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This is a blog dedicated to the liberation of sexuality from those who seek to keep it shamed, persecuted and hidden. We believe in liberum sexusIn this blog you will find open, direct and even joyful

discussion  and images of human sexuality. For that we make no apology.

You will NOT find sex used to oppress, degrade, abuse or control. Nor will you find images that violate US law.   

Early Thursday morning I will be flying out to Dallas for my father's memorial service. As such I will not be in town this weekend to post this week's update. 

I have reposted what I think is one of my best essays that has not gotten a lot of views.

Paula Photo of the week

negitives (448)w.jpg

Circa 2000

Outer Banks, NC

Some photos tell a complete story. This picture of Paula and our kids is just such a photo.

Since this week's "Our Decades of Open Marriage" talks about photos but I was not able to share them with you, I have a treat.

In 2012, at Timberline Lodge, I shot several hundred photos of my lovely wife with a couple she met at the resort's club. They allowed me to shoot photos. It is odd that although I shot a good many couples making love, I have very few of Paula. This is one of those.

I'd only edited a handful of that set in the past, but recently I went back to the original files to make up a full set. I was very pleased with the result. There were more good photos that I remembered, and there were some great ones as well.


Here are the best of that little project. They are presented in chronological order.

From my portfolio This Week



Circa 2009

SPP (137).jpg
funnie (8).jpg
funnie (44).jpg
pom (93).jpg
pom (146).jpg
pom (163).jpg
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