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This is a blog dedicated to the liberation of sexuality from those who seek to keep it shamed, persecuted and hidden. We believe in liberum sexusIn this blog you will find open, direct and even joyful

discussion  and images of human sexuality. For that we make no apology.

You will NOT find sex used to oppress, degrade, abuse or control. Nor will you find images that violate US law.   

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Paula Photo of the week


Circa 2010

From my portfolio This Week


Circa 2005

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funnie (77).jpg
funnie (146).jpg
pom (175).jpg

This one was inspired by a time when Paula told me on the way home from a "non-swinger" party, that while the hostess was entertaining the group, she and the woman's husband had slipped away and fucked... in their bed. 
It was only once they were done he told her not to let anyone know what they'd done. She'd not realized he was cheating until his cum was inside of her.
She felt bad about that.
And even worse, he was a lousy lay.

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