This is a blog dedicated to the liberation of sexuality from those who seek to keep it shamed, persecuted and hidden. We believe in liberum sexusIn this blog you will find open, direct and even joyful

discussion  and images of human sexuality. For that we make no apology.

You will NOT find sex used to oppress, degrade, abuse or control. Nor will you find images that violate US law.   

My desktop wallpaper changes every hour or so and has hundreds of photos of Paula and/or the kids.  I think I will start posting a Paula photo of the week. 

A few Frolicon photos from the web

Weekly Paula Photo

waug09 (148).jpg
bob 1.jpg

I made this "photo" to be a background image in a frame, but thought I'd share it here.  For those who have been keeping up this was from the Campbell family's life changing trip to Miami Beach at the beginning of the novel. 


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Weekly Captioned Photo: