been in bed with her mom for an hour.  She changed the show to a rather raunchy but very funny movie.

Before Misty’s twenty minutes were up, Bonnie lay on her back waiting for Samuel to enter her. The joint blow job with Rebecca had been fun and it seemed Ashely’s daughter was fully relaxed and enjoying the experience. From the outset, Bonnie was more concerned with Rebecca’s experience than Samuel’s. She knew the young man desperately wanted to fuck her and had for half a year or more. Because of that, he would be rather fixated on that end and all she wanted to do was to make sure he showed respect for both her and for his girlfriend in this.  It helped that this was far from the first time Rebecca had watched her boyfriend have sex with someone else. From what Rebecca said earlier, there was no doubt that she enjoyed watching him with other girls. She was no girl, but she suspected Ashely’s daughter was very much looking forward to watching Samuel’s oversized erection go into Mrs. C.  

Having sex with Rebecca had been a different matter. There was no way she would forget that Bonnie was her mother’s lover first. Everything they did today would have repercussions on their mother-daughter relationship and she wanted those to be positive.  When she and Rebecca had kissed outside it had been hot, but that was all. She felt sure that by the way she’d approached Rebecca since they’d been in the bed, she was drawing the girl in emotionally and feeling like she was loved by an older woman.  This idea of expressing love in sex with people other than Cooper was still new to Bonnie, but she thought she was making progress.  Just last week she’d had a long phone conversation with DeeDee about how she showed love to the men (and woman) to whom she ministered. According to DeeDee, it was a matter of her state of mind. She embraced God’s love for her, then used her body to transmit that love in each and every act: caressing, kissing, giving head, and even how she received the men when they slid their erections into her. Bonnie wasn’t sure she fully understood that, but she had kissed, caressed, and gave Rebecca cunnilingus as a lover rather than just a playmate. She hoped she’d succeeded in making Ashley’s daughter feel like her lover… at least for today.

In the bed, Samuel was on all fours above her. Bonnie watched in the overhead mirror as he easily reached back to lift her hips as he stood to his knees and guided his thick and long penis into her body. Her elastic lips stretched around the thick head. Slowly he pressed forward. It took a number of strokes until his hips contacted her thighs. He was pressed so hard on the base of her vaginal canal that it hurt, but Bonnie wasn’t about to say a thing. Even the pain was arousing. He kept his body upright so his girlfriend (and Bonnie) could clearly watch the act of penetration in the overhead mirror.  Bonnie could not help recall how his penis had so filled her daughter to make her vaginal opening look to be a perfect circle. From her viewpoint, it appeared her labial lips were similarly at their maximum expansion.  Bonnie had already decided that she'd never had an erection this size in her before, even back in college. It wasn't just the girth, it was the combination of girth and length that made him unique.  Though it was very erotic, especially to watch in the mirror, she had already begun to question whether it was just too big for her to fully enjoy.

He showed surprising patience for a young man, let alone a high school guy. No guy she’d done when she was in high school had that kind of skill. He began to work his penis in and out of her. As she relaxed it began to feel good, then great. Looking up into the mirror, watching the well-muscled young man pressing that huge penis into her even as his gorgeous young girlfriend looked up into the same mirror as she diddled herself was amazingly erotic. Even watching her own slow arching movement as she received each long stroke was sexy, beautiful, and oh-so arousing.  She wished that Cooper was here to see this sight.  She wished that Amy was here to catch it for her art.  As he worked on methodically, Bonnie's pleasure reached a tipping point. It took only the slightest touch to her clit to bring herself to a tremendous orgasm. The waves of pleasure pulsed out from her sex up her torso and down her legs until every last bit of her body felt like it was vibrating. She made no effort to stifle her vocalizations of pleasure.  And it went on and on.  She couldn’t tell if it was one incredibly long orgasm or a series of them, but it was unquestionably amazing. Long before it was over, she was gasping for air.  

He continued his pace unhurried until she was fully spent, and then he finally lay down on her so they could kiss. And he knew how to kiss too. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Her action pulled his penis in even deeper.  She could clearly feel the head pressing hard on her cervix. She had told herself this was more than enough to say she’d fulfilled her promise. But just as had happened outside, her body went into autopilot, and soon she was kissing him hard and thrusting up with her hips to fuck him with abandon.

In the game room, Misty was stewing in front of the TV. She heard her mother’s cries of ecstasy quite clearly. Aloud she said, “Damn, he really has done it to her.” She knew how good it felt to have Samuel inside of her while she climaxed and so she knew why her mother was reacting that way. The twenty minutes were over, but she didn’t move. She would give her mother a few minutes to recover before going in to see them. She had felt stupid for going out to the hot tub and didn’t want a repeat of that. She switched channels but found nothing to interest her. Finally, after another ten minutes had passed, she convinced herself she needed a drink.

Slowly Misty crossed the living room. As she knew it would be, the bedroom door was standing wide open. Telling herself that there was no reason to be timid, she approached the doorway, making no effort to hide herself. On the big bed, the threesome was not in recovery mode as she’d expected.  Instead, the action was in full swing. Her mom was on all fours while Samuel stroked in and out of her slow and steady. Rebecca lay under her mother, apparently licking her clit. Her friend’s legs were splayed on either side of her mother’s head.  Though her mom wasn’t eating Rebecca’s pussy at the moment, evidently, she had been doing just that moments before.


As she looked on, her mother's head went back down between her friend's legs.  Misty knew full well how good that whole scenario felt, she’d done it in her bedroom with Samuel and Rebecca more than once. She felt a tingle in her crotch, and she initially resisted the temptation to reach down and satiate her arousal.  She had no doubt that she could make herself cum in a matter of minutes if she masturbated while watching. Almost of its own volition, her hand inched over and reached under the hem of her sweater to cup her bare vulva. It was hot to the touch which meant, despite her efforts to deny it, her body was fully aroused. A sigh escaped her lips as her middle finger touched her engorged and exposed clit.

Though her mother and Rebecca evidently were too focused on one another’s sex to notice, Samuel’s head snapped over to see Misty at the door, obviously playing with herself. He smiled knowingly. She smiled back. She wanted to go into the room. She imagined herself behind Samuel cupping his ass cheeks as he fucked her mother. She wanted to be a part, but she wouldn’t without being invited. She recalled Haley telling her how much she and her mom had enjoyed sharing the bed with a young couple at a couple of recent rodeos. From what Misty understood Haley and her mom had switched off with one doing the husband while the other did the wife for hours. But from what Misty understood, due to space, there was more than a little incidental contact between the two of them and apparently that had been a part of why they’d enjoyed it so much.

Misty, still with her hand in her crotch, took a small step forward but stopped herself. Her arousal was growing and she considered just leaning on the door frame and getting herself off.  No, she would not horn in on Rebecca & Samuel’s time with her mom. It took her several minutes, but she pulled her eyes away from the door and headed back to the game room without getting the drink she'd come for. She was very agitated. But why? Was she mad that her mom was having sex with her friends? Or was it because she actually got really turned on from just watching a few moments of it? Or was this just a function of her neediness in the face of Tommie’s unwillingness to choose her over his church?

After some self-examination, she knew it was all of those things.  But still, why did it bother her so much? Finally, the answer came. She was upset because she was excluded. Those were her friends, her lovers, and they would rather be with her mom than with her. Why didn’t they invite her to join? Sure this was Samuel’s birthday present and it was about him and Rebecca, but they should have invited her even though she would have said no. Surely she would have said no? Probably said no? It didn’t matter. It was that they didn’t ask.

She knew that wasn’t rational, but that was how she felt all the same. She considered pulling off her sweater and marching into the bedroom naked and demanding to join. But no, that wasn’t an option. She was just left out: forgotten.

She sat in the theater seats in front of the TV and stewed, trying to talk herself out of being hurt and angry. She used the remote to access the thumb drive that was plugged into the TV. As always, the thumb drive plugged into the game room television contained all of her mom’s sex videos from the past year. Her parents knew full well that she, her brother, and some of their friends all sat in the game room and masturbated watching them from time to time. So, it was not something taboo for her to start the video clips from an orgy on the San Dinero, spread her legs, and begin to work on that orgasm that she so wanted to have.  Imagining herself as one of the participants was easy and the first orgasm came quickly.

It was close to a full hour, and multiple orgasms later when she heard the voices of her mom and friends in the living room… apparently going into the kitchen for a post-sex snack. She almost didn’t leave the game room, but she didn’t want them to know how she felt. She put on her best fake good attitude and headed to the living room.

"And how was it Samuel?" she asked in as cheerful a voice as she could.

"Amazing!" he began and went on for some time gushing about how great her mom had been in bed.  That did not make Misty feel better.

After cleaning up and calling Cooper to check on him, Bonnie went up to her daughter’s room. She could tell, though Misty tried to hide it, that Samuel’s birthday present had upset her. Misty was sitting at her desk, typing on her laptop.  Bonnie quietly sat on the side of the bed. Misty didn’t even acknowledge her mother’s presence.

“I should never have told Samuel I would do that,” Bonnie said to the back of her daughter's head.


“I thought about just telling him no, but I thought that would have been even worse.”


“I’m sorry. It was inappropriate to do that with your friends. It doesn’t matter their age. I’m really sorry.”

More silence followed by a quiet “That’s OK, what’s done is done.”

“Should I have just told him I was wrong to promise to have sex with him and just not done it?”

Still not turning around Misty said, “No, that would have been even more irritating.”

Bonnie got up and kissed the back of her daughter’s head. “I love you”, and she walked to the door.

Misty, without turning to look back to her mom, said “I love you too."

Bonnie began opening the door. Misty’s choked voice stopped her “It just felt like my friends would rather be with you than with me.”

Bonnie turned, “That’s not true at all.  Both of them asked if you could join us in my bed. They both wanted you there. Rebecca told me how Ronda and Haley have done that. They had a foursome with a married couple at a couple of rodeos, so they didn’t think you would say no if we invited you.”

Misty slowly turned around, “Really?”

Her mom nodded yes. “But, I told them we couldn’t do that. I still have some boundaries after all.”

“So they wanted me there too?”

“Yes Sweetie, they did.” Bonnie walked over and knelt by the desk chair. “I’m not saying we could never do what Ronda and Haley did, but not with one of your friends. Part of me wanted to say yes, but it is good that I was still able to say no. You must understand that.”

“I understand. You took enough risk by doing my friends at all. I feel a lot better. Thank you for letting me know.”

She was almost out the door again, when Misty, in a much more positive voice, said “And, Mom, it wasn’t wrong for you to be with Samuel and Rebecca today. Thanks for carrying through with your promise to my friends. If you want to do it again, it is fine with me.”

“Thank you, daughter. But I don’t expect I will be having sex with any more of your friends anytime in the near future.”

Misty came back, “Perhaps you should at least consider doing it with Kelli and Cody. They really, really want to do it with you and once they hear you went three hours with Samuel and Rebecca, they will go crazy.”

Bonnie asked, “Three hours? Really?’

Misty nodded to indicate she had.

“I didn’t realize we’d gone that long. We had a good long session right after we got in my bed, but afterward, we talked for quite a while. That was when they suggested we ask you to join us. Then we had a second round before they left. So, we weren’t having sex the whole time”

Misty chuckled, “That was three hours from when you started having sex in the hot tub, not from when they first got in the water with you. They were here right at four hours including the time afterward in the kitchen. I wasn't going to tell you, but I watched you guys for a few minutes in your bed, when you and Rebecca were in sixty-nine while Samuel fucked you. It was super-hot. So much so I would like you to consider doing it with them again in my studio.  It would be an amazing set of photos."

Bonnie just nodded, knowing that was not a yes or a no about Misty’s suggestions. Fully out the door, Bonnie put her head back into her daughter's room. "Oh, and Samuel was every bit as good as you said he was.  I will certainly jump your father's bones when he gets home from Ronda’s. Though it is quite likely that she’s really wrung him out this evening. He’s no longer as young as he once was… but don’t tell him I said that. I’ll likely just have to use my vibrator while I tell him all about it."


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Dec 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Sharing lovers between mother and daughter, and then comparing notes, is precious.


Dec 11, 2023

I was thinking that Bonnie is becoming a Rahab, then a few paragraphs later, Deedee Hildebrandt's name came up. I think that's what it's about.


Dec 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I apologize for the length of my comment, but this chapter is too important. This is another thought-provoking chapter about Bonnie’s growth in her sexual expression. As she confessed, before her involvement with FFF sex was always about her pleasure, especially at school and college. One of the privileges she has as the spokesperson for the FFF is that she has the opportunity to introduce young couples to the pleasures of shared flesh and hearts. Bonnie has to focus on the couple’s pleasures and not her own. That is a huge step in Bonnie’s life.

As Bonnie and Cooper took the step to an open marriage a while time ago, it is easy for Bonnie to help newbies enter the world…

Dec 19, 2023
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