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This is a blog dedicated to the liberation of sexuality from those who seek to keep it shamed, persecuted and hidden. We believe in liberum sexusIn this blog you will find open, direct and even joyful

discussion  and images of human sexuality. For that we make no apology.

You will NOT find sex used to oppress, degrade, abuse or control. Nor will you find images that violate US law.   

Paula is FINALLY showing some signs of improvement from her current treatment.  She also will begin cognitive therapy to help her recover from her stroke. 

Paula Photo of the week

Circa 2020
These were photos I took of Paula the night she did her own Vlog, but for some reason I simply can't find the file from this video.

From my portfolio This Week


Vivian, New Years Day, 2009

Just a mix of a few of my test/experimental renders

pom (9).jpg
pom (21).jpg

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