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This is a blog dedicated to the liberation of sexuality from those who seek to keep it shamed, persecuted and hidden. We believe in liberum sexusIn this blog you will find open, direct and even joyful

discussion  and images of human sexuality. For that we make no apology.

You will NOT find sex used to oppress, degrade, abuse or control. Nor will you find images that violate US law.   

It seems that my web host has decided that 37,000 words is now too much for a single post. So I've divided up  Chapter 57 into two parts.  There aren't as many illustrations in this chapter because so much of the content is dialogue. 

Final Freedom cast reference "photos"

A text based character list with descriptions is in the works

Christmas at our house 2003

Paula Photo of the week

d (22)w.jpg
d (20)w.jpg

Circa 2003

From my portfolio This Week

062012 (711)WEB.jpg

The Owner of Timberline Lodge
Circa 2013

Rev poly cap (9).jpg
pom (18).jpg
pom (79).jpg
pom (17).jpg

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